A complete overview of all the winners and jury members for the current and past competitions in IDFA's 28-year history.

Photo gallery: on the occasion of IDFA's 25th anniversary in 2012, the festival asked previous award winners to show us where the statue ended up.

IDFA Award for Best Feature-Length Documentary

2015 Don Juan, Jerzy Sladkowski, Sweden/Finland, 2015
2014 Of Men and War, Laurent Bécue-Renard, France/Switzerland, 2014
2013 Song from the Forest, Michael Obert, Germany, 2013
2012 First Cousin Once Removed, Alan Berliner, United States, 2012
2011 Planet of Snail, Seung-Jun Yi, South Korea, 2011
2010 Position Among the Stars, Leonard Retel Helmrich, The Netherlands, 2010
2009 Last Train Home, Lixin Fan, China/Canada, 2009
2008 Burma VJ – Reporting from a Closed Country, Anders Østergaard, Denmark/Sweden/United Kingdom/Norway, 2008
2007 Stranded, Gonzalo Arijon, France, 2007
2006 The Monastery – Mr. Vig & the Nun, Pernille Rose Grønkjær, Denmark, 2006
2005 My Grandmother's House, Adán Aliaga, Spain, 2005
2004 Shape of the Moon, Leonard Retel Helmrich, The Netherlands, 2004
2003 Checkpoint, Yoav Shamir, Israel, 2003
2002 Stevie, Steve James, United States, 2002
2001 Family, Phie Ambo & Sami Saif, Denmark, 2001
2000 The Sea That Thinks, Gert de Graaff, The Netherlands, 2000
1999 André Hazes – She Believes in Me, John Appel, The Netherlands, 1999
1998 Photographer, Dariusz Jablonski, Poland, 1998
1997 Wasteland, Andrei Schwartz, Germany, 1997
1996 Atman, Pirjo Honkasalo, Finland/Germany, 1996
1995 Délits flagrants, Raymond Depardon, France, 1994
1994 Solo, the Law of the Favela, Jos de Putter, The Netherlands, 1994
1993 The Belovs, Victor Kossakovsky, Russia, 1993
1992 La memoria del agua, Héctor Fáver, Spain, 1992
1991 Dreams and Silence, Omar Al-Qattan, Belgium, 1991
1990 Christo in Paris, Albert & David Maysles, United States, 1990
1989 The Crossroad, Ivars Seleckis, Latvia, 1988
1988 Tied: Birthplace Unknown, Karin Junger, The Netherlands, 1988 and Island, Ruben Gevorkyants, USSR, 1988

IDFA Special Jury Award for Feature-Length Documentary

2015 Ukrainian Sheriffs, Roman Bondarchuk, Ukraine/Latvia/Germany, 2015
 Something Better to Come, Hanna Polak, Denmark/Poland, 2014
2013 A Letter to Nelson Mandela, Khalo Matabane, South Africa/Germany, 2013
2011 5 Broken Cameras, Emad Burnat & Guy Davidi, Palestine/Israel/Netherlands/France, 2011
2010 You Don’t Like the Truth – 4 Days Inside Guantánamo, Luc Coté & Patricio Henriquez, Canada, 2010
2009 The Most Dangerous Man in America, Judith Ehrlich & Rick Goldsmith, United States, 2009
2008 Forgetting Dad, Rick Minnich & Matthew Sweetwood, Germany, 2008
2007 Hold Me Tight, Let Me Go, Kim Longinotto, United Kingdom, 2007
2006 Tender's Heat. Wild Wild Beach, Alexander Rastorguev, Russia, 2006
2005 Our Daily Bread, Nikolaus Geyrhalter, Austria, 2005
2004 Liberia: An Uncivil War, Jonathan Stack & James Brabazon, United States, 2004
2003 The Corporation, Mark Achbar & Jennifer Abbott, Canada, 2003
2002 On Hitler's Highway, Lech Kowalski, France, 2002
2001 Elsewhere, Nikolaus Geyrhalter, Austria, 2001
2000 Keep the River on Your Right: A Modern Cannibal Tale, Laurie Gwen Shapiro & David Shapiro, United States, 2000
1999 A Cry from the Grave, Leslie Woodhead, United Kingdom, 1999
1998 Pavel and Lyalya – A Jerusalem Romance, Victor Kossakovsky, Russia, 1998
1997 Little Dieter Needs to Fly, Werner Herzog, Germany, 1997
1996 The Typewriter, the Rifle and the Movie Camera, Adam Simon, United Kingdom, 1996
1995 Picasso Would Have Made a Glorious Waiter, Jonathan Schell, United States, 1994
1994 Choice and Destiny, Tsipi Reibenbach, Israel, 1993
1993 Losses to Be Expected, Ulrich Seidl, Austria, 1992
1992 Black Harvest, Robin Anderson & Bob Connolly, Australia, 1992
1991 Djembéfola, Laurent Chevallier, France, 1991
1990 The Collector, Erik Strömdahl, Sweden, 1989
1989 The Power of Solovki, Marina Goldovskaya, USSR, 1988
1988 Hôtel Terminus: The Life and Times of Klaus Barbie, Marcel Ophüls, France/United States, 1988

