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Eric Joris
An individual, immersive experience that uses the latest technologies to transport its users to a virtual Brussels.
Barbara Visser
Reconstruction of the true story of a bookkeeper for an Amsterdam art fund who embezzled almost 16 million euros and then vanished without a trace.
Cabra marcado para morrer: Vinte anos depois
Eduardo Coutinho
Twenty years after shooting a feature-length fiction film on the assassination of a peasant leader in Brazil director Coutinho goes back to the region in search of the...
The Cage
Noah Lerner
With this documentary, Noah Lerner makes a personal quest for racism, basketball and identity. The film is set on a basketball court in New York City. Which problems does a...
Cain's Children
Marcell Gero
A heartrending account of the failed lives of Gabesz, Pali and Zsolt, who were imprisoned for homicide in a communist youth detention center.
Louis Malle
Calcutta Calling
Andre Hörmann
Under the alias Ethan Reed, Vikhee Uppal calls Americans, Brits and Australians from a call centre in Calcutta to try and sell them as many cell phones and subscriptions as...
California Is a Place
Zackary Canepari, Drea Cooper
Impressions in short films and photo series of people and places in the state of California: bathed in golden light, although the stories are less sunny.
Call Me Marianna
Karolina Bielawska
An intelligent, empathetic portrait of a Polish transgendered person who pays a very high price to finally be herself.
The Call
Reber Dosky
Can a goatherd manage to persuade his son to abandon life in Istanbul and return to his ancestral Kurdish home?
Calling E.T.
Prosper de Roos
This circumspect documentary looks at scientists expecting the arrival of extraterrestrial beings, and at what this tells us about us humans.
Calling the Ghosts
Mandy Jacobson, Karmen Jelincic
Two Bosnian women fight for the recognition of rape as a (war) crime.
Calling Ukraine
Jean Counet
A woman in Latvia conducts a Skype conversation with family members in war-torn Eastern Ukraine. The sense of powerlessness on both sides is palpable.
Cambodge: Un lendemain de guerre
Isabelle Quignaux
In 1993 a peace treaty was signed in Cambodia between the Khmer Rouge and the government. The Khmer Rouge pledged to lay down their arms, and democratic elections were...
The Cambodian Room - Situations with Antoine D'Agata
Tommaso Lusena, Giuseppe Schillaci
Antoine d'Agata, a photograph from Magnum Agency, is in Phom Penh where his extreme artistic trail seems to reach an utmost point.
Eldora Traykova
Being born a Roma brings disadvantages from the start. The village of Dolni Tsibar in Bulgaria puts all its hope in the emancipatory effect of good education.
The Camera That Changed the World
Mandy Chang
A portrait of the American and French filmmakers who, thanks to the first portable cameras, could film events from everyday life in 1960.
Karima Zoubir
Struggling for her independence, Moroccan divorcee Khadija defies her family and works as a camerawoman at weddings.
Kirsten Johnson
A visual autobiography, compiled from the impressive visual archive of Kirsten Johnson, “cameraperson” on films such as Fahrenheit 9/11, Pray the Devil Back to Hell and...
Lech Kowalski
This film project seeks to create a new and free way of viewing and analyzing through short grassroots films.
Fernando Perez
Camilo Cienfuegos is a famous guerrillero and one of the heroes of the Cuban revolution. Using his passionate and vital letters as a basis, this documentary shows various...
Camino al andar
Sholeh Hejazi
Philosophical and poetic document about the future of the human race.
Enrique Bellande
Breathtaking account of the construction of a monumental pipeline straight through the Peruvian jungle, with an affectionate look at life on the site.
Jonathan Hodgson
Camouflage explores the experience of a child growing up with a schizophrenic parent. Based on extensive research and personal accounts, the film blends live action with...
Camp 14: Total Control Zone
Marc Wiese
The horrific account of a man who grew up in a North Korean labor camp but escaped at the age of 23 to South Korea.
Can Tunis
Oscar Pérez
Sequel to XAVÓ-XAVI, about the problem area Can Tunis in Barcelona.
Can Tunis
José González Morandi, Paco Toledo
Can Tunis is a sincere and poignant portrait of a Barcelona neighbourhood where law and order are nowhere to be found.
Canal Zone
Frederick Wiseman
The Panama Canal Zone is controlled by the Americans. Frederick Wiseman got interested in this subject after he had heard a description of the way the Americans staying...
Cane Toads - An Unnatural History
Mark Lewis
The life of Australian toads as a metaphor of the human society.
Cane Toads: The Conquest
Mark Lewis
The unstoppable advance of the poisonous cane toad in Eastern Australia, captured with humor in 3-D.
Cannibal Tours
Dennis O'Rourke
Clash of so called `civilised' and `primitive' peoples as tourists cruise through the jungle of New Guinea.
Cannot Run Away
Hillie Molenaar, Joop van Wijk
An alarming documentary about the internationally occurring phenomenon of traffic in women and forced prostitution. Cannot Run Away was one of the nominated...
Cap or Kippah
Susanne Engels
Fourteen-year-old Bram is fed up with hiding the fact that he is Jewish at school. Hence the documentary: "Maybe now they'll get it."
Cape Spin: An American Power Struggle
Robbie Gemmel, John Kirby
The playground of the rich and famous is the intended location for America's first large-scale wind farm, sparking political wrangling.
Capitalism at Crossroad Street
Ivars Seleckis
A sensitive, mildly ironic portrait of Crossroad Street in the Latvian capital of Riga. How are the residents faring in these uncertain times?
Capitalism: A Love Story
Michael Moore
A humorous and gripping examination of a corrupt capitalist system, by the director of Roger & Me, Bowling for Columbine, and Fahrenheit 9/11.
Il Capo
Yuri Ancarani
A wonderful sign language has arisen in the quarries of Carrara. In an unreal-looking science-fiction landscape, a man directs a mechanical arm towards the marble.
Ole Askman
Filmmaker Ole Askman parallels the traffic in Copenhagen with an orchestra that needs a police officer as its stern director. To the musical rhythm of Tchaikovsky's composition...
CAPTIVATED The Trials of Pamela Smart
Jeremiah Zagar
An investigation of the effects of media attention on the 1991 trial of alleged murderer Pamela Smart – the first trial to be broadcast in its entirety on TV.
Captive Horizon
Lukas Marxt
An impressive, alienating tour of extreme landscapes that at first sight seem inhospitable, but have been formed by human activity.
Captive, Waiting
Mohammad Ahmadi
Documentary on the life of an Iraqi POW who got caught by the Iranians during the war 19 years ago. In prison, he writes a letter to his child, whom he has never seen.
Capturing Reality: The Art of Documentary
Pepita Ferrari, Steve Mackey
The visitor creates his or her own story from the collection of 163 film clips of prominent documentary filmmakers discussing their profession.
Capturing the Friedmans
Andrew Jarecki
Reconstruction of the disintegration of an all American family after the father and youngest son are charged with the sexual abuse of young boys.
The Care Factory
Kim Brand
A day in the life of an elderly care facility, where care is provided along commercial lines. Everything is geared to efficiency.
Carl & Niels
Alexander Lind
Twin brothers Carl and Niels were inseparable as children, but now that they have grown up they face losing one another.
Carl Th. Dreyer - min metier
Torben Skjödt Jensen
The film carl th. dreyer - my metier consists of three narrative lines. In the documentary part we see actors who have worked with Dreyer, ex- colleagues and friends,...
Carla's List
Marcel Schüpbach
A revealing glimpse behind the scenes of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, where the resolute prosecutor Carla Del Ponte keeps fighting for...
Carlitos 13 - Medellin
Thirteen-year-old Carlitos takes statue of the Virgin Mary to fellow inhabitants of Medellin, who beg it for protection in guerrilla war-torn Colombia.
Carlos Nader
Carlos Nader
Video artist Carlos Nader's defiant non-autobiography records the moment that an individual's identity gets blurred, turning the autobiography genre inside out in the...
