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D.M.B. 91
Alexei Khanjutin
D.m.b. 91 takes its audience to the inner world of the 'real' Red Army by showing the daily life in a tank division. In this documentary nothing remains concealed. It...
Daan's Inheritance
Joris Postema
Trying to get a handle on his life and depression, Daan enters into a confrontation with his father, photographer Ed van der Elsken, who died in 1990.
Chris Relleke, Jascha de Wilde
Every day, dabba wallahs in Bombay deliver lunches, prepared by someone of the same caste, to working Indians.
Dad or a Life
Volker Maria Engel, Sandra Van Slooten
A journey along the West Coast of the United States in search of an elusive father, accompanied by observations on contemporary America.
Daddy Has Gone and Left Me Puzzled
Marijn Frank
As director Marijn Frank's father reaches the final stages of a terminal disease, she tries to find out who he is through conversations with his loved ones.
Hans Otten
Daders is based on extensive interviews on audiotape with three people who have committed incest, and who have meanwhile been convicted. Ordinary family men who abused their...
De dag dat ik besloot - Tatjana
Machteld van Gelder
Television film about the domestic quarrels between Tatjana and her seriously ill mother.
De dag dat ik besloot Nina te zijn
Ingeborg Jansen
‘A girl’, Guido answers to the standard question ‘What do you want to be later?’. The eleven-year-old Guido was born as a boy, but feels like a girl. Four out of a...
Dag papa, hallo papa
Claudia Tellegen
Three children make a video clip about their father, who died two years earlier.
Het dagboek van Charlotte s.
Puck Goossen
"I am a frontier inhabitant, I am standing in between men and women. I feel safe with them but belong to neither. I am a transsexual. Charlotte Puck Goossen followed the 53...
Dagboek van het vergeten
various directors
Five personal films about 'forgetting'. Mieke Krijger: For years, Frits Weeda photographed where 'prosperity' was blindly exceeding its own bounds. He quit doing that...
Liu Juexin, Tang Xiaoliang
The elderly residents of an exclusive neighbourhood in Beijing are driven out of their homes by the excavating machines of project developers.
Agnès Varda
A film about a neighbourhood, shot in the street where Agnès Varda lives (rue Daguerre), in the open shops of the shopkeepers. This is not an extensive study of the people who...
The Daily Nation
Hillie Molenaar, Joop van Wijk
The ups and downs of the independent English-language newspaper The Daily Nation in Kenya.
Daini toride no hitobito
Ogawa Shinsuke
Account of the grim battle of farmers and students against an airport company.
Dal der zuchten
Carin Goeijers
In a remote valley in the Spanish Pyrenees, marriageable women are scarce and men and old people are left alone.
Dame la mano
Heddy Honigmann
On Sunday nights, a snack bar in New Jersey transforms into an authentic rumba dance club that attracts Cubans from miles around.
Dame met het witte hoedje
Aliona van der Horst
The portrait of a Russian teacher from Odessa who spent years in a psychiatric institution because she refused to collaborate with the KGB.
Ben Knight, Travis Rummel
Filmmaker Ben Knight travels to major dams all over the United States and gets involved in heated discussions about their preservation.
The Damned and the Sacred
Jos de Putter
A traditional youth dance troupe from ravaged Chechnya goes on a tour of Europe in 2002.
Damned in the USA
Paul Yule
A compelling examination of the ongoing battle between religious fundamentalists whose goal is to clean up modern society and the artists, homosexuals, minorities and feminists...
The Damned of the Sea
Jawad Rhalib
While unemployed local fishermen look on, giant fishing companies empty out the waters off the coast of Morocco.
Dan pod suncem
Vlado Zrnic
A day under the sun, caught in an abstract musical composition of sounds and images.
Dance for Me
Katrine Philp
Ambitious Danish student Mie and her Russian dance partner Egor are working hard for the European ballroom dance championships.
Dance of the Lion
Ozu Yasujiro
This old film shows a beautiful Kabuki dance performed by a member of the strictly trained group the Ninth Generation. Kikugoro has learned the dance from a widow from this...
Matthew Diamond
Portrait of the New York-based choreographer Paul Taylor on the eve of the première of his production Piazzolla Caldera.
Dancing Bear Park
Eldora Traykova
With the help of Brigitte Bardot, the dancing bears Kalinka, Malinka and Stefan found a home with a swimming pool, but what happens to the people in the same area, where...
The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan
Jamie Doran
In Afghanistan, evenings are organized in which young boys dance for men. The people involved talk surprisingly openly about their activities.
Dancing for You
Erlend E. Mo
Vilde is determined to be the first girl to compete in the championship for halling, a remarkable Norwegian folk dance – and she wants her grandpa to see her doing it.
Dancing in the City
Fan Jian
A portrait of four young Chinese people who leave their dead-end lives in the countryside to build a new identity in Beijing.
The Dancing Man: Peg Leg Bates
Dave Davidson
At age twelve Clayton Bates lost his left leg in an accident. As an amateur dancer he fought and overcame this tragedy and started performing as Peg Leg Bates. He became an...
Dangerous Acts Starring the Unstable Elements of Belarus
Madeleine Sackler
A portrait of the underground theater company Belarus Free Theatre, filmed before and in the year after the elections won by dictator Alexander Lukashenko.
Dani, Michi, Renato & Max
Richard Dindo
Documentary search, in three chapters, to clarify the death of four boys who were part of 'Die Bewegung' in Zürich and who were all killed in tragic accidents which always...
Anastazja Dabrowska
At a summer camp for young people with Down syndrome, Daniel tries to express his feelings in a poem. A film about universal desires, friendship and brotherly love.
Danny's Parade
Anneke de Lind van Wijngaarden
Because life is boring for young gays, Danny arranges a boat for teenagers during the Amsterdam Canal Parade. Not everyone appreciates his initiative.
La danse - The Paris Opera Ballet
Frederick Wiseman
Master of Direct Cinema Frederick Wiseman depicts the rigid hierarchy of the renowned Paris Opera Ballet, whose dancers are "half nun, half boxer."
Jan Troell
In DANSEN filmmaker Jan Troell gives his view of dance as an art form that derives its strength from life. The film shows spontaneous children's dances, flamenco dancers,...
Dansmariekes: Een documentaire over de buitengewone levens van majorettes
Maartje Bakers
The drum majorettes of brass band Beatrix dance their way into adulthood.
Danton's Death
Alice Diop
Steve is a young black man from a poor Parisian suburb. His dream is to become an actor, but he encounters plenty of obstacles and prejudice along the way.
Danusia i warszawa
Peter Vogt
Double portrait of two homeless alcoholics who relate their pasts in voice-off and say they have only one dream left: to marry one another.
Dar Fur - War for Water
Tomo Kriznar, Maja Weiss
Risking his life, filmmaker and human rights activist Kriznar travels across Darfur for a peace mission, but business interests appear paramount.
Dar jostojouy-e shahrzad
Safi Yazdanian
Humorous history of Iranian TV commercials, with special attention for the position of women.