Members of the Jury

2015 Maite Alberdi (Chile), Laurent Bécue-Renard (France), Hanna Polak (Poland), Jonathan Rosenbaum (U.S.), Barbara Visser (The Netherlands)
2014 Anne Aghion (France/United States), Talal Derki (Syria), Sandra den Hamer (The Netherlands), Joshua Oppenheimer (United States/Denmark), Alina Rudnitskaya (Russia)
2013 Jose Carlos Avellar (Brazil), Katerina Cizek (Canada), Nicole Guillemet (France), Chris McDonald (Canada), Jiska Rickels (The Netherlands)
2012 Susan Froemke (United States), Michael Glawogger (Austria), Maria Goos (The Netherlands), Jørgen Leth (Denmark), Kenneth Turan (United States)
2011 Moussa Sene Absa (Senegal), Sandy Lieberson (United States), Dennis Lim (United States), Laila Pakalnina (Latvia), Suzanne Raes (The Netherlands)
2010 Lixin Fan (Canada), Orlando Bagwell (United States), Monique van de Ven (The Netherlands), Frederic Boyer (France), Vibeke Bryld (Denmark)
2009 Geoffrey Gilmore (United States), Anders Østergaard (Denmark), Jean-Marie Téno (Cameroon/France), Jenny Westergård (Finland), Willeke van Ammelrooy (The Netherlands)
2008 Christoph Jörg (Germany), Wouter Barendrecht (The Netherlands), Deepa Dhanraj (India), Bianca Stigter (The Netherlands), Sandra Ruch (United States)
2007 Diane Weyermann (United States), Jos Stelling (The Netherlands), Ilan de-Vries (Israel), Roberto Berliner (Brazil), Vidyarthy Chartterjee (India)
2006 Claire Aguilar (United States), Igor Blaževic (Czech Republic), Jasmine Dellal (United Kingdom), Niek Koppen (The Netherlands), Gerald Peary (United States)
2005 Luke Holland (United Kingdom), Jehane Noujaim (United States), Leonard Retel Helmrich (The Netherlands), Carmen Cobos (The Netherlands), Tamara Trampe (Germany)
2004 John Anderson (United States), Karen Cooper (United States), Pieter van Huystee (The Netherlands), Pirjo Honkasalo (Finland), Yoav Shamir (Israel)
2003 Roberto Berliner (Brazil), Bob Connolly (Australia), Peter Mettler (Switzerland), Joyce Roodnat (The Netherlands), Monika Treut (Germany)
2002 Phie Ambo (Denmark), Maziar Bahari (Iran), Pieter van Huystee (The Netherlands), Dennis O’Rourke (Australia), Jonathan Stack (United States)
2001 Jane Balfour (United Kingdom), Amit Breuer (Israel), Peter Brosens (Belgium), Gert de Graaff (The Netherlands), Peter Wintonick (Canada)
2000 John Appel (The Netherlands), Les Blank (United States), Zita Carvalhosa (Brazil), Victor Kossakovsky (Russia), Rada Sesic (The Netherlands)
1999 Dariusz Jablonski (Poland), Mandy Jacobson (South Africa), Emiko Omori (United States), Pieter Verhoeff (The Netherlands), Paul Yule (United Kingdom)
1998 Erika de Hadeln (Germany), Ot Louw (The Netherlands), Tue Steen Müller (Denmark), Toni Venturi (Brazil), Diane Weyermann (United States)
1997 Arthur Dong (United States), Kerstin Hagrup (Denmark), Jørgen Leth (Denmark), Robby Müller (The Netherlands), Katsue Tomiyama (Japan)
1996 Nicholas Fraser (United Kingdom), Marina Goldovskaja (Russia/United States), Torben Skjodt Jensen (Denmark), Amir Labaki (Brazil), Anne Lordon (The Netherlands/France)
1995 Elaine Charnov (United States), Chris Haws (United Kingdom), Irina Knochenhauer (Russia/Germany), Jos de Putter (The Netherlands), Sibylle Schönemann (Germany)
1994 Erik Barnouw (United States), Andrzej Kolodinski (Poland), Sonja de Leeuw (The Netherlands), Norma Marcos (Palestine), Lionel N’Gakane (South Africa)
1993 Karl Gass (Germany), Heddy Honigmann (The Netherlands), Stephen Peet (United Kingdom) Dea Sudarman (Indonesia), William Uricchio (United States/The Netherlands)
1992 Santiago Alvarez (Cuba), Rinki Bhattacharya (India), Lise Roos (Denmark), Jos Stelling (The Netherlands), Ilan de-Vries (Israel)
1991 Nouchka van Brakel (The Netherlands), Rafi Bukaee (Israel), Marion Mitchell (France), Helke Misselwitz (Germany), Jerzy Toeplitz (Poland)
1990 Ireen van Ditshuyzen (The Netherlands), Chris Hegedus (United States), K. Michel (The Netherlands), Juris Podniek (Latvia), Mick Hart Williams (United Kingdom)
1989 Johan Anthierens (Belgium), Robert Daudelin (Canada), Richard Kaplan (United States), Ellen Waller (The Netherlands), Marceline Loridan (France)
1988 Judy Irola (United States), Hedda van Gennep (The Netherlands), Mark-Toomas Soosaar (Estonia), Jan de Vaal (The Netherlands), Frederick Wiseman (United States)

