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B comme béjart
Marcel Schüpbach
A walk through the creative labyrinth of Swiss choreographer Maurice Béjart (75) during the preparations for a new ballet called Lumière (Light).
Bab al Jemen - Een poort van Jemen
Walther Grotenhuis
Less than thirty years ago the Islamic country of Yemen was almost completely cut off from the world. It had only one telephone and the gates of the capital Sana'a were...
Baba Luba
Julie Shles
Dani Bassin is a popular singer in Israel. Baba luba follows him on his journey back to Brazil, his native country, 36 years after his father left him and his mother there....
Babilônia 2000
Eduardo Coutinho
On the day of the turn of the millennium, five film crews ask the inhabitants of Chapéu Mangueira and Babilônia, two favelas opposite Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro,...
Baby I Will Make You Sweat
Birgit Hein
Since 1966 Birgit Hein collaborated with Wilhelm Hein in making several films, performances and installations. She was also one of the founders of XSCREEN in Cologne, an...
Baby, It's You
Filmmaker Anne Makepeace and her husband cannot have children, which is why they are consulting a fertility clinic, as is extensively shown in BABY, IT‘S YOU. But Makepeace also looks around...
The Baby
Deborah van Dam
A heartrending reconstruction of the time spent in hiding by Jewish baby Anneke Kohnke (b. 1940), who now lives in New York.
Babylon 2
Switzerland has known periods of emigration long before the country became a migratory destination for many people. But now that the first, second and third generations of...
Bachelorette, 34
Kara Herold
Director Kara Herold made an ironic collage of conversations with and phone messages from her mother, who is desperately looking for a husband for her 34-year-old daughter.
Il bacio di Tosca
Daniel Schmid
The first nursing home for retired opera singers in Milan is alive with music and past stars.
Back Home Tomorrow
Fabrizio Lazzaretti, Paolo Santolini
Two war refugees -- heart patient Yagoub in Sudan and the Afghani Murtaza, who lost his hand -- get help from the Italian aid organisation...
Back to Africa
Othmar Schmiderer
A classic coming-of-age story about five successful African artistes from the "Africa, Africa!" variety show and their projects in their home countries to inspire young...
The Back-Breaking Leaf
Terence Macartney Filgate
"Smokers say it's relaxing - but tobacco harvesters call it the back- breaking leaf". A poignant report about the workers who harvest the tobacco crop in...
Bad Boy High Security Cell
Janusz Mrozowski
The diary of a Polish bank robber in solitary confinement - without privacy, visitors, or even a window - struggling against insanity.
Bad Girls of Music
Hans Keller
A double portrait of the violin players Vera Beths (44) and Olga Rudge (96). The climax of the film is their encounter during a private concert in the North Italian Dolomites....
Bad Weather
Giovanni Giommi
The tiny island of Banishanta in Bangladesh serves exclusively as a brothel. The female inhabitants are fighting for their rights and their future on this island...
Ibtisam Mara'ana
A critical, unadorned and candid observation of badal, an Arab practise of arranged marriage in which two members of one family marry two members of another.
De badgast de baas
Hetty van Oordt
A portrait of the West Frisian Island of Terschelling that, despite the hundreds of thousands of tourists that overrun the island every year, tries to preserve its...
Baghdad Days
Heba Bassem
This film diary is the documentary debut of a film student from the Baghdad Art Academy, who tries to graduate in tough post-war conditions.
Baghdad On/Off
Salman Saad
Extraordinary road movie, set in the practically impenetrable country of Iraq, where the France-based filmmaker tries to visit his sick mother.
Baghdad Twist
Joe Balass
The director interviews his Jewish mother, who fled from Iraq to Canada in 1970, illustrated by old photographs and footage.
Bahnhof Brest
Gerd Kroske
Not only France and Bulgaria have cities called Brest, on the Russian-Polish border there is yet another city by that name, which history has not left undisturbed in the...
Bahrain: The Forbidden Country
Stéphanie Lamorré
Stephanie Lamorré shot rare clandestine footage of the 2011 uprisings in Bahrain, exploring the hidden side of the Arabic Spring.
Bahrtalo! Good Luck!
Róbert Lakatos
A hilarious road movie about two Transylvanians who try to make it big in Austria and Egypt.
Bajarí: Gypsy Barcelona
Eva Vila
Flamenco is an art form that is passed on in the genes. In Barcelona, talented descendants of Gitano gypsies keep the tradition alive.
Bajo el limpido azúl de tu cielo
Felipe Cordero, Hilda Hidalgo Xirinachs
Mysterious conceptions of motherhood in Costa Rica.
Bajo Juárez, the City Devouring Its Daughters
José Antonio Cordero, Alejandra Sánchez
A disturbing investigation into the hundreds of unsolved disappearances and murders of young women in recent years in the Mexican city of Juárez.
Andres Veiel
A few years ago, three actors from totally different cultural backgrounds made the five-hour-long, controversial stage play 'Arbeit macht frei', about their lives in Israel....
The Balanda and the Bark Canoes
various directors
Rolf de Heer's personal "making of" of Ten Canoes, his problem-plagued adaptation of an ancient Aboriginal myth.
Petar Lalovic
The dung beetle is capable of moving a load which is many times its own body weight. Balegari follows a beetle on a toilsome journey through water and along mounds and...
Balkan Melody
Stefan Schwietert
An intimate portrait of Marcel Cellier and his wife Catherine, who combed Eastern Europe in search of local music the West had never heard before.
Der Ball
Ulrich Seidl
Portrayal of the annual school ball in the Austrian town of Horn led to first film scandal involving Seidl.
The Ballad of Lucky Fonz III
David Kleijwegt
Modern-day troubadour and singer-songwriter Otto Wichers talks about his career as Lucky Fonz III, intercut with his comically melancholic performances.
Ballade vom Kleinen Soldaten
Werner Herzog, Denis Reichle
Interviews with ten to twelve-year-old Indian guerrillas in Nicaragua.
Frederick Wiseman
Ballet is Wiseman's twenty﷓seventh documentary since he started filming twenty﷓eight years ago. The film is a portrait of the American Ballet Theatre in vintage Wiseman...
Ballet Boys
Kenneth Elvebakk
Three Norwegian teenage boys dream of careers as professional ballet dancers. How do these young talents prepare for such an exceptional future?
A Balloon for Allah
Nefise Özkal Lorentzen
Tijdens fantasievolle zoektocht naar een antwoord hoe de rol van de vrouw in moslimculturen te verbeteren, ontmoet Noors-Turkse filmmaker voorvechters voor een...
Ballot Measure 9
Heather MacDonald
In 1992 a referendum was held in the American state of Oregon on the question whether discriminating stipulations with regard to gay people should be included in the...
Ballroom Dancer
Christian Bonke, Andreas Koefoed
The 33-year-old former world champion Slavik wants to make a comeback as the king of Latin American dance, together with his partner in dance and love.
Mirjam Kubescha
Tough prisoners reveal themselves as actors in one of the best guarded prisons of Italy, where Brecht's Dreigroschenoper is staged.
Carles Bosch, Josep M. Domènech
The story of a number of Cubans, who fled to the United States on a raft in 1994.
Bambara Blues
Jacqueline van Vugt
A respected woman from Mali uses the song tradition of the griots to educate the population of a mining community on HIV/AIDS.
Fredrik Gertten
The world's biggest fruit company is on trial in the USA ... for poisoning their workers!! A "David against Goliath" War in every way ...
A Band Called Death
Mark Covino, Jeff Howlett
In this unparalleled family saga, the Hackney brothers were already playing down-and-dirty punk rock in the early 1970s, long before the genre was invented.
The Band
David Zeiger
Filmmaker follows his teenage son and his school band friends for one year.
Banking Nature
Denis Delestrac, Sandrine Feydel
Nature is increasingly being subjected to free market forces. Does this represent an opportunity or just increase the threat?
A Bar at the Victoria Station
Leszek Dawid
Two desperate Poles try to find employment in London.
The Barbarians
Jean-Gabriel Périot
In this moving film, Jean-Gabriel Périot searches for the true identity of people who fight one another on the street with clubs and Molotov cocktails.