Dar o dur
Rashid Masharawi
Dar syki lietuve
Edmundas Zubavicius
LITHUANIA! ONE MORE TIME! focusses on the political events of 1988-1989. Edmundas Zabavicius reflects on the road covered by Lithuania since 1939, when the Molotov -...
Darf ich mal schreien
Jeanne Berthoud
What got into the bridal couple that had a shopping centre organise their wedding?
Darfur Now
Ted Braun
Activists in various parts of the world attempt to take action against the terrible ongoing conflict in Darfur.
Dark Days
Marc Singer
A group of homeless people lives in makeshift shelters in a Manhattan tunnel.
Thomas Tielsch
A dark, associative film about the French writer L.F. Céline, who in 1944 like many French collaborators, sought refuge in the German town of Sigmaringen.
The Darkness of Day
Jay Rosenblatt
The Darkness of Day is a lyrical documentary that explores suicide and the inherent aspects of depression, mortality, isolation, and connection.
Darsena sur
Pablo Reyero
Illustrated by the living conditions of three different Argentinean youngsters, journalist and documentary filmmaker Pablo Reyero tells a distressing story about youth,...
Darwin's Nightmare
Hubert Sauper
How the international fish and weapon trade near Lake Victoria consumes the poor population.
Dat het paradijs voor mij zal zijn
Merel Beernink
A portrait of three Dutch girls who have made the drastic decision to become Muslims.
Daughter from Danang
Gail Dolgin, Vicente Franco
After 22 years, Hiep, who has been adopted by American parents, pays a visit to her Vietnamese mother, but it is far from a blessed reunion.
Daughters of Malakeh
Sharog Heshmat Manesh, Jet Homoet
An intimate look at the inner life of an Iranian family, where the women struggle to remain in control of their own lives.
David Bailey, Four Beats to the Bar and No Cheating
Jérôme De Missolz
David Bailey, the model for the lead character in Antonioni's 1966 film Blow-up, is still at the top of his game as a fashion and art photographer, even in his...
David Wants to Fly
David Sieveking
David is a filmmaker and a big fan of fellow director David Lynch. He wants to follow Lynch's example and discover more about transcendental meditation and the...
A Day at School
Victor Ghizaru
An observational portrait of two brothers from Burkina Faso. Riding around on their donkeys, they encounter worlds very different from their own.
The Day Has Come
Tolly Reviv, Samuel J. Schweig
The Day I Will Never Forget
Kim Longinotto
Confronting, enlightening documentary in which Kenyan women talk candidly about the circumcision of women.
A Day in the Life of a Munition Worker
The dangerous work done by women in wartime is documented in a unique way in this reconstruction of a typical day at an arms factory.
A Day in the Smoke
Andreas Koefoed
A relaxed observation of the goings on at an Egyptian coffee house, where customers come to drink tea, smoke a cigarette and have a chat.
Day Is Done*
Guido Hendrikx
In an extremely personal, in-your-face kind of way, Guido Hendrikx films the last months of Peter Oud, a Sisyphus-like figure who hasn't been outside for two years.
The Day my God Died
Andrew Levine
Harrowing stories of Indian girls and women who have fallen victim to sexual slavery.
A Day to Remember
Liu Wei
With one simple question, the filmmaker demonstrates that the student uprising at Tiananmen Square is still a taboo subject in China.
The Day We Surrender to the Air (Episode One)
Antonio Jose Guzman
Surrender is the 1st part of a trilogy in which I investigate migration and Diaspora.
Daybreak Express
Perhaps D.A. Pennebaker‘s oeuvre can best be compared to one long road movie. With a remarkable talent for being in the right place at the right time, he captured almost all milestones in rock...
Days at the Lennon Park
Annelies Kruk
A bronze John Lennon sits on a park bench in Havana, and his regular visitors talk about how he inspires them.
The Days Before Christmas
various directors
A kaleidiscopic view of the city of Montreal, during the busy Christmas month of December, with the use of hidden cameras. The result is a potpourri of impressions of...
Days with My Father
Phillip Toledano
A poignant selection of photographs and text form a diary of the last years in the life of photographer Phillip Toledano's father.
Deacon of Death - Looking for Justice in Today's Cambodia
Jan van den Berg
A Cambodian woman in her thirties confronts a man she hates with the atrocities he allegedly committed during the Red Khmer regime.
Dead Man Walking
Petar Oreskovic
Twelve years after his disappearance, Himzo Muratovic, who was presumed dead, suddenly appears at his childhood home in Motovo, a Muslim village in Bosnia-Herzegovina.
Dead Men Talking
Robin Newell
Every year, about a thousand condemned prisoners are executed in China. Just before their execution, journalist Ding Yu interviews some of them for her popular TV show.
Dead Slow Ahead
Mauro Herce
An intoxicating sea voyage on a freighter that is more like a futuristic machine cast adrift, on a trip to the end of the world.
Dead Youth
Leandro Listorti
The story of some lives and the traces left behind.
Deadly Deception - General Electric, Nuclear Weapons, and Our Environment
Debra Chasnoff
Most people hold their natural governments responsible for the nuclear arms race and its inauspicious effects on their health and environment. Using black humor, Deadly...
Dear America - Letters Home from Vietnam
Bill Couturié
Accompanied by unique archive footage and a rich soundtrack, this montage of letters sent home by American G.I.s in Vietnam provides a poignant indictment of the madness of...
Dear Araucaria
Matt Houghton
John Graham created cryptic crosswords for The Guardian for over 50 years. During his terminal illness, he used the puzzles to communicate with his fans.
Dear Camilo
Julio Molina, Daniel Ross Mix
The story of Camilo Mejía, the first soldier in the American army who publicly refused to return to the war in Iraq.
Dear Mara, Letters from a Trip through Patagonia
Carlos Alejandro Echeverría
Dear Mara, Letters from a Trip through Patagonia captures the experiences of a group of sheep shearers travelling across Patagonia through letters to the home...
Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father
Kurt Kuenne
This story of a deceased childhood friend, intended for his unborn son, transforms through numerous dramatic twists into a true crime thriller.
Death in a Modern Day Finland
Antti Lempiäinen
A subtle portrait of a Finnish village in transition. Do its residents know how to hold their own?
Death in Port Jackson Hotel
Ed van der Elsken
DEATH IN THE PORT JACKSON HOTEL is a film portrait of the Australian artist Vali Myers. Van der Elsken got acquainted with her in post-war Paris. His pictures of her...
Death in Sarajevo
Haris Prolic
Writers and intellectuals constitute the conscience of the world, says Haris Prolic. In DEATH IN SARAJEVO, we see how Susan Sontag, Bernard-Henri Lévy and many other artists...
Death in the Garden of Paradise
Nurjahan Akhlaq
A personal elegy for the murdered father and sister of director Nurjahan Akhlaq, full of dreamy images of symmetrical gardens and Islamic architecture.
Death in the Terminal
Tali Shemesh, Asaf Sudry
A reconstruction of an attack on an Israeli bus terminal in 2015 and the tragedy that developed from it.
Death of a Nation - The Timor Conspiracy
David Munro
1974 was the year that saw the revolution in Portugal, which put an end to Caetano's dictatorial regime. This event had major consequences for Portugal's colonies. In...