Carmen Meets Borat
Mercedes Stalenhoef
The trials and tribulations of the residents of Glod, a village in Romania, who feel they've been taken for a ride by their disrespectful supporting role in the comedy...
Carnet de viaje
Joris Ivens
A travel report from Cuba, a year after the fall of Batista, reflecting the euphoria of the early years of the revolution. Ivens dedicated this film to Charlie Chaplin.
Alen Drljevic
A journalist finds out that Bosnian refugees can't be sure of their new lives in Montenegro and starts a perilous investigation.
Carolina's World
Mariana Viñoles
An affectionate portrait of 20-year-old Caro, who has Down syndrome. Sitting at her mother’s kitchen table, she talks openly about her life.
Carrego comigo
Diogo Teixeira
Everybody is one of a pair of twins, director Chico Teixeira thinks. We are all looking for someone beside us, someone who is like us, but at the same time different from...
Carrière: 250 Meters
Juan Carlos Rulfo
In this epic biography, screenplay writer Jean Claude Carrière reflects on his life and work, and visits places that are important to him.
Carte Blanche
Alexandre Louis Daniel Goetschmann
A trauma surgeon in an Israeli hospital filled with seriously wounded patients is condemned to live within a cycle of violence from which he is trying...
Cartel Land
Matthew Heineman
A haunting, disturbing portrait of vigilantes who combat organized crime on either side of the Mexican-American border.
La casa delle vedove
Gian Vittorio Baldi
Charged portrait of a group of Roman widows for whom death has become a constant factor.
The Case of Charlie Gordon
This film was made under the auspices of the Department of Employment, concerning the treatment of youth unemployment in a typical Canadian city. Central to the story is Charlie Gordon, a boy who...
The Case of the Three Sided Dream
Adam Kahan
A portrait of blind jazz virtuoso Rahsaan Roland Kirk, who could play three wind instruments simultaneously and championed civil rights for African Americans.
Goran Radovanovic
What do sex, survival, Serbia and pantyhoses have in common? With compassion and understand, CASTING shows us social changes in a morally suspect society.
Castles in Spain
Pauline Horovitz
A wry portrait of a Jewish father whose suitcase is always packed to leave to Spain, the El Dorado for favorable conditions for survival.
Castor and Pollux
Phillip Noyce
Ironic double portrait of two 'spiritual brothers' who have chosen an unconventional lifestyle. Full of hippie rhetoric and uncensored motor slang.
Cat Dancers
Harris Fishman
Cat Dancers is the story of the husband and wife team who became the world's first exotic cat entertainers in the 1960's.
Artur Zmijewski
A chronicle of the national unrest in the aftermath of the April 2010 plane crash that killed Polish President Lech Kaczynski and the head of the country's armed forces.
Cat's Cradle
João Miller Guerra, Filipa Reis
Joana became a single mother very young. In naturalistically filmed scenes, we see that she still has a very playful character.
Cats in Riga
Jon Bang Carlsen
This view of the Latvian capital through cats’ eyes and ears adds a new dimension to news reports.
Robert Leacock, Milton Moses Ginsberg
Every year in spring and autumn the great fashion designers show their new collections to the public. For top models like Christy Turlington these...
Cave of Forgotten Dreams
Werner Herzog
Werner Herzog was the very first filmmaker to be allowed to film the oldest human paintings in the Chauvet Cave in the south of France, in 3D!
The Caviar Connection
Dragan Nikolic
A funny drama about the Rat brothers, their cats and dogs, hunting unsuccesfully for the BIG fish which will bring them easy money to leave their small village in Serbia.
Cazadores de Utopías
David Blaustein
In the seventies Argentinian filmmaker David Blaustein was an ardent supporter of the politics of Juan Perón, who died in 1974. When the military committed their next coup...
Mazyar Moshtagh Gohari
Each step in the cycle of Arabic falconry: in observational style, we see everything from catching field mice to falcon hunting.
Pankaj Johar
A personal and grueling quest for justice in the case of the mysterious suicide of a 14-year-old girl in Delhi.
Dajan Javorac
In the icy cold, a mother and son make preparations for their Christmas celebrations on Mount Manjaca, far away from the inhabited world.
Cell 719
Annik Leroy
Video project that is part of an investigation of the historic Rote Armee Fraktion and the psychological mechanisms of terror.
Cell Stories
Edward Lachman
In the first documentary to be entirely shot with the video function of a cell phone, four people tell tall tales about their mobiles.
The Celluloid Closet
Robert Epstein, Jeffrey Friedman
The history of homosexuals and lesbians in Hollywood movies: they are always ridiculed, deplored or feared.
The Cemetery Club
Tali Shemesh
For five years, Shemesh filmed her grandmother, her great-aunt and the other old Israelis who gather near a cemetery every Saturday.
Censored Voices
Mor Loushy
In this revealing historical documentary, Israeli soldiers provide eyewitness accounts of the Six Day War. Their ambivalence stands in great contrast to the heroism on the...
The Center
Stanislaw Mucha
A humorous odyssey along six countries and a dozen villages and cities calling themselves the centre of Europe.
Central Park
Frederick Wiseman
After his impressive and far-reaching documentary near death, Frederick Wiseman has apparently chosen a more lighthearted subject: one day in Central Park in New York....
The Central Park Five
various directors
A reconstruction of the infamous prosecution of five young men (subsequently found innocent) for a brutal rape in New York's Central Park in 1989.
A Century of Women
various directors
On the basis of diaries, photographs, letters and memoirs of historically important women, A CENTURY OF WOMEN sheds light on the history of American women in the 20th...
Ceramika ilzecka
Andrzej Wajda
This overview of the famous folkloric ceramics from the town of Ilza has a classic structure of images from the major makers and works, accompanied by a voice-over.
El cerco
Ricardo Iscar, Nacho Martín
A portrait of the traditional tuna trap in the south of Spain, a fishermen's festivity in which 300 tunas do not have a ghost of a chance.
Cernobílá v Barve
Tragicomic portrait of singer Vera Bílá, who sings beautiful, melancholy gypsy songs.
A Certain Liberation
Yasmine Kabir
Portrait of Gurudasi Mondol, a survivor of the Liberation War in Bangladesh, who has given herself up to madness.
Cesar's Bark Canoe
Bernard Gosselin
The Manouane Reservation, a few hundred kilometres to the north of Montreal, houses many craftsmen. Fascinated by the craftmanship, intelligence and pureness of César...
Cesta bratstva in enotnosti
Maja Weiss
Personal road movie about a trip across the former Yugoslavian republics along the B51, once the 'road of fraternity and unity’.
A cette minute
Jana Bokova
Impressionistic film improvisation about Paris in the 1970s, with the partly melancholic lyrics of a chansonnière singing about the loneliness and capriciousness of life as...
Ceux de Saint-Cyr
Philippe Costantini
Ceux de saint-cyr is a documentary about l'Ecole Speciale Militaire de Saint-Cyr, a famous military academy. The top of the French corps of officers receive their...
Chacabuco, memoria del silencio
Gaston Ancelovici
Chacabuco is the name of a former mining town in the north of Chile. Following the military coup in September 1973, the village was converted into a concentration camp,...
Chair Man
Paulien Oltheten
Through a live edit of her own video footage, Paulien Oltheten creates an associative narrative on the boundary between observation and manipulation.
The Chair
various directors
The main character in this documentary is Paul Crump, a black man sentenced to death in 1953. The question of what it is all about is whether Crump will still get the...
The Challenge
Yuri Ancarani
Falconry is not a medieval sport in the Qatari desert, where tradition and high tech come together, resulting in images of hypnotic beauty.
Ryan Mullins
Africa's most famed investigative reporter, Anas Aremeyaw Anas, takes us deep undercover for his own brand of brazen journalism.
various directors
An immersive and sensory portrait of Mexico City, created by 12 Mexican artists from various disciplines together with the British collective Marshmallow Laser Feast....
The Champagne Spy
Nadav Schirman
A man explains how his father's work as a spy for the Israeli Secret Service in the 1960s affected his childhood.
