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A Is for Autism
Tim Webb
An animated collage of drawings, live-action sequences and voice-overs which offer insight into different aspects and forms of autism. A rare glimpse at the very private and...
Chris Marker
A behind-the-scenes portrait of great Japanese director Akira Kurosawa shot on the set of Ran: a work of art on the making of a work of art.
A.K.A. Don Bonus
Spencer Nakasako, Sokly 'Don Bonus'Ny
Most American youngsters of eighteen are in their final highschool year and are filled with expectations and longings about the future. For Sokly...
A.R.M. Around Moscow
Jeanne Finley, Gretchen Stoeltje
A.R.M. stands for 'American Russian Matchmaking', which is a company that couples American men with Russian women. Four times a year, initiator Ron takes...
A/K/A Tommy Chong
Josh Gilbert
How the old counterculture veteran Tommy Chong (who used to make up a comic duo with Cheech) lands in jail for dealing in bongs.
A1 for alltid
Thale Persen
Norwegian Astrid and her friend are totally crazy about boyband A1.
Tatsuya Mori
Revealing portrait, filmed from the inside, of the religious sect Aum Shinrikyo, responsible for the gas attack on a subway station in Tokyo.
De aanhankelijkheid
Roel van Broekhoven
Ceausescu is (for the last time) elected leader by the people's congress. The uprising in Romania starts on the day the programme is broadcast. Two weeks later,...
Abacus: Small Enough to Jail
Steve James
Not all bankers escaped prosecution in the U.S. mortgage crisis: a small Chinese-American family bank spent years fighting in the courts.
Abandoned Eden
Eno Milkani
Non-narrative visual experiment shows how a traditional South-Albanian community is slowly vanishing as younger generations move away.
Abandoned Land
Gilles Laurent
A thoughtful portrait of the people who have returned to their homes in the evacuated zone around the Fukushima nuclear power station, despite the radioactivity.
John Fernhout
Portrait of the Windward Islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao and life in these overseas territories.
Paul Vester
An animated documentary that illustrates people with recovering memories of their alien abductions under hypnosis.
Abduction the Megumi Yokota Story
Patty Kim, Chris Sheridan
A Japanese couple tries to find out the truth about their daughter, who was kidnapped as a 13-year-old by the North Korean secret service in 1977.
Ken'ichi Oguri
Account of a three months stay in America of two mental handicapped boys from Japan.
About a Farm
Mervi Junkkonen
A quiet observation of the farewell process of director Junkkonen's parents, who for lack of a successor shut down their farm and face new worries.
About Baghdad
various directors
American-Iraqi coproduction in which residents of and visitors to Baghdad express their previous horrors and present fears.
About Canto
Ramón Gieling
A journey into the mystery that is Canto Ostinato, a composition that has dramatically affected the lives of many people.
About Heaven
Stéphane Goël
A group of Swiss senior citizens discusses their ideas about life after death in a series of remarkable, moving and funny conversations.
About Love; Mr. & Mrs. Chan
Ting Chan
This observation of Ting Chan's parents, who emigrated from Hong Kong to the Netherlands after their arranged marriage is at the same time an indirect self-analysis by the...
Abu Jamil Street
Monchovet Alexis, Stephane Marchetti
Four jolly young Palestinain men at work digging underground tunnels from the Gaza Strip to Egypt.
Carla Valencia Dávila
Ecuadorian documentary filmmaker Carla Valencia Dávila's debut film about her two exceptional grandfathers: a political activist who died young and a "wonder doctor"...
The Accidental Terrorist
Nagieb Khaja, Miki Mistrati
What makes a terrorist?
According to Protocol
Anne-Marieke Graafmans
The performance of two emergency call operators comes under scrutiny with the introduction of a new and more commercial protocol.
Achter gesloten ogen
Four war children from Liberia, Kosovo, Cambodia and Rwanda, portrayed in their lives after the war.
Achtung Staatsgrenze
Sabine Derflinger, Bernhard Pötscher
"I often felt ashamed from the bottom of my heart for being Austrian", says filmmaker Sabine Derflinger. In ACHTUNG STAATSGRENZE she introduces...
Across the Border - Five Views from Neighbours
various directors
An episodic documentary film about border experiences in Eastern Europe at the beginning of the 21st century.
Act and Wind
Marcelo Masagão
A true treat for cinephiles, this swirling sequence of iconic shots shows how films bridge time and space and tell a more universal story.
Act of Faith
Dan Bree
Short documentary in which three men explain that there is no unequivocal answer to the question of whether homosexuality and Islam are compatible.
The Act of Killing
Joshua Oppenheimer
In this shocking and groundbreaking documentary, former death squad leaders dramatize their role in the mass murder of Indonesian communists in Hollywood genres of...
Action Stations
Joris Ivens
A tribute to the Royal Canadian Navy. Action Stations is a report on the protection of convoys from Canada to England and Russia during World War II. Ivens follows a convoy...
Robert Greene
An account of a relationship on the rocks as experienced by actress Brandy Burre of The Wire, this film employs stylistic elements from melodrama and cinema verité.
Ada Gallery
Uladzimir Kolas
Under the motto "Beauty influences people," Ada Raichonak organises a painting festival each year in her village in rural Belarus.
Addicted in Afghanistan
Jawed Taiman
An intimate and somber portrait of the teenagers Jabar and Zahir, two of the more than one million drug addicts in Afghanistan.
Addicted to Freedom
Vinícius Reis, Flávia Lins e Silva
At 88 years of age, a courageous Brazilian lawyer returns to court. His granddaughter makes a film about him and their society.
Addicted to Plastic
Ian Connacher
A surprising look into the ecological impact of the most successful material of the past century: plastic.
Addicted to Solitude
Jon Bang Carlsen
Very personal travelogue about South Africa in the post-apartheid years.
Adieu Bakou
Jacques Debs
Since 1986, Armenia and Azerbaijan have been locked in a dead﷓end conflict about the control over Nagorno Karabach, a small Armenian enclave in Azerbaijan. Until 1989 Baku,...
Adio kerida
Vesna Ljubic
ADIO KERIDA is a cheerful and somewhat ironic story about an American seeking his roots in post-war Bosnia, at the time when everybody from Bosnia & Herzegovina is trying to...
Ester Gould
Five boys are taking a course on how to deal with aggression and talk frankly about their experiences.
Advanced Style
Lina Plioplyte
A colorful and intimate portrait of seven New York ladies who make growing old fabulous with their snazzy style, glamour and zest.
