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E pur si muove
Peter Delpeut
E PUR SI MUOVE, And yet she moves! Peter Delpeut, famous for his inventive way of recycling forgotten images from the silent movies, performs his act live here. He films a...
Josephine Hocking
Stirringly visualised essay on modern insights into the evolutionary theory and their social implications.
The Eagle Huntress
Otto Bell
When a 13-year-old Mongolian girl decides to become the world’s first female eagle hunter, she meets some resistance.
Ears, Open. Eyeballs, Click
Canaan Brumley
Pure, poetic and overwhelming portrait in cinéma vérité-style of a platoon of new soldiers during twelve gruelling weeks of boot camp with the U.S. Marines.
Alastair Fothergill, Mark Linfield
This film creates a journey through the changing seasons and daily struggle for life across our planet, from rarely seen landscapes to the smallest...
Aleksandr Dovzhenko
An epic from 1930 about a farmers' uprising following a hostile takeover - generally viewed as one of the greatest Russian films of all time.
Earth and Water
P.V. Pathy
Two hands build a miniature dam of earth and water. What happened on a small scale here is happening for real when bulldozers drive across the land to start constructing a...
Earth Keepers
Sylvie van Brabant, Sylvie van Brabant
Human beings - and the damage we cause tothe planet - are the biggest challenge Mother Nature has ever faced.
Earth of the Blind
Audrius Stonys
A metaphysical exploration based on three stories featuring a cow, a hill and a blind eye.
The Earth Trembles
Luchino Visconti
A Sicilian fishing family loses everything when the oldest son stands up to the wealthy traders.
East Side Story
Dana Ranga
Since the collapse of the Berlin Wall a score of Russian and Eastern European films has surfaced, but until now only a few people knew that some forty effervescent socialistic...
Eat That Question - Frank Zappa in His Own Words
Thorsten Schütte
Frank Zappa’s “obscene” lyrics and confrontational statements about such things as “the stupidity of America” always made him a welcome talk show guest.
Ebb and Flow
Gabriel Mascaro
An observational portrait of a young deaf father in Recife, Brazil, who works installing car stereos.
Ecce homo
Vesna Ljubic
In the past few years, dozens of documentaries have been made on the war in Bosnia-Hercegovina. Many video registrations had the dramatic siege of Sarajevo as their main...
Echelon, le pouvoir secret
David Korn-Brzoza
A revealing view on the powerful, secret world of international espionage networks.
Echoes of War
Joop van Wijk
Inspired by a tale about a little elephant, children on four continents start relating their own, traumatic experiences.
Echos aus einem Düsteren Reich
Werner Herzog
Portrait of the African dictator Bokassa and his reign of terror.
Eclipse of the Man-Made Sun
Nicolette Freeman, Amanda Stewart
Eclipse of the man-made sun is a startling examination of the language and imagery that have been associated with nuclear energy and weapons over the...
Ecopolis China
Anna-Karin Grönroos
A Finnish engineer and a Chinese multimillionaire share a dream of a hyper-sustainable Silicon Valley in China, but there is a clash of visions.
Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters
Adam Cornelius
The best Tetris players in the world prepare for the first world championships in the massively popular computer game with the falling shapes.
Edge Codes: The Art, History and Science of Motion Picture Editing
Alex Shuper
A revolutionary exploration on the nature, significance and history of film editing.
The Edge of Dreaming
Amy Hardie
Neuroscience, family life, dreams and death collide in this engrossing investigation into the human subconscious. Told over one extraordinary year, it is a fascinating,...
The Edge of the World
Geoffrey Bennett
In the mid-thirties the British director Michael Powell made the black-and-white film THE EDGE OF THE WORLD, about the depopulation of an island. The shooting location...
Edna's Day
Bernd Sahling
Sitting at an extra desk...
Edsa - End to End
Eugène van den Bosch
The EDSA - an abbreviation of Epifenio De los Santos Avenue - is a ten-lane motorway of 22 kilometres long, winding straight through city-of-millions Manila. The...
Eduard Shevardnadze - iz proshlogo v budusheye
Ivars Seleckis
Eduard Shevardnadze's road to 'world fame' is well-know: from communist leader of the Soviet republic Georgia to Foreign Minister of the USSR to Chairman of the State...