IDFA Award for Best First Appearance

2015 When the Earth Seems to Be Light, Salome Machaidze, Tamuna Karumidze and David Meskhi, Georgia/Germany, 2015
2014 Drifter, Gábor Hörcher, Hungary/Germany, 2014
2013 My Name Is Salt, Farida Pacha, Switzerland/India, 2013
2012 Soldier on the Roof, Esther Hertog, The Netherlands, 2012
2011 The Vanishing Spring Light, Xun Yu, China/Canada, 2011
2010 Kano: An American and His Harem, Monster Jimenez, Philippines, 2010
2009 Colony, Ross McDonnell & Carter Gunn, Ireland/United States, 2009
2008 Constantin and Elena, Andrei Dascalescu, Romania, 2008
2007 End of the Rainbow, Robert Nugent, Australia/France, 2007
2006 We Are Together (Thina simunye), Paul Taylor, United Kingdom, 2006
2005 The Angelmakers, Astrid Bussink, Hungary/The Netherlands/Scotland, 2005
2004 The Bridge, Ileana Stanculescu, Romania, 2004
2003 My Flesh and Blood, Jonathan Karsh, United States, 2003 & The Very Best Day, Pavel Medvedev, Russia, 2002
2002 Barbeiros, Mervi Junkkonen, Finland, 2001
2001 Bitch, Igor Voloshin, Russia, 2001
2000 Hybrid, Monteith McCollum, United States, 2000
1999 Between 2 Worlds, Bettina Haasen, Germany, 1999
1998 Howling for God, Dan Alexe, Belgium, 1998
1997 Anthem, an American Road Story, Shainee Gabel & Kristin Hahn, United States, 1997

IDFA Special Jury Award for First Appearance

In honor of Peter Wintonick 

2015 Roundabout in My Head, Hassen Ferhani, Algeria/France/Lebanon/Qatar, 2015
2014 Mother of the Unborn, Nadine Salib, Egypt/United Arab Emirates, 2014
Forest of the Dancing Spirits, Linda Västrik, Sweden/Canada, 2013

Members of the Jury

2015 Gábor Hörcher (Hungary), Philippa Kowarsky (U.K.), Scott Macaulay (U.S.), Menna Laura Meijer (The Netherlands), David Wilson (U.S.)
Alan Berliner (United States), Leendert de Jong (The Netherlands), Petra Lataster-Czisch (The Netherlands/Germany), Rasha Salti (Canada), Jean Tsien (Taiwan/United States)
 Mark Adams (United Kingdom), Joslyn Barnes (United States), Michiel van Erp (The Netherlands), Hanka Kastelicová (Slovenia), Stephan Vanfleteren (Belgium)
2012 Maria Luz Climent (Spain), María Lourdes Cortés (Costa Rica), Renzo Martens (The Netherlands), Djo Tunda Wa Munga (Democratic Republic of the Congo), Sara Rüster (Sweden)
2011 Liang Bibo (China), Ollie Huddleston (United Kingdom), Monster Jimenez (The Phillipines), Margje de Koning (The Netherlands) en Basil Tsiokos (United States)
2010 Jawed Taiman (United Kingdom), Bill Nichols (United States), Outi Saarikoski-Schimberg (Finland), Walter Stokman (The Netherlands), Omar Amiralay (Syria)
2009 Cameron Bailey (Canada), Andrei Dascalescu (Romania), Joan Legalamitlwa (South Africa), Brian Winston (United Kingdom), Herman de Wit (The Netherlands)
2008 André Bennett (Canada), Diana Nenadi (Croatia), Marrie Bot (The Netherlands), Oscar Pérez (Spain), Sally Berger (United States)
2007 Jonathan Stack (United States), Jane Balfour (United Kingdom), Amir Labaki (Brazil), Arik Bernstein (Israel), Pieter van Lierop (The Netherlands)
2006 Astrid Bussink (The Netherlands), Doug Block (United States), Dimitri Eipides (Greece), Cecilia Lidin (Denmark), Andrei Plakhov (Ukraine)
2005 Asano Fuijko (Japan), Bert Hogenkamp (The Netherlands), Ulla Jacobsen (Denmark), Nenad Puhovski (Croatia) Ileana Stanculescu (Romania)
2004 Eugene Hernandez (United States), Ditsi Carolino (Philippines), Jean-Pierre Rehm (France), Nodu Murphy (South Africa), Ineke Smits (The Netherlands)
2003 Michel Euvrard (Canada), Leslie Felperin (United Kingdom), Flavia de la Fuente (Argentina), Annette Willis (Australia), Karin Wolfs (The Netherlands)
2002 Leo Bankersen (The Netherlands), Marina Drozdova (Russia), Mathias Heybrock (Germany), Peter Keough (United States), Jorge Yglesias (Cuba)
2001 Ronald Bergan (United Kingdom), Peter van Bueren (The Netherlands), Ingrid Dokka (Norway), Ludmila Hristova-Diakova (Bulgaria), Gustavo Noriega (Argentina)
2000 Göran Bjelkendal (Sweden), Caroline Buck (Germany), Koen van Daele (Slovenia), Nelson Hoineff (Brazil), Annelotte Verhaagen (The Netherlands)
1999 Victoria Belopolskia (Russia), Jos van der Burg (The Netherlands), Eva af Geijerstam (Sweden), Marc Glassman (Canada), Sasa Radojevic (Yugoslavia)
1998 Heikki Jokinen (Finland), Jeroen Lok (The Netherlands), Irit Shamgar (Israel), Carlos Alberto Mattos (Brazil), Alexander Yankiev (Bulgaria)
1997 Andrzej Kolodynski (Poland), Angela Baldassarre (Canada), Hans-Günter Dicks (Germany), Mieke Bernink (The Netherlands), Altaf Mazid (India)
1996 Eduardo Antin (Argentina), Huib Stam (The Netherlands), Espen Mineur Saetre (Norway), Peter Cargin (United Kingdom), Monica Haïm (Romania)