Advertising Missionaries
Gauthier Flauder, Chris Hilton
Theatre group hired by a marketing firm advertises Western products in the interior of Papua New Guinea.
Ady Gasy, the Malagasy Way
Nantenaina Lova
People in Madagascar tackle the financial crisis inventively and sustainably, never losing their unique identity and good humor.
An Affair of the Heart
Sylvia Caminer
For fans of Rick Springfield, who was a big star in the 1980s, love for their idol is an all-embracing experience.
Afghan abad
Mir-Hossein Noori
The children of Afghan refugees in the Iranian town of Afghan Abad work in a brickyard.
Afghan Girl
Louis Elsass
A young Afghan girl tells us she would like to go to school, to become an engineer or a teacher, but that her father is making her herd the sheep.
Afghan Girls Can Kick
Bahareh Hosseini
After years of repression by the Taliban, the women's national soccer team in Afghanistan tries to develop into a full-fledged team.
Afghan Star
Havana Marking
A snapshot of an optimistic but divided Afghanistan, centred around four young contestants on a tremendously popular TV talent show.
Afghanistan Night Stories
Alka Sadat
The everyday life of Afghan soldiers fighting against the Taliban in a special commando unit of the national army.
Afghans Don't Flirt
Jochen Frank
Portrait of a 35-year-old German woman who works with humanitarian aid organisations in inaccessible regions of Afghanistan.
The African Dream: the Black Star
In most African countries soccer players lead a poor existence, let alone that their sport will ever enable them to support themselves. Therefore it is not surprising that, when they get the chance...
An African Election
Jarreth Merz
Twenty-eight days before the presidential election in Ghana, the country oscillates between hope for change and fear of conflict.
Afrikanskaja ochot
Igor Aliempiev
The African Hunt discloses new information about the execution of Russian poet Nikolay Gumilyov, who was put to death for monarchist conspiracy in 1921.
Afrique 50
René Vautier
As a young filmmaker Ren‚ Vautier went to French colonial Africa to make his first film. Nominally a documentary which would provide insight in the life in the Occident and...
Afriques: comment ça va avec la douleur?
Raymond Depardon
In a long journey, leading along places like Soweto, Angola, Rwanda and Sudan, Depardon professionally struggles with his viewpoint and deprives the spectator of his...
Ton Koole
Aleida Hartstra is 29 years old and suffers from leukaemia. In afscheid Aleida prepares herself for her death. She decides to stop taking medicine, knowing that she will not...
Afstand van de berg
Eugène van den Bosch
After 6/4
Jiao Chen
Protest or riot? A comparison of reporting on unrest at Tiananmen Square in 1989 shows how various versions of the news crystallize into historical fact.
After the Rape
Catherine Ulmer
A film about the efforts of the Pakistani Mukhtar Mai to fight the violence against women in her society with education.
After Years of Walking
Sarah Vanagt
Almost ten years after the genocide in Rwanda, survivors and advocates of an objective historiography explain why the former official history of their country should no...
Samir Hissan
Aftermath is a UNWRA production dealing with the Palestinian refugee issue in 1967. Because of the Six-Day War many Palestinians are forced to leave Israel for the second...
Aftermath: the Remnants of War
Daniel Sekulich
The twentieth century was the most violent century in the history of mankind. In the countless wars waged, a total of one hundred million people were killed. And in many...
Peter Carstairs
In an extraordinarily brief space of time, the filmmaker manages to make us feel the indescribable tragedy of the Holocaust.
The Age of Stupid
Franny Armstrong
This documentary drama depicts an uninhabitable earth in the year 2055. The librarian of world history explains which decisions led to the definitive climate change.
Agnes & Nancy
Anne Milne
A portrait of two women wrestling with the fundamental changes brought on by early-onset dementia.
Agnus Dei
Alejandra Sánchez
A frank and moving portrait of a young adult who was sexually abused by a priest as a child.
The Agony and Ecstasy of Phil Spector
Vikram Jayanti
A rare interview with the legendary music producer Phil Spector, who allegedly murdered the actress Lana Clarkson in 2003.
Mustafa Ünlü
Eyewitness accounts of the deadliest suicide attack in modern Turkish history, which occurred in Ankara during a march for peace on October 10, 2015.
Ahmed - Almost 13
Ritchie Cavander-Cole
An intimate glimpse into the daily life of a Chechen family in Norway, seen through the eyes of the oldest son, a 13-year-old.
Ai Weiwei The Fake Case
Andreas Johnsen
After three months of solitary confinement, Chinese artist Ai Weiwei wonders about the toll his activism is taking.
Maysoon El-Massry
Every day, the frail 86-year-old Aida pushes her wheelchair full of roses and unwanted knickknacks through the busy traffic of Alexandria, Egypt.
Aileen Wuornos - The Selling of a Serial Killer
Nick Broomfield
The life story of a woman who is suspected of murder is turned into a genuine media hype.
Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer
Nick Broomfield, Joan Churchill
For the second time, Nick Broomfield focuses on the tragic fate of Aileen Wuornos, ‘America’s first female serial killer’.
Aim High in Creation
Anna Broinowski
An Australian filmmaker goes to North Korea to learn to make a propaganda film that will stop gas drilling in her village.
Ain't in It for My Health: A Film about Levon Helm
Jacob Hatley
A portrait of Levon Helm, former drummer for The Band and successful country rock singer, on the eve of the Grammy Awards.
Ain't Misbehavin
Marcel Ophüls
A look back at a life in cinema, at the locations where it was lived, by documentary maestro Marcel Ophüls.
Aizliegta zona
Herz Frank
In the forbidden zone, at the same time a penal colony and a bridewell, children and youngsters, who have made themselves punishable by law because of one or more crimes are...
Ajax - Hark The Herald Angels Sing
Roel van Dalen
Portrait of all sections of soccer club AFC Ajax during the 1999-2000 season.
Arvind Sinha
AJIT is the third film by Indian director/producer Arvind Sinha. With eight-year-old Ajit's life as its subject, the film demonstrates that the Indian government fails to...
Anneke de Lind van Wijngaarden
Eleven-year-old schoolgirl candidly tells about her feelings about and experiences with imminent emigration to France.
Akys virs kryziu
Antanas Maciulevicius
EYES ABOVE THE CROSSES is a film about Stanislovas Jameikis who was deported in 1941 and overcame a six hundred kilometers long perilous march through Siberia.