La Chana
Lucija Stojevic
A portrait of flamenco queen “La Chana” as she takes to the stage for the first time in 23 years.
Victor Vroegindeweij
Chanaika wants to escape the reality of a broken home and an abusive father by participating in the parade of the annual Rotterdam summer carnival. No matter what,...
Chanel Aubazine - Paris
Jérôme Schlomoff
A journey, recorded using a pinhole camera, to places where French fashion designer Coco Chanel lived and worked - the similarities between them are revealing.
Change of Choice
Chen Ling
An account of the onerous, but sorely needed establishment of an agricultural co-op in a farming community dominated by different family clans.
Change of Heart
Sascha Ettinger-Epstein
Australia has an alarmingly small number of organ donors and many a patient dies because a substitute organ is not available in time. This well-balanced...
Channels of Rage
Anat Halachmi
Alertly filmed rise of rap scene in Israel symbolises the polarising struggle and the quest for identity.
Enrique Colina
In this satirical film, director Enrique Colina ridicules sloppiness and negligence in daily life. The consequences of having a lax attitude on working days is shown in a...
The Charcoal People
Nigel Noble
The fate of Brazilian lumberjacks, living in dire poverty.
The Charitable Brothers in Kattappana
Claudia Ball
Kattappana is a town in the south of India, where 20 catholic brothers of the Hospitaller Order of St. John of God work for 25 years now. They built up a modern hospital and...
Charity Salesmen
Stefan Ludwig
On the heels of the door-to-door collectors for the Malteser Relief Organization in the Bavarische province of Mühldorf, we gain some insight into their perseverance and the...
Charles Bradley: Soul of America
Poull Brien
Sixty-two year old former James Brown impersonator is filmed preparing his own immensely successful debut soul album.
Mahvash Sheikholeslami
In a small village in the Iranian countryside, a young woman’s marriage leads to both partying and partaking.
Chasing Trane: The John Coltrane Documentary
John Scheinfeld
With his inquisitive playing, intense solos and original compositions, saxophonist John Coltrane (1926-1967) rejuvenated jazz. After he kicked drugs, his playing became...
Sergei Dvortsevoy
In the Republics resulting from the collapse of the Soviet Union an abundance of melancholy documentaries is made about the harsh conditions people have to live in since...
Sergei Dvortsevoy
This is not a documentary in the traditional sense, rather a lyrical film about the day-to-day life on the Kazakh steppes, incorporating documentarily shot images. The...
Sergei Miroshnichenko
'Chastushki' is a household word in Russia. It is a collective term for Russian miniature story-telling, a widespread folkloric genre that bloomed only in the...
Chayim chadashim
Judah Leman
Land of promise, filmed at Givath Brenner, a workers' settlement, is the first sound film of Palestine. The film shows life in Jewish Palestine in 1935 and was made for...
Elsbeth Fraanje
Moving and funny, this film peeks into the world of a tough kid named Che, which has changed radically since his parents’ divorce.
Beata Bubenets
The Chechen Ruslan Arsajev seizes every opportunity to fight against the Russians, including in Ukraine. A portrait of a displaced mercenary from the front line of the...
Chechensky gambit
Sergei Bosenko
In chess, a gambit is an opening in which a minor piece, like a pawn, is offered in exchange for a favourable position. Although the people in this documentary by Sergei...
Check It
Dana Flor, Toby Oppenheimer
Getting involved in a major fashion project offers members of Check It, a gay gang in Washington, D.C., a chance to escape the spiral of prostitution and...
Checkmate - Strategy of a Revolution
Susanne Brandstätter
Revealing reconstruction of the Romanian revolution and the strategies that led to the downfall of dictator Ceausescu.
Yoav Shamir
Impression of daily confrontations between Israeli soldiers and Palestinians at numerous checkpoints in the occupied territories.
Checks and Balances
Malek Bensmaïl
A nice observation of daily life in an Algerian newsroom, where the country’s political reality is conveyed with talent, intellect and humor.
Chellina / da Beast
Zoeteke Lugthart
A portrait of 15-year-old Chellina Chirino, the four-time Dutch kickboxing champion who is having trouble finding suitable opponents.
Chelovek, kotory zapriag ideu
Pavel Pechonkin
There are strange people living in the Russian countryside. One example no doubt is the main character in THE MAN WHO HARNASSED IDEA. This farmer lives on an old farm with...
Chemical Weapons
Valentina Filatova
Chemical Weapons is one of the last films of the well-known Soviet T.V.-journalist Vladimir Dunayev. During the fifteen years that he cooperated with the Russian...
William Fairman, Max Gogarty
A deep plunge into London’s gay scene, where synthetic drug-induced sex parties are causing an alarming rise in HIV transmission and drug addiction.
Chicago 10
Brett Morgen
A compilation of archive footage, music and animation as marchers clashed with the police during the Democratic National Convention in Chicago in August 1968.
Chicken Elections
Goran Radovanovic
An old single woman tries to learn to operate a mobile phone on her remote farm. The other villagers also struggle with the changing times.
Chicken Ranch
Nick Broomfield, Sandi Sissel
The ins and outs of drive-in brothel the Chicken Ranch in the desert near Las Vegas.
The Chicken, the Fish & the King Crab
José Luis López-Linares
The meticulous preparations of a top Spanish chef at a prestigious cooking competition in Lyon, where the honour of his country hangs in the balance.
Chickies, Babies and Wannabees
Karin Junger
Two teenage girls are followed during the period of their unintended pregnancy and the first year with the baby.
Chikara - The Sumo Wrestler's Son
Simon Lereng Wilmont, Simon Lereng Wilmont
Chikara is a 10-year-old sumo wrestler hoping to win an important match and make his father proud, but he is beset by feelings of insecurity.
Child Miners
Rodrigo Vázquez
Two inseparable Bolivian friends work in a badly maintained tin mine, even though they'd prefer to stay in school. The election of President Evo Morales offers them...
Child of the Death Camps: Truth and Lies
Christopher Olgiati
Investigative documentary about self-declared Holocaust survivor and successful author, who is accused of lying.
Child Soldier
Diana Ferrero, Josh Rushing
A former child soldier in the Democratic Republic of Congo travels to the United States to tell her shocking story.
Children of Fire
Mai Masri
Children of fire is a personal view into the lives of the children of the Palestinian uprising. After 14 years, Mai Masrie, a Palestinian filmmaker, returns to Nablus, her...
The Children of Fogo Island
Colin Low
Outsiders are often puzzled by people who continue to live in isolated areas. This film concentrates on the children of the Fogo Island, to find out what it is that binds them...
Children of Shadows
Karen Kramer
Many parents in Haiti are so desperate that they give away their young children to more affluent families, where they are forced to work as unpaid servants. A modern form of...
Children of the Decree
Florin Iepan
"Procreation is the social duty of all fertile women," was the political thinking during the 1960s and 1970s in Ceaucescu's Romania. But what did women think of that?
Children of the Fishing Boats
Cao Ning
This Chinese documentary shows the education, work and real life of children who are living on fishing boats on Lake Hong.
Children of the Prophet
Sudabeh Mortezai
Various residents of Tehran experience the unavoidable religious activities that accompany the Moharram mourning period, each in his or her own way.
Children of the Pyre
Rajesh Jala
A remarkably filmed, powerful story about Indian children working at the biggest crematorium on the planet.
Children of the Revolution
Shane O'Sullivan
The daughters of female freedom fighters Ulrike Meinhof and Fusako Shigenobu talk about their youth and their mothers.
Children of the Sea
Annabel Verbeke
Since 1906, a Flemish boarding school has been ruling with an iron fist to train boys from broken homes for the fishing industry.
Children of the War
Alexandre Fuchs
Incorporating interviews and (gory) footage, this film depicts the origins, operations and tackling of the fastest growing and most violent gang in the world, MS-13.
Children under Fire
Wayne Derrick
Seven-year-old Adnan, a Bosnian refugee, knows what he wants to do when he has grown up. He wants to take revenge on the soldiers that attacked his village. He wants to kill...
