Not Yet Yes (Queer Day by Simon(e) van Saarloos)

    Not Yet Yes is a multiple hour program, including films, workshops, speakers, and dancing. NYY (nai) attempts to counter a common documentary form in which a process of coming out is shown—from suffering in silence to being free; as if we already understand what freedom means. NYY approaches film not for its story lines, but for its potential to be a physical space for wayward bodies to gather.

    Not Yet Yes does not signify the absence of yes. Instead, it opens up the potential of an abundance of yesses, as it delays and procrastinates the yes. It projects satisfaction beyond the first encounter with a yes. It imagines so many yesses, that the first possible yes, the first possible agreement, the first encounter with freedom, the first big experience, the first lover, job, pronoun, sex, gender expression, body, kiss, acknowledgement, welcome, arrival, passport, delicious dinner, antiracist dream becomes only one of many. Not Yet Yes signals the political refusal to be satisfied with less.

    With words from artist Caleb Luna, a workshop “slow transitioning” by performer Nattan Dobkin and an “Everything is queer if I say it many times” workshop by filmmaker Agustín Ortiz Herrera, presence of the Queer Skate Club, and the ultimate Goddess of Yes: Kübra Uzun.

    Not Yet Yes shows three films that play with linear time and truthfulness, documentaries that use fiction to portray pleasure and violence inseparably: Alis, The Fabulous Ones, and Gnosis Illuminada.



    • Clare Weiskopf, Nicolas van Hemelryck
    • Colombia, Romania, Chile
    • 2022
    • 84 min
    • Best of Fests

      The teenage girls who live in a shelter in Bogotá have already been through a lot in their young lives. They talk about it through the perspective of a fictional friend: Alis. Their soulful narrative reveals an amazing strength to embrace a brighter future. Read more

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      The Fabulous Ones

      • Roberta Torre
      • Italy
      • 2022
      • 75 min
      • Envision Competition, Focus: Playing Reality

        A group of fabulous trans women gather to honor their deceased friend Antonia in a way denied to her by her family, who buried Antonia in men’s clothes. Politics, pain and joie de vivre combine in this rousing and heartwarming tribute. Read more

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        Gnosis Iluminada

        • Agustín Ortiz Herrera
        • Spain
        • 2022
        • 55 min
        • Special Screening

          Incorporating several artistic collaborations, this multifaceted audiovisual project plays with time to channel queer and non-normative countercultural responses questioning the Western Gnostic tradition. Read more

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