Barbaric Land
Yervant Gianikian, Angela Ricci-Lucchi
A hallucinatory trip through archives of material from the Italian imperialist period of the 1920s and 1930s. This journey into history helps us...
Mervi Junkkonen
Two very old barbers manage to ignore each other for decades in a tiny hairdresser's salon in Porto.
Ole Askman
Harry Hviid Jensen owns a small barbershop on a busy street in Copenhagen. A few yards from his shop the traffic thunders past and the modern world rules, but the barber,...
Philippe Archontakis, Pascal Brouard
A cinematic story machine that tells you who you are, based on the material possessions you hold dear.
Baria et le grand mariage
Manu Bonmariage
Baria is a young girl who was born and raised in Marseille, in the south of France. She attends school there and has some friends, with whom she goes shopping and dancing....
Barikadu vaikai
Vysautas Damasevicius
A film-dialogue recalling the tragedy of 13th January, 1991: the naturalization of Lithuanian children. About the purport of deeds and sacrifices.
Shuo-Yi Chen
Private eyes in Taipei are mostly concerned with cashing debts for creditors and hanging around the office.
Thomas Heise
Former Stasi spy and his wife and two children try to come to grips with their new lives in Paris.
The Barrel
Anabel Rodríguez Ríos
Luis David lives in Congo Mirador, literally in Lake Maracaibo – the biggest oil field in Venezuela. He is looking for an oil drum to race in.
Barre's Silence
Mehrdad Ahmadpour, Morvarid Peyda
Inhabitants of a remote Iranian village speculate and argue about the performance of their local pride and joy, Barre the fighting bull.
Based on a True Story
Walter Stokman
The true story of the man who robbed a bank in 1972, which was later made into the movie DOG DAY AFTERNOON by Sidney Lumet.
The Basement (loop version)
Erik van Lieshout
This fast-paced short film captures Van Lieshout’s hilarious attempts to make art useful for humans and animals alike in the basement of the Hermitage in Saint...
Vadim Jendreyko
For two years, Vadim Jendreyko followed the Albanian Thai kick-boxer Bashkim, who has been living in Winterthur, a small village in Switzerland, for a few years. In Thai...
Basic Training
Frederick Wiseman
In 1970, once public opinion had turned against the American presence in Vietnam, Frederick Wiseman filmed the basic training of recruits at Fort Knox.
Basically, Johnny Moped
Fred Burns
A nostalgic portrait of the peculiar London-based punk band Johnny Moped, consigned to oblivion following initial success in the 1970s.
A Bastard Child
Knutte Wester
In an exceptional mix of animation and archive footage, artist Knutte Wester tells the story of his grandmother, who grew up with the stigma of being illegitimate.
Rudolf van den Berg
Paul de Wit is a history teacher and is suffering from an identity crisis. In spite of the fact that he has a good job and an exemplary family, he is at loggerheads...
La bataille des dix millions
Chris Marker
In 1970 Fidel Castro exhorted the Cuban population to double the sugar production, in order to put a stopto the catastrophic economic decline.This film contains images of...
Batas militar
Analysis of the oppression of the Philippines by dictator Ferdinand Marcos.
Le bateau d'exil
Joselyne Saab
Le bateau d'exil reports the voyage of PLO members and their leader Arafat in 1982 to Greece, where they received a warm welcome from the Greek regime.
Eva Stefani
With their sumptuous mud baths and steaming warm water springs, the Greek spas not only offer relief to stiff, elderly limbs, but also ample opportunity for chatting, gossip,...
Bathing Micky
Frida Kempff
In between images of her daily trip to the sea, a spry old Danish woman reflects on her life.
Battle for Haditha
Nick Broomfield
A reconstruction of the bloodbath that American soldiers caused on 19 November 2005 in the Iraqi village of Haditha, after a roadside bomb killed one of them.
The Battle of Midway
John Ford
The sea battles in the Pacific appealed most to the imagination and The Battle of Midway shows how a Japanese landing fleet is destroyed by the Americans.
The Battle of San Pietro
John Huston
Documentary chronicling the liberation of Italy during the Second World War.
The Battle of the Java Sea
Niek Koppen
An intriguing investigation into the confrontation between Japanese and Allied naval forces in 1942, during which the old and the new age came to blows.
The Battle of the Jazz Guitarist
Mark Columbus
The filmmaker's inner monologue brings new meaning to this homage to his father's painful musical struggle.
The Battle over Citizen Kane
Michael Epstein, Thomas Lennon
The story behind the making of one of the most famous feature films ever made and the men who tried to make and break the film.
Isabelle Tollenaere
An exhaustive film essay on how war, violence and military campaigns leave their legacy in the landscape and the people who live there.
Bayou Blue
Alix Lambert, David McMahon
Between 1997 and 2006, 23 men were murdered in an area of southeastern Louisiana. Why wasn't the perpetrator found more quickly?
Be - skitne, syndige meg
Jan Dalchow, Trond Winterkjær
Inquiry into the background of the suicide of Norwegian Bjørn Erik, a homosexual Christian.
The Beaches of Agnès
Agnès Varda
An autobiographical magic carpet ride of images, memories, film clips, stories and scenes from one of cinema’s great masters, Agnès Varda.
Beachy Head
Roel van Broekhoven
The beautiful 400 ft-tall chalk cliff Beachy Head on the British south coast is not only a popular tourist spot, but also a favourite suicide location.
Bear 71
Leanne Allison, Jeremy Mendes
Wildlife in Banff National Park from the perspective of a grizzly bear and that of the park rangers watching her 24 hours a day.
Bear 71 VR
A seminal piece in the history of interactive documentary, reimagined and re-released as a VR piece for the 10-year anniversary of IDFA DocLab. On-site reservation required
The Beast Is Still Alive
Vesela Kazakova, Mina Mileva
In a fictional dialogue with her dead grandfather, a young woman takes a critical look at communist ideology.
Beats of the Antonov
Hajooj Kuka
Traditional music gains new meaning in the Sudanese war: it keeps the people alive, literally and figuratively.
Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest
Michael Rapaport
A fascinating look into the internal dynamics of A Tribe Called Quest, one of the most influential bands in hip hop history.
Beauties of the Night
Maria José Cuevas
These older Mexican showgirls had their heyday in the 1970s, but they are still celebrating their love of beauty – and the spotlight.
Beautiful Frenzy
Christina Hallström, Mandra Ursulov Wabäck
The Dutch band The Ex has been around for more than twenty years. All this time, nothing much has changed. Only their music is constantly...
The Beautiful Language
Mounir Fatmi
Truffaut's L'enfant sauvage (1970) transformed into a highly relevant reflection on authoritarian colonial systems. Civilization produces its own barbarians.
Johan van der Keuken
BEAUTY, the plan of which was already written one year after HERMAN SLOBBE/BLIND CHILD 2, but which I did not finish until 1970, represents the remotest corner of my...
The Beauty Academy of Kabul
Liz Mermin
Idealistic beauticians from the U.S. travel to Kabul to teach Afghan women the hippest haircutting, colouring and curling techniques.
Beauty of the Fatherland
Jaak Kilmi, Andres Maimik
A super-akela and a fashion model from Estonia squeeze their directionless compatriots in a Blut und Boden straitjacket and an American glamour & glitter...
Beauty Refugee
Claudia Lisboa
My family is into plastic surgery and my brother is their surgeon.Having grown up as a 'work-in-progress',as an adult I had to ask my family:could that premise be...
Beauty Will Save the World
Pietra Brettkelly
Tragic and revealing account of the first Miss Net World beauty contest in Lybia.
Because We Are Visual
Gerard-Jan Claes, Olivia Rochette
A collage of webcams, video blogs and YouTube films reveals that even in the Internet age, things still revolve around love, attention and human...
Becoming Zlatan
Fredrik Gertten, Magnus Gertten
A powerful portrait of the young Zlatan Ibrahimović, on the brink of a glorious soccer career in 1999.
The Bed Is Broken
Raluca Racean Gorgos
Two Romanian boys roam around an abandoned building, looking for metal to sell to the scrap dealer.
Johan van der Keuken
Fragmentary portrait of the multifunctional meeting place De Melkweg.
