Established in 1996, Docs for Sale has grown into one of the world’s premiere markets for documentary cinema. Every year, more than 250 TV buyers, sales agents, distributors and festival programmers convene in Amsterdam to watch a selection of the very latest and best documentaries available to the international market. Read more >>

New this year: IDFA Forum and Docs for Sale are partnering for a new category at the Forum: Rough Cut Projects. Replacing the successful Work-in-Progress Screenings held in 2013 and 2014, the new category will showcase around ten projects in the final stage of production.

Docs for Sale 2015 will take place November 20-27.

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IDFAindustry @IDFAindustry 12 hour ago
Watching #VR together. "Half the fun of VR is laughing at other people watching VR."
IDFAindustry @IDFAindustry 12 hour ago
"We make sense of reality through stories, but we remember it through experiences." @KBenK on #VR @DocLab
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