Traces of Danniel Danniel

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    Danniel Danniel died on May 4th. The editor, director and screenwriter, born in Israel in 1950, will live on in his films and memories of the people he worked with and inspired. This set contains five documentaries of Danniel as a maker, editor and inspirator.  

    Danniel Danniel was important to IDFA as director and editor of documentaries screened at the festival, such as Arna's Children (2003), Forever (Heddy Honigmann, 2006), Soldier on the Roof (Esther Hertog, winner of the IDFA Award for Best First Appearance and IDFA Award for best Dutch Documentary) and Daan's Inheritance (Joris Postema, 2016). 

    For several years he was involved with the IDFAcademy Summer School, as a tutor and an inspiration. His collaboration led to several successful productions, among others the IDFA-documentaries Red Wedding by Guillaume Son (winner of the IDFA Award for Best Mid-Length Documentary in 2012) and I, Afrikaner (2013) by Annalet Steenkamp.

    Photo by Nadine Maas: Danniel Danniel tutoring at the IDFAcademy Summer School.

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    Arna's Children

    • Juliano Mer Khamis, Danniel Danniel
    • 2003

    Arna set up a children's theatre in Jenin, years later her son Juliano goes back to find the children.

    Daan's Inheritance

    • Joris Postema
    • 2016

    Trying to get a handle on his life and depression, Daan enters into a confrontation with his father, photographer Ed van der Elsken, who died in 1990.

    Soldier on the Roof

    • Esther Hertog
    • 2012

    An glimpse into the daily life of a Jewish enclave in Hebron, where 800 colonists live among their 120,000 Palestinian neighbors.

    I, Afrikaner

    • Annalet Steenkamp
    • 2013

    An intimate portrait of documentary filmmaker Annalet Steenkamp's white farming family, which has to redefine itself in violent, post-apartheid South Africa.

    Red Wedding

    • Lida Chan, Guillaume Suon
    • 2012

    After 30 years of silence, Sochan Pen goes to the Khmer Rouge tribunal with the story of her forced marriage to a cruel soldier.