The Education of Mohammad Hussein
Heidi Ewing, Rachel Grady
Alarming insight into the lives of American Muslims in the post-9/11 era. In Detroit, the community clashes with fanatical anti-Islamic activists.
Education, Education
Weijun Chen
Director Chen Weijun uses three stories of young Chinese people to tell a bigger story about the country's failing education system.
Eerste van de rest
Dimitri Hettinga
Former motorcycle racer Rob Bron coaches Mike and Nympha, two young motorcycle racers, during the 1999 season.
Eert uw vader en uw moeder
Niek Koppen
What does it mean for a child to grow up without his natural parents?
Een eeuw journalistiek
Cor Aafjes
Polygoon, the Dutch film association which became well-known especially owing to the weekly newsreels they made from 1924 to the early eighties, was founded seventy-five years...
Eeuwig leevende teekens
Peter Tijssen
Eeuwig Leevende Teekens tries to establish that Dutch culture was in fact Germanic.
The Egg
Ekaterina Deneva
Following painstakingly precise instructions, an old man boils an egg -- an egg that demands interpretation.
Egypt - We're Watching You
Sherief El Katsha, Jehane Noujaim
An intimate look at the recent multi-party elections in Egypt through the eyes of three women working to assure the election¹s legitimacy.
Eiland van mijn vader
Carin Goeijers
The Moluccan struggle for freedom, which was the motivation behind the 1977 train hijacking in the Dutch province of Drente, is still a current affair for three generations...
Het einde van het liedje
various directors
Portrait of the 'October Club', choir of the FDJ, the communist youth movement in the GDR.
Ulrich Seidl
In a speech, the Russian filmdirector Sergeij Eisenstein calls on Western intellectuals to fight Nazi Germany together. He thinks that there is no time left for indignation and condemnation. Racial...
Ejareh neshin
Mahmood Kiani Falavarjani
In this combination of a nature film and a metaphorical documentary, the peace of two magpies is disturbed by the arrival of chainsaws and excavators: their nest...
Ekhult heter gården
Wilhelm prins av Sverige
In this impression of life on a Swedish farm, made by Prince Wilhelm, the current King of Sweden's great-uncle, everything is as usual.
Eks-potstjmejster iez aktsjie
Georgi Yemelianov
The film introduces the veteran of labour and war Anvarbek Omarov. He lived a long life, full of dramatic events. He lives in Akchi now, which is situated 150 km from...
El abuelo Cheno... y otras historias
In 1920 the people of Mexico rose in revolt against the oppression and exploitation by the large landowners, who were backed by the catholic church. The social outburst would go down in history as...
El acordeon del diablo
Stefan Schwietert
Portrait of 93-year-old Colombian accordion player and singer Pacho Rada.
El barrilete
Alessandro Angelini
Documentary in feature film style in which a 14 year old boy tries to escape poverty and befriends a street kid in Managua. A portrait of two children forced to grow...
El bote
Guillermo Costanzo
Subdued portrait of the patients of an Argentinean institution, as told in their own words.
El Bulli - Cooking in Progress
Gereon Wetzel
For six months every year, a select team of top chefs works on experimental dishes for the Michelin-starred restaurant El Bulli in Spain.
El espectador
Claude Massot
El Espectador, the first and one of the biggest newspapers of Colombia, is still appearing daily. This could be called a down-right miracle, since the newspaper does not...
El grito (fragment)
Leobardo López A.
Documentary about the Mexican student movement of 1968 collectively directed by the students of the National Universities Film School. It was only 1972 that this film...
El Gusto
Safinez Bousbia
The popular Algerian music chaâbi sparks a journey into the cultural and political history of the country, climaxing with the reunion of a legendary orchestra.
El juego de Cuba
Manuel Martín Cuenca
For Cubans, baseball is more than just a sport. From the moment it was introduced, in the mid-nineteenth century, the sport already had a political significance:...
El mégano
Julio Gárcia Espinosa, Tomás Gutierrez Alea
EL MÉGANO was made in 1954 and is considered to be the first critical film in Cuban film history. It is a semi-documentary by a group of young...
El misterio de Eva Peron
Tulio Demichelli
Next to general Peron, Evita Peron was the most powerful figure of the Peronist movement. She was a symbol for the Peronists and became a myth during her lifetime. 'Dame...