IDFA Award for Best Mid-Length Documentary

2015 At Home in the World, Andreas Koefoed, Denmark, 2015
2014 Kamchatka – The Cure for Hatred, Julia Mironova, Russia, 2014
2013 Pussy Versus Putin, Gogol's Wives, Russia, 2013
2012 Red Wedding, Lida Chan & Guillaume Suon, Cambodia/France, 2012
2011 Montenegro, Jorge Gaggero, Argentina, 2011
2010 People I Could Have Been and Maybe Am, Boris Gerrets, The Netherlands, 2010
2009 Iron Crows, Bong-Nam Park, South Korea, 2009
2008 Boris Ryzhy, Aliona van der Horst, The Netherlands, 2008
2007 To See if I’m Smiling, Tamar Yarom, Israel, 2007
2006 Enemies of Happiness, Eva Mulvad, Denmark, 2006
2005 Before Flying Back to the Earth, Arûnas Matelis, Lithuania/Germany, 2005
2004 Georgi and the Butterflies, Andrey Paounov, Bulgaria, 2004
2003 Surplus – Terrorized into Being Consumers, Erik Gandini, Sweden, 2003
2002 Interesting Times – The Secret of My Success, Jinchuan Duan, China, 2002
2001 Haj-Abbas’ Wives, Mohsen Abdolvahab, Iran, 2001
2000 Jung (War) in the Land of the Mujaheddin, Fabrizio Lazzaretti & Alberto Vendemmiati, Afghanistan/Italy, 2000
1999 Kids from the Coal Land – A Letter to Henri Storck, Patric Jean, Belgium, 1999
1998 Hephzibah, Curtis Levy, Australia, 1998
1997 Gigi, Monica... & Bianca, Yasmina Abdellaoui & Benoît Dervaux, Belgium, 1996
1996 Mr. Behrmann – Life Dream Death, Andreas Voigt, Germany, 1995
1995 6 Open, 21 Closed, Amit Goren, Israel, 1994

IDFA Special Jury Award for Mid-Length Documentary

2015 The Fog of Srebrenica, Samir Mehanovic, Scotland/Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2015
2008 Lady Kul el Arab, Ibtisam Mara’ana, Israel, 2008

