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    • set 22 documentaries

    DR International Sales, the sales department of DR (the Danish Broadcasting Corp.), is Scandinavia’s largest international TV-distributor. We distribute and sell films and TV programmes produced by DR as well by independent production companies around the world. Our focus is great stories in all genres, but we specialise in documentaries and also handle projects in production for international co-productions and pre-sales. We are looking for new engaging projects on contemporary stories. Unique stores and strong narratives for an international audience.

    Documentaries in this selectie

    Anja & the Witch Children

    • Jeppe Sig
    • 2017

    Anja Lovén has dedicated her life to saving “witch children” in Nigeria. Anja oversees an emergency organization and runs an orphanage for “witch children” in the town Uyo.

    Canine Soldiers

    • Nancy Schiesari for Nancy Schiesary
    • 2017

    In wars where the rules engagement have shifted from traditional combat to the unforeseen and the invisible, these highly trained dogs are saving soldier's lives and giving them comfort, hope and protection.

    Chasing the Rabbit

    • Paolo Impagliazzo
    • 2017

    In wars where the rules of engagement have shifted from traditional combat to the unforeseen and the invisible, these highly trained dogs are saving soldiers’ lives and giving them comfort, hope and protection.

    From Top To Bottoms

    • Andri Freyr Vidarsson
    • 2017

    A documentary that is a beautiful and inspiring story about passion, endurance and unity within a group of people who live for the horsepower, speed, action, rollovers and brotherhood. 

    The Fruitful Farm

    • Gudni Pall Saemundsson
    • 2017

    A culinary TV series which tells the inspiring story of Arni, a young professional chef, who follows his dreams of leaving the hectic pace of New York City for a quiet farm life in Iceland.

    Glacial Land

    • Gunnlaugur Thor Pálsson for Profilm & Sjónhending, Anna Dis Olafsdottir for Profilm & Sjónhending, Johann Sigfusson for Profilm & Sjónhending
    • 2016

    Europe’s largest glacier, situated in Iceland, is the main focus of this film as scientists examine the ice caps, glacier sands as well as the impact of global climate change on glaciers, rising sea levels and greenhouse gases.

    Golden Dawn Girls

    • Håvard Bustnes
    • 2017

    Nazi ideology is kept alive by the unshakeable conviction of the women behind Golden Dawn. A disturbing portrait of the Greek political party.

    The Great European Cigarette Mystery

    • Jeppe Rønde
    • 2017

    Two reporters investigate the former EU commissioner of health, and ends up in the middle of dirty politics and the lobbyism of big tobacco. 

    Human Smugglers

    • Poul-Erik Heilbuth, Georg Larsen for DR
    • 2017

    A documentary revealing the well organized world of human smugglers operating in and outside Europe

    In the Name of Your Daughter

    • Giselle Portenier for Defying Destiny Films
    • 2017

    In Northern Tanzania people believe that girls’ clitorises must be cut off to reach maturity and reduce promiscuity, even though it is illegal. Mutilated girls command twice the bride price as uncut girls

    Inside A Volcano

    • Saevar Gudmundsson
    • 2016

    The incredible story of how the world suddenly noticed the Icelandic soccer team. 

    Land of the Free

    • Camilla Magid
    • 2017

    This intimate portrait of three ex-convicts in Los Angeles follows them for two years as they try to build a new life for themselves.

    Meyer's Manhattan Food Adventure

    • Keld Klüwer
    • 2017

    Claus Meyer is the founder of the world-renowned NOMA restaurant and one of the creators and pioneers of the New Nordic Cuisine, which has taken the world by storm. 

    Michelin Stars - Tales From the Kitchen

    • Rasmus Dinesen
    • 2017

    Get behind the scenes of the mythical Michelin Guide of fine dining and take an in-depth look at the secret Michelin-inspectors’ work to understand the criteria for obtaining one, two or three stars in the notorious red guidebook

    On the Edge of Freedom

    • Anita Hopland, Jens Lengerke
    • 2017

    We follow two young roofers who, with no sefaty measures, conquer the tallest buidings and deepest abysses in Russia and Ukraine. 

    Pardon My Genes

    • Mette Rose
    • 2017

    Passing on a genetic disease to your children and the world falls apart. 

    The President From The North

    • Lars Feldballe Petersen
    • 2017

    Can a person blossom as a President and create a new democratic Somalia after 47 years away from his native country? 


    • Petur Einarsson
    • 2016

    When the Banks went bust, hedge funds made billions and the people paid the price. Ransacked is the story of one ordinary family who decide to fight back. 

    The FIFA Family – A Love Story

    • Niels Borchert Holm
    • 2017

    A rare glimpse into the multi-billion-dollar industry of professional football, governed by 24 suits operating in the shadows. 

    Third World Billionaires

    • Kristoffer Eriksen
    • 2017

    Danish journalist Kristoffer Eriksen meets some of the wealthiest people in Third World Countries.

    Unknown Male no. 1 - A Murder in Italy

    • Hugo Berkeley
    • 2017

    This is the story of one woman’s extraordinary investigation while being haunted by the tabloid press in a tragic murder case and media frenzy.

    Vatnajokull - Iceland's Heart of Fire

    • Valdimar Leifsson
    • 2017

    Vatnajokull, Europe's biggest glacier, is more than just a huge sheet of ice. Seven active volcanoes slumber underneath it, but can awaken any time.