Laura Poitras Retrospective

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    In the Retrospective section, IDFA presents all seven films directed by Poitras from 2003 to today. Alongside titles that made Poitras a household name, the program includes her new Golden Lion-winning film, several hidden gems, and her very first feature. Explore the selection below.

    Films in the Retrospective program

    All the Beauty and the Bloodshed

    • Laura Poitras
    • 2022

      Nan Goldin earned fame for her intimate and often intense photos of subcultures she was part of. Now she's fighting the Sackler family, whose wealth comes from selling the addictive painkiller OxyContin. A moving, visual story about love and pain.

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      Flag Wars

      • Linda Goode Bryant
      • 2003

        A film in cinema verité style about the gentrification of a Black working-class neighborhood in the US. Tensions rise when gay white people start buying up dilapidated but charming houses, at the expense of the original residents.

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        My Country, My Country

        • Laura Poitras
        • 2006

          Following the 2003 US invasion, can Iraq move towards a democratic future? The run-up to the first parliamentary elections since the invasion are problematic from the start. Poitras stayed in Iraq for eight months filming this incisive account.

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          The Oath

          • Laura Poitras
          • 2010

            Laura Poitras casts doubt on American anti-terrorism policy through the experiences of brothers-in-law Abu Jandal (Bin Laden’s ex-bodyguard) and Salim Hamdan, one of the first Guantanamo Bay detainees to be put on trial.

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            • Laura Poitras
            • 2016

              As tense as a spy thriller, as claustrophobic as a hostage drama and as disturbing as the recollection of a corrupted ideal, Laura Poitras’s revealing portrait of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange details the degeneration of idealism into megalomania.

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              Terror Contagion

              • Laura Poitras
              • 2021

                Research collective Forensic Architecture and Oscar winner Laura Poitras analyze the chilling consequences of Pegasus, the virus-like spyware that takes control of smartphones owned by political dissidents and those in their network.

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