Children Underground
Edet Belzberg
During Ceauºescu’s regime in Romania, contraceptives and abortion were outlawed. The nation’s work force had to be increased. Thousands of unwanted children were born, many...
The Chilean Building
Macarena Aguiló
A personal account of a child of Chilean freedom fighters, who spent part of her youth in a Cuban commune being brought up by "social parents," rather than her own.
The Chimera of Heroes
Daniel Rosenfeld
Despite his prejudices, Argentinean coach gives his all to lead his rugby team of unschooled Indian players to victory.
Chin. Ind. een leven achter het doorgeefluikje
Yan Ting Yuen
For Mr Ho, the central figure of this documentary, life has flown by. When he came to Holland more than 27 years ago as a fairly well-known actor and opera singer, he was...
China Blue
Micha X. Peled
A critical glimpse behind the gates of a Chinese jeans factory, where women produce denim for westerners for a pittance.
China Heavyweight
Yung Chang
An observational documentary on the rise of the Western sport of boxing in China. Will the young talents fight for their country, or themselves?
China Villagers Documentary Project
various directors
Ten Chinese villagers make short films to document how the Chinese countryside is struggling with democratic reforms.
China's Van Goghs
Haibo Yu, Kiki Tianqi Yu
A Chinese replica painter feels a deep affinity with Van Gogh and travels to Amsterdam to find the spirit of his own work.
The Chinese Are Coming to Town
Ronja Yu
A Swedish town going through hard times puts its hopes in an ambitious Chinese businessman, exposing the harsh realities of globalization.
The Chinese Mayor
Hao Zhou
The mayor of the Chinese city of Datong embarks on an immense demolition and building project to transform his city into a tourist attraction.
Chinese Restaurants: Latin Passions
Cheuk Kwan
Latin Passions tells the story of the Chinese Diaspora in Peru, Brazil, and Argentina through its most recognizable and enduring icon - the family-run Chinese restaurant.
Chinese Verses
Xiaoyu Qin, Feiyue Wu
Chinese factory workers use poetry to break with their anonymity in candid expressions of their feelings and their hardships.
The Chirola
Diego Mondaca
During his incarceration, a former convict gained new insight into the concept of freedom and chooses the simplicity of a life in seclusion over a complete return to...
Chisholm '72 - Unbought & Unbossed
Shola Lynch
Portrait of the first African-American woman to be elected in the US Congress to run for the presidency.
Chladni Scheme
Peter Miller
An abstract Frankenstein-like experiment for all the senses in which we do not first look and then hear, but experience everything all at once.
Chocolate Comedy
Chairun Nissa
A seven-year-old Indonesian stand-up comedian knows precisely how to milk the parent-child relationship onstage.
Choice and Destiny
Tsipi Reibenbach
In this film director Tsipi Reibenbach introduces her parents. Yitsak and Fruma are both survivors of the Holocaust. Originally they are from Poland, but since 1950 they...
Choropampa, el precio de oro
Stephanie Boyd, Ernesto Cabellos
An isolated Peruvian mountain village is turned into a hotbed of civil resistance when a goldmine, exploited by Americans, causes mercury pollution.
The Chosen Ones
Geertjan Lassche
An inside look at the harsh training undergone by recruits to the Dutch Marine Corps, the amphibious infantry unit of the Royal Netherlands Navy.
Jan Gassmann, Christian Ziörjen
In this film about death as a tribute to life, a young Swiss man and his friends document the progression of his disease.
Anja Kofmel
An animated black-and-white documentary narrated by a 10-year-old girl, about her globetrotting cousin Chris who died in Croatia.
Christ Comes to the Papuans
Thomas Balmès
The last weeks preceding the baptism of old Huli warriors, one of the largest tribes of Papua New Guinea, reveals the divisions among the tribe created by competing...
Mohammad Jafari
When Christine returns to Iran to visit her parents, many people claim that they are her relatives.
Christo in Paris
various directors
Between 1974 and 1995, Maysles Inc. made a total of five films about the conceptual artist Christo and his wife Jeanne-Claude. In these films, the originally Bulgarian...
Christopher Wants to Fly
Maria Bäck
11-year-old Christopher wants to be a pilot someday, but until then he spends his time spotting planes along the runway - the best place to dream.
Chronique d'un été
Edgar Morin, Jean Rouch
Rumour has it that Joris Ivens fell in love with Marceline Loridan after having seen her in Une chronique d'‚t‚. Loridan is one of the five main characters in this...
CIA: Operation Ajax
Daniel Burwen
Award-winning innovative graphic novel app that reconstructs the battle for black gold in the Arab world, long before the Second World War broke out.
CIA: Secret Wars
William Karel
In this portrayal of the history of the CIA, former executives are often very critical of the agency, particularly of its secret operations.
Santiago Alvarez
Report about hurricane Flora, that devastated the western provinces of Cuba in October 1963.
Ciczenia warsztatowe
Marcel Lozinski
A film about censorship. Lozinski wanted to make a documentary film about the image of young people in present-day Poland.
Le ciel, la terre
Joris Ivens
With LE CIEL, LA TERRE Ivens attempted to make a film that joins together North and South Vietnam. He shows both the fight by the Buddhists in the South as the army preparing...
De cierta manera
Sara Gómez
The construction of the Miraflores district was one of the first projects executed by the revolutionary regime. The district, which was built in 1961, was meant to replace the...
Cigaretta Mon Amour - Portrait of My Father
Rosa Hannah Ziegler
An experimental documentary portrait of the filmmaker's father, who spends his days smoking in a room, hovering between recollection and oblivion.
The Cinderella of Tallinn
Pirjo Honkasalo
A ruthless businesswoman talks just as easily about her corporate success as she does about her spiritual attitude toward life.
Cinema Cinema
Maani Petgar‘s CINEMA CINEMA deals with the controversial and popular Iranian director Mohsen Makhmalbaf and the making of SALAAM CINEMA. The filmmaker placed an ad in the paper, with the...
Cinema Jenin
Marcus Vetter
A German filmmaker in Jenin tries to breathe new life into a run-down cinema, with the help of the local population.
Cinema Komunisto
Mila Turajlic
A look back at the golden age of the Yugoslav film industry under Tito, the long-time president who was the personification of the Yugoslav Dream.
The Cinema Travellers
Shirley Abraham, Amit Madheshiya
An affectionate, melancholy ode to a vanishing phenomenon in rural India: the traveling cinema. Can the ancient projector compete with TV?
Cinéma Vérité: Defining the Moment
Peter Wintonick
Search for the origins and founders of cinéma vérité.
Philipp Fleischmann
Made in the woods with a 360-degree camera obscura construction, this structuralist experiment sheds new light on the filmstrip.
The Circus Dynasty
Anders Riis-Hansen
Patrick Berdino and Merrylu Casselly, scions of famous circus families, fall in love. It sounds like a fairytale, and it’s filmed like one, too.
Malgorzata Szumowska
Short but poignant portrait, without dialogue or commentary, of a rural family, which records the day-to-day routine and futility of their lives in a poetic but...
Diego Mondaca
This bold, counterintuitively shot documentary depicts life in the San Pedro Prison in Bolivia, where most of the women and children stay voluntarily.
La citadelle Europe
Gilles de Maistre
Young men from Benin undertake a risky trip to get to Europe in search of a better future.
La cité animale
Catherine Azad, Frédéric Gonseth
The relationship between man and animal in Jaipur says a lot about the complexities of Indian society.
Citizen Boilesen
Chaim Litewski
The search for the origin of the intriguing street name "Henning Boilesen" in São Paolo, Brazil leads to fascinating and shocking discoveries.
Citizen Havel
Miroslav Janek, Pavel Koutecky
The long-term reportage Citizen Havel follows the term of office of former Czech President Václav Havel in an unprecedented intimacy with the private side...
Citizen Hong Kong
Ruby Yang
Portrait of Hong Kong’s first post-colonial year through video diaries by five young residents.
Citizen Jane: Battle for the City
Matt Tyrnauer
This portrait of journalist and activist Jane Jacobs (1916-2006) uses a treasure trove of archive material and interviews with contemporaries and experts to present her...