The Death of an Insect
Hannes Vartiainen, Pekka Veikkolainen
A mad insect ballet becomes a tragic story played out by dead insects found in sheds and spiders' webs.
The Death of Jaime Roldós
Lisandra I. Rivera, Manolo Sarmiento
Was it an accident in 1981 that killed Jaime Roldós, the first democratically elected president of Ecuador, or was it a brutal attack?
Death Row Art Star
Aron Ranen
Told in a tearing rush, this is a story about prison art and the religious glamour photographer who makes a magazine out of it.
Death Row II
Werner Herzog
Werner Herzog speaks to four death row inmates in candid interviews about their crimes and life behind bars.
Death Squadrons: the French School
Marie-Monique Robin
Investigation into the influence of methods of ‘anti-subversive warfare’, developed by the French during the Algerian war of independence.
The Death Train
Tom Roberts
Account of the construction of the Great Stalin Railroad, which was never finished but did take the lives of tens of thousands of convicts.
DeathTolls Experience
Ali Eslami
A virtual journey from the refugee crisis in Europe to the bloodbath in Syria, placing the dry “data reality” of the news in an emotional perspective. On-site reservation...
Deca-fëmijët, Kosovo 2000
Ferenc Moldoványi
Accompanied by the soft singing of birds and chirping of crickets, Albanian children in Kosovska Mitrovica confess to the camera the deepest pain they have experienced...
December, maand van het kind
Henri Storck
The feast of St Nicholas is the highlight of the December-festivities in the countries of the Benelux. Similarly, France and England celebrate Christmas at the end of...
A Decent Factory
Thomas Balmès
A manager of sustainable enterprise for Nokia inspects Chinese suppliers, whose discomfort with the presence of the camera visibly grows.
Declaration of Immortality
Marcin Koszalka
In the rugged Tatra Mountains on the border between Poland and Slovakia, mountain climber Piotr "Mad" Korczak creates climbing routes that are among the most challenging...
Deep Blues
Robert Mugge
Deep blues is an homage to the Mississippi Delta as the cradle of blues. The initiative was taken by Dave Stuart, the British guitar player and producer of the 'Eurythmics'...
The Deeper They Bury Me
Angad Bhalla, Ted Biggs
A prisoner in Louisiana since 1972, Herman Wallace tells the disturbing story of his solitary confinement in a series of interactive animations.
Yoav Shamir
A personal quest for the meaning of anti-Semitism in the contemporary Western world, this film by Joris Ivens Award-winner Yoav Shamir has an almost childlike innocence to...
The Defector: Escape from North Korea
Ann Shin
A tense, enlightening documentary that uses a hidden camera to follow two North Korean refugees and their mediator.
Defence of Madrid
Ivor Montagu
This cinematic travelogue consists of three parts. In the first part, texts and small maps are our guides through Madrid in 1936. We see pictures of daily life against the...
Deftige driften
Alwine van Heemstra
Despite the decline of noble affluence, the Dutch aristocracy holds on to its old life style.
Dei mjuke hendene
Margreth Olin
Portrait of the residents of a Norwegian home for the elderly.
Déja s'envole la fleur maigre
Paul Meyer
Documentary feature film follows Italian immigrants in Walloon mining region with high unemployment rate.
Déjà vu
Jon Bang Carlsen
Using excerpts from his films, director Jon Bang Carlsen analyzes how personal experiences influence his work.
Del av den värld som är din
Karin Wegsjö
A film devoted to cows.
Del olvido al no me acuerdo
Juan Carlos Rulfo
Elderly people reminisce about the Mexican writer Juan Rulfo
Les delaisses
Marice Bulbilian
Janetta Ubbels
Delete shows how a teenager finds his own ways of dealing with life now that his father is suffering from Alzheimer's.
Delhi - Mumbai - Delhi
Saba Dewan
An intimate portrait of Riya, a young woman who tries to make a better future for herself and her family by dancing in the bars of Mumbai.
Delicate Balance
Guillermo García López
An interview with former president of Uruguay José Alberto Mujica connects three stories from three continents about the future of humanity.
Délits flagrants
Raymond Depardon
In the Hall of Justice in Paris, Depardon registers the interrogations of suspects caught red-handed. He shows a battle between two parties and leaves the judgement to...
Deltafase 1
Bert Haanstra
With magnificent style, Bert Haanstra reveals how the closure of the Veerse Gat was accomplished.
Dem Deutschen Volke
Jörg Daniel Hissen, Wolfram Hissen
In the summer of 1995 the moment had finally arrived: for two weeks the Reichstag, wrapped up in silvery white fabric, shone and glittered in the Berlin...
David Bernet
A glimpse into the laborious process of drafting new European Union privacy legislation.
Camilla Nielsson
An intriguing look at an authoritarian state on the verge of democratization: how Zimbabwe got a new constitution.
Demolition Men
Eldar Gross
This film follows Dutch free fighter Alistair Overeem while he prepares for some important fights in Japan.
Demon Lover Diary
Don and Jerry are two factory workers from Michigan with the same dream. They hope that once they will be able to produce their own low-budget horror movie. With the aid of filmmakers Joel DeMott and...
Victor Kossakovsky, 32 Students
A "film ballet" in which footage of violent protests in Barcelona in March 2012 enters into a special relationship with classical music.
Den anden vej
Tina Svendsen
All his life, the Danish boy Nicki has done things that are forbidden. In this partly dramatised documentary, we see for instance how he and a friend steal a motorbike and...
Den andra stranden
Mikael Winström
A Swedish photographer makes a series of pictures of a Peruvian family that lives near the large rubbish dumps of Lima. The family asks him to become their youngest...
Den højeste straf
Tómas Gislason
Search in the KGB archives and Siberian labour camps for the fate of dissidents under Stalin.
Den syvende himmel
Steffan Strandberg
Portrait of colourful artist Lars Kristian, who brightens up the small community of Hidra with short skirts, platform shoes and beautiful art.
Den Teufel am Hintern geküsst
Arpad Bondy, Margit Knapp
During World War II, Norbert Schultze was the nazi's private composer. He composed the score for propaganda films like Feuertaufe and Kolberg, and wrote music...
Tin Dirdamal
Account of the perilous journey through Mexico that more than 200,000 penniless Central Americans make to the United States border each year.
Denok & Gareng
Dwi Sujanti Nugraheni
A young couple tries to get their life back on track after living on the streets of Jogjakarta, Indonesia for many years.
Depeche Mode 101
In the course of time, D.A. Pennebaker‘s DON‘T LOOK BACK and MONTEREY POP have become undisputed classics in the genre of the rock film. They set an example for the next generations, also...
Depending on Heaven: the Grasslands
Peter Entell
The first part of a bipartite series about the life of the Mongols in China. Entell shows a family of nomads whose quiet rhythm of life is determined by the change of seasons...
Mia Donovan
A meditative virtual walk through the mental worlds of a former member of the Unification Church, a skinhead and a jihadist. On-site reservation required.
Derek Jarman, Know What I Mean
Laurens C. Postma
This documentary blends Derek Jarman's own films, paintings and poetry with original material to give a startling poetic image of a controversial artist's life and work....