Members of the Jury

2015 Diana Bustamante (Colombia), Tone Grøttjord (Norway), Oeke Hoogendijk (The Netherlands), Stanley Nelson (U.S.), John Zaritsky (Canada)
2014 Martichka Bozhilova (Bulgaria), Jihan El-Tahri (France/Egypt), Serge Gordey (France), Kristi Jacobson (United States), Niels Pagh Andersen (Denmark)
Keiko Bang (Singapore), Lejla Dedic (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Veton Nurkollari (Kosovo), Marco Spagnoli (Italy), Meral Uslu (The Netherlands)
2012 Nicolas Entel (Argentina), Peter Friedman (United States), Hedda van Gennep (The Netherlands), Samira Makhmalbaf (Iran), Farah Nayeri (Iran)
2011 David Fisher (Israel), Boris Gerrets (The Netherlands), Maris Ramos (The Netherlands), Miranda Siegel (United States), Ben Tsiang (China)
2010 Bong-Nam Park (South Korea), Greg Sanderson (United Kingdom), Jennifer Fox (United States), Henk Camping (The Netherlands), Ilana Tsur (Israel)
2009 Lorenzo Hendel (Italy), Ibtisam Mara’ana (Israel), Zola Maseko (Mozambique), Jennifer Merin (United States), Mercedes Stalenhoef (The Netherlands)
2008 Nishtha Jain (India), Rik Stallaerts (Belgium), Jeanne Wikler (United States), Thomas White (United States), Jess Search (United Kingdom)
2007 Cees van Ede (The Netherlands), Kerstin Hagrup (Sweden) , Rudy Buttignol (Italy), Anna Glogowski (Brazil), Goran Radovanovic (Serbia)
2006 Heather Croall (Australia), Arunas Matelis (Lithuania), Mercedes Moncada Rodriguez (Nicaragua), Tomohide Terai (Japan), Silvia Hallensleben (Germany)
2005 Bert Janssens (The Netherlands), Marie Nathanson (Canada), Cyril Neyrat (France), Andrey Paounov (Bulgaria), Vera Vlajic (Serbia)
2004 Erik Gandini (Sweden), Wessel van de Hammen (The Netherlands), Irina Kanousheva (Bulgaria), Björn Koll (Germany), André Pâquet (Canada)
2003 Rudy Buttignol (Canada), Peter Forgacs (Hungary), Carel Kuyl (The Netherlands), Luciano Rignolini (France), Jay Rosenblatt (United States)
2002 Fransico Cesar-Filho (Brazil), Anna Glogowski (Brazil), Aliona van de Horst (The Netherlands), Catherine Olsen (Canada), Eila Werning (Finland)
2001 Julie Anderson (United States), John Hughes (Australia), Noshka van der Lely (The Netherlands), Marguerite Seguy (France), Juan Fransisco Urrusti (Mexico)
2000 Willemien van Aalst (The Netherlands), Madeleine Avramoussis (France), Thomas Balmès (France), Patric Jean (Belgium), Iikka Vehkalahti (Finland)
1999 Catherine le Clef (Belgium), Werner Dütch (Germany), Cees van Ede (The Netherlands), Sigve Endresen (Norway), Paul Pauwels (Belgium)
1998 Cees van Ede (The Netherlands), Jeremy Gibson (United Kingdom), Peter Friedman (France), Karolina Lidin (Denmark), Kim Longinotto (United Kingdom)
1997 Cees van Ede (The Netherlands), Hans Beerekamp (The Netherlands), Chris Haws (United Kingdom), Mette Hoffman Meyer (Denmark), Andreas Voigt (Germany)
1996 Cees van Ede (The Netherlands), Hans Beerekamp (The Netherlands), Carel Kuyl (The Netherlands)
1995 Cees van Ede (The Netherlands), Hans Beerekamp (The Netherlands), Carel Kuyl (The Netherlands), Andree van Es (The Netherlands), Jeanne Wikler (The Netherlands/United States)

IDFA DocLab Award for Digital Storytelling

2015 Drawing Room, Jan Rothuizen & Sara Kolster, The Netherlands, 2015
Serial, Sarah Koenig & Julie Snyder, United States, 2014
I Love Your Work, Jonathan Harris, United States, 2013
2012 Alma, a Tale of Violence, Miquel Dewever-Plana & Isabelle Fougère, France
2011 Insitu, Antoine Viviani, France, 2011
2010 HIGHRISE/Out My Window, Katerina Cizek, Canada, 2010

IDFA DocLab Immersive Non-Fiction Award

2015 Someone Else, Ant Hampton, Belgium, 2015

Members of the Jury

2015 Hay Kranen (The Netherlands), Margaux Missika (France), Oscar Raby (Chile)
Annika Gustafson (Sweden), Jenny Smets (The Netherlands), Jason Spingarn-Koff (United States)
Jason Brush (United States), John MacFarlane (Australia), Kira Pollack (United States)
2012 Elisabeth Holm (United States), Bjarke Myrthu (Denmark), William Uricchio (United States)
2011 Ingrid Kopp (United Kingdom), Martijn de Waal (The Netherlands) en Rob McLaughlin (Canada)
2010 Alexandre Brachet (France), Antoinette Hoes (The Netherlands), Zach Wise (United States)

More information:

IDFA Award for Best Dutch Documentary

2015 A Strange Love Affair with Ego, Ester Gould, The Netherlands, 2015
2014 The New Rijksmuseum – The Film, Oeke Hoogendijk, The Netherlands, 2014
2013 Awake in a Bad Dream, Petra Lataster-Czisch and Peter Lataster, The Netherlands, 2013
2012 Soldier on the Roof, Esther Hertog, The Netherlands, 2012
2011 900 Days, Jessica Gorter, 2011
2010 Position Among the Stars, Leonard Retel Helmrich, The Netherlands, 2010
2009 The Player, John Appel, The Netherlands, 2009

