DocLab: A Night at the Planetarium #3

    French music producer Molécule and pioneer of “nomadic electronic music” created his most recent album –22.7°C on Greenland. These songs include environmental sounds such as howling wind, loud crackling deep in the Arctic ice, and the crunch of snow. The physicality of the music on Molécule’s new album is reinforced in a unique and immersive fulldome experience. The landscape we hear is like a living organism, taking us to another level, deep beneath the ice and up into the firmament, to feel the caress of the Northern Lights.  

    IDFA DocLab’s third evening exploring the boundaries of the planetarium also presents Ayahuasca: Kosmik Journey Dome Experience. Originally developed as a virtual reality experience (available at Eye during IDFA), it is an imagination of the original ritual as it is conducted by Shipibo shamans. As such, Ahahuasca is paying homage to the use of a technology that’s 4,000 years old.  

    Ticket prices start at €8.50.

    The ARTIS-Planetarium is one of IDFA DocLab’s new locations, with this year’s edition also taking place at Tolhuistuin (main location and ongoing exhibition), Compagnietheater (DocLab Interactive Conference) and Lil' Amsterdam Central Station (VR cinema).


    -22.7°C. The Full Dome Experience

    • Belgium, Canada, France
    • 2019
    • 40 min
    • DocLab Domesticating Reality, IDFA DocLab Spotlight, DocLab Program

    What does Greenland sound like at temperatures well below freezing? Musician Molécule went on a journey with his microphone and translated the surroundings into a thrilling electronic music film, which can be experienced once during IDFA as a dome performance in the ARTIS-Planetarium. Read more

    Ayahuasca: Kosmik Journey Dome Experience

    • Jan Kounen
    • France, Luxembourg
    • 2019
    • 18 min
    • DocLab Domesticating Reality, IDFA DocLab Spotlight, DocLab Program

    Exploring the possibilities of 360-degree in a dome experience to alter our sense of reality, Ayahuasca - Kosmik Journey follows the ritual as it is conducted by Shipibo shamans. Read more

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