Films with audio descriptions

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    In partnership with Stichting Audivisual Toegankelijkheid (The Audiovisual Accessibility Foundation), the following IDFA films are available with audio descriptions for visitors who are blind. Simply download the free Earcatch app on your smartphone or tablet, then download the audio descriptions of the film you want to watch. When the film starts, begin the playback of the audio descriptions. Be sure to bring earphones for your phone to hear the audio descriptions. Through sound recognition, the app will make sure the audio description and the film are in sync with each other.

    Please note:

    • the audio descriptions for Prince of Muck are available in both English and Dutch
    • the audio descriptions for Prosopagnosia, Contents Inventory, Museum of Austerity, and Three Minutes - A Lengthening are in English
    • Three Minutes - A Lengthening and Museum of Austerity do not require Earcatch

    Films with audio descriptions

    Prince of Muck

    • Cindy Jansen
    • 2021

      A warm, observational portrait of Lawrence MacEwen, an amiable figure who for several decades ran the picturesque Scottish island of Muck. Now that he’s stepping aside for the next generation, his thoughts turn to the past. 

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      Museum of Austerity

      • Sacha Wares, John Pring
      • 2021

        Combining verbal testimony, original music, and volumetric capture, this mixed reality exhibition documents events from a decade of austerity measures in the UK, inviting audiences to explore what happens when state safety nets fail.

        More info

        Three Minutes – A Lengthening

        • Bianca Stigter
        • 2021

          In found vacation footage from 1938, the Jewish residents of a Polish village wave cheerfully at the camera. Who were they? Bianca Stigter’s quest for answers postpones their inevitable fate, creating a cinematic Holocaust memorial.

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