Citizen King
Orlando Bagwell, Noland Walker
Martin Luther King's significance to the human rights movement visualized through archive footage and interviews with people who were close to him.
Citizen Langlois
Edgardo Cozarinsky
There was a time when films, after they had been taken out of circulation, ended up somewhere on a refuse dump or were converted into nail polish or shoe cream. Henri...
Laura Poitras
A hotly debated documentary thriller about the NSA’s large-scale illegal surveillance practices revealed by Edward Snowden in June 2013.
City at Peace
Susan Koch
Group of youngsters, together representing a cross section of American adolescents, is followed for one year during the preparations for a musical performance.
City Edition
Alan Berliner
An associative collage of divergent events is a stimulating translation of the contents of an edition of The New York Times.
City Killer
Damir Cucic
Gripping and alarming film, based on amateur footage of Vukovar. In an apocalyptic urban landscape, a sniper looks for prey.
The City of Bees
Laila Hodell, Bertel Torne
An educational Danish film about the wondrous world of the bee.
The City of Photographers
Sebastián Moreno
Eyewitness accounts, photographs and film footage tell the story of a movement of Chilean photographers who contributed to the downfall of dictator Augusto Pinochet.
City of Photos
Nishtha Jain
If you want to look like a movie star, go to the Kolkata photo studio. There are still some secrets of Indian photo craftsmanship being kept there.
The City of the Dead
Sergio Tréfaut
The Cairo's City of the Dead is the biggest cemetery in the world. One million inhabitants live there. It feels like a gigantic village full of life.
City Scene
Zhao Liang
A string of bizarre scenes from daily life in Beijing, a city in a state of confusion.
The City
Willard van Dyke
THE CITY is an American classic from 1939 in which the duo Ralph Steiner and Willard Van Dyke, responsible for both the photography and the direction, describe the...
The City
Gonzalo Ballester
Revealing snippets from the life of a Moroccan immigrant in Spain. His wild expression betrays his transformation from optimism into despair.
Ciudad de María
Enrique Bellande
Every day, hundreds of people crowd in front of Gladys Motta's house. They put an endless stream of letters containing wishes through her gate. Gladys has visions of the...
Civil Status
Alina Rudnitskaya
An entertaining portrait of the staff of and visitors to Saint Petersburg’s “Wedding Palace,” where births, deaths, marriages and divorces all come together.
The Claim, the Search for Stolen Art from WWII
Ditteke Mensink
The Dutch Restitutions Committee investigates the claims of Dutch Holocaust survivors on art treasures stolen by the Nazis. How do you prove a painting really did belong...
Gideon Kennedy, Marcus Rosentrater
Fictional memories of an adulterous father and a documentary history of espionage are intertwined in this film that consists entirely of archive...
The Clap Trap
Jill Misquitta
Bombay's nickname is Bollywood; after all, the city is the centre of the world's largest movie industry. With a production of about eighthundred films a year, Bollywood...
Thereza Jessouroun
The filmmaker tells the gripping story of her mother, who visibly deteriorated as a result of Alzheimer's disease.
Class Struggle: Film from the Clyde
Cinema Action
An activist reportage by the Cinema Action film collective on the 18-month occupation of the Glasgow shipyards in 1971.
Classe de lutte
Chris Marker, Groupe Medvedkine
Classe de lutte is the first film that was made and produced by the Medvedkine?group, a cooperative of anumber of filmmakers with Marxist leanings. The...
Classified People
Yolande Zauberman
Through a family that consists of people of various racial classifications Zauberman shows how apartheid, in utter absurdity, (de)forms life. Central to this film are 91...
Claude Lanzmann: Spectres of the Shoah
Adam Benzine
Claude Lanzmann devoted 12 years of his life to directing Shoah. This film explores the difficult process of making his magnum opus.
The Cleaners
Konstantinos Georgousis
Members of the growing far-right Greek political party Golden Dawn share their opinions about the foreigners they share the city of Athens with.
Clear Years
Frédéric Guillaume
An intimate and candid account of a man watching through his camera lens as his family falls apart.
Luna Maurer, Roel Wouters
In a likeable, playful clickbait experience, you are rewarded for exploring all the interactive possibilities of your mouse.
Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer
Alex Gibney
How the ambitious and charismatic Governor of New York State, Eliot Spitzer, saw his political career implode thanks to his penchant for prostitutes.
Rebecca Digne
Through a mysterious object presented within a cinematic set, Climats reveals the instruments of make-believe.
Climbing Spielberg
various directors
In the documentary Climbing Spielberg, three just graduated film students are looking for Steven Spielberg. They want to sell their own moviescript to him.
Ravish Kumar
Clint draws the portrait of a small boy from India, who even before he could walk picked up a pencil to represent the world he saw around him in drawings. He often made fifty...
Close Ties
Zofia Kowalewska
A loving portrait of a bickering couple who seems to have weathered every storm life has thrown at them. Everything falls into place during a family dinner.
Tina Gharavi
Experimental self-portrait of a seventeen-year-old lesbian, who calls a spade a spade.
Abbas Kiarostami
A man pretends to be the popular Iranian film director Mohsen Makhmalbaf and ends up defending himself in court.
James George, Jonathan Minard
An immersive, interactive documentary on the cutting edge of art and computer code.
The Clown Children
Jannicke Systad Jacobsen
A moving short film about two street urchins in Guatemala, who earn a living as clowns at a chaotic intersection in Guatemala City.
Clown in' Kabul
Enzo Balestrieri, Stefano Moser
International group of clown-doctors travels across Afghanistan to cheer up sick children and others.
De club van de lelijke kinderen
Mischa Kamp
Five girls found a club, but is their friendship close enough?
Coach Zoran and His African Tigers
Sam Benstead
The newly formed nation of South Sudan employs a Serbian coach to get its national soccer team up and running.
Coal Boy
Chandra Sekhar Reddy Thumati
In northeast India, a young boy tunnels into the hills to find coal. The work is hard and dangerous, but this boy has a dream, and this work is only the first...
Coal India
Ajay Koli, Felix Röben
A visual essay on physical labor and its cyclical movements in the coalfields near Dhanbad, India.
The Coal Miner's Day
Gaël Mocaër
An oppressive and revealing impression of work in a coal mine in Ukraine.
Cobra, een opstand tegen de orde
Jan Vrijman
In 1961 Jan Vrijman made his first appearance as a filmmaker with DE WERKELIJKHEID VAN KAREL APPEL, a film portrait of the Cobra painter. More than twenty-five years later, in...
Coca - The Dove from Chechnya
Eric Bergkraut
Brave Chechen women record family tragedies in preparation for court cases. In this film, the corruption and political manipulation in the Russian and Chechen governments...
Cocksucker Blues
Robert Frank
Robert Frank’s infamous documentary about the Rolling Stones on tour in America, loaded with uncensored backstage drama.
Coco Cabasa
Klara Til
In her free time, a university lecturer in gender studies teaches belly dance to women all over the world to free them from their inhibitions.
Giovanni Troilo
Beneath an unchanging gray blanket of clouds, inhabitants of the once flourishing industrial city of Charleroi, Belgium try to keep it together in a changing world.
Ayse Erkmen
Director Ayse Erkmen regularly has a tea leaves reader to predict her future. Who is the real director here?
Coffee, Cake & Crematorium
Sergej Kreso
With a philosophical undertone and a humorous edge, this documentary examines the German phenomenon of funeral tourists taking organized bus trips to Dutch crematoriums.
Cold Homeland
Volker Koepp
A beautiful portrait of Northeast Prussia and its people through their diverse personal stories.
Cold Waves
Alexandru Solomon
What did Radio Free Europe mean for both Eastern and Western Europe during the era of the Iron Curtain? Extraordinary archive material and interesting interviews offer a...
Coldcut - 'Natural Rhythm'
Stuart Warren-Hill
Hexstatic (Stuart Warren-Hill) made the music videos TIMBER and NATURAL RHYTHM for the band Coldcut, consisting of Matt Black and Jonathan More. The three of them were...
