do {not} touch: Symbiotic Bodies

    Times of unprecedented uncertainty allow us to reconsider everything. But if everything can be reconsidered, where do we begin? Join us for a live-streamed event with some of our favorite digital artists who imagine new and radical ways forward. The event starts with the interactive sociological survey Time to Question and the speculative yet very real art-activism of the South African The New Normal Game. From there, we move to a two-person audio experiment to give you a taste of the upcoming work Messages to a Post-Human Earth by the Anagram collective. Lastly, Polymorf will perform Symbiosis: an immersive, olfactory, and soft-robotics experience inspired by Donna Haraway's work.  

    This event is part of the do {not} touch program, in which IDFA DocLab and IDFA on Stage explore how new media and performance artists are responding creatively to the challenges of 2020. Admission free, but registration is required to access the event online. 



    • Polymorf
    • Netherlands
    • 2020
    • 20 min
    • do not touch, IDFA DocLab Competition for Immersive Non-Fiction

      This VR experience for multiple users and multiple senses transports you to a post-human future in which Homo sapiens have been absorbed into a biotope teeming with mixed life-forms: human, animal, and technological hybrids.  Read more

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