Albert's Winter
Andreas Koefoed
The world as seen through the eyes of an eight-year-old boy. Albert's parents want to send him to choir school, but he resists.
Albino United
various directors
How a soccer team of albinos - potential prey for superstitious exorcists in their native Tanzania - fight prejudice with disarming teamwork.
The Alcohol Years
Carol Morley
Filmmaker interviews old acquaintances about the years when she was constantly drunk.
Aldous Huxley: The Gravity of Light
Instead of making a classic writer‘s portrait, filmmaker Oliver Hockenhull chose to visualise Huxley‘s body of thoughts by using stock footage (including television interviews),...
Alertez les bébés!
Jean Michel Carré
For years now, 'equal opportunities in education' has been the hobbyhorse of the French government. The purpose of the resulting policy is that all children are sent to...
Sarah Harkink
Sarah looks up old girlfriends who were with her in "Sector Alexandra" of the Harreveld youth detention facility - with shocking results.
Alexei and the Spring
Seiichi Motohashi
Life in Budische calmly carries on for 55 elderly locals and the younger Alexei, all of whom refused to be evacuated after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.
Algérie en Flammes
René Vautier
On the threshold of the Algerian struggle for independence, Ren‚ Vautier produced a film about the French conquest of Algeria in 1830. Subsequently, he was severely...
De Algerijnse tijden
Rudolf van den Berg
The film sketches a portrait of the late seventies in Algeria, more than fifteen years after the Algerian war of liberation. The country is dominated by...
Al-Halqa - In the Storyteller's Circle
Thomas Ladenburger
Abderahim El Maqori teaches his son Zoheir the tricks of a dying trade: storytelling in the Halqa.
Alias Ruby Blade: A Story of Love and Revolution
Alex Meillier
The remarkable love story of human rights activist Kirsty Sword and political prisoner Xanana Gusmão, who joined forces for the independence of East Timor.
Alice in the Land
Esteban Larrain
A Bolivian teenager hikes all the way from her impoverished town to a city in Chile in search of a job.
Alien Empire - 'Battlezone'
Peter Bassett
Many people are afraid of insects. This does not alter the fact that insects especially like to go for other insects. As is demonstrated by the episode BATTLEZONE from the...
Aligermaas eventyr
Andra Lasmanis
Mongolian nine-year-old Aligermaa wants to compete in a horse race.
Alisa in Warland
Liubov Durakova, Alisa Kovalenko
A candid, personal self-portrait by a young woman traveling through Ukraine after the outbreak of the revolution.
Alive Inside
Michael Rossato-Bennett
A compelling film that shows how music can revive the emotions and memories of elderly people suffering from dementia, transforming their lives.
All About Darfur
Taghred Elsanhouri
Language is the only weapon in this film by a British-Sudanese woman, who questions compatriots about the Darfur conflict and other thorny issues in her scourged...
All About Looking
Nancy Dine
All about looking is the second of three films about the American artist Jim Dine. The first one, JIM DINE: CHILDHOOD STORIES, dealt with the formation years of the artist, who...
All Dressed Up And No Place To Go
Peter Schwartz
'Cross-dressing' - men that dress up in women's clothes - is still an unmentionable subject. Transsexuals usually have the courage to be outspoken about their 'wrong body',...
All for the Good of the World and Nosovice
Vít Klusák
A portrait of the rural Czech village Nosovice and its gigantic new Hyundai factory.
All Governments Lie: Truth, Deception, and the Spirit of I.F. Stone
Alfred Peabody
Independent, investigative, adversarial journalists, including Glenn Greenwald, allow the camera to follow them, as they use government documents to expose deception.
All My Fathers
Jan Raiber
A self-confident personal documentary in which the truth about filmmaker Jan Raiber's biological father turns out differently than expected.
All My Mothers
Abass Ghazali, Ebrahim Saeedi
The Kurdish women in All My Mothers are not introduced by their age or position in life, but rather by the number of people they have lost. Beautifully...
All My Tomorrows
Sonia Herman Dolz
A cancer surgeon, a cell biologist, a night nurse, a pediatric oncologist and a pathologist go about their daily work in the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam.
All of Me
Arturo Gonzalez Villaseñor
Every day for almost 20 years now, the women of La Patrona in Mexico have given food to illegal migrants traveling as stowaways on a train headed toward the...
All of Me
Susan Koenen
Diede and Emma share everything with each other. Everything? Well, almost everything. Because Diede has a secret: she's clairvoyant.
All Restrictions End
Reza Haeri
All Restrictions End is an experimental documentary dealing with contemporary Iranian history by focusing on the evolution of clothes and fashion.
All the Time in The World
A successful marriage between science and visual art, in which the sound of seismologic activity travels across the northern English landscape.
All These Sleepless Nights
Michal Marczak
A coming-of-age portrait about alcohol, drugs, girls and house music, balancing between fact and fiction.
All Together Now
Adrian Wills
All Together Now is a year in the life of the stressful preparations for a Cirque du Soleil show based on Beatles music, under the watchful eye of none other than Paul...
All Visitors Must Be Announced
Dree Andrea
For the hundreds of thousands of residents of so-called apartment buildings in New York the doorman is much more than just a doorkeeper who stops undesired visitors or...
All We Ever Wanted
Sarah Mathilde Domogala
A portrait of four young go-getters finding their way in the world and running the risk of falling victim to their own ambitions.
All White in Barking
Marc Isaacs
All White in Barking shows how several native inhabitants of a London neighbourhood deal with their new neighbours.
Alle dagen heel druk
Janneke de Weerdt
ADHD child explains what it is like to be such an energetic child and how he deals with it.
Alleen ik ben Timo
Biba Krklec
Fourteen-year-old Timo searches for his "self."
Nikolaus Geyrhalter
This portrait of Allentsteig, a military training area and nature reserve, presents various aspects of life in the area without comment but with a keen eye for...
Alles moet anders
René Seegers
Curiosity for a period that he himself had not experienced caused René Seegers to make a film about post-war Holland. After the liberation, the idea that everything had to...
Allo police
Manu Bonmariage
Allo Police is the third part of a trilogy the first two films of which were shown at the festival of Nyon. Du beurre surles Tartines shows the inside of a company,...
Ruth Leitman
The relationship between a mother and daughter is constrained by past traumas.
Alma, a Tale of Violence
Miquel Dewever-Plana, Isabelle Fougère
This interactive tablet documentary allows you to swipe back and forth between a no-frills presentation of the violent confessions of former gang...