Johan van der Keuken
Fourteen years later I made ICONOCLASM/A STORM OF IMAGES. Amsterdam's De Melkweg (The Milky Way) is a 1960's-type counterculture centre, set up in what was once a...
Kyung-man Kim
A collage of anti-communist propaganda images from South Korea illustrates the nation’s collective fear of its northern neighbor; the roles appear to be reversed.
Beer is Cheaper than Therapy
Simone de Vries
This film looks for an answer to the question of why the number of suicides among young American veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is so frighteningly high.
Beethoven's Hair
Larry Weinstein
The long journey of one of Beethoven's locks of hair is reconstructed and the enigma of his tormented life disentangled.
Before Flying Back to the Earth
Arunas Matelis
An unsentimental portrait of children in a leukaemia ward in Vilnius that deals with the vitality of life and death.
Before My Eyes
Mani Kaul
Mani Kaul's BEFORE MY EYES is a mesmerising 'filmscape' on the Kashmir valley
Before the Flood II
Yu Yan
The residents of a 1,700-year-old Chinese village are dumbfounded when they learn that the construction of a reservoir will put their homes underwater.
Before the Last Curtain Falls
Thomas Wallner
A group of drag queens and trans cabaret artists bid farewell after a world tour and return to their everyday lives, where their search for love and happiness continues.
Before You Go: A Daughter's Diary
Nicole Betancourt
Personal documentary by Nicole Betancourt about her father, who died as a result of Aids in 1993. When Nicole grew up there were always cameras around her. When she was...
Befreier und Befreite
Helke Sander
The first part of the film concentrates on what women have to say. After 46 years of silence they talk for the first time publicly about their violent experiences that have...
Beginning Filmmaking
Jay Rosenblatt
A father gives his daughter a video camera on her fourth birthday and over the course of a year records her progress as a filmmaker is documented.
Maria Ramos
A sorrowful portrait of the Brazilian youth judicial system, and of the absolute bottom of Brazilian society.
Behind Bars: Jacqueline
Frans Bromet
Jacqueline has been sentenced to eight years in prison for being an accessory to her husband's murder. She describes the day of the murder in detail.
Behind that Snowy Hill
Ramtin Lavafipour
This curious murder mystery revolves around an old woman who wanders about in a deserted village. She is waiting for the return of her son who supposedly is a...
Behind the Rent Strike
Nick Broomfield
Broomfield mingles with the residents of the underprivileged district of Kirby in Liverpool and, without sparing himself, sketches the widening gap between politics,...
Behind the Screen
Aung Nwai Htway
The heartrending scenes that two Burmese film icons acted out onscreen in the 1960s are eerily reminiscent of their real lives.
Behinderte Zukunft
Werner Herzog
Examination of social circumstances and living conditions of mentally disabled children in Germany.
Beijing 2008
Lei Jianjun
2008 turns out to be a special year not only for the city of Beijing, where the Olympic Games are being held, but also for a resident of the city named Ji.
Beijing de feng hen da
Ju An Qi
Camera crew asks passers-by in Beijing the nonsensical question, ‘Do you think Beijing’s wind is strong?’
Being San
Michal Duffett
‘You have to know the ways of an animal before you can eat it.’ This is the philosophy on which the San Bushmen’s way of life is based. In only a few places in the Kalahari...
Beirut, the Last Home Movie
Jennifer Fox
Jennifer Fox's documentary debut about one of the seven original aristocratic Lebanese families that live in a 200-year old palace in one of the most bombed out Christian...
Bela Bela - What Keeps Mankind Alive
Marjoleine Boonstra
Under the toughest of living conditions, four poets have had to employ their imaginations in order to survive.
Belfast, Maine
Frederick Wiseman
A month in the life of residents of an average American city, in Wiseman's distinctive style: detached yet intensely interested all at once.
Belgrad Backspin
Anne Misselwitz, Moritz Siebert
What do you do if you are a Roma youngster and are suddenly deported from Germany to Serbia? Go break dancing, of course!
Belgrade Calling
Kirsi Nevanti
Four years ago, there were still quite a lot of 'Eskimos' living in Belgrade, people who did not want to be separated by national names and therefore refused to call...
The Belgrade Phantom
Jovan Todorovic
While Yugoslavia was still under Tito's control, a mysterious young man defied the authorities by taking stolen cars on wild joyrides around nocturnal Belgrade.
Vuk Janic
Passengers on the train from the Serbian capital Belgrade to the Montenegrin coastal town Bar.
Bellaria - So lange wir leben!
Douglas Wolfsperger
Prepossessing elderly people in Vienna use old UFA films to stop the time.
Het beloofde land
John Appel
Is society as a whole responsible when someone passes away unnoticed?
The Belovs
Victor Kossakovsky
This portrait of Russian village life is at once tender and harsh.
Below Sea Level
Gianfranco Rosi
About 200 miles southeast of Los Angeles and 20 feet below sea level, a commune of outcasts lives in the middle of the desert.
Benjis Afrikanske eventyr
Vibeke Muasya
Benji has two grandmothers. One does her shopping at the super market, the other has to walk 2.5 miles across the mountains to get to the nearest well.
Bente's Voice
Marijn Frank
11-year-old singer competes on The Voice Kids and suddenly becomes very popular. But is singing under pressure really all that much fun?
Johan van der Keuken
The Amsterdam street urchin Beppie is the joy of a working-class area.
Berg Karabach: der Dritte und Vierte Band der Armenischen geschichte
Don Askarian
In Februari and March of this year the largest demonstrations and strikes ever in the history of the Soviet Union took place in Armenia. The immediate cause for it was the...
Solveig Nordlund
In a more abstract﷓expressionist than realist style bergtagen paints a depressing picture of a modern city, where architecture ﷓ immense, concrete office blocks ﷓ seems...
Berlin Diary
Rosemarie Blank
In this visual diary, the filmmaker investigates why many foreigners feel at home in Berlin, her place of birth.
Berlin, Symphony of a Great City
Walter Ruttmann
This lyrical collage of daily life in Berlin in 1927 creates a "symphony" of rhythm and contrast.
Berliner Ballade
Chris Marker
For the past ten years Marker has mainly made films for television and on video. His videocamera takes onthe same meaning as his Rolleiflex: that of a photo camera with which...
Bert Schierbeek / The Door
Johan van der Keuken
As a preface: THE DOOR, a small, rapidly cut gem. It deals with the loss that my friend Bert Schierbeek had to suffer and with the sagacious mentality with which he...
Bert Stern, Original Madman
Shannah Laumeister
This portrait of celebrity photographer Bert Stern turns out to be a mirror gag between the 82-year-old and his muse, 40 years his junior, who also directed the film.
Mohammad Reza Akbari
When an old man's donkey refuses to pull its cart of bricks anymore, the man has no choice but to pension off the beast of burden.
Un beso a esta tierra
Daniel Goldberg
In the twenties and thirties many Jews emigrated to from countries like Turkey, Syria, Poland and the Ukraine to Mexico. In UN BESO A ESTA TIERRA a number of these...
Best Boy
Ira Wohl
Director Ira Wohl's 52-year-old cousin Philip is mentally handicapped. He spent his youth in an institution and now lives with his parents, Max and Pearl. They are in their late...
Best of Enemies
Robert Gordon, Morgan Neville
This fierce TV debate between political opponents in 1968 is a frightening harbinger of today’s unforgiving media landscape in the United States.
Bestaan er nog grootouders?
various directors
Blokker chose 'grandparents' as the theme for the workshop. "Are there any grandparents left?", was the question he put to the five participants. His own grandfather was...
Bestemming Moskou
Lou Brouwers, Gerard d'Olivat
The starting point of destination moscow is to show, fifty years from date, the effects of the most atrocious war in the history of our civilization: the...
Joris Ivens
An 'educational film' that offered Ivens the chance to compose a 'symphony of labour', by playing with light and dark, with lines and visual rhythms.
Betrayal I
Goeun Bae
What goes against the nature of tears flowing? Pouring water into the eyes?
The Betrayal
Ellen Kuras
This lyrical, associative directorial debut from celebrated cinematographer Ellen Kuras tells the story of a family from Laos that fled to America after the Vietnam War.
