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Proudly presenting the thirteenth edition of de Volkskrant Day at IDFA. De Volkskrant film critic Bor Beekman selected his favorite films from IDFA 2019 for this unique, full-day program. See IDFA 2019’s program through the eyes of a film connoisseur!

Tickets to de Volkskrant Day are publicly available now (from €37.50). Get your tickets before it’s sold out!


de Volkskrant-dag
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Highlights from the IDFA program, selected by de Volkskrant film critic Bor Beekman.

Sat 30 November - 10:00 - 17:46
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  • Alexander Nanau
  • Romania, Luxembourg
  • 2019
  • 109 min
  • Best of Fests

The consequences of a serious fire in the Colectiv nightclub in Bucharest were made even worse by the failures of the Romanian health care system, which like the rest of the country is plagued by deep-seated corruption. Read more

Sunless Shadows

  • Mehrdad Oskouei
  • Iran, Norway
  • 2019
  • 74 min
  • IDFA Competition for Feature-Length Documentary

A picture of life in an Iranian juvenile detention center, where a group of adolescent girls serve their sentence for murdering a male member of their family. Alone with the camera, they reveal their thoughts, feelings and doubts. Read more


  • Marina Meijer
  • Netherlands
  • 2019
  • 68 min
  • IDFA Competition for Dutch Documentary, IDFA Competition for Mid-Length Documentary

A center in Rotterdam helps young men from problematic backgrounds to build a future. Hardened by the past, they struggle to find their way. Intense dialogues in close-up. Read more

Midnight Family

  • Luke Lorentzen
  • Mexico, United States
  • 2019
  • 81 min
  • Best of Fests

There are just 45 public-run ambulances operating in Mexico City. Private ambulances, such as the one run by the Ochoa family, offer a lifeline for this huge metropolis. We closely follow the family over a series of intense, nerve-wracking nights.  Read more

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