David Haines
A put-down to all exorcists wanting to “cure” homosexuals – played backwards and set to a beat, it sounds more like what you would hear at a gay disco.
Le dernier glacier
Roger Frappier, Jacques Leduc
A dramatic documentary about the closing of a mine near Schefferville. The pioneers are forced to leave the area where their children have been raised. For...
Des teufels lehrling - Mickaels geschichte
Wilfried Huismann
Candid and gruesome testimony of former torturer in the service of the Turkish army.
Description d'un combat
Chris Marker
Chris Marker's DESCRIPTION D'UN COMBAT was my first acquaintance with a filmmaker who questions and encourages his own images. By his words, he drives them on to form a...
Alcides Chiesa, Jeanine Meerapfel
From 1976 till 1982, Argentina was at war. The military were not fighting a foreign enemy, but a red spectre that they saw turning up from all corners of...
Desert - Who Is the Man?
Felix Tissi
In their very own ways, scientists, artists and wandering souls search in the inhospitable and mythical desert landscape for the meaning of life.
Desert Riders
Victor Sarin
A shocking look behind the scenes of camel racing in the United Arab Emirates, where Asian children are enslaved as jockeys.
Desert Runners
Jennifer Steinman
Every year, running events are organized in the most inhospitable deserts of the world. In just five days, the competitors have to slog their way through sand for 250...
Desert Victory
Roy Boulting
Desert Victory constitutes an impressive account of the tank battle and the Allied victory over the German Africa Corps in North Africa
Richard Rowley
A road movie about a young American army deserter who refuses to fight in Iraq, forcing him to flee to Toronto with his wife.
Raymond Depardon
From right to left, Depardon's photos of the desert slide past, with audio excerpts from his Africa films on the soundtrack.
Maria Ramos
Every day after school, 11-year-old Desi has to find a place to sleep.
various directors
A film without words that experiments with form, music and colour documents a 19-year-old Mongolian girl driving across the Gobi Desert with her empty old freezer.
Destricted Presents 'Impaled'
Larry Clark
In this episode of a series of art films on sexuality, a young man gets the chance to perform in a porn flick.
Det Perfekte Menneske
Jørgen Leth
DET PERFEKTE MENNESKE forms the basis for Jørgen Leth and Lars von Trier’s documentary THE FIVE OBSTRUCTIONS (2003).
Deux ans après
Agnès Varda
Two years after LES GLANEURS ET LA GLANEUSE, Varda renews her visit to the gleaners of discarded food and collectors of left things.
Deux voix, comme en echo
Claudette Jaiko
The French language is on the defensive in Canada. This film is a poetic reflection on the slow disappearance of the French language in Ontario. Alain and Claudette,...
The Devil and Daniel Johnston
Jeff Feuerzeig
The life of manic-depressive singer-songwriter and cult figure Daniel Johnston, whose work is praised by people like Tom Waits, Pearl Jam and Beck.
The Devil Operation
Stephanie Boyd
A filmmaker finds out that Peruvian farmers, who have been affected by pollution caused by an American mining company, are being silenced.
The Devil
Jean-Gabriel Périot
The fear Caucasian Americans harbor for the unknown black man standing up for his rights in the 1950s and 60s is revealed to be a projection.
Devil's Bargain
Shelley Saywell
A glimpse behind the scenes of international trade in small weapons, which has brought about a globalisation of death.
The Devil's Lair
Riaan Hendricks
A confronting and intimate cinema verité portrait of the aging South African drug dealer Braaim, who must face a turf dispute with rival gangs and a marital crisis.
Devil's Playground
Lucy Walker
Before Amish youngsters decide if they will follow in their parents’ footsteps, they are allowed to ‘rumspringa’ in the devil’s playground: the ‘English’ outside world.
Carin Goeijers
The young psychedelic blues rockers of DeWolff tackle a blistering tour and the sudden success of their band with disarming modesty.
dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y
Johan Grimonprez
And intense and prophetic film essay about pre-9/11 terrorism, exposing how the mass media have hijacked the news and turned it into a spectacle.
Dialogues With Madwomen
Allie Light
"Female lunatics are less susceptible to control than males. They are more troublesome, more noisy, and more abusive in their language," an observer wrote in 1860. In the...
Diamond Road
Robert Lang
Disconcerting profile of the diamond industry, from top money-maker in Antwerp via Jewish trader in New York to thirteen-year-old cutter in India and underpaid digger in...
Diamonds and Rust
Adi Barash, Ruthie Shatz
One of the chief export products of the South African country of Namibia is diamonds. Along the entire coastline, ships owned by large corporations delve the...
Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel
Lisa Immordino Vreeland
Diana Vreeland, the of Fashion" who died in 1989, looks back on her eventful life in her own voice, thanks to ingeniously used archive footage.
The Diaries of an Elephant
Janina Pigaht
An investigation into the secret past of the filmmaker's beloved grandfather as a member of the SS, based on interviews, diaries and photo albums.
Oksana Buraja
The life of a poor middle-aged woman who struggles with a lack of money and a surplus of alcohol.
Tim Hetherington
Edited in an associative manner, this visual diary tries to answer the question of how it feels to witness a war without actually being involved in it.
Diary Film - I Was 12 in '56
Boglárka Edvy, Sándor Silló
Based on the diary of a 12-year old boy, this film, illustrated with archive footage and animation, documents the Hungarian Uprising of 1956.
A Diary for Timothy
Humphrey Jennings
Original reconstruction of the end of World War II, juxtaposing critical and everyday events.
Diary of an Alien
Ellen Raine - Scott
Impression of a short stay in Tokyo and the culture shock the filmmaker experienced in Japan.
Diary of Hunger
Mireia Pujol
Refugees in a Spanish enclave in Morocco are observed in calm black-and-white images, then talk directly to the camera.
Diary of Someone Waiting
Judith Zdesar
A playful examination of the seemingly pointless guarding of the border between Austria and Hungary. Here, young Austrian recruits are bored to tears.
Paul Wilmshurst
Luke Rhinehart, writer of cult best-seller The Dice Man, leaves it up to the dice to determine the course of his life.
Dichter bij de zee
Barbara Hanlo, Brigit Hillenius
NEARER THE SEA registers the end of summer on the North Sea beach at IJmuiden, a scenery a stone's throw from the Hoogovens (metallurgical concern). The...
The Dictator Hunter
Klaartje Quirijns
The hunt by Human Rights Watch lawyer for former president Habré of Chad demonstrates that an individual's commitment and tenacity can have the trial of this dictator...
Die Before Blossom
Ariani Djalal
A portrait of two girls during the last year of elementary school in Jogyakarta, Indonesia, where Islam is exerting ever more influence on the educational system.
Die Standing Up
Jacaranda Correa
A portrait of the disabled Irina Layevska, who has fought all her life against prejudice and injustice - first following a socialist ideology and now out of personal...
Dienj i chas
Viacheslav Amirkanhian
'Chorus of Slaves' by Verdi is heard in the background of DAY AND HOUR, a documentary about a small provincial town and its people; about their expectations,...