IDFA Special Jury Award for Dutch Documentary

2015 A Family Affair, Tom Fassaert, The Netherlands, 2015

Members of the Jury

2015 Emel Çelebi (Turkey), Amy Dotson (U.S.), Don Edkins (South Africa), Diana El Jeiroudi (Syria), Richard Liang (China)
Rinki Roy Bhattacharya (India), Claas Danielsen (Germany), Frank Moens (Belgium), Madelyn Most (United States), Ulla Simonen (Finland)
Francine Brücher (Germany), Edward Cabagnot (The Philipines), Sonja Henrici (Scotland), Esther Hertog (The Netherlands), Brian Hill (United Kingdom)
2012 Thierry Detaille (Belgium), Jessica Gorter (The Netherlands), Alex Lee (New Zealand), Tobias Müller (Germany), Pascale Ramonda (Portugal)
2011 Luciano Barisone (Italy), Hans Robert Eisenhauer (Germany), Aliona van der Horst (The Netherlands), Anne Marie Kürstein (Denmark) en Orwa Nyrabia (Syria)
2010 Daniela Michel (Mexico), Alissa Simon (United States), Pieter Verhoeff (The Netherlands)
2009 Sean Farnel (Canada), Sandra den Hamer (The Netherlands), Leena Pasanen (Finland)

IDFA Award for Best Student Documentary

2015 My Aleppo, Melissa Langer, U.S., 2015
No Lullaby, Helen Simon, Germany, 2014
2013 Final Destination, Ricardas Marcinkus, Lithuania, 2013
2012 Pablo’s Winter, Chico Pereira, Scotland/Spain, 2012
2011 The Betrayal, Karen Winther, United Kingdom/Norway, 2011
2010 What’s in a Name, Eva Küpper, Belgium, 2010
2009 Redemption, Sabrina Wulff, Germany, 2009
2008 Shakespeare and Victor Hugo’s Intimacies, Yulene Olaizola, Mexico, 2008
2007 Paradise – Three Journeys in This World, Elina Hirvonen, Finland, 2007

IDFA Special Jury Award for Student Documentary

2015 The Mute's House, Tamar Kay, Israel, 2015

Members of the Jury

2015 Jiri Konecny (Czech Republic), Prenana Langa (India), Maria Mok (The Netherlands)
2014 Chalida Uabumrungjit (Thailand), Martha Orozco (Mexico), Katayoon Shahabi (Iran)
2013 Hussain Currimbhoy (Australia), Peter Lataster (The Netherlands), Mon Mon Myat (Myanmar)
2012 Arto Halonen (Finland), Vanja Kaludjercic (Croatia), Herman de Wit (The Netherlands)
2011 Stella Bruzzi (Italy), Eva Küpper (Belgium), Willem-Jan Otten (The Netherlands).
2010 Sabrina Wulff (Germany), Jelle van Doornik (The Netherlands), Andreas Koefoed (Denmark)
2009 Matthijs Wouter Knol (The Netherlands), Yulene Olaizola (Mexico), Jonathan Stack (United States)
2008 Ellen Kuras (United States), Nenad Puhovski (Croatia), Elina Hirvonen (Finland)
2007 Heddy Honigmann (The Netherlands), Ot Louw (The Netherlands), Helena Zajícová (Czech Republic)

IDFA Award for Best Children's Documentary

2015 Ninnoc, Niki Padidar, The Netherlands, 2015

Special Mention in the IDFA Kids & Docs Competition

2015 Varicella, Victor Kossakovsky, Norway/Denmark/Sweden/Russia, 2015

Members of the jury

2015 Jon Bang Carlsen (Denmark), Mischa Kamp (The Netherlands), Teodora Ana Mihai (Romania/Belgium)


2015 Sonita, Rokhsareh Ghaem Maghami, Iran, 2015
2014 My Beautiful Broken Brain, Sophie Robinson & Lotje Sodderland, United Kingdom, 2014
2013 #chicagoGirl – The Social Network Takes on a Dictator, Joe Piscatella, United States/Syria, 2013
2012 Little World, Marcel Barrena, Spain, 2012
2011 The Last Days of Winter, Mehrdad Oskouei, Germany/Austria, 2011
2010 Autumn Gold, Jan Tenhaven, Germany/Austria, 2010
2009 The Yes Men Fix the World, Andy Bichlbaum & Mike Bonanno, France/United States, 2009
2008 Kassim the Dream, Kief Davidson, United States/Germany, 2008
2007 Planet B-Boy, Benson Lee, United States, 2007
2006 A Lesson of Belorussian, Miroslaw Dembinski, Poland, 2006
2005 Shadya, Roy Westler, Israel, 2005
2004 Nabila, Håkan Berthas, Sweden, 2003