The Betrayal
Karen Winther
As a teenage member of the Norwegian squatting community, Karen made a terrible mistake. Now she is looking for an explanation and hoping for forgiveness.
A Better Life
Karin Junger
The dreams of the first generation of Moroccan immigrant workers in the Netherlands generally did not come true. Fathers and sons tell their story.
Trudy van Keulen, Biba Krklec
Three children from the town of Andelst are forced to move out of their home because of the construction of the Betuwelijn rail project.
Between the River and the Sea
Ram Levi
What is the future of the controversial relationship of jews and Arabs in Israel and the West Bank? How do Israelis see the issues, perceive what is happening to their country...
Beware of Mr. Baker
Jay Bulger
A fascinating portrait of drum legend Ginger Baker, the inventor of heavy metal as well as a notorious drug addict and troublemaker.
Beware the Slenderman
Irene Taylor Brodsky
A chilling true crime report about two teenage girls who fall under the spell of a fictional Internet bogeyman and decide to stab their friend to death.
Beyond 9/11
Kira Pollack
Forty men and women look back on the 9/11 attacks, ranging from first responders and survivors to former President George W. Bush.
Beyond Beats and Rhymes: A Hip-Hop Head Weighs in on Manhood in Hip-Hop Culture
Byron Hurt
A revealing investigation into the violent, misogynistic and homophobic gangster rap scene, and why it is such a success.
Beyond My Grandfather Allende
Marcia Tambutti Allende
Forty-two years after the death of President Salvador Allende, his granddaughter goes in search of the human being behind the statesman.
Beyond Reasonable Doubt
Mina Vidakovic
A report aimed at sceptics on the mass murder in Srebrenica, including the testimonies at the Yugoslav Tribunal of perpetrators and victims, interviews and video footage of...
Beyond the Game
Jos de Putter
Exploration of the virtual world of the Warcraft III computer game, through a portrait of top players competing at the world championship.
Beyond the Legend - Marilyn Monroe
Gene Feldman, Suzette Winter
Portrait of Marilyn Monroe, emphasising her qualities as an actress.
Beyond Wriezen
Daniel Abma
Three young Germans recently released from prison return to society. Cool, restrained camerawork, but not without the warmth of human feelings.
Zhang Kee-Chul
HOMELESS opens with images of a group of young Chinese who are eating. The images are in slow motion and there is no sound. These people's voices have literally been taken...
Van Maximilian Carlson
A disturbing film about the aftermath of the chemical disaster in Bhopal, India, which is still taking its toll 25 years after the fact.
Philippe de Pierpont
Abandoned and rootless children can be found in nearly every big metropolis. They keep themselves alive with street dealing and activities in the criminal twilight...
Filip Marczewski
Exhausting, dangerous work in the illegal coalmines of Wałbrzych for several zlotys shows the human condition and social system in Eastern Europe.
Big Ben: Ben Webster in Europe
Johan van der Keuken
A playfully filmed and edited impression of American saxophonist Ben Webster’s extended stay in Amsterdam in 1967.
Big Boys Gone Bananas!*
Fredrik Gertten
Fredrik Gertten's "thriller" about how Dole Food Company tried to get his film Bananas! boycotted in 2009.
Big Brother in the Middle East
Sarah Vos
Behind the scenes of the first Western-style reality soap to penetrate the Arab world.
The Big Durian
Amir Muhammad
Based on a real event in 1987, a controversial period in the history of Malaysia, this semi-documentary describes and amplifies a tragic incident.
Big Easy Express
Emmett Malloy
A dreamy recording of a train trip across the United States by three folk bands, as they chug along through the landscape by day and perform in railroad yards by night.
The Big Family
Huang Lingping
A harrowing documentary soap about a rural family that is ruined because of the patriarch's narrow-mindedness and incapacity.
The Big Fix
Josh Tickell
Taking the 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico as their point of departure, the filmmakers deliver a personal and lively cinematic plea for biofuel.
The Big Issue: A Web Documentary on the Obesity Epidemic
Samuel Bollendorff, Olivia Colo
An investigation into the causes of the explosive global increase in obesity. According to the World Health Organization, 2.3 billion people will be obese...
Big Mike
Håkan Berthas, Hanna Heilborn
Raised in Sweden, Mike returns to Australia to meet his biological mother.
The Big One
Michael Moore
The promotional campaign for Michael Moore’s book Downsize This! leads to various hilarious encounters with bigwigs from the American corporate world.
The Big Pink
Kolin Schult
The Big Pink is a portrait of a hippie family, including a lot of home movie style images. Monika is the central figure of the documentary. First she marries Franz, by whom...
Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me
Drew DeNicola
This exhaustive, amusing and moving music documentary attempts to find out why 1970s rock band Big Star wasn't successful, despite ecstatic reviews.
The Big Store
Lars Arrhenius, Johannes Müntzing
In the ladies' department of a big store in Stockholm, a security camera recorded who stabbed the politician Anna Lindh to death on 11 September 2003.
Big Stories, Small Towns
Jeni Lee, Sieh Mchawala
A heartwarming portrait of the care organizations in Port Augusta, Australia: the Men's Shed, the Wami Kata home for the elderly, and the Young Fathers group.
The Biggest Chinese Restaurant in the World
Weijun Chen
A film portrait of modern China as viewed through the prism of staff and guests at the largest Chinese restaurant in the world.
Biggie & Tupac
Nick Broomfield
Controversial documentary filmmaker Nick Broomfield in search of the truth behind the killings of rap stars Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls.
Biglal hamilhama hahe
Orna Ben-Dor Niv
A few years ago a new rock band swept the youth off its feet, creating a new wave in Israeli rock. Benzin's soloist was Yehuda Poliker, a warm powerful figure. The man...
Bigos 06
Marcin Gajewski
A son films his father preparing the Polish Christmas dish bigos - a process that takes four days. A tragicomic struggle between two generations in a chock-full kitchen.
Biker Dreams
Adam Berman
No other symbol is so closely connected with the American counterculture as that of the ‘easy rider’, the modern ‘lonesome cowboy’ on his Harley Davidson. The motorcyclists,...
Bikuro shel sadat be Israel 1977
Micha Shagrir
A documentary film chronicling Egyptian President Anwar Sadat's historic 44 hour visit to Jerusalem in November 1977. By focusing on the emotional aspects of the visit, the...
Sourav Sarangi
An intimate glimpse into the world of a three-year-old boy who lives with his blind parents in a poor neighbourhood of Calcutta.
Bilder einer ausstellung
Ulrich Seidl
A ridicule of the ivory tower of modern art criticism.
Tom Zubrycki
In a white suburb of Sydney, among mostly Anglo﷓Australian families, a Lebanese family is living with three teenage sons and one younger daughter. Racial tension lies...
Binningers Birne
Andrew Hood
Director who is afraid of the dark probes the life story of the German engineer Binninger, the inventor of the perpetually burning light bulb.
Eline Flipse
Portrait of five spirited Albanians, who have kept their sense of humour despite their misery.
Georges Rouquier
From 1944 until 1946 George Rouquier shot the film farrebique. The title derives from the name of the farmstead Rouquier had chosen as the central point for a documentary...
Bird Skin
Clara Peltier
A Brazilian dancer named Tuane transcends her life in the favelas with dazzling performances in glittering costumes.
The Birdcage
Nahid Persson Sarvestani
Two old men do business on a street in Iran, but the authorities break it up in this country dominated by prohibitions.
Eduard Erne
The “making of” of the nature documentary WINGED MIGRATION follows the people who raised the migratory birds for four years.
David Hinton
Director David Hinton and choreographer Yolande Snaith created an extraordinary dance film by re-editing nature footage of birds. Accompanied by a soundtrack of bird sounds...
The Birds Are Silent in the Forest
Tim De Keersmaecker
Subdued circular narration about a warehouseman escaping everyday life by taking his hunting rifle and going to the woods.
Guy-Marc Hinant
A darkly intimate exploration of history and life in Birobidzhan, capital of the Jewish Autonomous Oblast in Russia.