Diese Tage in Terezin
Sibylle Schönemann
Three women pay a joint visit to the Czech town of Terezin, formerly known as Theresienstadt. Their motives are as divergent as their backgrounds. The Israeli Victoria...
Les dieux du feu
Henri Storck
Storck films the industrial inferno of the steel production in a lyrical style.
Different Drums
Tim Hamelberg
This ethnographic portrait paints a vivid picture of a small Creole community on the coast of Belize, surrounded by water, rainforest and drugs.
A Different Kind of Gun
Peter Jordan
Innocent children explain how the war in Sudan is tearing their country apart. Meanwhile, they place their hope in education.
A Different Life
Vladimir Eysner
This portrait of a policeman in an isolated village, openly presents issues of alcoholism and child abuse in rural Russia.
Ondi Timoner
Account of the growing rivalry between The Dandy Warhols and The Brian Jones Town Massacre, two bands that were friends until one became successful and the other...
The Dig
various directors
Modern relationships bring new dilemmas. This interactive web series present you with different couples and the choices they should make. What would you advise?
Dil Leyla
Asli Özarslan
Leyla Imret is only 26 and has just been elected mayor of the Turkish town of Cizre – the heart of Kurdish resistance – when a new civil war starts to loom.
Dim Little Island
Humphrey Jennings
"A short film composed on some thoughts of past, present and future by four men: Paul Williams, composer; James Fischer, naturalist; John Ormston, industrialist; Osbert...
Dim Sum (a Little Bit of Heart)
Jane Wong
Tragicomic documentary about the Chinese Mrs. Wong and her two female colleagues in a dim sum restaurant is a candid portrait of their life as immigrants in England.
I dimenticati
Vittorio De Seta
As winter recedes, life returns to an isolated Italian mountain village. The locals prepare for the “Spar Ceremony.”
Dinner Time
Gor Baghdasaryan
Penetrating images of the frugal meal of an Armenian family say everything there is to say about poverty.
Dinner with the President: A Nation's Journey
Sachithanandam Sathananthan, Sabiha Sumar
Filmmaker Sabiha Sumar travels across Pakistan and examines the current state of democracy in her country by talking to citizens and President...
Terra Long
The apparently innocuous drawings by the five-year-old Morgan in fact reflect the traumas he suffered at the hands of his monstrous father
The Director: An Evolution in Three Acts
Christina Voros
A year in the professional life of Frida Giannini, the levelheaded creative director of Italian fashion house Gucci.
Dirty Energy
Bryan D. Hopkins
Alarming insights into the consequences of the huge Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, viewed from the perspective of local people.
Dirty Pictures (Hotel Diaries 7)
John Smith
filmmaker John Smith sits in a hotel room in the Palestinian Bethlehem Inn. He tensely waits while his camera keeps running.Dirty Pictures is the seventh film in the Hotel...
Dirty Wars
Richard Rowley
A terrifying, revealing journey through the world of covert operations, which are lurking behind more than 10 years of the War on Terror.
Disco and Atomic War
Jaak Kilmi
This witty docits own version of recent history, mixing spy gamesa human tragicomedy.
Suzanne Howard
Complete with a light-hearted and romantic soundtrack, this short film portrays the passion of two greyhound owners who hope to make a fortune with their dogs. The...
Displaced Perssons
Åsa Blanck, Johan Palmgren
Pelle Persson left Sweden 40 years ago, and ended up in Pakistan. Now he is returning, with a family he started far from his country of birth.
Distant Dreams
Alejandro Legaspi
Filmmaker searches for two boys he portrayed on a fruit market in the Peruvian capital of Lima in 1987.
Les dites cariatides
Agnès Varda
Diego Meza
Tribute to the music teachers who are teaching children in a poor Chilean mining town.
Divide and Conquer
Frank Capra, Anatole Litvak
Divide and Conquer is an episode from the Why We Fight-series, that was produced by the American war-department and supervised by lieutenant-colonel Frank...
Divine Pig
Hans Dortmans
An investigation into the complex relationship between man and swine. The leitmotif here is a butcher with misgivings: will he really allow the pig he lovingly raised to be...
Divorce Albanian Style
Adela Peeva
People reflect upon the period during which dictator Enver Hoxha forced Albanians to divorce their foreign-born spouses and branded them as public enemies if they refused.
Divorce Iranian Style
Kim Longinotto, Ziba Mir-Hosseini
Three Iranian women meet with strong opposition when they want to divorce their husband.
Dix minutes de silence pour john lennon
Raymond Depardon
An impression of the memorial service in Central Park, New York, on the occasion of the assassination of John Lennon.
Dixième chambre - instants d'audiences
Raymond Depardon
By means of a series of unique scenes from court cases, Depardon shows the viewer how legal rules and their enforcement can be at odds.
Le dix-septième parallele
Joris Ivens, Marceline Loridan-Ivens
A documentary about everyday life in Vinh Linh and other villages along the 17th parallel, the demarcation line between North and South Vietnam, where...
Dizzy Gillespie
Les Blank
In this portrait of trumpet player Dizzy Gillespie, the jazz legend discusses his personal views on music.
Laurent Chevallier
The djembé is a percussion instrument, the most impressive one in the Mandika-tradition of Guinea. Mamady Keita is one of the greatest djembé players at the moment....
DMZ: Memories of No Man’s Land
Hayoun Kwon
A virtual reality exploration of the heavily guarded border between North and South Korea makes the paranoia of the Cold War palpable. On-site reservation required.
Do Not Track
Brett Gaylor
This personalized series on privacy shows who benefits from the online private data that we unthinkingly share every day with those out to make money off of us.
Do You Get It No. 4
Louis van Gasteren
A seemingly guileless recording of a village street shifts to become an intriguing essay on looking, manipulation and reality.
Doc Next: Astronauts
Jaha Browne, Tara Manandhar
A gentle exploration into the aspirations of various generations, presented through a series of short interviews conducted along the Southbank area of...
Doc Next: Brothers
Emi Mazurkiewicz
A short film capturing the love, life and imagination of two young brothers.
Doc Next: Change
Solomon Walter Kelly
Short films from the new generation of European film talent.
Doc Next: Draw Me a Crisis
Alketa Ramaj
What crisis looks like according to Greek people.
Doc Next: Ebb and Tide
Akile Nazli Kaya
A personal immigration story challenging the existing imagery of Turks in Europe.
Doc Next: Enclosure
Akile Nazli Kaya
"The depiction of a nightmare caused by religious fanaticism", as the maker puts it. In the absence of words, the video poses some very important and troubling questions....
Doc Next: Epidermis
Alfonso Alcalá Olmo
Video dedicated to all the happy owners of a multiple, alternative and fragmented beauty that is different from the one dictating our markets.
Doc Next: Hoodforts
A community film sharing a message from a group of young people in Mile End in London, about why other young people should stay out of trouble and work towards achieving their dreams.
Doc Next: I'm Here to Stay
Ngoné Hajjar
Short films from the new generation of European film talent.
Doc Next: I'm Looking for Someone
Janusz Kojro
Polish Internet portals: in a city the size of Warsaw, a reunion of two bystanders statistically happens once only in 17 years.