IDFA Audience Award

2015 Sonita, Rokhsareh Ghaem Maghami, Iran, 2015
2014 Naziha's Spring, Gülsah Dogan, The Netherlands, 2014
2013 Twin Sisters, Mona Friis Bertheussen, Norway, 2013
2012 Searching for Sugar Man, Malik Bendjelloul, Sweden/United Kingdom, 2012
2011 5 Broken Cameras, Emad Burnat & Guy Davidi, Palestine/Israel/Netherlands/France, 2011
2010 Waste Land, Lucy Walker, United Kingdom/Brazil, 2010
2009 The Cove, Louie Psihoyos, United States, 2009
2008 RiP – A Remix Manifesto, Brett Gaylor, Canada, 2008
2007 To See If I’m Smiling, Tamar Yarom, Israel, 2007
2006 We Are Together (Thina simunye), Paul Taylor, United Kingdom, 2006
2005 Sisters in Law, Kim Longinotto & Florence Ayisi, United Kingdom, 2005
2004 The Yes Men, Dan Ollman, Sarah Price & Chris Smith, United States, 2003
2003 My Flesh and Blood, Jonathan Karsh, United States, 2003
2002 Bowling for Columbine, Michael Moore, United States, 2002
2001 Offspring, Barry Stevens, Canada, 2001
2000 Desi, Maria Ramos, The Netherlands, 2000
1999 Crazy, Heddy Honigmann, The Netherlands, 1999
1998 Two Dads, Ko van Reenen, The Netherlands, 1998
1997 Vision Man, William Long, Sweden, 1997
1996 Blue Eyed, Bertram Verhaag, Germany, 1996
1995 Anne Frank Remembered, Jon Blair, United Kingdom, 1995
1994 Choice and Destiny, Tsipi Reibenbach, Israel, 1993
1993 The Belovs, Victor Kossakovsky, Russia, 1993
1992 Black Harvest, Robin Anderson & Bob Connolly, Australia, 1992
1991 Djembéfola, Laurent Chevallier, France, 1991
1990 In Memory of the Day Passed By, Sharunas Bartas, USSR, 1989
1989 Skierskala, Ivars Seleckis, Latvia, 1988
1988 The Last Judgement, Herz Frank, Lithuania/USSR, 1987

IDFA Melkweg Music Documentary Audience Award

2015 Boudewijn de Groot – Come Closer (Suzanne Raes, The Netherlands, 2015
2014 Keep on Keepin' on, Alan Hicks, United States, 2014
2013 Twenty Feet from Stardom, Morgan Neville, United States, 2013

Living Legend Award

2013 Heddy Honigmann
2009 Frederick Wiseman

Mediafonds Documentary Award

2015 Theater of the Crowd, Thomas Vroege
2014 Hier is het nooit stil, Sjoerd Oostrik
2013 Girls Boys & Me, Xander de Boer
2012 Wij zijn 18 (We Are 18), Tomas Kaan
2011 Waterlijken (Floating Bodies), Nelleke Koop
2010 C.K., Barbara Visser
2009 De dertiende man (The Man in Black), Martijn Blekendaal
2008 Monsters onder het bed, Sarah Mathilde Domogala
2007 Zintuigen, deuren naar de ziel, Elizabeth Rocha Salgado
2006 Eeuwige moes (Eternal Mash), Catherine van Kampen
2005 De grote schaduw van Stampersgat (The Bittersweet Shadow of Stampersgat), Patrick Bus
2004 Sannes droom, Frodo Terpstra
2003 Tsjechisch kerstfeest, Simonka de Jong
2002 Lagonda, Robin van Erven Dorens
2001 Corsokoorts, Dorien Janssen
2000 Wheels of Fortune, Wilco Bello
1999 Sport: de mentale kwestie, Lies Niezen



IDFA Award for Best Short Documentary

2009 Six Weeks, Marcin Janos Krawczyk, Polen, 2009
2008 Slaves – An Animated Documentary, Hanna Heilborn & David Aronowitsch, Sweden/Norway/Denmark, 2008
2007 The Tailor, Oscar Pérez, Spain, 2007
2006 My Eyes, Erlend E. Mo, Denmark, 2006
2005 Butterfly Man, Samantha Rebillet, Australia, 2004

Members of the Jury

2009 Lorenzo Hendel (Italy), Ibtisam Mara’ana (Israel), Zola Maseko (Mozambique), Jennifer Merin (United States), Mercedes Stalenhoef (The Netherlands)
2008 Nishtha Jain (India), Rik Stallaerts (Belgium), Jeanne Wikler (United States), Thomas White (United States), Jess Search (United Kingdom)
2007 Cees van Ede (The Netherlands), Kerstin Hagrup (Sweden) , Rudy Buttignol (Italy), Anna Glogowski (Brazil), Goran Radovanovic (Serbia)
2006 Heather Croall (Australia), Arunas Matelis (Lithuania), Mercedes Moncada Rodriguez (Nicaragua), Tomohide Terai (Japan), Silvia Hallensleben (Germany)
2005 Bert Janssens (The Netherlands), Marie Nathanson (Canada), Cyril Neyrat (France), Andrey Paounov (Bulgaria), Vera Vlajic (Serbia)