Birth of a Nation
Daya Cahen
For Birth of a Nation, Daya Cahen filmed at Cadet School Number 9, an academy in Moscow where girls learn how to become ideal women.
The Birthday
Negin Kianfar, Daisy Mohr
A young Iranian man and his friends and relatives eagerly await his sex change operation, which will also drastically change his social identity.
Birthplace Unknown
Karin Junger
"My little sisters Kim and Sanda were adopted, they are originally from South Korea. Kim came first. Kim Eun Hee, born 15 January 1967. When she arrived she was almost three...
Bishar Blues
Amitabh Chakraborty
A journey through a world of tombs and mystical fakirs in West-Bengal in an original and visual exploration of the marfat, a liberal form of Islam that honours man as...
Bistro in Vitro
Koert van Mensvoort
Blurring the boundaries between “born” and “made,” the futuristic menu of this fictional restaurant includes knitted steak and 3D-printed marrow eggs.
A Bit Scary Really
Maarit Suomi-Väänänen
A Finnish landscape film with a punch line.
Bitch Academy
Alina Rudnitskaya
A course for the new generation of Russian gold diggers provides a shocking portrait of a society adrift.
The Bitter Choice
Mazen Saadeh, Susan Shalabi
Documentary about the bitter choice of Palestinian youngsters who decide to carry out a suicide attack on the Israeli oppressor: to live in the margin or to...
Bitter ist die Verbannung, bitterer noch die Heimkehr
Bart van Esch
An evocative portrait, illustrated by literary quotations, of the writer Klaus Mann, who lived in Amsterdam for a few years.
Bitter Seeds
Micha X. Peled
Every 30 minutes, another Indian cotton farmer commits suicide. Filmmaker Micha Peled investigates why this is happening and follows one of them to the edge of the abyss.
A Bitter Taste of Freedom
Marina Goldovskaya
This portrait of Anna Politkovskaya, the Russian journalist and human rights activist who was murdered in 2006, sheds light on her life and work in post-communist...
The Bittersweet Shadow of Stampersgat
Patrick Bus
A personal look at the town of Stampersgat and how it's dealing with the loss of the sugar beet industry, a crisis that's reflected in the marriage of the filmmaker's...
The Bittner Case
Caterina Woj
A couple from Cottbus, Germany discusses the extreme neglect of their son, and how his death remained a secret for two and a half years.
Bitva o zivot
various directors
Three directors, Miroslav Janek, Vít Janecek and Roman Vávra, filmed life in the Czech village of Bystré. The economic circumstances are frightful here, unemployment is...
Bitva za nashu sovetskuyu ukrainu
various directors
Poetic war documentary to visualise the triumphant comeback of the Red Army in which the battle for Charkov plays a central part.
Black against White
Wagner Morales
On the soccer field of a southern suburb of São Paulo, a match between blacks and whites has been played for thirty years.
Black Box Germany
Andres Veiel
The subject of this film goes back to the turbulent 1970s and 1980s in what was then still West Germany. Politicians and industrialists were the targets of a series of bloody...
Black Emperor
Yanagimachi Mitsuo
'Black Emperor' is the name of a group of motorcyclists in Tokyo. The group bases its image on the Hell's Angels, but goes further in using Nazi symbols and in...
Black Eyes
Jan Bosdriesz
Inspired by an old gramophone record, Jan Bosdriesz went looking for the Russian/Romanian singer Pyotr Leshchenko (1908-1954), but discovered his own family history.
Black Gold
Marc Francis, Nick Francis
This journey along the long and complex production line of Ethiopian coffee makes an expressive and passionate plea for fair trade.
Black Gold under Notecka Forest
Ineke Smits
A poetic and visually powerful film about the awe-inspiring, unadulterated nature on the Polish-German border, which is now endangered by the discovery of oil and natural...
Black Harvest
Robin Anderson, Bob Connolly
Power struggle over a coffee plantation in Papua New Guinea between the local population and the son of Australian planter and native mother.
Black Out
Eva Weber
Most of the inhabitants of Guinea have no electricity. To be able to study, many young students walk to places where there is light.
Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution
Stanley Nelson
The rise of the Black Panthers in the late 1960s was a radical departure for the Civil Rights Movement. Former members look back.
Black Sheep
Christian Cerami
A raw directorial debut about two impressionable brothers who attend a far-right anti-Islam protest in Britain. Their reactions are very different.
Black Square
Iossif Pasternak
In Chiorny Kvadrat, lossif Pasternak shows himself to be a documentary film maker of great originality and ambition. The film is important because of its wealth of...
Black to the Promised Land
Madeleine Ali
Six black boys and five girls, aged between fifteen and eighteen, pupils of the Bedford-Stuyvesant Street Academy, New York, leave with their Jewish teacher Stewart Bialar...
Blame Omar
Michiel Brongers
In this personal documentary, the filmmaker gets some help from his friends to reconstruct a serious accident he suffered.
The Blank Stare
Gabriel Lester
In a seamless fashion, this silent film moves through five rooms, from the everyday to infinity.
Joseph Blasioli, Egidio Coccimiglio
BLAST 'EM offers a comical, bold and disrespectful view of the world of paperazzi and their famous prey. They steal up on and photograph their...
Blatnoi mir
Jouni Hiltunen
Three prisoners are serving a life sentence in a Russian penitentiary. Calm shots of the expansive view outside the isolated building emphasise the dead-end situation they...
Blaze Foley: Duct Tape Messiah
Kevin Triplett
A unique portrait of the rebellious singer-songwriter Blaze Foley, who enjoyed less fame than he actually deserved and died an untimely death.
Blind Child
Johan van der Keuken
Our visually oriented world seen from the perspective of a blind child; observed from a distance, making it all the more poignant.
Blind Faith - Requiem for Revolution
Judy Jackson
At the end of 1989 the young Canadian couple Christine Lamont and David Spencer were arrested in São Paulo, Brazil. The world was shocked on hearing the news that they,...
Blind Fortune
Ramón Gieling
A stylish documentary about blind and visually impaired people who sell lottery tickets in Spanish cities. How do these people perceive the world without being able to see...
Blind Light
Pola Rapaport
Three characters are seized by the mysterious light on the Italian island of Capri.
Blind Spot. Hitler's Secretary
André Heller, Othmar Schmiderer
Eighty-one-year-old Traudl Junge looks back on her naïve younger years as Hitler’s private secretary, from the end of 1942 to his final days in the Berlin...
The Block: Stories from a Meeting Place
various directors
Three-dimensional web installation about the turbulent history of The Block, an aboriginal district in the heart of Sydney. Forty years on, it's about to make way for a...
Sergei Loznitsa
A black-and-white collage documentary about the Siege of Leningrad in the Second World War, composed of unique material from Moscow film archives.
Blois couleur locale
Rolf Orthel
Dutch artist Jan Dibbets was invited by Jack Lang, then mayor of the French town of Blois, to design a series of windows for the local cathedral. Director Rolf Orthel films...
Blonde Redhead Meets Gainsbourg
Jérôme Schlomoff
For the American rock trio Blonde Redhead, filmmaker and photographer Jérôme Schlomoff used a pinhole camera to make a music video of their song "Spring & by Summer...
Alina Rudnitskaya
This vivid black-and-white film centers around a mobile blood bank in Russia, where each day many Russians donate their valuable blood for 850 rubles ($26).
Blood Brothers
Miguel Coimbra, Marco Espírito Santo
An exhilarating soundtrack accompanies Portuguese bullfighters as they return to the arena for the first time since the death of their leader.
Blood in the Face
various directors
Meeting the radical right in America: the Ku Klux Klan, Aryan Nation, Posse Comitatus, American Nazi Party, Euro-American Alliance, and a number of Canadian fascists....
Blood in the Mobile
Frank Piasecki Poulsen
A trip to the Bisie mine in Congo, where minerals are extracted for mobile phones.
The Blood of My Brother: a Story of Death in Iraq
Andrew Berends
A raw and poignant account of the war in Iraq follows a mourning Iraqi family.
Blood of the Beasts
Georges Franju
This documentary from 1949 by horror director George Franju provides a glimpse of the meat-packing industry in Parisian slaughterhouses, shortly after WWII.