Coldcut - 'Timber'
Stuart Warren-Hill
Hexstatic (Stuart Warren-Hill) made the music videos TIMBER and NATURAL RHYTHM for the band Coldcut, consisting of Matt Black and Jonathan More. The three of them were...
Tommy Pallotta
The impending energy crisis as experienced by 10 young global citizens, blending fact with fiction and animation with interactivity.
La collection
Vincent Bourre
For three years, between 1999 and 2001, director Vincent Bourre collected images and sounds. The chronological montage he has created from these shows the progress of his...
The Collector
Erik Strömdahl
Kurt Hellström is an odd individual. He is a nuisance to the Swedish authorities because he refuses to obey the law. He does not fill in any tax form. People consider him...
Michiel van Bakel
A motion study of a collision between male and female bodies, based on Eadweard Muybridge's 19th century photographs.
The Colonial Misunderstanding
Jean-Marie Teno
Before colonization, the missionaries came to Africa. Documentary filmmaker Jean-Marie Teno shows how they paved the way for European rule.
Carter Gunn, Ross McDonnell
As scientists and beekeepers search for the cause of Colony Collapse Disorder, Colony captures the struggle within the beekeeping community to save the...
Colourful Courtship
K. Baum
The Ndebele people are as colourful as the flowers of Southern Africa. COLOURFUL COURTSHIP gives a charming account of the traditional courting and wedding ceremony of a young...
Colouring our Classrooms
Andrea Spitz
The recent changes in the South African school system have also stimulated modifications in the political domain, among others. For the first time in the history of the...
Colours in the Dust
various directors
After the 2010 erthquake in Haiti, 12-year-old artist Jouvens lived in e temporary shelter for a year. Now he creates colourful artworks to deal with the misery he...
Columbia Urbica
Goran Radovanovic
The free market and competition principles do not only govern the upper strata of society, but also determine marginal lives. In this respect, the life of drifters and...
Oliver Stone
Controversial documentary based on a three-day, almost amicable encounter of American director Oliver Stone with Cuban leader Fidel Castro.
Raphaël Mathié
An intriguing, sober portrait of a lonely French farmer who cannot decide whether he should sell the family farm.
Come As You Are
Emma-Kate Croghan, Brad McGann
COME AS YOU ARE portrays three people who have created an alter ego in which they indulge their (sexual) fantasies. Ron, in daily life a middle-aged man, is...
Come Back Free
Ksenia Okhapkina
Beautifully filmed observations of daily life in a Chechen village, where a community has learnt how to survive the wounds of war.
Come Back Kate
Helena Muskens, Quirine Racké
A fascinating look into the lives of some passionate Kate Bush fans.
La comédie Française ou l'amour joué
Frederick Wiseman
Over the past thirty years documentary filmmaker Frederick Wiseman has conscientiously composed an oeuvre by pointing his camera at traditional institutions like...
Comedy Warriors: Healing Through Humor
John Wager
Don't whine, laugh! That's the motto of five American veterans who were disabled in Iraq or Afghanistan and are now trying to make it in stand-up comedy.
Comfortably Numb
Ariel Folman, Ori Sivan
Comfortably numb is a 40 minutes documentary film photographed in Tel Aviv during the Gulf War. The film avoids: "news", exploding Scuds, damaged houses, evocative...
Coming of Age
Teboho Edkins
Two teenage brothers and two best friends from the poverty-stricken mountain kingdom of Lesotho are driven apart by choices about their futures.
Coming Out Under Fire
Arthur Dong
The American army hates homosexuals. Last year, this was once again confirmed when president Clinton made an attempt to end the discrimination for reasons of sexual...
Amin Haghighizadeh
Twenty-seven year old Amin came to the Netherlands from Iran 10 years ago. Was it worth it, if he lost his childhood in the process?
Comment se fait le fromage de Hollande
Alfred Machin (waarschijnlijk)
Part of 'Archives Present' IDFA 1996 Cinema is a child of the nineteenth century theatre tradition. But it is also a part of the process of modernisation...
Erik van Lieshout
Erik van Lieshout did not sell anything in his "shop" in Rotterdam South, but instead interacted with other shopkeepers and residents of the working class area.
Committed: Ria and Tina
Frans Bromet
After 18 years of marriage, Ab finally tells his wife Tina that he feels that he's a woman in a man's body. From then on, Ab and Tina are known as Ria and Tina.
Common Threads, Stories from the Quilt
Robert Epstein, Jeffrey Friedman
Common Threads is a penetrating documentary with five individuals at its centre who are at the AIDS Memorial Quilt. Five hand-made spreads in the enormous...
Commune of Bliss
Klaus Stanjek
After being expelled from Europe in the 16th century, Canadian Hutterites still live according to guidelines from 1553, although they now run their farms with modern...
Maroesja Perizonius
The personal experiences of the director as a child in the movement of the Indian guru, Bhagwan.
Les communes de Paris
Simon Bouisson
Digital wanderings through the streets of Paris guided by 23 inhabitants, each with his or her own thoughts about the city.
Anna Zamecka
Tragic, in parts humorous and even cautiously optimistic portrait of Ola, a combative 14-year-old who takes care of her autistic brother almost all by herself.
Mikael Wiström
Portrait of a family in Peru and the thirty-year-old friendship between the filmmaker and the father of this family.
D.A. Pennebaker
When the film company was shown on the New York Filmfestival of 1970, riots broke out. The queue of enthusiastic cinema visitors who wanted to see the sold out show, had...
Company - Original Cast Album
The music of the Broadway musical Company is considered the major work of composer Steve Sondheim (West Side Story, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum and Gypsy). The recording of the...
A Complete History of My Sexual Failures
Chris Waitt
In a hilarious and moving personal documentary, filmmaker Chris Waitt visits his ex-girlfriends and asks them why they dumped him.
various directors
In an abstract setting, a former Israeli combat unit collectively combs a complex one more time.
Les Complices
Nora Martirosyan
In rhythm with her peeling of vegetables and fruit, an elegant lady peels away at her globetrotting family history.
Poppy Simpson, Dagmar Tatarczyk
One day each year, there's equality in South Africa: the day of the Comrades Double Marathon from Durban to Pietermaritzburg.
Con el corazón en la tierra
Constante Diego
Carlos Almenares is the president of a cooperative society in the Cuban mountains. By following him with a camera, CON EL CORAZÓN EN LA TIERRA sheds light on the problems...
Con Man Confidential
Alexander Adolph
Four pathological liars talk candidly about their schemes, their victims and their motivations.
Concerning Violence
Göran Hugo Olsson
A brief history of decolonization in Africa, in a collage of archive material with Lauryn Hill reading the words of radical political activist Frantz Fanon.
Concert of Wills: Making the Getty Center
various directors
Report of the construction of the prestigious Getty Center for modern art in Los Angeles, from the drawing table to the convivial opening.
Concerto - A Beethoven Journey
Phil Grabsky
The Norwegian pianist Leif Ove Andsnes dives into Beethoven’s piano concertos and talks enthusiastically about what makes them so special.
The Concrete Revolution
Xiaolu Guo
Chinese writer and director comments in word and image on the price the new China pays for joining the outside world.
Condamnes à réussir
François Jacquemain
One day the inhabitants of the Breton village of la Hague learn that in the area a new plant is being constructed. They are surprised because they had not been...
The Condemned
Nick Read
In one of the most remote places in the world, Russian prisoners talk candidly about their crimes and serving their time in Federal Penal Colony No. 56.
Condition One
Patrick Chauvel, Danfung Dennis
Choose your own field of vision in the images of a bloody protest in pre-revolutionary Libya or a chaotic police arrest on the streets of New Orleans.
The Condor and the Bull
Peter Getzels, Harriet Gordon
The filmmakers observe the tradition-ridden preparations for the Fiestas Patrias, an age-old celebration of Peruvian independence in a village in the...