El nil arzak
Hashem El Nahas
Without any spoken commentary EL NIL ARZAK shows how people live with and off the river Nile. Images of everyday life, 'caught' by the camera, have been edited in an...
El Niño Miguel
Nacho Martín
A moving, surprising portrait of flamenco guitarist Miguel "El niño" Vega de la Cruz, in the twilight of his career.
El petróleo nacional
Gregorio Castillo
Propagandafilm, produced by the Mexican Government about the expropation of the petroleum industry in 1938 and the consequences it carried to our country.
El piropo
Luis Felipe Bernaza
The piropo was once defined by an anonymous popular poet as the "improvised madrigal". Among other things, a madrigal is a short poem in a gentle and intimate mood....
El puerto I
Nicolás Testoni
A series of short films on daily life in the Argentine coastal town of Ingeniero White, which has undergone a dramatic transformation since the arrival of a large...
El puerto II
Nicolás Testoni
A series of short films on daily life in the Argentine coastal town of Ingeniero White since the arrival of a large petrochemical complex.
El siglo del viento
Fernando Birri
The history of Latin America in the 20th century, according to historiographer Eduardo Galeano.
El sismo del 19de septiembre de 1985 (fragment)
Departamento de producción (DGAC/UNAM)
The following two items constitute examples of images shot by our filmarchive with the purpose of being cataloged by the filmarchive and than...
El viaje de Juana
Adele Schmidt
Portrait of a young mother who has been addicted to drugs for many years.
Ela, Claire and Jens
Giga Chkheidze, Andro Sakvarelidze
This alternative investigative documentary tries to shed light on the meaning of a cryptic plaque on a bench in an unidentified German park.
Elaine Stritch at Liberty
various directors
Portrait of the legend Elaine Stritch during the preparations and performances of her last show on Broadway.
The Elders
Dan Ji, Su Qing
Tibetan village elders pray, converse and resign themselves to the approaching death.
Elegy of Life. Rostropovich. Vishnevskaya
Alexander Sokurov
A portrait of the most famous couple in Russian classical music: opera singer Vishnevskaya and her husband, cellist, pianist and conductor Rostropovich.
Wojciech Wiszniewski
At the time, this film was rejected by the Polish censorship. From December 1980 it has been distributed on a limited scale. A film about life in Poland, running...
Petra Costa
A poetic film on a heartrending subject that follows the Brazilian Petra in her search for her sister Elena, who went to New York to act.
Elena Ceausescu, Doctor Horroris Causa
Emil Busurca
‘A history without a tyrant is like a zoo without hyenas.‘ This statement by the Rumanian/French philosopher Emile Cioran, specialist in the dark side of life, is...
Elephant's Dream
Kristof Bilsen
A poetic portrayal of Congo in transition, as seen through the eyes of three citizens of the metropolis Kinshasa.
Alexey Uchitel
Portrait of new, still unaccustomed higher class in Russia.
Ellen ten Damme, As I Was Wondering Where This Mixed-Up Little Life of Mine Was Leading To
Rob Hodselmans
Portrait of singer and stage legend Ellen ten Damme. Including her struggle with breast cancer, her treatment and the national interest in her.
Nikolaus Geyrhalter
From 12 remote places on earth, wordless accounts are given of the influence of modernisation on daily life.
Emergency Call
Pekka Lehto
An exciting reconstruction of one of the most bizarre unsolved murder cases in Finland’s recent history.
Heddy Honigmann
Six girls talk openly about their problems and how the Internet offers a safe haven where they can be themselves and keep in touch with others.
Emotional Arcade
Brent Hoff, Alexander Reben
This interactive installation invites you to compete in "emotional competitions" using modified EEG headsets, biometric sensors and carnivalesque props.
The Emperor's Naked Army Marches On
Kazuo Hara
A Japanese veteran searches for the truth behind the murder of his comrades.
Eline Jongsma, Kel O'Neill
A Dutch/American filmmaking duo travels to Brazil, Suriname and Ghana, where three descendants try to give the colonial past a place in their lives.
L'Empire de Médor
Luc Moullet
L'empire de medor is a satirical voyage of discovery through the universe of the dog lover. By systematically scrutinising the industry that capitalises on the love for man's...
The Empire in Africa
Philippe Diaz
A detailed reconstruction of the civil war in Sierra Leone that, due to half-hearted actions by the international community, became one of the biggest humanitarian disasters...
