Filmmaker Talk: Patricio Guzmán

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    IDFA’s Guest of Honor 2019, the Chilean filmmaker Patricio Guzmán, will share his views on documentary making at the Filmmaker Talk. We will watch a selection of film fragments from his own work and his Top 10 favorite films, which he compiled especially for IDFA. Be sure to attend the Filmmaker Talk featuring this extraordinary documentary maker and IDFA Guest of Honor!

    One of the few living legends of documentary cinema today, Chilean filmmaker Patricio Guzmán’s body of work has been influential for over 50 years. His work as a young filmmaker at the end of the 1960s and throughout the 1970s—beginning with his first film On Torture and Other Forms of Dialogue (1968) and particularly with his masterpiece trilogy The Battle of Chile (1974-1979)—framed the world’s understanding of what happened in his home country during and after the infamous Pinochet military coup d'état. Patricio’s films inspired a global wave of revolutionary cinema and ignited the movement we now call “committed cinema.”

    In the past ten years, Patricio realized an award-winning trilogy—consisting of Nostalgia for the Light (2010), The Pearl Button (2015), and The Cordillera of Dreams (2019)—which takes the brutal experience of the Chilean people under dictatorship to a figurative place that examines the basic elements of nature. The last title, The Cordillera of Dreams, will be screened ahead of the Filmmaker Talk in Tuschinski 1. Don’t miss this extensive introduction to IDFA 2019’s Guest of Honor!

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