Blood Relation
Noa Ben Hagai
A Palestinian refugee, an Israeli officer - Children of two sisters. Now they must meet. Conquerors and conquered, masters of the land and its refugees.
The Blood Wedding
Hans Fels
Film about the creation of the first Haitian opera. A musical mix from a country ravaged by its unhappy history and poverty.
Bloody Mondays & Strawberry Pies
Coco Schrijber
Beauty, love, work... Sometimes it just isn't worth getting out of bed for. A substantial part of your life is claimed by boredom. A Wallstreetstockbroker, a desertnomad,...
Bloot - Borsten
Mischa Kamp
This series incorporates computer-animated images and interviews to address sensitive issues for teenagers, like sex, menstruation, sweating and obesity. SA 25 12:00 (Hair,...
Bloot - Zweten
Mischa Kamp
This series incorporates computer-animated images and interviews to address sensitive issues for teenagers, like sex, menstruation, sweating and obesity.
Blue Eyed
Betram Verhaag
Jane Elliott is a former teacher from the United States who has been labouring for more than twenty years for tolerance and against racism. Xenophobia, she claims, has not...
Blue Highways. Voices of the Other America
Francesco Conversano, Nene Grignaffini
A trip through America, inspired by the book of the same name, by half-Native American writer William Least-Heat Moon.
Blue, Karma, Tiger
Cecilia Actis, Mia Hulterstam
An original stop-motion animation film that gives the floor to three graffiti artists without revealing their identities.
Blush of Fruit
Jakeb Anhvu
A shocking fly-on-the-wall film showing how an orphanage that opened with idealistic intentions has become a hell for preschoolers.
B-Movie: Lust & Sound in West-Berlin 1979-1989
various directors
A montage of catchy archive material from Berlin’s 1980s music scene, the era of the New German Wave.
Gianfranco Rosi
In a series of small portraits director Rosi depicts life on and at the banks of India's sacred river, the Ganges. Central theme of this film is the imagination of the...
Bob and The Monster
Keirda Bahruth
The rise, fall, and resurrection as a social worker, of Bob Forrest, the former front man of 1980s cult band Thelonious Monster.
Bobby Fischer Against the World
Liz Garbus
How the American chess grandmaster Bobby Fischer crossed the boundary from brilliance to madness and went from being a national hero to a persona non grata.
Body Trail
Willi Dorner, Michael Palm
A young group of dancers challenges passersby to think about public space and how they fit into it.
Boer Pietersen schoot in de roos
M.C. Brusse
Information film about agricultural innovations made possible by the Marshall Plan.
Boerensymfonie - Herfst
Henri Storck
Autumn episode of Storck’s lyrical series in four parts about seasonal influences on rural life in Belgian province of Brabant.
Bogotá Change
Andreas Mol Dalsgaard
Soon more than 550 cities world wide will have a population of more than one million. In 2030 80% of the world's population will live in cities.
Bokken en Geiten
Hans Heijnen
Rivalry between two brass bands in the village of Thorn in Limburg Province, in the southeastern Netherlands.
Bol Ayesha Bol
Sunanda Bhat
Poor and previously repressed farmers in a region in southern India tell about the successfully implemented economic reforms.
Bolingo. The Forest of Love
Alejandro G. Salgado
These testimonies of five African women making the perilous journey from Africa to Europe are celebrations of motherhood, capturing their courage, hope and...
Bollywood Blues
Rishi Chamman
A documentary about being trapped between two cultures, Bollywood Blues consists of observations from the life of a young Dutch woman of Hindustani origin and images from...
Bol's sveta!
Marina Babak
With this compilation of previously banned documentary footage, Marina Babak rewrites the history of the Soviet Union from the October Revolution to the present.
Bolshoi Babylon
Nick Read
Revealing look behind the scenes of Russia’s world-famous Bolshoi Theater, where ambition, love of art and patronage are business as usual.
Amlan Datta
The harmony in a mountain village in India gets disrupted by the building of a dam and a ban on the traditional cultivation of cannabis.
Bongo Beat
Jan Röed
BONGO BEAT is a portrait of African musician Remmy Ongala, nicknamed 'the doctor', and singer Cosmas Chidumule. Especially Ongala, who was born in the northwest of Zaire but has...
Book of Miri
Katrine Philp
In daily life, Miri is a rather lonely librarian; on her blog, she has created a glamorous alter ego.
Michael Moore
An anti-war video directed by Michael Moore for the US band System of a Down that will be shown as a trailer before most screenings in the USA Today programme.
Carl Biörsmark
The borderland of the title has several meanings, which find a poetic reflection in this documentary. For example, the concrete border region between countries, but also...
Borderline Cases
various directors
DE VLUCHT UIT VELIKA KLADUSA is a description of the exodus from the city of Velika Kladusa, on the Bosnian-Croatian border. Fleeing from the Bosnian fifth corps, more...
Jacqueline van Vugt
Africans migrating to Europe have to make their way through brutal border areas where violence, extortion and exhaustion are all commonplace.
Lotte Schreiber
A meticulous cinematic exploration into the formic language of Don Bosco, a Roman housing project designed during fascism.
Les Borges
Marilu Mallet
To burn one's bridges on arrival in America is not easy. The famous Spanish conqueror Cortéz did this, but the 20th century Portuguese family Borges choose not to. They...
Joris Ivens, Henri Storck
A classic of the social documentary genre, and a vehement indictment of the consequences of the miners' strike on families. Hard social confrontations between...
Boris Ryzhy
Aliona van der Horst
An intimate portrait of the Russian poet Boris Ryzhy and of Yekaterinburg, the bleak industrial town that influenced his life and work.
Born Dead
Jacek Blawut
Portrait of a young participant in the Duet programme to rehabilitate inmates, initiated by a prison and an institution for the mentally handicapped in Krakow.
Born in the USSR: 21up
Sergei Miroshnichenko
Third instalment in a series that depicts a group of children born in the Soviet Union every seven years, revealing their private lives against a backdrop of...
Born in the USSR: 28Up
Sergey Miroshnichenko
A portrait of young people from the former Soviet Union growing up. In the vein of the popular British Up series by Michael Apted.
Born into Struggle
Rehad Desai
In a personal account, the son of a South African activist examines the scars sustained by his family during their life in exile.
Born to Be Blind
Roberto Berliner
Strikingly visualised portrait of three blind sisters from Campina Grande in Brazil, who survive by singing in the street.
Born with the Century
Eldora Traykova
Personal memories of the twentieth century by centenarians in Bulgaria.
Born Without
Eva Norvind
Jose Flores was born without arms, but this disability has not stopped him from earning a living as a street musician.
The Borneo Case
Erik Pauser, Dylan Williams
Following years of research, four highly motivated activists expose the chief minister of the state of Sarawak, who earned billions of dollars from illegal...
Borrowed Time
Semâ Bekirovic
A spellbinding record of a freedive in which calmness makes way for desperation. Nine minutes feel like an eternity, and you’ll never take breathing for granted again.
Alain Ferrari, Bernard-Henry Levy
Because he felt that the existing parties did not pay enough attention to the war in former Yugoslavia, French philosopher and writer Bernard-Henri Lévy...
Bosnian Rhapsody at the Margins of Science
Vesna Ljubic
In the confusing aftermath of the war, citizens of Bosnia-Herzegovina turn to medicine men to help deal with their demons.
Botín de guerra
David Blaustein
Grandmothers and grandchildren recount the horrors of the military regime in Argentina.
Boudewijn de Groot - Come Closer
Suzanne Raes
The Dutch singer-songwriter Boudewijn de Groot prepares for a concert in which he will bid farewell to his greatest hits.
Devin Horan
A psychogeographical look at a twilight zone and its equally elusive inhabitants, close to the border between Latvia and Russia. Here, lyrical intensity is more important than...
Nontawat Numbenchapol
This unorthodox road movie unravels the tangled border dispute between Thailand and Cambodia over the Preah Vihear Hindu temple.
Charles Huguenot van der Linden
This is a special film commissioned by the association of construction firms as a hymn to contruction on the occasion of the completion of the on millionth...
Boven in de kerselaar
Albert Brosens
A short cinematographic impression of cherry-picking season in Holland’s Betuwe region.