Empire Interactive
Eline Jongsma, Kel O'Neill
This powerful and highly dynamic interactive documentary offers insight into the unintended long-term effects of Dutch colonialism, making them palpable.
Empire of Dust
Bram van Paesschen
An occasionally hilarious report on the rocky relationship between the Chinese and the Congolese during the restoration of a road in Congo.
Empire of Evil
Mohammad Farokhmanesh
Portraits of Iranians in Teheran demonstrate that their dreams are incompatible with the religious regime in their country.
Empire State Building Murders
William Karel
In this documentary ode to American film noir, actors from Hollywood's golden age tell a classic Mafia drama.
En attendant godot
Nicole Stephane
While there is not a house standing anymore in Sarajevo and the streets have vanished, Susan Sontag stages Samuel Beckett's 'Waiting for Godot' in that city. Sontag is...
En cuestion de mujeres "ni con el petalo de una rosa"
José Ramon Mikelajauregui
Fourth part from 'A matter of taste', a series of short TV documentaries in six parts. The films are based on a series of interviews with people from Mexico...
En de zee was niet meer
Bert Haanstra
The changing of the traditional fishermen’s life around the inland sea beginning with the construction of the IJsselmeer Dam.
En el hoyo
Juan Carlos Rulfo
This impressively edited documentary invokes our empathy for the workers on one of the largest construction sites in Mexico City.
En fremmed fugl
Lizzi Weischenfeldt
Bosnian Ivana has lost almost her entire family in the war in Yugoslavia.
En frusen dröm
In 1897 three Swedes hazarded a fantastic adventure: an expedition to the North Pole by hot air balloon. But engineers S.A. Andrée and Nils Strindberg and physician and photographer Knut Fraenkel...
En nombre de dios
Patricio Guzmán
The first movie Patricio Guzman made in his native country, not wholly riskless, after Pinochet's coup. The idea for this documentary arose after the director had seen...
En nu de droom over is...
John Albert Jansen
Michael Arnoldus Slory (1935) is generally recognised as the most important poet of Surinam. Grown up in Totness, the capital of the ‘coconut district’ Coronie, and...
En nu ik
Wout Conijn
In his graduation film, a film academy student settles the score with his successful, domineering elder brother who knows how to do everything better, even when it comes to...
En passant
Mirjam Boelsums, Lony Scharenborg
Account of a rail journey right across Europe and a journey along the dreams and longings of individual travellers.
En rig mand
Jon Bang Carlsen
Part feature film, part documentary film, EN RIG MAND portrays multimillionaire Hans Smith, who earned his fortune as the owner of the Substral company, that produces...
En släkting till älvorna
Kirsi Nevanti
Portrait of the many-sided pop musician and intriguing personality Freddie Wadling.
En terecht! - Mijn vader woont in venezuela
René Roelofs
Roxana explains what it is like to have a criminal father who is serving his prison sentence at the other end of the world.
En terecht! - Naomi en haar moeder
John Appel
Naomi lives with her manic-depressive mother, but accepts the disorder as an ineluctable fact.
En terecht! - Schaakkoning Ali
Meral Uslu
Twelve-year-old Ali, who fled from Iran with his parents and sister, is very good at chess and wants to become European champion.
An Encounter with Simone Weil
Julia Haslett
How do we deal with someone else's suffering? An experimental homage to French philosopher Simone Weil and a personal quest for genuine compassion.
Encounters at the End of the World
Werner Herzog
Herzog interviews the inhabitants of the South Pole, scientists and staff, about their dreams, meanwhile showing the splendour of the continent.
The End of an Era. Tashkent
Mark Weil
Next to Moscow, Leningrad and Kiev, Tashkent belonged to the most important cities in the former Soviet Union. The glory days of this city, however, were halfway through the...
The End of Photography
Judy Fiskin
This melancholic film bids adieu to the 150-year-old analogue photographic processes, which are being phased out by digitization.
End of the Century: The Story of the Ramones
Jim Fields, Michael Gramaglia
Tracing the history of one of the most influential groups in the history of rock -- The Ramones.
The End of the Line
Rupert Murray
In this investigative documentary on the disastrous consequences of overfishing, a whistleblower tracks the global movements of ships catching too many of the endangered...