Condor: Axis of Evil
Rodrigo Vázquez
Inquiry into the culprits and victims of Operation Condor, in which South American dictatorships counteracted political opponents with the help of the United States.
Conducting Mahler
Frank Scheffer
At the Mahler festival in the Amsterdam Concertgebouw last year the complete works of this composer were performed in seventeen days. On that occasion filmmaker Frank...
Confessions of an Eco-Terrorist
Peter Jay Brown
A humorous portrait of expert media manipulator Peter Brown, who fought alongside former Greenpeace co-founder Paul Watson for over 30 years against whale hunters, seal...
The Confessions of Thomas Quick
Brian Hill
The fascinating story of the Swedish Hannibal Lecter. Did this guy really commit more than 30 gruesome murders?
Confidências do rio das mortes
Paschoal Samora
The history of a gold mining area in Brazil, told through the stories of the current population.
Leen van den Berg, Hens van Rooy
On the basis of the vicissitudes of a number of Tamils, Leen van den Berg en Hens van Rooy scrutinize the Dutch policy towards refugees. The result is a...
Công Binh - The Lost Fighters of Vietnam
Lam Lê
Elderly Vietnamese men talk about their experiences as colonial forced labor in France during World War II, about gambling addiction and hunger, and about emancipation and pride.
Congo in Four Acts
various directors
This four-part film presents some harrowing insight into modern-day Congo, where social conditions split the population into criminals and their despairing...
Horizoe Garcia
A portrait of a park in Havana where, thanks to public Wi-Fi, a new kind of meeting place has arisen.
Vladimir Denisenko
What would your conscience tell you to do if the choice was between your own life and that of an entire village?
Panu Saeng-Xuto
Having survived a suicide attempt, Thai transgender Tay is once again proudly walking around at school in a red dress.
Constant, avant le départ
Thomas Doebele, Maarten Schmidt
A personal story about Constant Nieuwenhuys during the last months of his life, while he worked on perfecting the horizon of his last painting.
Constantin and Elena
Andrei Dascalescu
Constantin proposed to Elena when she was 19 after their first day spent together. They got married a month later.
Constructor cada día compañero
Pedro Chaskel
Ernesto 'Ché' Guevara was one of the people who devoted their lives to the establishment of a socialist society. In CONSTRUCTOR CADA DÍA COMPAÑERO, we see that Guevara, long...
The Consultation
Hélène de Crécy
Everyone asks Dr. Luc Perino for advice, but he does not have a medicine for every problem. A peek into the general practitioner's consulting room.
Martin Butler, Bentley Dean
Documentary about a 'first contact' in Australia's western desert in 1964. Characters from both the Aboriginal and European side tell first hand accounts of...
Raymond Depardon
The contact sheets of Depardon's photo report of the San Clemente mental clinic on the island of the same name near Venice show the photographer's hesitations, errors and...
Carl Stevenson
A glimpse of a dystopian future in which the cross-contamination of genetic material is completely out of control. Contamination depicts an atmospheric and ultimately...
Contemporary Color
Bill Ross, Turner Ross
A beautifully filmed concert featuring 10 pop acts and color guard dancers performing synchronized choreographies with flags, rifles and swords.
The Contract
Lina Mannheimer
Beverly has given up her freedom by signing a contract to serve her mistress, an older French lady, for the rest of her life.
Contre-jour de Sibérie
Michel Daëron
Vladimir Ablamsky (82) has a miraculous life behind him. After his schooldays in Belgium he returned to his birthplace, the city of Harbin in Manchuria, the northeastern...
Control Room
Jehane Noujaim
Fascinating portrait of the media at the beginning of the war in Iraq: the TV station Al-Jazeera and the press centre of the U.S. Army.
Rolando Díaz
The discussion about man-woman relationships has changed course since the increase in the number of cooperative farms in Cuba. Besides doing household chores, the women also...
A Conversation Is a Risk to Lose Your Own Opinion
Feiko Beckers
Conversations about the most trivial matters can derail into the realm of the absurd, where communication is nothing more than a grotesque game of words.
Conversations in Vermont
Robert Frank
Robert Frank took thousands of pictures of his family. Now, his children are teenagers and it’s time for meaningful conversations – some painful, some liberating.
Le convoi
Patrice Chagnard
LE CONVOI is an absorbing account of the long journey that three men undertake to bring food parcels to Armenia on behalf of the human rights organisation Equilibre. For...
Cool It
Ondi Timoner
In Cool It, Danish political scientist Bjørn Lomborg presents controversial but realistic alternatives to solving the climate problem.
Coronation Day
Kári G. Schram
CORONATION DAY paints a portrait of poet Dagur Siguroarson, who published his first collection of poems in 1958. Apart from being a prominent figure in Icelandic...
The Corporation
Jennifer Abbott, Mark Achbar
Thorough analysis of the workings and power of private enterprises in our capitalist society.
Colin Low
On the Cochrane Ranch in southwest Alberta a pony is cut of from the herd and driven into a corral. The fight begins between the cowboy and horse, in which the cowboy not so...
Les corrupteurs
Pierre Ramelot
Les Corrupteurs proves that Vichy France steered a clearly anti-Semitic course, but here Pétain is presented as the saviour from evil.
Dorien Janssen
The annual flower pageant in Zundert in the Dutch province of Brabant turns the entire village upside down.
Corumbiara: They Shoot Indians, Don´t They?
Vincent Carelli
An activists' journey to obtain proof of the existence of Indian tribes who live in complete isolation in western Brazil.
Corvus Cornix
Zhanna Romanova
Zhou Hao
Millions of Chinese farm laborers work in the cotton industry. The factory provides regular jobs, but is having to live so far from home really worth it?
Cotton Come-Back
Donald Alexander
One of the films about employment that were made after the war under the authority of the British government aiming to attract workers to those industries into which new...
Couldn't be Fairer
Dennis O'Rourke
This film shows an aspect of the Aboriginals of Australia not known to most whites. O'Rourke made a film about their problems which are the result of political oppression...
Audrius Stonys
What happens when a person dies in hospital and nobody comes to claim the body? A visual journey places the broken links of the chain into a comprehensive mosaic.
Khatereh Hanachi
A candid impression of the life of 18-year-old Parisa from Tehran, who is cramming for the university entrance exam.
Counterfeit Coverage
David Shulman
In the tense days after the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait stories were told about Iraqi brutality, particularly the account of the way in which over three hundred babies were...
Country Boys: A David Sutherland Film
David Sutherland
This gripping, six-hour portrait of two adolescents from disadvantaged families growing up in the poor state of Kentucky is mainly a sketch of the flip side of the...
Countryside 35x45
Evgeny Solomin
Throughout The Russian Federation the old Soviet passports are being exchanged for the new Russian ones. A photographer travels from one Siberian village to another taking...
Coups de foudre
Christophe Reyners
Five women talk in harrowing detail about a personal relationship that saw the love of their life gradually transform into their tormentor.
Couscous Global
Maartje Nevejan
Social networking site with a twist: rather than looking for friends, users seek out opponents for debate and discussion.
Les cousins d'Amerique
Philippe Costantini
Les cousins d'amerique is the sequel to terra d'abril, a film in which Costantini had captured life in a Portuguese fishing village in 1976. In the meantime a number...
Coûte que coûte
Claire Simon
The basis of the capitalist system is free entrepreneurship. Anyone who discovers a gap in the market is basically allowed to fill it. That is not as simple as it seems, as...
The Cove
Louie Psihoyos
This inspired action documentary takes a stand for the many dolphins being caught and killed in the Japanese port of Taiji.
Jonathan Harris
"The most beautiful place in the world to tell stories": a platform where users can share their life stories in pictures, text and audio.
Cowboys in India
Simon Chambers
A self-mocking British journalist investigates the dubious practices of a British mining company in India that has the entire local community in its grip.
Craigslist Allstars
Samira Elagoz
A female perspective on how men look at women in an intimate and sometimes shocking chronicle of first dates made on Craigslist.
Olaf Olszewski
In this film not a single crane can be seen. However, the song that the girls sing in this documentary tells about this bird's grace and freedom. It is a beautiful song,...
