IDFA Crossmedia Forum results 2007-2017

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    Since 2007, IDFA's co-financing and co-production market IDFA Forum has given space to interactive documentary projects. The Crossmedia Forum is open to all kinds of interactive projects, ranging from webdocs, virtual reality and artificial intelligence projects to physical installations, multimedia journalism, live performances and everything else that tells a documentary story or explores unknown realities.

    As this selection of completed projects shows, many of the projects pitched at IDFA Forum over the years have become classics of the burgeoning interactive documentary genre.

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    24h Berlin - A Day in the Life

    • Volker Heise
    • 2009

    For a day and a night, 80 camera teams followed the adventures of various residents of the German metropolis.

    Alma, a Tale of Violence

    • Miquel Dewever-Plana, Isabelle Fougère
    • 2012

    This interactive tablet documentary allows you to swipe back and forth between a no-frills presentation of the violent confessions of former gang member Alma and an alternate image stream that puts it all in context.

    Do Not Track

    • Brett Gaylor
    • 2015

    This personalized series on privacy shows who benefits from the online private data that we unthinkingly share every day with those out to make money off of us.

    From Zero - Italy

    • 2009

    Online platform webcasting daily episodes from the mountainous Italian region of Abruzzo, which focuses on its recovery from the huge earthquake it suffered six months ago.

    Gaza/Sderot: Life in Spite of Everything

    • 2009

    An interactive documentary by the acclaimed French web documentary producer Alexandre Brachet.

    Prison Valley

    • David Dufresne, Philippe Brault
    • 2010

    This web documentary on the prison industry is a road movie with interactive potential.


    • Menno Otten, Tommy Pallotta, Geert van de Wetering, Jennifer Abbott, Rob Schröder, Benoit Detalle, Marija Jacimovic
    • 2013

    In this web documentary based on found footage, journalist Steven Poole explains at breakneck speed how the public debate is being corrupted with "unspeak."