Doc Next: Just Brewed It, We're Waiting for It to Settle
various directors
A day at Refik's Tea House in Izmir, serving its customers fresh tea all day. "This place is my child. I devoted my life to it."
Doc Next: Laundrette
Alex Neville
A short contemplative documentary revolving around the late night inhabitants of a launderette.
Doc Next: Media Deception
various directors
What do young muslims think of the media?
Doc Next: My Name Is Ahang
Ahang Bashi
Short films from the new generation of European film talent.
Doc Next: Never Stop Dreaming
Vieru Dan Lulian
Short films from the new generation of European film talent.
Doc Next: No Husband But a Pig in Estonia
Sasha Kheyfets
Carolina can think of many reasons why she'd rather live with a pig than with a man. The love for her pink piglet is unconditional and nothing holds her from living with...
Doc Next: One of Us
various directors
The people of Eskisehir in Turkey talk about a statue, creating stories around it, revealing their own personalities.
Doc Next: Political Brands, Empty Words
Rocío Trejo Zamorano
A political video-remix about brands and politics.
Doc Next: Pszów
various directors
Pszów is a former mining town in Poland. This film portrays the inhabitants and their dreams, fears and values.
Doc Next: Recover & Rebuild: Croydon
Rebecca Richards
The story of a small family business that was hit in the 2011 summer riots in London. The effects are not only tangible for the Patel family, but for the whole Croydon...
Doc Next: Remembering
Erhan Arik
Short films from the new generation of European film talent.
Doc Next: Small Things
Lucas Tello
Orfeo used his voice to reverse death. In this black screen film a whispering voice reverts to this myth to explain the beauty of cinema.
Doc Next: Snail
Luis Duran
Short films from the new generation of European film talent.
Doc Next: Strangers in Wonders
Domingos  Costa
Short films from the new generation of European film talent.
Doc Next: View from My Window,1968-1979 Chronicles
various directors
A remix of 40 pictures of the late Polish photographer Mariusz Hermanowicz, taken from a flat on People's Army Street nr. 23
Doc Next: Voice
Erhan Arik
Short films from the new generation of European film talent.
Doc Next: What Color Is White
Cansin Ruta
Short films from the new generation of European film talent.
Doc Next: Wires
Jacob Dwyer
A man is trying to collect his memory on a rooftop via a wire full of photographs of different places. Did the photographs prompt his memory or become his memory?
Doc Next: Without Spectator
Rafal Andrzej Glombiowski
Doch die Liebe war stärker...
Uta Schützendorf
Whereas the relationship between Germany and Holland after World War II recovered with difficulty, the first war years had seen a large number of engagements between...
Doctor Bucketman
Carlos Carcas
Spain's master street drummer Doctor Bucketman only needs three buckets to make a big impression on his audience.
The Doctor Leaves Last
Svitlana Shymko
Tanya is a voluntary doctor at an emergency hospital on Independence Square in Kiev, where the situation is still tense.
Jose Antonio Vargas
In 2011, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas publicly announced that he is an illegal immigrant, and started fighting for the legal recognition of...
The Dogs
Adrian Jaime
Argentinean cab driver brings back memories of his past as a member of revolutionary labour party under dictatorial regime.
dokkoi! Ningen bushi
Ogawa Shinsuke
In the centre of the port of Yokohama, one of the three largest slums of Japan is located. Here, thousands of people struggle for survival, despite the deplorable...
Doll Parts
Muzi Quawson
The daily lives of two young musicians in Los Angeles show how traces of Americana are alive and kicking in the fringes of modern culture.
Dolle Zina - Vijf vrouwen van islamitische oorsprong vertellen
Mijke de Jong
Five women of Islam origin talk about their personal experiences with love, beauty, virginity and religion.
Dolls - A Woman from Damascus
Diana El Jeiroudi
Film explains the success of the Arab version of the Barbie doll, the veiled "Fulla," which represents the conservative standards and values put into practice by the...
Dom s rizariami
Marina Goldovskaya
Dom s rizariami depicts the history of the Muscovite house as a commune, as a communal living place according to communist ideals.
Dom starych kobiet
Jan Lomnicki
A film about old age. Jan Lomnicki made an impression of the life of elder people who, far from their relatives and friends, are facing their final days. This has resulted in...
De domeinen Ditvoorst
Thom Hoffman
"Who was my good friend Adriaan Ditvoorst?", actor - and in this case first-time director - Thom Hoffman wonders at the beginning of his film THE DITVOORST ESTATE. He tries...
Domestic Violence
Frederick Wiseman
‘Have you been threatened with death?’ and ‘Have you been sexually abused?’, a social worker objectively asks a woman who has just run away from home. All questions are...
Domestic Violence 2
Frederick Wiseman
Depiction in direct-cinema style of lawsuits involving domestic violence shows the behaviour of judges, suspects and witnesses.
various directors
A portrait in dreamlike, impressionist images of accordion virtuoso Dominguinhos, an ardent advocate of traditional Brazilian music.
Domino Effect
Elwira Niewiera, Piotr Rosolowski
The Abkhazian sports minister attempts to drag his nation out of its depression by holding the domino world championships there.
Domweg gelukkig
Péter Forgács, Albert Wulffers
In the late eighties, Hungarian Péter Forgács used old amateur movies to compile films, that drew an intriguing portrait of the 'other side' of Hungarian...
Don Juan
Jerzy Sladkowski
A funny and painful portrait of 22-year-old Oleg, whose mother Marina is trying to liberate him from his lethargic state.
Donald Cammel: The Ultimate Performance
Kevin Macdonald, Chris Rodley
Portrait of the misunderstood cult filmmaker Donald Cammell, maker of films like PERFORMANCE and DEMON SEED.
Donauspital - SMZ Ost
Nikolaus Geyrhalter
A tragicomic portrait of the daily routines in one of Europe's largest hospitals, moving from conference rooms to the morgue and the transport corridors.
Dongeng kancil tentang kemerdekaan
Garin Nugroho
For a period of three weeks DONGENG KANCIL TENTANG KEMERDEKAAN follows the daily lives of four street kids, Kancil, Topo, Sugeng and Hatta in Jogyakarta, Indonesia. The...
Donkey in Lahore
Faramarz K-Rahber
Australian puppeteer falls in love with Pakistani moslim girl. Despite all cultural and social differences, he wants to marry her at any price.
Donor Unknown
Jerry Rothwell
Donor-conceived child JoEllen Marsh goes in search of the father she has only ever known as Donor 150.
Don't Argue, Just Spit!
Frank Diamand
Shortly after the Cuban revolution in 1959, a group of American students went to visit Cuba. At the Miami Airport they were hassled, punched, and spat at, by right-wing...
Don't Blink - Robert Frank
Laura Israel
An unconventional portrait of unconventional photographer and filmmaker Robert Frank, Don’t Blink is a voyage from the Beat Generation to the present day.
Don't Fuck with Me, I Have 51 Brothers and Sisters
Dumisani Phakathi
Road movie in which the filmmaker searches for his numerous and by and large unknown brothers and sisters.
