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    Documentairevideoclips? Documentairevideoclips! For the second year in a row, music journalist Job de Wit presents - this year with artist Lucky Fonz - these short films at IDFA. The program takes place during the IDFA Weekender under the name Fullscreen. To get a feel for the genre, a short explanation by Job de Wit and last year's selection. 

    "In these clips you can find every genre you can think of. From animation and action spectacle till romantic drama and documentary. But whenever I use documentary and video clips in one sentence, people raise an eyebrow. But it's not that complicated. These mini-documentaries last the length of a song; context is provided through titles and maybe some spoken words. But more often than not the images tell the story, while the song enhances the emotional experience. The songs in return are made part of everyday life, often in unexpected ways. 

    Since 2014, I organize video clip programs on a regular basis, under the name Fullscreen - in the Balie Cinema and at festivals from Go Short till Lowlands and NFF till IDFA. Because it is hard to miss the gems in an ocean of clips, which are mainly screened on the internet. And because watching these clips on a big screen is a way better experience than seeing it on a YouTube-screen, partly blocked by an advertisement. 

    This year, I compiled a docu clip program together with IDFA's music documentary programmer Jasper Hokken. To get an impression of the genre, you can watch the clips we screened last year. That night the Englisch director Mark Thomas was our guest  - he made a whole series of documentary clips for the band Elbow."

    Job de Wit started his career as a music journalist in the nineties (working for publications like OOR, Nieuwe Revu, Dagblad De Pers, State Magazine, DJBroadcast and Noisey) and he was a presenter/program maker for radiostation 3 FM. He started blogging for fun about music videoclips in 2009, which he continues to do on the Fullscreen's        Facebook page: He also launched a new podcast series called Studie De Wit ( and he writes a weekly newsletter ( 

    Major Lazer f/ Nyla & Fuse ODG - Light it Up (Remix) Director: Sam Pilling
    Augustines - When Things Fall Apart Director: Jack Lightfoot
    Odezenne - Chimpanzé Director: Arthur Muller
    Subculture Sage - Gold Director: Ricky Patel
    GENER8ION + M.I.A. - The New International Sound Pt. II Director: Inigo Westmeier
    Cazadores - Shadowboxing Director: Eilif Bremer Landsend
    SoulCircuit - Rolling With Me (I Got Love) Director: Dan Henshaw
    Thylacine - Mountains Director: Cyprien Clément-Delmas
    Drenge - Running Wild Director: Ed Lovelace
    RP Boo - Bangin’ on King Drive Director: Wills Glasspiegel
    Elbow - New York Morning Director: Mark Thomas and Mat Norman
    Elbow - My Sad Captains Director: Mark Thomas
    Elbow - Real Life Director: Mark Thomas
    Elbow - Charge Director: Mark Thomas

    Documentaries in this selectie