IDFA Award for Best Music Documentary

2012 Searching for Sugar Man, Malik Bendjelloul, Sweden/United Kingdom, 2012
2011 Last Days Here, Don Argott & Demian Fenton, United States, 2011

Members of the Jury

2012 Kaleem Aftab (United Kingdom), Jeroen Berkvens (The Netherlands), Safinez Bousbia (Algeria), Erik Gandini (Sweden), Ondi Timoner (United States)
2011 Miriam Leah Brenner (The Netherlands), Lotje IJzermans (The Netherlands), Rodrigo Letier (Brazil), James Mottram (United Kingdom), Zjakki Willems (Belgium)

IDFA Award for Best Green Screen Documentary

2011 Bitter Seeds, Micha X. Peled, United States/India, 2011
2010 Into Eternity, Michael Madsen, Denmark/Sweden/Finland, 2010

Honourable Mention

2010 The Pipe, Risteard Ó Domhnaill, Ierland, 2010

Members of the Jury

2011 Joe Berlinger (United States), Cath Le Couteur (Australia), Michael Madsen (Denmark), Juan Carlos Rulfo (Mexico) en Maartje Somers (The Netherlands)
2010 Appy Sluijs (The Netherlands), Nikolaus Geyrhalter (Austria), Nino Kirtadze (France)

Mediafonds Kids & Docs Award

2014 Giovanni and the Water Ballet, Astrid Bussink
A Home for Lydia, Eline Helena Schellekens
2012 Sounds for Mazin, Ingrid Kamerling

Zapper Award

1996 Love Beyond Boundaries – Made in Japan, Puck de Leeuw, The Netherlands, 1996
1995 My Vote Is My Secret – Chroniques Sud-Africaines 1994, Julie Henderson, Thulani Mokoena & Donne Rundle, France, 1994
1994 Death of a Nation – The Timor Conspiracy, David Munro, United Kingdom, 1994
Opening film: Stranger in Paradise October 18, 2016 | IDFA 2016 will open at the Royal Theatre Carré on November 16 with Stranger in Paradise by Dutch director Guido Hendrikx, exploring the relationship between Europe and refugees in a film on the boundary between documentary and drama.
Three films selected for IBF Europe distribution support October 18, 2016 | The IDFA Bertha Fund has concluded the final selection round of 2016. Three documentaries will receive grants through the IBF Europe scheme for distribution support.
IDFA Forum Selection 2016 October 17, 2016 | The selection for IDFA Forum 2016 has been announced. This year's Forum welcomes 60 pitch teams from 25 different countries.
Film List 2016 October 10, 2016 | The full line-up for IDFA 2016 is now online. Full details on all films and programme information will be announced November 3.
IDFA Spotlight in Ramallah October 4, 2016 | IDFA will present a documentary programme during the upcoming ‘Days of Cinema’, taking place October 15-21 in Ramallah.
Special focus program: Assembling Reality October 4, 2016 | In the IDFA 2016 special focus program Assembling Reality, leading international editors - including director/editor Frederick Wiseman - will discuss the role of editing in constructing documentary narratives.
Special focus program: Shifting Perspectives September 27, 2016 | The special focus program Shifting Perspectives will investigate the role of opinion-shaping in terms of the way we see and think about race and identity, as well as the perspectives from which we do so.
Special focus program: The Quiet Eye September 20, 2016 | IDFA’s special focus program The Quiet Eye will investigate ‘slow documentary’, presenting documentary projects that take the experience of time in real life as their starting point.
Sergei Loznitsa to present Top 10 August 30, 2016 | This year’s IDFA Top 10 will be compiled by Ukrainian director Sergei Loznitsa. His latest documentary, Austerlitz, will have its world premiere at the Venice film festival and will screen at IDFA as part of a retrospective of Loznitsa's work.
IDFA Award at Docu Rough Cut Boutique August 19, 2016 | At last night's closing ceremony of the Docu Rough Cut Boutique of the Sarajevo Film Festival, the IDFA Award was given to City of the Sun by Rati Oneli.
The Vice Documentary Pitch at IDFA July 25, 2016 | VICE returns to IDFA to launch The VICE Documentary Pitch at IDFA, offering filmmakers a chance to win a commission from the VICE documentary team. 
IDFA Bertha Fund Concludes May 2016 Selection July 12, 2016 | Eleven documentary projects from countries including Sudan, Chile, Syria, Cuba, Afghanistan and Ukraine will be supported through IDFA Bertha Fund - Classic. The selection includes new projects by Maite Alberdi, Alisa Kovalenko and Manolo Sarmiento.


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