Don't Fuck with the Lewises
Ronny Kristoffersen
A Norwegian film crew pays a visit to rock legend Jerry Lee Lewis' sister in Ferriday, Louisiana and finds out that racism and hatred are everyday phenomena there.
Don't Get Me Wrong
Adina Pintilie
A stylish documentary about a psychiatric hospital in Romania. The nursing staff is kept out of the film. Only the patients are shown, in all their vulnerability.
Dont Look Back
D.A. Pennebaker
This classic documentary of Bob Dylan's 1965 British tour is an undeniable masterpiece of Direct Cinema.
Don't Lose Heart
Hella de Jonge
The filmmaker and her father embark upon an emotional journey to places of significance in the history of a family haunted by World War II.
Don't Touch!
Dmitry Shestopalov
Moving scenes of a group of children during a feel-for-all in the Hermitage, where "Do not Touch" is usually the norm.
Dood op verzoek
Maarten Nederhorst
As early as 1993 euthanasia was legalised by the Dutch government, albeit under strict conditions. At the end of that year Cees de Joode learned that he was suffering...
Een doodgewoon gezin
Coco Schrijber
In her film IN MOTION filmmaker Coco Schrijber already proved to have a great eye for visual detail. In EEN DOODGEWOON GEZIN she again pays close attention to everyday...
Doors to the Soul
Elizabeth Rocha Salgado
A documentary about the five senses and how they provide access to creativity and passions.
Artur Zmijewski
An observation of Dorota, who works at the checkout of a Polish supermarket called Real.
Les dossier Plogoff
François Jacquemain
In Brittany several of the French nuclear plants are located. The inhabitants of the village of Plogoff, however, are not going to allow their region to be turned into...
Dots, Chance, Pots, Dance
Jean-Baptiste Maitre
An abstract “mourning dance” in memory of the 2003 looting of the National Museum of Iraq, linking politics to Dadaism and experimental film.
Double Aliens
Ugis Olte
A breathtaking road movie about Samtskhe-Javakheti, an isolated region in the republic of Georgia, where Georgians and Armenians live together in suppressed hostility.
Double Take
Johan Grimonprez
The Cold War, Hitchcock, and the rise of television are ingeniously interconnected in this elegant collage of news, advertising, and film footage.
Double You Street
In the fifteen years of its existence the Amsterdam artists‘ initiative W139 (Warmoesstraat 139) has grown into a meeting place for young and experimental artists. The history of this...
Doubled Up
Samantha Moore
The director, Samantha Moore, tells of the shock and awe of finding out that she was expecting twins. Using the perspectives of mother, artist, child, and medical...
Down from the Mountain
various directors
O BROTHER, WHERE ART THOU?, the film by Joel and Ethan Coen (2000) based on Homer’s epic about Odysseus, is set in the south of the United States, in Mississippi. The...
Oliver Hirschbiegel
A narrative film about Hitler’s last days, as seen through the eyes of his secretary, Traudl Junge.
Dr. Strangelove Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
Stanley Kubrick
When a disrupted American general sends planes with nuclear bombs to Russia, improbable but disquieting plot changes succeed each other in satirical classic from 1964,...
Draakoni aasta
Andres Sööt
The year 1988 was special for Estonia. To everyone's great surprise, the use of the national flag and symbols was permitted; government and Party were given votes of...
Dragon Girls
Inigo Westmeier
At a gigantic training school in China, girls are being rigorously drilled to become practitioners of the noble martial art of Kung Fu.
Dragon Inn, The Hideout in Temple Street
Chan Chung-Ki, Kwan Winson
Amidst the sultry nightlife of Hong Kong, the Mido Restaurant has been a culinary refuge and a haven for remarkable regulars for two generations.
Tristan Patterson
For the 23-year-old Screech, the economic crisis has brought one great benefit: he can now skate in more deserted swimming pools than ever before.
Drake and Son
Tim Clements
While a radio programme propagates spiritual healing for isolated farmers and the mad cow disease has only just been suppressed, a subtly stylised battle of the generations...
Draumur um Draum
Ásthildur Kjartansdóttir
In DRAUMUR UM DRAUM the Icelandic filmmaker Asthildur Kjartansdóttir depicts the life of author Ragnheiôur Jónsdóttir (1895-1967). In her books, Ragnheiôur paid...
Drawing Room
Sara Kolster, Jan Rothuizen
Step into the first “drawn reality” by Jan Rothuizen, about the “premium experience” of the tower room in an Amsterdam department store. On-site reservation...
Drawn from Memory
Paul Fierlinger
Paul, a Czech born in Japan, spent his youth in America during World War II. Back in Prague, he is not able to live by the rules determined by his dominant father and the...
Drawn People
Harrie Geelen
A documentary about the effects of drug abuse on society in the 1980s in Holland. Drawn People consists of interviews with friends, family, social workers, and the...
Dream & Deed
Annette Apon
A reconstruction of the life of poet Henriette Roland Holst between 1891 and 1927, when her involvement with the labor movement turned from idealism to disillusionment.
Dream Cuisine
Ying Li
Intimite portrait of an elderly couple and their dream to preserve and pass on the old traditions of Chinese Shandong cuisine.
Dream Deceivers: the Story behind James Vance vs. Judas Priest
David Van Taylor
Shortly before Christmas 1985, nineteen-year old Ray Belknap shot himself on a cemetery near Reno, Nevada. His best friend James Vance picked up the gun, reloaded, and...
Dream Empire
David Borenstein
A Chinese entrepreneur tries to stay afloat in China’s surreal property sector with an agency for foreign talent.
Dream Girls
Kim Longinotto, Jano Williams
"We will never meet such men, but it helps to alleviate the pain of life for a moment." Two fans of the Takarazuka Revue explain why they are so infatuated...
Dream Homes Property Consultants
Alexandra Handal
Presenting itself as a high-end real estate agency's website, this labyrinthine web-documentary uses expropriated houses to uncover Palestinian stories of displacement...
Dream Land
Laila Pakalnina
Observational documentary without words focuses on the beauty of nature and the rules of life for beings that inhabit the city's garbage dump.
The Dream of Shahrazad
François Verster
A fascinating journey through the Eastern tradition of storytelling and a celebration of the solace it can offer in the wake of contemporary outbreaks of violence.
Dreaming by Numbers
Anna Bucchetti
In a Neapolitan betting office, everyone drops by to place a bet on the basis of an ancient number theory.
Dreaming Nicaragua (Work in Progress)
Marcelo Bukin
By means of a traveling art class, we meet impoverished children from Nicaragua and bear witness to their struggle as well as their hope.
Dreaming of the Golden Eagle
Benjamin Ree
Three Norwegian brothers are already experienced birdwatchers, but they haven't yet laid eyes on the golden eagle.
Thorfinnur Gudnason, Andri Snaer Magnason
What do you own when you have sold everything? A film about a nation standing at cross-roads.
Dreamland GDR
Peter Lataster, Petra Lataster-Czisch
Co-director Petra Lataster visits ex-classmates from the former GDR and speaks with them about their past and their reactions to the collapse of the...