Almost 18
Ingeborg Jansen
Rigel, Batanay and Giovanni are locked up in a youth detention center for violent robberies. What will change when they turn 18?
Almost Grown
Michiel Brongers
Twelve-year-old Justin is addicted to the magical, virtual world of PlayStation, but he should really be doing his homework and thinking about his future.
Almost Holy
Steve Hoover
The modern superhero Gennadiy Mokhnenko takes the law into his own hands to save homeless child addicts in Mariupol, Ukraine.
Almost Like in My Dreams
Frédéric Guillaume
A film diary by Frédéric Guillaume about a loving young family and the heartrending breakup that follows. Daughter Juliette frolics merrily among the shards of the...
Almost Married
Fatma Bucak
Fatma left Turkey for Italy when she was 20 years old, escaping her authoritarian father. Now she is returning to Istanbul to announce her intention to marry.
Almost Real Life
Rosemarie Blank
The mentally disabled actors of the Berlin-based theatre company RAMBA ZAMBA on stage and behind the scenes of their modern productions.
Almost There
Jacqueline Zünd
A moving portrait of three men in the autumn of their lives, all of whom are searching for meaning and dignity.
Wang Bing
A poignant portrait of three Chinese sisters aged four, six and ten, who live in the mountains without parents.
Alone in the World
Denise Janzée
What price did the children of three famous Dutch artists of the 1960s pay for their parents' drive for fulfillment?
Erwin Wagenhofer
Should you sit in class with your arms folded or paint whatever you like? An indictment of competitive education and an ode to the individual imagination.
Alphabet of Hope
Stephan Komandarev
Survival in the 'dead zone', an abandoned area along the Bulgarian border, where children travel one hundred kilometres to the nearest school.
Als die Mauer fiel - 50 Stunden die die Welt veranderten
Hans-Herman Hertle, Gunther Scholz
The events that led to the collapse of the Berlin Wall, reconstructed from hour to hour.
Alter Senator
Willehad Eilers
A week in the life of a non-stop drinker – through his alcohol-addled eyes, dreary gray reality is transformed into a wonderland filled with gorgeous women.
Always Together
Eva Tomanova
The ideal life of a self-sufficient family in the Czech countryside is subtly dissected by the filmmaker, who has some reservations about the choices of the parents.
Am I Dreaming of Others, or Are Others Dreaming of Me?
Shigeo Arikawa
This surreal dream simulation is simultaneously familiar and discomfiting as it lets go of the linear time frame and sidelines language.
Am Rand der Städte
Aysun Bademsoy
From interviews with Turks that made a fortune in Germany and returned to their native country, it is clear that emigration is a heavy burden on their families.
Am siel
Peter Nestler, Kurt Ulrich
The sound-track of this film consists of a monologue by Robert Wolfgang Schnell. His voice speaks on behalf of the landscape. Words uttered by a channel are...
Amadeu, Amadeu!
Karin Junger
On a Friday night in 1990, an Angolan contract worker who is working in a small town in the former GDR loses his life after a group of young Germans have rounded him up. Only...
Amandla! A Revolution in Four Part Harmony
Lee Hirsch
The history of the struggle against apartheid and the role that music played in this process.
Amateurs in Space
Max Kestner
A boys’ adventure tale come true for two Danish friends who dream of building a rocket for the first amateur manned flight into space.
Clare Weiskopf
Clare was 11 years old when her mother swapped family life for seclusion in the jungle. 30 years later, she decides to confront her mother with the choices she made.
The Ambassador & Me
Jan Czarlewski
Jan Czarlewski films his father, a national hero and diplomat, in order to recoup some of the attention he missed out on due to the man's busy life.
The Ambassador
Mads Brügger
Filmed almost entirely with a hidden camera, this instruction manual for African diplomacy has its filmmaker playing the role of guide in bribery, corruption, the diamond...
Mohamed Jabaly
A raw and personal report from war-torn Gaza in 2014, most of it filmed on nail-biting ambulance rides, racing around to save lives.
L'America a Roma
Gianfranco Pannone
Journey to the golden years of the spaghetti western. Filmmaker visits the film studios and speaks with the stars of yesteryear.
America: Freedom to Fascism
Aaron Russo
The search for the legal foundation of income tax reveals combined action by government and high finance that robs American citizens of their freedom.
American Arab
Usama Alshaibi
Just what is an American Arab? This is a personal film about identity, nationality and racism – and the right to be complicated.
American Casino
Leslie Cockburn
As Washington pours trillions into bailing out Wall Street and everybody's broke, American Casino explains what happened and why.
American Coup
Joe Ayella
A reconstruction of the political coup staged by the CIA in 1953 to remove Iran's first democratically elected government.
American Dream
Barbara Kopple
American Dream is set in the mid-eighties in the industrial town of Austin, Minnesota. A town where the employees of Hormel - like most Americans - believe that their work...
The American Epic Sessions
Bernard MacMahon
Contemporary artists use recently restored, authentic 1920s recording equipment to record new versions of songs from that period – with exciting results.
American Epic: The Big Bang
Bernard MacMahon
This exciting documentary illustrates the birth of American popular music in the 1920s, focusing on the Carter Family and the Memphis Jug Band in particular.
American Eunuchs
Gian Claudio Guiducci, Franco Sacchi
Investigation of the motives of men who choose castration and a revealing portrayal of the eunuch community in America.
American Gypsy: A Stranger in Everybody's Land
Jasmine Dellal
History of the Roma in the United States on the basis of the story of human rights activist Jimmy Marks.
American Hollow
Rory Kennedy
The history of an Appalachian family on the border between tradition and modernity.
American Movie
Chris Smith
A tragicomic cult classic about the indestructible American dream of a young man with drinking and money problems who wants to make his horror film debut.
American Radical: The Trials of Norman Finkelstein
David Ridgen, Nicolas Rossier
American Radical is the probing, definitive documentary about American academic Norman Finkelstein.
The American Ruling Class
John Kirby
A search for an American ruling class, if one indeed exists, and its mores.
American Vagabond
Susanna Helke
James is 18 and gay, and his parents have rejected him. He moves to San Francisco, the "gayest city in the world," but ends up on the street.
De Amerikaan die ik nooit geweest ben
Chris Keulemans
A multimedia project about the creation of the image of America via pop culture.
Amerikan Passport
Reed Paget
A young American made an alternative journey around the world and gives ironical comments on his experiences.
