Industry Talk: Who owns history? The politics of memory preservation

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    IDFA’s Re-Releasing History focus program celebrates the work of documentary filmmakers who concentrate on the questioning and reinterpreting of the historic image, both public and private. Filmmakers, who - by recontextualizing and assigning new meanings to archival material- invite us to see pre-existing footage in new ways and rethink the realities made from these materials. Yet how do these filmmakers implement these modes of appropriation, compilation and collage in their work in order to re-edit a certain view of the past? And how do film archives handle these works and the way that their collections are used to reframe history? An Industry Talk organized in collaboration with the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision.

    Guests: David Shields (Marshawn Lynch: A History), Susana de Sousa Dias (Still Life), Sandra Beerends (They Call Me Babu), Ruurd Blom (the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision) and Shaheen Merali (curator, writer and co-founder of the Panchayat Archive).

    Moderator: June Givanni (curator and founder of the Pan African Film Archive).

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