Queer Day

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    On Monday, November 22, IDFA presents the ninth edition of Queer Day'. We'll screen a selection of unique and personal stories from LGBTQI+ communities all over the world. Queer Day is made possible by Mama Cash and OUTtv.

    Films in this program

    The End of Wonderland

    • Laurence Turcotte-Fraser
    • 2021

      Adult performer Tara Emory has been working for years on her “trans sci-fi porn epic” Up Uranus, featuring amazing design on a super-low budget—like everything in her life. A tender portrait of an intriguing transgender artist, auto mechanic, and hoarder.

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      How the Room Felt

      • Ketevan Kapanadze
      • 2021

        A gentle and intimate portrait of a small community of young queer people in a Georgian city, formed around the local women’s football team. Here in this self-made family, shielded from outside threats, they can share love and friendship.

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        The Last Chapter

        • Gianluca Matarrese
        • 2021

          A tender and unabashed portrayal of the filmmaker’s older lover and BDSM master Bernard. In the run-up to the move to a new apartment, he looks back on his eventful life as he embarks on its last chapter.

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          Travesti Odyssey

          • Nicolas Videla
          • 2021

            The last ever performance of the highly entertaining activist transvestite show Cabaret Travesía Travesti, in October 2019, coincided with the Chilean uprising. Filmmaker Nicolás Videla was part of this vibrant troupe. Why did they stop performing?

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