The End of the Neubacher Project
Marcus J. Carney
A filmmaker delves into his family past, which is marked by the acceptance of the sordid Nazi era and his parents' short-lived marriage.
End of the Rainbow
Robert Nugent
A multinational gold mining company is employing villagers to work its mine in a remote region of Guinea, West Africa.
The End of Time
Peter Mettler
Working at the limits of what can easily be expressed, filmmaker Peter Mettler takes on the elusive subject of time in an attempt to film the unfilmmable.
Enemies of Happiness
Eva Mulvad
How much courage does a woman need to fight for a seat in the Afghan Parliament?
Enemies of the People
Rob Lemkin, Thet Sambath
A young journalist whose family was killed by the Khmer Rouge spends a decade making friends with the men and women who directed and perpetrated the Killing...
The Enemy
Karim Ben Khelifa
This installation and app invites you to step into the very heart of conflict situations and find out why people engage in violence. On-site reservation required.
Energy and How to Get It
various directors
Fact and fiction are intertwined in this experimental tale about Robert Golka, an inventor who wants to provide the world with an inexhaustible supply of energy.
Enfants de choeur!
Magnus Isacsson
The turbulent history of the choir for homeless people L'accueil Bonneau in Montreal.
Les enfants du borinage - Lettre à Henri Storck
Patric Jean
Grinding poverty in the Belgian former mining district Borinage, where Henri Storck made a film in 1933.
Engelchen, flieg
Christiane Burkhard
Twenty years ago, director Christiane Burkhard’s parents died in a plane crash. Now she has made a documentary, in collaboration with her sister, about remembering and...
Engelen des doods
Leo de Boer
One hundred kilometres southeast of the Russian city St. Petersburg the village Mjasnoi Bor is located. What was once a prospering farming community is today a desolate and...
The English Surgeon
Geoffrey Smith
The friendship between two surgeons from England and Ukraine reveals painful differences between the medical states of affairs in the two countries.
Enigma gedachten van een grootmeester
Hillie Molenaar, Joop van Wijk
ENIGMA probes into the mystery of thinking. It visualizes the (sources of) inspiration of Grand Master Anatoli Gantwarg, five times World Champion of...
Enjoy Your Meal - How Food Changes the World
Walther Grotenhuis
While a culinary feast is prepared, the filmmaker follows the trails of its ingredients and shows the consequences of our food production on its environment.
Enraged Pigs
Isabel Penoni, Leonardo Sette
The camera is witness to an enchanting story told by native women of different generations, all with jet-black hair and identical bangs.
Dziga Vertov
Full of Soviet propaganda and bursting with innovative film ideas, this historic documentary was Dziga Vertov's first sound film.
Entrevista de os presidentes Díaz y Taft
First personal interview of a Mexican and an American president. Shot by the pioneers of Mexican Cinema the brothers Alva. This is a typical example of newsreel material prior to the Mexican...
Enzo Avitabile Music Life
Jonathan Demme
Neapolitan saxophonist and singer-songwriter Enzo Avitabile combines his love of world music and jazz fusion with forgotten instruments and folk drum rhythms.
Episode 1
Renzo Martens
War-documentary with a conceptual strategy: refugees, soldiers and U.N.-employees are not being asked how they feel, but how they think the interviewer is feeling himself.
Episode 3 - 'Enjoy Poverty'
Renzo Martens
While traveling throughout Congo, Renzo Martens tells the locals that they can earn money off their poverty, just like the international poverty fighters do.
Episode of the Sea
various directors
A visually stunning ethno-fictional work on the Dutch fishing community of Urk. Both fishing and filmmaking are presented as practices handed down by forefathers.
Andreas Hoessli, Isabella Huser
Collage that merges miscellaneous historical footage (the making of the atom bomb, the Balkan War) into a new history.
Das Erbe der Bilder
Madeleine Dewald, Oliver Lammert
Das Erbe der Bilder is a portrait of the controversial painter and filmmaker Svend Noldan. At the end of WW I he and his bosom friend and dramatist Erwin...
Eritrea Stars
John Appel
The Dutch city of Gorinchem welcomes Eritrea’s soccer team with open arms. Will the refugee players make their dreams come true?
Ernesto 'Che' Guavara, le journal de Bolivie
Richard Dindo
Ernesto 'Che' Guevara is probably one of the most famous Marxist revolutio﷓ naries and guerrilleros the world has ever known. Born in Argentina, he spent a great part of his...