Third World Newsreel
This film is about the anti-Vietnam demonstration in Washington D.C. in November 1969. AMERIKKKA focusses on the escalation of the protest movement. Interviews with...
L'ami hollandais, Jef Last & André Gide
Pieter Jan Smit
The friendship between writers Jef Last and André Gide in revolutionary days.
Among Horses and Men
Marjoleine Boonstra
American convicts in the final phase of lengthy prison sentences. Before returning to society, they must train wild horses.
Among the Believers
Mohammed Ali Naqvi, Hemal Trivedi
A unique, disturbing glance inside the Red Mosque movement, a network of schools in Pakistan that promotes radical Islam.!
Jack Janssen
The inhabitants of the desertlike Andes in North Chile have the custom of erecting an altar on the spot where someone has unexpectedly died. AMOR...NO! interweaves that...
L'amour existe
Maurice Pialat
L'Amour fou - Ludvík sváb
Martina Kudlácek
Ludvík Sváb, born in Prague, calls himself an amateur. His confession is surrealism. His profession is psychiatrist. His dedication is jazz. His passion is film. His love...
Les amoureux de Dieu
Dan Alexe
In Macedonia, two sheiks contend for the right to pierce themselves during a Sufi ceremony.
Raymond Depardon
Depardon's photographs of deserted streets and interiors in Paris pass by from right to left.
Amphibious (Login-Logout)
Jennifer Allora, Guillermo Calzadilla
A group of turtles rides atop a log as it drifts slowly along the fast amphibious network of import and export activities on the Pearl River in...
Amsterdam Global Village
Johan van der Keuken
"I am far away on a distant journey through my own city", filmmaker Johan van der Keuken says at the end of his four-hour portrait of Amsterdam. The city is presented...
Amsterdam Reconstruction
Jérôme Schlomoff
A walk through the cultural ruins of the city of Amsterdam.
Amsterdam Stories USA
Rogier van Eck, Rob Rombout
Four-part, six-hour portrait of the United States and its history, as described by people living in American towns called Amsterdam.
Amsterdam, stad van het water
Max de Haas
A demonstration of mechanical beauty and grace in a ballet of cranes in the port of Amsterdam.
Ana Ana
Corinne van Egeraat, Petr Lom
Immediately following the 2011 revolution, four young Egyptian women share their experiences.
Anaphase, the Film
Levi Zini
Since 1990 choreographer Ohad Naharin is the artistic director of the Batsheva Dance Company, which resulted in a successful international tour with the play Anaphase. By...
Anatoly Rybakov: The Russian Story
Marina Goldovskaya
The Russian author Anatoly Rybakov, who died in 1998, tells his life story, from Stalin's political purges to the ideological decline in the wake of Perestroika.
The Anatomy of Evil
Ove Nyholm
A Danish film essay about human evil and the motivations of mass murderers in war situations. A number of executioners divulge their bloody tales.
And Along Came a Spider
Maziar Bahari
Director Maziar Bahari interviews the 39-year-old serial killer Saeed Hanaei, who murdered 16 prostitutes in the Iranian city of Mashad.
And Life Goes On
Abbas Kiarostami
Set in the aftermath of the 1991 earthquake in Iran, this road movie is a testament to perseverance and the will to survive.
And Miles to Go
Singh Sukdev
S. Sukhdev's AND MILES TO GO is representative of the angry protest oriented documentarists of the sixties and early seventies.
And There Was Evening and There Was Morning
Eytan Kapon,
In Genesis it is written: "Let us create human beings in our image, to our likeness". Mordechai Ardon, a Jewish Pole by birth, student of, among other things, the Bauhaus...
Anda Union - From the Steppes to the City
various directors
An emotionally touching road movie and a tribute to 10 young musicians and their modern interpretations of traditional Mongolian music.
Een andere kijk op zwakzinnigheid
Jan Vrijman
This documentary about an institution for mentally retarded people discusses the traditional attitude towards mental deficiency. The film does not in the first place regard...
Los Andes
Joaquín Cociña, Cristobal León
A restless primal spirit takes possession of an office: drawings appear on the walls and plant-like forms sprout from the computer
André Hazes - She Believes in Me
John Appel
A portrait of the Dutch singer André Hazes (1951-2004) at the height of his fame.
Andrew and Jeremy Get Married
Don Boyd
The relationship between two men who are joined in matrimony in London.
Andrew Jenks, Room 335
Andrew Jenks
A 19-year-old spends his summer vacation in a retirement home in Florida and finds out what growing old is all about.
An Angel in Doel
Tom Fassaert
An atmospheric black-and-white portrait of the last inhabitants of a Flemish village that has to give way to the growing harbors of Antwerp.
Angelique & Titia
Claudia Tellegen
A mother and her mentally handicapped daughter have to let go of each other, so that each can make a new start.
The Angelmakers
Astrid Bussink
A Hungarian village was the backdrop for a series of arsenic murders in 1929 as 51 women poisoned the men of the village. Nowadays, the village contends with another type...
Angelos' Film
Péter Forgács
Poignant recut of amateur films that were shot by a Greek naval officer during WWII.
Angels in the Dust
Louise Hogarth
The Cloete family runs an orphanage in South Africa. They take care of the AIDS-stricken community and offer them education.
Angola saudades de quem te ama
Richard Pakleppa
This portrait of a country under reconstruction and in disarray after three decades of civil war shows Angola in all its facets, from petrol-sniffing children to...
The Angry Eye
various directors
The American teacher Jane Elliott devotes her life to the fight against racism. For this purpose, she has developed an unusual method, which she has been putting into...
Charlotte Dumas
The muscular horses of the Arlington National Cemetery, the military cemetary near Washington, D.C., are filmed in their vulnerable moments of rest.
Animation: Private Snafu, Spies
Charles M. Jones
Spies, an episode from the Private Snafu cartoons, imagines what can happen when a blabbermouth unknowingly spills military secrets.
Anna Zeit Land
Christoph Hübner
In ANNA ZEIT LAND, the borderline between documentary and fiction has been completely eliminated. The film follows two women on their separate tours of Germany in the...
Anna: 6-18
Nikita Michalkov
ANNA: 6-18 is the first documentary by Russian author and director Nikita Mikhalkov, maker of feature films like OCI CIORNIE, URGA and recently SOLEIL TROMPEUR (BURNT BY...
Anna's Story
Nienke Eijsink
Anna is a teenager who copes with the loss of her mother by emulating pop idol Britney Spears, who does everything Anna wouldn't do herself.
Anne anders!
