VICE Night at IDFA

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    VICE has selected a mid-length and three short documentaries on IDFA for VICE Night, followed by drinks. On Thursday 22 November in the Brakke Grond in Amsterdam.



    • Ismaël Joffroy Chandoutis
    • 2018
    • 21 min
    • IDFA Competition for Student Documentary

    A disturbing but beautiful visual meditation on “swatting,” a gaming phenomenon in the borderland between virtuality and reality. Read more


    • René van Zundert
    • 2018
    • 17 min
    • IDFA Competition for Kids & Docs

    Struggling to find his way through life’s ups and downs, Jose wants to be the best stunt cyclist in Rotterdam. Read more

    All Inclusive

    • Corina Schwingruber Ilić
    • 2018
    • 10 min
    • IDFA Competition for Short Documentary

    A witty short about the consumption and entertainment driven life on board a luxury cruise ship. Read more

    Don’t Be a Dick About It

    • Benjamin Mullinkosson
    • 2017
    • 69 min
    • IDFA Competition for Mid-Length Documentary

    An affectionate portrait of the extraordinary bond between two brothers. Each has his own obsessions, but their friendship is unconditional. Read more

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