Erotic Man
Jørgen Leth
Jørgen Leth is a 73-year-old Danish documentary filmmaker who embarks on a personal quest for the meaning of the word "erotic."
Escaping Riga
Davis Simanis
A playful chronicle of the 20th century based on the lives of filmmaker Sergei Eisenstein and political philosopher Isaiah Berlin.
Escaping the Flood
Frans Bromet
When experts predict that Ilpendam will disappear under water within 50 years, Frans Bromet starts to wonder whether it might be better for him and his family to leave the...
Escobar's Own Goal
Michael Hewitt
How it was possible that the Colombian soccer player Andres Escobar was shot dead after he had scored an own goal.
L'espoir voilé
Norma Marcos
In L'ESPOIR VOILÉ, Norma Marcos portrays five Palestinian women from the Gaza strip and the West Bank, among whom Hanane Ashrawi, who was a long-time representative of the...
Establishing Eden
Persijn Broersen, Margit Lukács
The paradise of Avatar and Lord of the Rings is transformed into a false reality, fractured and flattened before becoming a paradise once more.
Marcos Prado
A 63-year-old schizophrenic woman leads her life on a garbage dump in Rio de Janeiro.
Esther, Baby & Me
Louis Taylor
A black man is seized by panic when his white girlfriend gets pregnant.
Et la creation fut...
Conversations with female Iranian artists and gallery owners about their work, circumstances and ambitions.
Et øjeblik
Klaus Kjeldsen
Children talk about the notion of time. For how long does one moment exactly last?
Eternal Mash
Catherine van Campen
Tribute to rare, threatened plant species and to Ruurd Walrecht, the man who fought for them for forty years.
Ett rättfärdigt krig?
Maj Wechselmann
Goebbels was a skilful liar. Hitler's minister of Propaganda knew that if you keep repeating a lie it becomes true. During the Gulf War, the truths of the American...
Etudes des mouvements
Joris Ivens
A movement study in which all possible camera angles are tried out to observe the chaos of traffic flows in Paris.
Etudi o ljubvi II
Vitaly Mansky
"Chaos and paradox, coincidence and necessity determine the course of history. We are all participants in this game." Says Russian filmmaker Vitali Manski, who made the...
Etz or Palestine
various directors
Eureka! - Living with Lions
Richard Keefe
Portrait of the daily life of a Kenyan schoolboy, a member of the Maasai tribe.
Eureka! j'ai tout faux
Alain Robak
Where do we come from? Where are we going? Why? How? How was it ... before? And what will come after? For centuries, man has been asking himself this kind of questions. And...
Euromaidan. Rough Cut
Roman Bondarchuk
A powerful insider account of the Kiev protests through wide-ranging stories told by the demonstrators’ own footage.
Europe in 8 Bits
Javier Polo
In the 1990s, they were playing Donkey Kong and Super Mario Bros. on their Gameboys, and now they’re using the same devices to thrill audiences with exciting chip music.
The European
Dirk Jan Roeleven
A unique inside view of the hectic life of Dutch politician and diplomat Frans Timmermans, Vice-President of the European Commission in Brussells since 2014.
Eût-elle été criminelle...
Jean-Gabriel Périot
This documentary uses a staggering montage to visualise the principle of the scapegoat - World War II goes by before our eyes, ending in the triumphant head-shaving of...
Even a Bird Needs a Nest
Christine Chansou, Vincent Trintignant-Corneau
A harrowing documentary about a group of women in post-communist Cambodia, fighting an uphill battle against eviction.
Even stilte
Johan van der Keuken
An image of Amsterdam in the sixties in the very first ‘independent film’ by Johan Van der Keuken.
Evening News, no.6
The news programmes of Est Film trace the events of the autumn of 1918 and the spring of 1919. The 6th issue recorded the demonstration outside the Parliament on 27 October 1918 and the revolution on...
Evening News, no.8
EVENING NEWS (Est Film, no. 8). The news programmes of Est Film trace the events of the autumn of 1918 and the spring of 1919. The 8th issue tells us about the 'Hungarian People's Republic'.
The Event
Sergei Loznitsa
Archive images from eight cameras reconstruct the 1991 mass protest on Palace Square in Saint Petersburg against the coup taking place in Moscow at that moment.
