Anno 2020

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    While January 2020 was largely characterized by regional realities such as forest fires and Brexit news, soon the world would become one borderless space for the coronavirus. The year 2020 will be remembered for decades to come as a painful experience; some say it will change human life, and even that of the planet. We might be using terms like “pre-2020 history” or “post-2020” in the future.

    Many films will be made about 2020 in the coming years. However, the films in this pathway are some of the best immediate cinematic reflections. It is 2020 as seen from 2020.

    Titles in this Pathway

    The Ark

    • Dan Wei
    • 2020

      Observation of a crisis in restrained black-and-white, at micro and macro level. With the Covid-19 pandemic unfolding across the globe, an elderly woman fights for her life in a hospital in China. The family refuses to budge from her side, no matter what.

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      Corona Voicemails

      • David OReilly
      • 2020

        A series of short animations based on voicemail messages left during the first wave of coronavirus. The hypnotic, endlessly rotating visual layers were made using a specially developed “visual synthesizer.”

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        Hello Grandma

        • Kamila Chojnacka
        • 2020

          The intimate record of a family’s life in lockdown. Filmmaker Kamila Chojnacka lives with her toddler and husband in their small home. News reports and telephone conversations with her grandmother form fragile connections to the outside world.

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          Later Date

          • Lauren Lee McCarthy
          • 2020

            A performance in two parts that was started during lockdown, caught between hope and fear. In part one, Lauren Lee McCarthy chats online with people about an encounter they could have in the future. Part two is that encounter. Later.

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            • Fernanda Pessoa, Adriana Barbosa
            • 2020

              During lockdown, two girlfriends exchange video letters between São Paulo and Los Angeles. They experiment with image, text, and sound, sharing poetic inspirations and everyday realities.

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