Leendert Pot
Anne is 27 years old. She is the youngest child of a large family. An outsider, because Anne is a Mongol. But Anne is also an outsider in another way. It seldom happens that...
Anne Frank Remembered
Rian Verhoeven
The diary of Anne Frank has sold more than 25 million copies. The house where she and her family stayed in hiding during WW II is now one of the biggest tourist draws in...
Les années déclic
Raymond Depardon, Roger Ikhlef
An autobiographical film in which Depardon uses his work to sketch his agrarian background and his development as a photographer and filmmaker.
Another Life
Alexandre Dereims
The filmmaker joins a perilous journey made by many young Africans across the Sahara into Libya. From here, they will cross to Italy.
Another Planet
Ferenc Moldoványi
The dream sequences of a Mexican girl reveal the horrors that children all over the world must contend with every day.
Another Road Home
Danae Elon
Israeli filmmaker confronts herself, her parents and her former Palestinian male babysitter with loads of questions concerning their shared motherland.
Axel Engstfeld
Antarctica, the only continent on our planet that has not yet been colonized. The last piece of land where nature has not been violated by human acitivities. This virginity...
Anthem, an American Road Story
Shainee Gabel, Kristin Hahn
In 1995 two 26-year-old women from Hollywood made so bold as to make a film about the modern-day American society. On the off-chance they wrote letters to a...
Anthrax War
Bob Coen
In this investigative documentary about the origins of the anthrax letters sent in 2001, journalist Bob Coen follows a trail of dead scientists.
Liv Weisberg
Socially committed portrait of three fighters against racism in Sweden.
Krzysztof Nazar
Curious portrait of the bon viveur and eccentric Antoine, who, draped in costumes from bygone ages and in a resolute voice, exaltedly contends that life is a stage and man...
Anton Corbijn Inside Out
Klaartje Quirijns
Over a period of four years, director Klaartje Quirijns fostered an intimate relationship with renowned photographer Anton Corbijn, resulting in this revealing...
Anton de Kom, wij slaven van Suriname
Frank Zichem
Portrait of Surinamese union leader and resistance fighter Anton de Kom.
Antonio + Silvana = 2
various directors
Antonio and Silvana were once a couple. Since 77-year-old Antonio moved into a rest home in Rome, 60-year-old Silvana has been loudly attempting to win him back.
Peter Van Goethem
In a poetic voice-over, a Russian man reflects on the moment he arrived as a young boy in Antwerp, together with thousands of other Russian immigrants.
Anuktatop: The Metamorphosis
Nicolas Pradal, Pierre Selvini
Dreamy docufiction showing how members of the Wayana tribe in French Guyana deal with the changing world around them.
Anya (Straight Stories - Part 2)
Bouchra Khalili
Images of a snow-covered wharf in Istanbul are accompanied by a young woman's voice telling of her escape from Iraq and her 12-year-long stopover in Turkey.
Anybody There..?
Eline Flipse
For the last 20 years, Wim Keyl and Jan Geyteman have been running a farm for troubled boys, using a tough and unorthodox approach.
Tim De Keersmaecker
With alienating camera angles and serene close-ups, Belgian documentarian Tim De Keersmaecker visualizes the mental condition of a man who has lost touch with...
Krzysztof Wojciechowski
Optimistic and inspiring introduction to the hows and whys of the success of body-building in Poland.
De appel-iep
Ed van der Elsken
In 1961 filmmaker Jan Vrijman made DE WERKELIJKHEID VAN KAREL APPEL, a portrait of Holland‘s most famous painter of the Cobra movement (1948-1951). Ed van der...
The Apple of Our Eyes
Ágota Varga
A portrait of a blind couple raising a small boy with hardly any help from the outside world.
April Diary
Ricardo Vazquez
Personal chronicle of the horrors of the Falkland War.
Samba Felix N'Diaye
The first film from a series called Le Trésor des Poubelles, in which N'Diaye shows people who make a living by reusing garbage. Every morning, Amadou goes to a pond...
Aquí se construye (o ya no existe el lugar donde naci)
Ignacio Agüero
Chilean biologist watches his childhood neighbourhood disappear as a result of demolition and development.
Arab Attraction
Andreas Horvath
An Austrian feminist experiences a radical about-face when she marries a Yemenite named Khadher and converts to Islam.
Julia De Simone, Aline Portugal
As the wind blows across northeastern Brazil, people talk about the changes here. Meanwhile, the landscape speaks its own language.
Arakajime usinawareta koibitotachi yo
Shimizu Kunio, Tahara Soichiro
Feature film in which a robber becomes obsessed with a deaf-and-dumb couple who are painted gold.
Travis Klose
A dazzling impression of the work and methods of the Japanese `pornographic' photographer Nobuyoshi Arakari.
Margot Benacerraf
One day in the life of three families in a region in Venezuela where sun and sea, salt-making, and fishing determine the lives of its inhabitants. This film belongs to...
The Arbor
Clio Barnard
An impressive reconstruction of the short life of British playwright Andrea Dunbar, performed by actors who lip synch the voices of people from Dunbar's circle.
Andrzej Brzozowski
A documentary film showing a most accusing form of archaeology. It tells a compact, sparse but impressive story about an excavation project by a team from the Institute...
Arches of Faith
K. Baum
The film ARCHES OF FAITH tells the story of the unveiling of the Voortrekker Monument which took place in December 1949, about a year and a half after the National Party took over...
Are You Listening!
Kamar Ahmad Simon
A gorgeously shot observational documentary in which a young Bengali family contemplates their future in a region plagued by cyclones and floods.
Arena: Bob Dylan's Legends - Rubin "Hurricane" Carter
Jane Price
Reconstruction of the life story of Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, who was convicted for a murder he did not commit.
Arena: Dylan in the Madhouse
Anthony Wall
Recollections of the BBC TV drama Madhouse on Castle Street from 1962, in which a very young Bob Dylan sang four of his songs.
Areum Parkkang
When blind dates lead nowhere, Areum decides to drastically change her appearance in this film about the merciless gaze of the outside world.
Aria ou les rumeurs de la Villa Médicis
Evelyne Clavaud
Historians call the moments when they can almost sense the past 'historical sensations'. A yellowed letter from days long gone, an old garment: suddenly the feeling can...
Laura Bari
When Ariel from Argentina loses both lower legs in an accident, he immediately decides that he will walk again – on self-made prosthetic legs.