Mirjam Boelsums, Lony Scharenborg
An ordinary day in an extraordinary pool. Every hour the category of visitors changes. From pregnant woman to young parents with children to elderly...
Bowling for Columbine
Michael Moore
Michael Moore's multicolored indictment of the firearms culture in the United States, Bowling for Columbine won the 2003 Oscar for Best Documentary Feature.
Karin Becker
Cem, a thirteen-year-old boy, is followed during his boxing training. Although he gives it his best shot, Cem is not sure whether his future lies in boxing.
The Box
Eva Stefani
The relationship an elderly woman has with her television.
Meg Smaker
One woman defies Fidel Castro’s ban on female boxing to follow her dreams of Olympic glory and become Cuba’s first female boxer.
The Boxing Girls of Kabul
Ariel Nasr
After the Taliban's reign of terror, three young female boxers from Afghanistan try to put themselves on the global map.
Boxing Gym
Frederick Wiseman
A small Texan boxing school under the carefully observing lens of veteran documentary filmmaker Frederick Wiseman, with occasional dialogue about rhythm and violence.
Boy Cheerleaders
James Newton
It's not always easy for England's first all-boy cheerleading team in the run-up to the national championships.
Boy Hero 001
For many years, the 12-year-old Pavlik Morozov was the heroic example of the Russian youth. According to the story, that assumed mythical proportions over the years, Pavlik reported his father to the...
The Boy in the Bubble
Barak Goodman, John Maggio
The tragic story of David, the boy who spent his whole life in a transparent plastic tent because he suffered from a rare immune deficiency.
The Boy Mir
Phil Grabsky
Ten years in the life of an ordinary young Afghan growing up in extremely trying circumstances.
The Boy Who Plays on the Buddhas of Bamiyan
Phil Grabsky
Portrait of the boy Mir, one of the forgotten refugees living in the caves next to the huge statues of Buddha that were blown up by the Taliban in Afghanistan.
The Boy who Rushed
Biljana Cakic-Veselic
Vukovar is one of the cities that was completely devastated during the war in Croatia. The director’s brother, along with many other young soldiers, mysteriously...
The Boy Who Was a King
Andrey Paounov
The amazing story of Tsar Simeon II, who returned after decades in exile to be elected Prime Minister of Bulgaria.
Menna Laura Meijer
A glimpse into the lives of three adolescent girls and their main subject of conversation: boys.
A Boy's Dream
Cinta Forger, Walther Grotenhuis
A portrait of Theo Jansen, who’s trying to add a new species to nature with his remarkable strandbeesten (“beach animals”).
Joost Verhey
As a result of thirty years of having diabetes, visual artist Bram Cox lost her eyesight six years ago. By developing herself into a sound artist she succeeded in changing...
Brasília, um dia em fevereiro
Maria Ramos
Brasília, the capital of Brazil, was built in the second half of the fifties according to the current views on town planning and architecture. Just like the city itself, which...
Brass Boys
Kyle O Donoghue
Brass Boys is the story of the Young Brass Sounds brass band, founded to support the Ajax Cape Town soccer team during rehearsals and home games.
Brass Unbound
Johan van der Keuken
Johan van der Keuken follows the development of the originally European brass band in the former Dutch colonies, from marching bands at weddings to hybrid forms that...
Anuar Raibayev
The family grave of the Kozhgariyevs is near the gigantic Tengiz oil-field which is situated in the Guriyevski District of Kazakhstan. Brothers Amanzhel and Beisembai...
Kari Anne Moe
The first steps into politics of four ambitious Norwegian school students, before and after right-wing extremist Breivik murdered dozens of young people.
Breakaway - A Tale of Two Survivors
Mathew Welsh
Former comatose patient is uncompromising in attempts to teach a companion with brain damage to walk again.
Joanne Tucker
Amply substantiated and illustrated indictment of the hypocrisy and power politics of the United States, which invaded Iraq by bringing fallacies and deceptions into play.
The Breath of the Orchestra
Katarzyna Kasica
A portrait of Frans Brüggens’s Orchestra of the 18th Century, which employs authentic instruments to come as close as possible to what the composers intended.
A Breath
Christopher Tuckfield
Chinese artists’ couple, still very active at a high age, has survived numerous hardships and setbacks, and looks back at an eventful century.
The Breath
Fabian Kaiser
Firefighters in orange suits and oxygen tanks train on treadmills in a silent ballet: only their breathing apparatuses break the silence.
Frederic Rossif
Jacques Brel wrote his chansons as Breughel painted. The mist, the low horizon, the wind, the canals, and the cornfields make up a major part of his songs. At Brel's,...
Brenda Fassie - Not a Bad Girl
Chris Austin
Brenda Fassie is South Africa's most popular singer. Streetwise and outrageous, she embodies her country's confusion; provocative, volatile and always extreme.She is a black...
Brevario de una visita
Santiago Alvarez
On the occasion of the inauguration of the newly-elected president Fernando Collor de Mello, Fidel Castro visits Brazil. He attends a gathering of Brazilian intellectuals...
Brick in the Wall
Grzegorz Brzozowski
An observational portrait of a family groaning under the burden of their dream home, still unfinished after almost 40 years.
The Brick
various directors
The repetitive actions of the inhabitants of a Burmese village, all working towards a common goal: the production of huge quantities of bricks.
Bride Kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan
Petr Lom
In Kyrgyzstan, a girl can be kidnapped in broad daylight by a young man who is eager to become her husband by nightfall.
The Bride
Joël Curtz
Hitchhiking dressed as a bride, artist Pippa Bacca wanted to bring peace and love to the Middle East, but she was found murdered near Istanbul.
The Bridge of Mitrovica
Christian Labhart
Are a Serbian and an Albanian girl willing to reconcile on the bridge of Mitrovica in Kosovo?
Bridge over the Wadi
Barak Heymann, Tomer Heymann
A documentary about the difficult first year of a new elementary school that both Arab and Israeli children attend together.
The Bridge
Ileana Stanculescu
Bridges connect people, unless it is forbidden to cross them, and this is exactly what is happening with the bridge between Sighet in Rumania and Slatina in the...
Bridging the Gap
Corinne van Egeraat
A clash with reality is inevitable when the intrepid relief worker Daniel Knoop travels from his Dutch hometown Groningen to Cameroon.
A Brief History of Errol Morris
Kevin Macdonald
Portrait of groundbreaking and obsessive documentary filmmaker Errol Morris and his extraordinary oeuvre.
A Brief Peace
Ata Hayati
Disappeared Iranians whose bodies are identified twenty years later are collectively interred.
Brieven aan God
Does God exist, and can he control the birth or death of a child?
Brieven uit Belfast
Boudewijn Koole
Bright Leaves
Ross McElwee
Ross McElwee, the great-grandson of a tobacco tycoon, returns to his hometown in North Carolina to film this darkly comical take on the legacy of the tobacco industry.
Brilliant Noise
A sweltering animation with satellite images of the sun.
Brilliant Punitive Raids
Juul Hondius
An artistic reconstruction of the assassination of PLO leader Abu Jihad in 1988, which zooms in on the personal experience of two Israeli soldiers.
various directors
In 1986, the French Minestry of Foreign Affairs commisioned Jean Rouch, Titte Törnroth and Raoul Ruiz to sail aboard a Swedish icebreaker. With a limited crew and from...
Broadcasting the End - A Tale about a Magic Mountain
Martijn Payens
A story about a magic mountain in the South of France, and even more about what a media hype can do to a sleepy village.
Broer en zus: Bo en Jesse
Wilant Boekelman
Broer en zus: Jonathan en Pietro
Jan van der Zanden
Two episodes from a documentary series about brothers and sisters.
Broken Dykes
John Fernhout
The resilience of the Zeelanders, who remain steadfast to those things which are vitally important to them and their farms, after a man-made flooding.
Broken Meat
Pola Rapaport
The 52 year old Alan Granville is often compared to the writers William S. Burroughs and Charles Bukowski. Like them, Granville lives on the fringes of society: he is...
The Broken Moon
Marcos Negrão
A portrait of a father, his son and their traditional Himalayan nomadic community threatened by climate change.
