It's education, stupid!

    • set 5 documentaries

    Education in the Netherlands is a hot topic. There are strikes, manifestations and a lot of opinions on how things could and should be different. To inspire the stakeholders, five documentaries on education all over the world, like Education, Education from China. 

    Documentaries in this selectie

    A Different Kind of Gun

    • Peter Jordan
    • 2007

    Innocent children explain how the war in Sudan is tearing their country apart. Meanwhile, they place their hope in education.

    Rafea: Solar Mama

    • Jehane Noujaim, Mona Eldaief
    • 2012

    When a Bedouin named Rafea gets an opportunity to train as a solar engineer in India, she meets great resistance from her unemployed husband and conservative community.

    On the Way to School

    • Özgür Dogan, Orhan Eskikoy
    • 2008

    This documentary spends a year following a young Turk who teaches in a remote Kurdish village.

    Education, Education

    • Weijun Chen
    • 2012

    Director Chen Weijun uses three stories of young Chinese people to tell a bigger story about the country's failing education system.

    We Are Boys

    • Tomas Kaan
    • 2009

    An ode to boyhood. Two close friends reflect on the permanence of friendship, with the departure of one to high school in sight.