Arif Hossein, Etv, Dhaka
Ole Tornbjerg
In weekly TV programme, thirteen-year-old working schoolboy from the slums raises issues like child labour and illiteracy in his native Bangladesh.
Aristide: and the Endless Revolution
Nicolas Rossier
Investigative documentary shows how and why the international community stood by and watched while the democratically elected president of Haiti, the poorest country in...
Ewa Borzecka
The bankruptcy of a Polish state farm has embittered the former workers.
Ark of Noah
P. Sjilipis
The film tells about the spiritual and physical condition of present-day Latvia.
Arlette - Courage Is a Muscle
Florian Hoffmann
Fifteen-year-old Arlette from the Central African Republic travels to Germany for medical treatment; culture shock and the advent of adulthood coincide.
Janus Metz
Embedded in Camp Armadillo in Afghanistan with young Danish soldiers, for whom war is an adrenalin kick.
Victor Nieuwenhuijs, Maartje Seyferth
Maartje Seyferth and Victor Nieuwenhuijs have made a very personal portrait of the Dutch artist Armando. Starting from his work, they show the...
Armando - Portrait of a Friend
Cherry Duyns
In a personal portrait, we hear the multitalented artist Armando (1929) speak and see him at work.
Max Linder
ARMENIA is a film that was made by accident. The makers were in Armenia for another film-assignment. They were invited by an Armenian family. This hilaric and awkward film of...
The Arms Drop
Andreas Koefoed
A tense reconstruction of a weapons drop above West Bengal, India in December 1995, involving a Britsish double agent and a Danish idealist.
The Armstrong Lie
Alex Gibney
Lance Armstrong was stripped of his seven Tour victories, and his years of lying and intimidation will continue to haunt him. An exhaustive reconstruction.
Army of One
Sarah Goodman
Three lost youths turn to the as a quick fix to their life problems, but their issues only become magnified within the military.
Arna's Children
Danniel Danniel, Juliano Mer Khamis
Arna set up a children's theatre in Jenin, years later her son Juliano goes back to find the children.
Around the World in 50 Concerts
Heddy Honigmann
Documentarian Heddy Honigmann toured the world with the prestigious Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, speaking to music lovers about the role of music in their lives.
Art and Craft
Sam Cullman, Jennifer Grausman
A fascinating portrait of a schizophrenic who got away with donating forged artworks to museums for 30 years.
Art of Demolition
Maziar Bahari
A group of artists turn a building in Teheran that is due for demolition into an art gallery.
The Art of Dying
Pieter Moleveld
"There is an art of dying, and death is not something that happens tomorrow; when death comes it is always today." A man and horse who have had a fatal accident set off...
The Art of Flight
Davin Anders Hutchins
Personally flavoured journey to Sudan leads to investigation of refugees who are oppressed in Egypt. Where does the journalist end and the human being begin?
The Art of Observing Life
Marina Goldovskaya
In this film and master class, pioneers of American documentary making discuss the realization of milestones in the genre's history.
Artek - Het ideale vakantiekamp
Walter Stokman
Former Soviet prestige camp for young communists in the Ukraine has to adapt itself to the modern age.
Sergei Loznitsa
Daily life in a small fishing village on the White Sea, captured in an exceptionally stylised manner.
Article 61
Mahvash Sheikholeslami
Candid stories by women in the Evin Prison in Teheran who killed their husbands in self-defence and are sentenced to death for it.
Artie Shaw: Time is All You've Got
Brigitte Berman
A portrait of the chequered life and career of the popular and controversial jazz clarinettist and big band leader Artie Shaw, who was 74 at the time of shooting. When he...
L'artisanat et son pays
Kollo Sanou
Programme overview: The 'Cinémathèque Africaine de Ouagadougou" (African Film Library of Ouagadougou) is happy to present a programme this year at the International...
The Arts of Autobiography: Redux 1
Dana Inkster
An experimental short video based on a documentary about an adopted child who wonders who she is.
Aruhi no higata
Kenji Shimomura
It took 2 years to complete locationing on the dry beaches of Gyotoku in Chiba and Ariake bay in Kyushu. The film captures the diversity of life on the dry beach from...
As If We Were Catching a Cobra
Hala Alabdalla
A documentary about freedom of expression for political cartoonists in Syria and Egypt suddenly becomes highly topical when the Arab Spring takes place during filming.
As Long as You Are Not Reminded Too Often
Feiko Beckers
A red dinner table turns from round to square to triangular in this short artistic film about battling loneliness.
As the Palaces Burn
Don Argott
This portrait of heavy metal band Lamb of God takes a bizarre turn when singer Randy Blythe gets indicted on manslaughter charges.
As Time Goes By in Shanghai
Uli Gaulke
A passion for music has protected the oldest jazz band in the world from the ravages of time, but it has also left its mark on them.
Asbest, the Silent Killer
Barbara den Uyl
As early as the sixties international scientists declared that asbestos was a carcinogenic substance. Not only the people who are directly exposed to this substance, but...
Ash, World Wide Suicide
Walter Stokman
Interviews with people who discuss suicide on Internet newsgroup, or Ash.
Idrissa Guiro, Mélanie Pavy
Following the death of her mother Kyoko in Paris, Akiko returns her ashes to the land of her birth, in line with Japanese tradition.
Köken Ergun
Shiite Muslim boys take part in a commemoration of Hussein, Mohammed’s grandson. They understand the tradition’s gravity, but they are too young to stay serious the whole...
Mohammad Ali Hashemzehi
In de gortdroge woestijn van Beloetsjistan, waar alleen de wind het gebrul van de dromedarissen overstemt, ontrafelt hoeder Kannar zijn haat-liefdeverhouding met...
Clarissa Campolina
By looking in a different way at everyday places, director Clarissa Campolina gets to know another side to her home city of Belo Horizonte in Brazil.
Paolo Poloni
Personal account by the Swiss filmmaker Poloni of his search for his Italian father's past. The direct occasion was a photograph of six men hanging from the gallows, neatly...
The Asmat
Yasuko Ichioka, Dea Sudarman
The south coast of the western part of Irian Jaya, inhabited by the Asmat, is one of the most isolated places in the world. The area is bounded by two rivers...
Frederick Wiseman
The American town of Aspen is a traditional Western town with a colourful history. In the 19th century it attracted speculators who hoped to strike it rich in the...
Oscar Raby
An award-winning virtual reality documentary about a tragic memory of 1973 Chile.
Jenny Perlin
An attractive black-and-white portrait of a chockfull neighbourhood supermarket in Brooklyn during the celebration of Independence Day.
