Hito Steyerl: The Empty Center + Master Talk

    An extensive conversation with filmmaker, writer, and IDFA's Guest of Honor Hito Steyerl. Orwa Nyrabia, artistic director of IDFA, talks to Steyerl about her multifaceted creative trajectory, using excerpts from her own and her Top 10 favorite works.

    Hito Steyerl is considered one the most influential figures in the contemporary art world, her works being exhibited at the leading art institutions and shaping entire film study curriculums. Steyerl’s artistic career developed in intense engagement with documentary film, making it the heart of her innovative media pieces and academic practices. Charged, layered, ironic, deeply political—Steyerl's films critique and confront reality using a kaleidoscopic mix of digital, textual, and performative elements. She has once again expanded the territory of what we know as documentary. The renowned pieces How Not to Be Seen: A Fucking Didactic Educational .MOV File, In Free Fall, Liquidity Inc., and Factory of the Sun will be among many discussed in this filmmaker talk.

    IDFA also presents a Top 10 of her favorite films.


    The Empty Center

    • Hito Steyerl
    • Germany
    • 1998
    • 62 min
    • Focus: unConscious Bias

      For her 1998 graduation film, Steyerl turned her perceptive gaze to the history of central Berlin. After the fall of the Wall, this former no man’s land became Europe’s biggest construction site, a place where new, invisible walls were built. Read more

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