Philippe Lambert
Step into a comfortable dream space and help build this big experimental Canadian dream project.
Dreams and Silence
Omar Al-Qattan
The mystical ideas of a religious figure stand in shrill contrast to the everyday existence of a female Palestinian refugee in Jordan during the Gulf War.
A Dreamscape - Gambling in America
Bernie IJdis
Americans love gambling: annually, they spend more money at gambling than at entertainment and sports taken together. Last year, over 330 billion dollars were spent gambling,...
Drehbuch: die Zeiten
Winfried Junge
The chronicle of the 'Children of Golzow' is the story of a schoolclass that started in Golzow in the GDR in 1961, a few days after the construction of the Berlin Wall....
Drewniane oko krzysztofa
Tomasz Glinski
Dynamic and reflective portrait of a curious and inspired man who chooses to view the world exclusively through a fake wooden camera.
Gábor Hörcher
A close-up portrait of a rebellious racecar-driving teen coping with the twists and turns of life in rural Hungary.
Cao Guimarães
This impressionistic documentary by filmmaker and artist Cao Guimarães follows three drifters and makes a connection between walking and thinking along the way.
John Grierson
The film starts with images of the Scottish fishing village Hanna Voe. Men are on their way to the boats, which are being prepared for herring-fishing. In the next shot, the...
Driftless: Stories from Iowa
Brian Storm, Danny Wilcox Frazier
Affectionate but unpitying black-and-white images capture the tough existence of people still living in declining rural areas of Iowa.
Drill Baby Drill
Lech Kowalski
The residents of a village in the fertile east of Poland oppose plans by power company Chevron to drill for shale gas in their region.
Das dritte Leben der Lya de Putti
Gisa Schleelein
Lya de Putti was an actress whose vamp-like roles made her the talk of the town in Berlin in the twenties. She played in films by people like F.W. Murnau. E.A. Dupont and...
Driving me Crazy
Nick Broomfield
Revealing glance behind the scenes of the American theatre musical Body and Soul.
Driving with Selvi
Elisa Paloschi
Energetic, inspirational portrait of a former Indian child bride, who manages to escape and become an independent female taxi driver.
Droga do szkoly
Grzegorz Skurski
One day in the life of a first-grader at a village school who is living on a farm with his family. Early every morning he has to look after his animals - puppies and a...
Drömmen om
Tinna Joné
This quest for love contains numerous tips from the older generation.
Drona & Me
Catherine van Campen
Drona and I is a portrait of autistic Hindu boy Drona. We'll be watching him through the eyes of Arjun, his elder brother, and so a lovingly double-portrait is...
Tonje Hessen Schei
A revealing film that constitutes a moral and political j’accuse on the basis of the stories of drone victims, human rights activists and drone pilots.
De droom van de beer
Cherry Duyns
The history of the renowned Russian State Circus, told by famous performers from its heydays.
Boris Gerrets
In the grey, anonymous zone between highways, gas stations, carwashes and parking lots, people are on their way, doing their job, or on the run.
Everardo González
This cinema verité film follows various families over several seasons as they go about their lives on a Mexican ranch, waiting for a cloudburst.
Druha sanca
Jana Garajova
Eighteen months before Jana Garajova made this documentary, an interesting experiment began in Bojnice, Slovakia. A home for elderly women and an orphanage were combined...
Drum Room
Miranda Pennell
Young musicians rehearsing in a music school imagine that they're rockers.
Druppels: Hanna & Yael; Annemiek & Manar; Marit & Michael
Pauline Lubbers Huntjens
Triptych about special forms of love and friendship between children.
Du Danskes vej
Poul Bang
On board the State training ships Danmark and Georg Stage several hundreds of boys are educated and trained as sailors every year. The film gives an intimate and lively...
Du soleil en hiver
Samuel Collardey
In the dead of winter, a friendship blossoms between a cattle farmer named Michel and his apprentice Francis.
Duch, Master of the Forges of Hell
Rithy Panh
A disturbing and remarkably candid interview with a Khmer Rouge camp commander that reveals the banality of mass murderers.
Like Kevin Rafferty demonstrated in the ATOMIC CAFE, his classic film compilation of American publicity films from the Cold War, the American propaganda machine is an industry in itself. DUCKTATORS...
Dugma: The Button
Paul Salahadin Refsdal
In this intimate portrait, two jihadists awaiting a suicide mission for the Syrian branch of Al-Qaeda talk about themselves and their loved ones.
Kazim Öz
A melancholy journey across Turkey, Europe and the past of a tranquil village that has been abandoned by all of its young people.
Dust Breeding
Sarah Vanagt
During the trial of Radovan Karadžić, artist Sarah Vanagt examines the courtroom using a sheet of paper and a pencil.
Dutch Cocaine Factory
Jeanette Groenendaal
Dutch Cocaine Factory sweeps us into the perception of the world of a 63-year-old cocaine user.
Dutch Darlings
Niek Koppen
You don't only find traditional costumes in museums, as we see from this shrinking group of Dutch women who wear traditional costumes in everyday life.
Dutch Light
Pieter-Rim de Kroon
Investigation of the origins and myth of Dutch light in paintings is mainly a tribute to the way people look.
Dutch Weed
Maaik Krijgsman, Hans Pool
The Dutch cannabis industry seems to be losing its idealistic innocence. A look into the hilarious but also alarming game of cat and mouse between growers,...
Dwe natsii
Vladimir Osminin
Benjamin Disraeli, the famous politician and thinker at the time of Queen Victoria, used to write the following: "In Great Britain there are two nations - the rich and...
Krzysztof Kieslowski
Warsaw Central Station: a prism which reflects the problems of modern life. For three quarters of an hour - the duration of the evening news on Polish TV - the...
The Dybbuk: A Tale of Wandering Souls
Krzysztof Kopczynski
Tension mounts during the annual pilgrimage of 30,000 Hasidic Jews to the Ukrainian town of Uman.
Jacek Piotr Latallo
A journalistic film dealing with the issue of minor mothers, with their social situation, and with the moral and other problems they have to deal with in their hard...
Dzien pracy
Andrzej Baranski
Painstakingly framed sketch of the life of a man with four jobs is given even more detail by his personal but matter-of-fact voice-off, which underlines the difficulty of...
Dzien za dniem
Irena Kamienska
Recollections of two twin sisters who have spent their entire lives unloading bricks from trucks at building sites. They come from a family with ten children. For a long...
Dziewczyna z marzen
Tomasz Zygadlo
Rough short film that gives a good impression of what it means to be a woman in the Poland of 1968, showing women putting on make-up, dancing with men and taking up...
Call for Entry: IDFA Bertha Fund December 22, 2016 | The IDFA Bertha Fund is looking for new creative documentary projects from developing countries for both its classic program and the IBF Europe distribution scheme.
Ally Derks receives Pioneer Award December 12, 2016 | Last Saturday, Ally Derks received a prestigious Pioneer Award from the International Documentary Association.
Open Call: Short Web Documentaries November 26, 2016 | IDFA and Jos de Putter from Deep Focus Web Documentaries invite entries for project proposals from talented (young) filmmakers.


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