Behind the camera

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    As a rule, you don't see a cinematographer. Yet they determine the feel and look of a film. That's why IDFA honors them this year with a special program Camera in Focus. It features ten extraordinary cinematographic docs and q&a's with their cinematographers. Here, online, five documentaries in which the camera plays a starring role, like Camera/Woman

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    • Karima Zoubir
    • 2012

    The divorced Moroccan Khadija is working as a camerawoman at weddings, whilst fighting for her independence - of course against the will of her family.  

    Man with a Movie Camera

    • Dziga Vertov
    • 1929

    This groundbreaking 1929 “urban symphony” shows a cameraman at work capturing daily life in a Soviet city in a whirling, associative montage.

    5 Broken Cameras

    • Emad Burnat, Guy Davidi
    • 2011

    A powerful and personal portrait of a Palestinian village's opposition to encroaching Jewish settlements. Filmed by a villager over a period of several years.

    The Defector: Escape from North Korea

    • Ann Shin
    • 2012

    A tense, enlightening documentary that uses a hidden camera to follow two North Korean refugees and their mediator.

    First to Fall

    • Rachel Beth Anderson
    • 2013

    Two Libyans studying in Canada return to their birth country with cameras and guns, and join the war against Muammar Gaddafi’s regime.