A Broken Rule
Vincent Meessen
The Belgian Vincent Meessen resists the prevailing media image of poor, sick, violence-stricken Africans.
Brokopondo, verhalen van een verdronken land
John Albert Jansen
Thirty years ago, the construction of the Brokopondo-dam and a subsequent hydro-electric plant gave an enormous impetus to the economy of Surinam. Due to its...
Bronenosets Potyomkin
Sergei Eisenstein
The best known Russian feature film made shocked Western European authorities seize their scissors or entirely ban the film in 1925. Their terror was not only caused by...
Bronx Princess
Yoni Brook, Musa Syeed
While staying with her father in Ghana, a stubborn, assertive American teenager gets a lesson in humility and cultural tolerance.
The Brooklyn Connection
Klaartje Quirijns
Revealing investigation into the origin of the weapons used in the Kosovar struggle for independence.
Brother Number One
Annie Goldson
A personal quest for justice by a New Zealander whose brother was murdered in Cambodia by the Khmer Rouge in the late 1970s.
Tone Grøttjord-Glenne
Dual portrait full of empathy and attention for detail, about a mild, retired railway employee who has been taking care of his retarded brother in a house on one of...
Isabel Grünwald
Two German brothers share their childhood home, but ignore each other day after day. They used to be so close. What happened?
Brothers and Others
Nicolas Rossier
Film about the harrowing consequences of the hardened anti-terrorist laws in the US for immigrants.
Brother's Keeper
Joe Berlinger, Bruce Sinofsky
The true story of four eccentric, elderly brothers - the death of one, the arrest for murder of another, and the town that rallied behind the accused man.
Bruce and Me
Oren Siedler
Director travels from Australia to America to pay another visit to her criminal father, meeting his mother and his much younger girlfriend along the way.
De brug
Joris Ivens
Observation of the bridge raising and lowering in the Koningshaven port in Rotterdam, with ships passing below and trains overhead. Using just a simple hand camera, Ivens...
The B-Side: Elsa Dorfman's Portrait Photography
Errol Morris
A portrait of the photographer Elsa Dorfman (b. 1937), who captured thousands of famous and unknown subjects using a rare large-format Polaroid camera.
Bubbly Big Top
Maike Backhaus, Tessa Langhans
Madeleine (15) and Anthony (17) travel around with their family circus, and although their backstage lives don't always match the glamour of the show, they...
Les bucherons de la Manouane
Arthur Lamothe
A typical feature of the Canadian landscape are the enormous paper mills situated on river estuaries, employing skilled personnel and producing huge quantities of paper....
Cindy Meehl
This feel-good documentary is a portrait of Buck Brannaman, the inspiration for the The Horse Whisperer. He crisscrosses the United States helping troubled horses.
Buckminster Fuller: Thinking Out Loud
Karen Goodman, Kirk Simon
In R. Buckminster Fuller's bizarre universe cars have three wheels and houses are not built by bricklayers but are delivered by spaceships. Bucky, who would have...
Buddha's Lost Children
Mark Verkerk
Tattooed monk and former Thai boxing champion cares for homeless children in the notorious Golden Triangle in Northern Thailand.
Julia Bacha
Ayed Morrar unites members of Fatah and Hamas, as well as Israelis, in a peaceful struggle to prevent the devastation of his village by the Israeli wall.
various directors
In the weeks leading up to the predicted apocalypse of 2012, the French village of Bugarach is transformed into a spiritual sanctuary.
Bui doi: Life Like Dust
Arhin Mishan, Nick Rothenberg
Ricky Phan is a Vietnamese refugee and gang member who is now serving an 11-year sentence for armed robbery. BUI DOI: LIFE LIKE DUST chronicles Ricky Phan's...
Bulletproof Salesman
Petra Epperlein, Michael Tucker
An armoured car dealer casually demonstrates how the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have been an inexhaustible gravy train for him.
PeÅ Holmquist, Suzanne Khardalian
Filmmakers follow the Indian alternative globalist Vandana Shiva for two years in her worldwide fight against neo-liberal globalisation.
The Bully Project
Lee Hirsch
A shocking documentary about serious bullying and its effects on teenagers. Five victims of bullying and their parents get the chance to talk openly.
Ditsi Carolino
A poignant story about three boys -- at once, innocent and streetsmart, wounded and funny -- serving time in a city jail full of adult convicts.
Burden of Dreams
Les Blank
A disconcerting account of the insane circumstances surrounding the filming of Werner Herzog’s Fitzcarraldo.
The Burks of Georgia
Albert Maysles, David Maysles
This portrait is part of a series of TV programmes about the daily lives of American families with different backgrounds. The Burk family lives in Georgia,...
Burma Soldier
various directors
A shocking account by Myo Myint, who served in the Burmese army but turned against the military regime following an "accident at work."
Burma VJ - Reporting from a Closed Country
Anders Østergaard
With their cameras hidden in bags or clenched under their armpits, Burmese journalists report on the uprising against the dictatorship in September 2007.
Burn Out
Samuel Bollendorff, Olivia Colo
This shocking web documentary captures the recent wave of suicides in France, which is on the verge of a collective burnout.
Burning Dreams
Wayne Peng
In Shanghai, young, ambitious students follow jazz ballet and tap dance classes.
The Burning House
Foster Huntington
The Burning House is a website that asks all its participants the same simple question: what would you rescue if your house was on fire?
Burning Out
Jérôme le Maire
Doctors in a Parisian hospital are fighting a life-and-death battle. Everything’s got to be cheaper, quicker and more efficient. A glimpse of imminent burnout in the...
The Burnt Theatre
Rithy Panh
A tribute to the eradicated national theater tradition in Cambodia, set against the backdrop of the burned down National Theater in Phnom Penh.
‘Donkeys without a tail.‘ That is what the rag-and-bone men and paper collectors in the streets of Rio de Janeiro are called. They support themselves by collecting garbage for recycling...
Burundi sous la terreur
Alexis Cordesse, Eyal Sivan
Like ITSEMBATSEMBA ﷓ RWANDA UN GÉNOCIDE PLUS TARD, BURUNDI SOUS LA TERREUR is an episode from a four-part series of films that filmmakers Alexis Cordesse and...
Bus 174
José Padilha
José Padilha's award-winning directorial debut reconstructs the dramatic hijacking of a city bus in Rio de Janeiro in 2000.
Der Busenfreund
Ulrich Seidl
Portrait of a former math teacher with a passion for females with large breasts.
Jeff Lieberman
All things Americans are ashamed of, from the sixties up until today, seen through the eyes of the most astute and committed stand-up comedians. That is what...
Butterfly Man
Samantha Rebillet
Short and apt portrait of a man who has been pinning up butterflies for many years and at a ripe age discovers his own "flying" skills on the dance floor.
Ed van der Elsken
Everybody needs a goal in life. When an incurable disease shortens one‘s lifespan, the necessity to accomplish something seems to be even more pressing. When Ed van der...
Bye-Bye Babushka
Rebecca Feig
In contrast with their granddaughters, babushkas (grandmothers) do not own a thing, but complaining is not in their nature. This generation of women was born during the...
Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen, Amber Production Team
In 1969 Finnish Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen, one of the founders of the Amber film group, went to live in the British working class neighbourhood...
Byunbang-eso Jungsim-uro
In co-operation with the ‘Seoul Visual Collective’, a leading Korean production company of independent films, the Seoul-based Hyung-Sook made a portrait about independent filmmakers in Korea. On the...
Call for Entry: IDFA Bertha Fund December 22, 2016 | The IDFA Bertha Fund is looking for new creative documentary projects from developing countries for both its classic program and the IBF Europe distribution scheme.
Ally Derks receives Pioneer Award December 12, 2016 | Last Saturday, Ally Derks received a prestigious Pioneer Award from the International Documentary Association.
Open Call: Short Web Documentaries November 26, 2016 | IDFA and Jos de Putter from Deep Focus Web Documentaries invite entries for project proposals from talented (young) filmmakers.
And the winners are... November 23, 2016 | At the Awards Ceremony in the Stadsschouwburg, the 14 winners of IDFA 2016 have just been announced.


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