Anneloor van Heemstra
Ten-year-old Joost suffers from ADHD, making it difficult for him to concentrate. He keeps his disorder secret from his classmates for a very long time.
Anat Even, Ada Ushpiz
In the centre of Hebron, three Palestinian widows and their eleven children live in absurd conditions. Since 1997, their house has been located exactly on the...
At 60 Km/h
Facundo Marguery
Together with his two sons and a camera, Mario Sabah toured the world in a Citroën Méhari at a max speed of 60 kilometers (37 miles) per hour.
At Berkeley
Frederick Wiseman
An extensive portrait of the prestigious University of California, Berkeley as it strives to provide independent, high-quality public education in the face of financial...
At Home in the World
Andreas Koefoed
At a Danish Red Cross school, young refugees are being prepared for regular education. Among them is an introverted Chechnyan named Magomed.
At the Death House Door
Peter Gilbert, Steve James
A portrait of a retired chaplain who stood by almost 100 death row inmates during their final moments, from 1982 to 1995.
Moein Karimoddini
A portrait of a horse trainer from Turkmenistan, who is desperately trying to prepare his favorite – but unmanageable – horse for important races.
Atlas of Pentecostalism
Bregtje van der Haak, Richard Vijgen
This dynamic interactive database charts the astonishing rise of the Pentecostal movement. At 35,000 new converts every day, it’s the fastest growing...
Pirjo Honkasalo
The pilgrimage of two Indian brothers to the source of the Ganges serves as a powerful portrait of religious India.
Atomic Café
various directors
Satirical documentary about the American government’s attempts to influence public opinion in favour of nuclear weapons in the 1950’s.
Atomic: Living in Dread and Promise
Mark Cousins
Impressions of our atomic age: Cold War saber-rattling, Chernobyl, Fukushima, but also the sublime beauty of the atomic world.
Atviri vartai
Kestutis Vaichvyla
Atviri Vartai deals with patients in the clinics of Lavénai in Lithuania. They are poor, they suffer a hard existence, but they still sing and have their dreams. They...
Au carrefour de la vie
Henri Storck
This film about juvenile delinquency was made under the authority of the United Nations, and was realized on close deliberation with representatives of this organization...
Danis Tanovic
A clock is ticking. A man is sitting in a chair. Both his arms have been amputated below the elbow and he is blind: the result of a shell burst in Bosnian Gorazde. "I'm...
Eli Lotar
In the suburbs of Paris, on the banks of the St. Denis canal, families live in pitiful conditions. Polluted air and water determine the social climate of this district, where...
The Audit of War
Georgina Pye
For the Western armed forces, Operation Desert Storm was an almost bloodless victory. There were only a few casualties and the better part of the 70 billion dollars that the...
The Audition
Susan Froemke
Getting the best out of yourself: that's what it's all about in this documentary about the finalists in an opera competition organized by the Metropolitan Opera of New...
Auf der Kippe
Andrei Schwartz
The Rumanian-German filmmaker Andrei Schwartz found the occasion for this film in his early youth, when he was still living in Bucharest, close to a Roma settlement that...
Auf der suche nach Albert Richter - Radrennfahrer
Tillmann Scholl, Raimond Weber
In the years before World War II, Albert Richter was one of the highliest respected cyclists in Germany and abroad. In 1933, he became the amateur world...
Aus grauer städte mauern
Thomas Tielsch
Germany's Ruhr Basin is immediately associated with coal and steel (Krupp). In the past, thousands came from far and wide to mine coal and produce steel. In their 'gold...
Stan Neumann
The intimate relationship between book and filmmaker becomes tangible in this largely fictionalized vision on the eponymous novel by W. G. Sebald.
Sergei Loznitsa
Sergei Loznitsa observes the torrents of tourists flooding though a concentration camp. Has the commemoration of the Holocaust become a spectacle?
Austin to Boston
James Marcus Haney
In this high-spirited musical road movie, four well-known bands - including The Staves and Ben Howard - tour the United States in vintage VW campers.
Autour de la mort d'un cochon
Every day thousands of pigs are slaughtered and many pounds of meat are consumed. In the supermarket the consumers inspect the pink meat that has been carefully wrapped in cellophane, they press it...
Autumn Gold
Jan Tenhaven
Five elderly European athletes prepare for a competition in Finland. Although they are all rather long in the tooth, they all want to win a gold medal.
Aux frontières
Danielle Arbid
Road movie follows the borders of the elusive, hated and coveted country of Palestine/Israel.
Helmer Lerski
Helmer Lerski's enthusiastically Zionist film is an important stepping-stone in the Israeli or Zionist cinema, recalling the national pathos of the 30's. Avoda was for many...
Avonturen op het land
Ed van der Elsken
The square kilometre of polder land surrounding the farm of the Van der Elsken family is the setting for ONCE UPON A TIME. After their Memisa project, the filmmaker and...
Awake in a Bad Dream
Peter Lataster, Petra Lataster-Czisch
Three women’s lives are turned upside down as they struggle with the physical and emotional aftermath of a breast cancer diagnosis.
Awful Normal
Celesta Davis
Woman confronts the man who sexually abused her as a child.
The Awful Truth
Michael Moore
Political and social items, sprinkled with a satirical sauce, in episodes of Michael Moore’s humorous TV series that will be screened continuously.
Awkward Family Photos
Mike Bender, Doug Chernack
Visitors share their awkward family photos with one another and the world: clumsy photos of gawky people in embarrassing situations.
Ayautla (fragment)
José Rovirosa M.
Named after a little Indian Hamlet in the southern state of Oaxaca this ethnographical documentary deals with the voluntary work, called "TEQUIO" which is used by the...
Ayla, het Tsunami Meisje
Wilma Ligthart
The Dutch girl Ayla and her family were staying in a hotel in Sri Lanka when the tsunami of 2004 hit the coast.
Az örveny
Main character of AZ ÖRVÉNY is cameraman György Petö. His private films shot before and during World War II document his family, and particularly his girlfriend and later wife Eva Lengyel. With...
Az út
Together with a flood of Chinese immigrants, the 60-year-old Chinese Liu Zhixian has emigrated to Hungary in 1990. Like those tens of thousands other Chinese, he hoped for a better life there. In...
Roland Legiardi-Laura
In 1988 it was exactly one hundred years ago that the Nicaraguan writer Ruben Dario published his first work. Azul was the first publication of modern poetry in the...
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