The Crash Reel
Lucy Walker
After an accident that left him with a brain injury, snowboarding champion Kevin Pearce can't wait to return to the slopes, and his family can't believe what they're...
Heddy Honigmann
The music they played in various conflict areas around the world triggers Dutch UN soldiers to talk about their personal experiences.
Crazy English
Zhang Yuan
Hilarious portrait of Li Yang, a Chinese teacher who teaches English to large groups of fellow-countrymen.
Crazy Horse
Frederick Wiseman
Graceful, flowing, and harmonious movement in this third dance film by documentary veteran Wiseman to be situated in France.
Crazy Like They Are
Cameron Pearson
Filmmaker's self-examination of motives to keep on filming his declining grandmother against her will.
Crazy Love
Dan Klores
The incredible story of stalker Burt Pugach and his victim Linda Riss, told from the perspective of the protagonists and people involved.
The Cream Will Rise
Gigi Gaston
Revealing rockumentary about life and work of pop singer and songwriter Sophie B. Hawkins.
Credit for Murder
Vladi Antonevicz
A shocking video on YouTube showing two boys being brutally murdered brings filmmaker Vladi Antonevicz into the darkest recesses of neo-Nazi Russia.
Cree Hunters of Mistassini
Tony Lanzelo, Boyce Richardson
This film offered the hunters from the Mistassini area, which is situated in the northern part of Québec, their first chance to see how important it is that...
Crips Strapped 'n Strong
Mags Gavan, Joost van der Valk
Crips Strapped 'n Strong is a documentary about the violent lives of the Crips, a group of Dutch gangsters
The Crisis of Credit Visualized
Jonathan Jarvis
This short Flash film with clear graphic design visualizes the root causes of the American credit crisis.
A Crisis of Faith / the American Dilemma
Dikran Janus Kadagian
In the light of the terrorist attacks of 11 September of this year, this documentary has acquired a pressing topicality. The maker looks for an answer to the...
Crisis: Behind a Presidential Commitment
various directors
President Kennedy faces a crisis as Governor George Wallace prevents two black students from entering the all-white University of Alabama.
Crónica de una infamia
Miguel Torres
CRÓNICA DE UNA INFAMIA is a documentary about the Cuban struggle against imperialism. The starting point is an event in 1949 which seemed insignificant but turned out to...
Cross Aid Post
Maria Mok, Meral Uslu
The door to the Cross Aid Post, a Christian health clinic located in the heart of Amsterdam's Red Light District, is always open for uninsured people and illegal...
In CROSSROADS filmmakers Molenaar and Van Wijk return to the border region between Ruanda and Burundi, where they made their award-winning documentary ISINGIRO HOSPITAL in 1993. A lot has changed...
Crowley - Every Cowboy Needs His Horse
Andre Hörmann
All 11-year-old Crowley wants is to be a cowboy. He’s determined to prove to his parents that he can break a horse.
Joe Berlinger
An inside look at the infamous $27 billion "Amazon Chernobyl" case, Crude is a real-life David vs. Goliath legal drama.
Crude Impact
James Wood
An essayistic plea in which opinion leaders warn about the political and ecological consequences of the current oil policy and for an inevitable oil production deficit.
Terry Zwigoff
Portrait of cartoonist Robert Crumb and his bizarre family.
Wenhai Huang
The story behind the industrialization of China remains as mysterious as the ghostly figures at the shipyard on the Yangtze River, working to a claustrophobic soundtrack.
Vicente Perez Herrero
An ode to love in the time of crisis, set against the backdrop of massive protests against the dismantling of social rights in Spain.
Cinthia Marcelle
A childlike yet serious game with form, color, rhythm and movement, performed by 16 musicians.
A Cry for Madiom
Erez T. Yanuv Barzilay
These disconcerting images from 1998 of a South Sudanese food aid camp are just as shocking and topical as before.
A Cry from the Grave
Leslie Woodhead
A reconstruction of the massacre of more than 7,000 Muslims in Srebrenica in July 1995.
The Cu Chi Tunnels
Mickey Grant
In the Vietnam War, the North Vietnamese dug the Cu Chi Tunnels near Saigon, a tunnel network that was laid out one metre deep. It had a length of 250 kilometres, and was...
Cuba Son
Yves Billon
How is it possible that men of this age can make music with such force? The band ‘Son Jubilados’ (the pensioners) consists of eight talented musicians with an average age of...
Cuba va: The Challenge of the Next Generation
Gail Dolgin, Vicente Franco
This film gives Cuban youngsters who were born after the Revolution of 1959 and who are, from personal experience, only familiar with Cuban socialism an...
Cuba, valeur d'une Utopíe
Yanara Guayasamin
Older Cubans talk about the socialist revolution of the 1950s and take stock of Cuba under Castro.
Cucalu: Rediscover Reality
Daniel Disselkoen
This interactive iPhone game gets its players to take a fresh look at the world around them by having them photograph circles, squares and triangles in their hometown.
Xavier Marrades
An atmospheric short film about a lonely truck driver who finds a new life companion in the form of a white dove.
Cue China
Ant Hampton
This installation lifts unknown Chinese factory workers out of anonymity – suddenly, they are right before our eyes. On-site reservation required.
Peter Watkins
Intensely realistic reconstruction of the battle between Lowland and Highland Scots, 250 years ago.
Cultures of Resistance
Lara Lee
A globetrotting journey to various geographical hotspots, where peace activists show that art and culture can be effective weapons in the struggle for world peace.
Dennis O'Rourke
Portrait of the inhabitants of Cunnamulla, a small town in outback Queensland, Australia, where whites and aborigines with very different backgrounds live together.
Cuôc sông ò ubitovna
Petr Václav
A film about the experiences of Vietnamese people in Czechoslovakia. On the one hand it shows people who try to make the best of it. On the other, we see people with more...
Sander Snoep, Sarah Vos
A confrontational look at the shared, unspoken grief of Curaçao.
Cure for Pain: The Mark Sandman Story
Robert G. Bralver, David Ferino
A portrait of one of the most original rock musicians of the 1990s: singer, bassist, writer, composer and founder of Morphine, Mark Sandman.
The Curse of the Hedgehog
Dumitru Budrala
For a year, this documentary follows a group of Roma that lives in extreme poverty in Romania trading brooms.
Nizar Hassan
Unravelling the complicated power relations between different families within an Israeli settlement.
Cutie and the Boxer
Zachary Heinzerling
Humor and tragedy take turns in this tender portrait of Japanese artists Noriko Shinohara and her "boxing artist" husband Ushio.
Chairun Nissa
Two filmmakers decide to look into the opaque world of Indonesian film censorship after their film is rejected for regular distribution.
Cutting Loose
Susan Todd, Andrew Young
The city of New Orleans is known for its excesses, in the area of lively jazz music and spicy food, but also when it comes down to the city's crime rates....
Rokhsareh Ghaemmaghami
An Iranian artist paints and exhibits on the streets of Tehran. There, the shy man encounters opposition as well as praise.
Peter Lynch
Fascinating portrait of the world’s first cyborg Steve Mann, who challenges the manipulation by multinationals and mass media.
Czech Dream
Vít Klusák, Filip Remunda
Crowds of Czechs come together for the opening of the brand-new supermarket known as "The Czech Dream." But behind a brightly coloured facade, an empty field is...
Call for Entry: IDFA Bertha Fund December 22, 2016 | The IDFA Bertha Fund is looking for new creative documentary projects from developing countries for both its classic program and the IBF Europe distribution scheme.
Ally Derks receives Pioneer Award December 12, 2016 | Last Saturday, Ally Derks received a prestigious Pioneer Award from the International Documentary Association.
Open Call: Short Web Documentaries November 26, 2016 | IDFA and Jos de Putter from Deep Focus Web Documentaries invite entries for project proposals from talented (young) filmmakers.
And the winners are... November 23, 2016 | At the Awards Ceremony in the Stadsschouwburg, the 14 winners of IDFA 2016 have just been announced.


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