Events in a Cloud Chamber
Ashim Ahluwalia
This reconstruction of the first experimental Indian film is a concentrated imaginative exercise, a modern history lesson and an intimate portrait of the artist.
Every 28 Days
Ina Borrmann
An unpolished personal story about the filmmaker’s dramatic attempts to get pregnant as her biological clock ticks away.
Every Child is Born a Poet: The Life & Work of Piri Thomas
Jonathan Robinson
74-year-old American poet and activist of Afro-Puerto Rican descent plays the leading role in stylised film about his life and work
Every Day Except Christmas
Lindsay Anderson
Shot in black-and-white on 35mm, this 1957 documentary is an impressionistic portrait of the workers at the legendary London Covent Garden Market, which is open 364 days...
Every Face Has a Name
Magnus Gertten
A poignant story about some of the thousands of refugees who arrived in Sweden after being freed from concentration camps.
Every Good Marriage Begins With Tears
Simon Chambers
A candid and humorous glimpse into the life of a Bangladeshi family in London whose two daughters are on the eve of arranged marriages.
Everybody Dies, But Me
Valeriya Gaï Germanika
Russian teenage girls Janka, Katya and Vika are best friends forever, but as the night of the big dance approaches, opportunism proves stronger than loyalty.
Everyday Projects
various directors
By uploading photos of everyday life, ordinary people from all over the world show the place they live from a different perspective.
Everyday Rebellion
The Riahi Brothers
A kaleidoscopic look at alternative and creative forms of protest in the world, showing that nonviolent resistance is more effective than the violent version.
Everything Has a Reason
Pieter Verhoeff
Director Pieter Verhoeff invited friends, family and colleagues to dinner to talk about the Dutch actor Gerald Thoolen.
Everything Is Possible
Lidia Duda
The husband tells the story while his wife travels. Elderly but full of life, a Polish couple exposes the anatomy of an unorthodox marriage.
Everywhere at Once
Alan Berliner
This playful collage of images of man and nature is a rhythmic relay race full of humour and irony.
Évocateur: The Morton Downey Jr. Movie
various directors
In the late 1980s, Morton Downey, Jr. created a talk show that became a battlefield, setting the standard for the modern media era.
Der ewige Jude
Fritz Hippler
This harsh propaganda film shows Nazi Germany what it fights: "international Judaism."
The Exception and the Rule
Brad Butler, Karen Mirza
How should one go about making a political film? This question drives a cinematic dialogue with Karachi, Pakistan's largest city.
Excursions in the Dark
Kaya Behkalam
Very personal recollections of what Egyptians dreamed during the uprising against their regime; the Arab Spring is transformed into a projection of the unconscious.
Lucia Nimcova
The older citizens of a small Slovakian town perform the physical exercises that they had to learn by heart under the communist regime.
Exhausting a Crowd
Kyle McDonald
This addictive tableau vivant of a packed Piccadilly Circus allows observers to attach a limitless number of comment “tags” to the people in the crowd.
The Exhibited
Jesper Jargil
Impression of a living art installation by Danish film director Lars von Trier.
various directors
Short documentary about a North-African refugee camp. The encampment is situated in the Algerian part of the Sahara. For more than twenty years it has been giving...
Exil - en mors berättelse
Mikael Wiström
Owing to the fact that director Mikael Wiström and his crew had acquired ample experience with the Latin American refugee issue, they had no difficulties finding the...
Rithy Panh
A poetic, artistic recreation of the early memories of director Rithy Panh, the only member of his family to survive the genocide in Cambodia.
Exile in Sarajevo
Tahir Cambis
The 41-year-old Bosnian/Australian actor and theatre manager Tahir Cambis was born in a German refugee camp, after his mother had fled Sarajevo in the fifties. He grew up in...
The Exiles
Richard Kaplan
The Exiles is a documentary of two hours about the fate of the European intellectual, political refugees who escaped the totalitarian regime in their native countries, and...
Exit Through the Gift Shop
In his hilarious and much-discussed film, Banksy focuses on the French documentary maker Thierry Guetta, who turns into a megalomaniacal street artist.
Nicolas Provost
Nicolas Provost traveled around the west of the United States, coming upon monumental landscapes of immense cinematic beauty.
Exodus over de Donau
Péter Forgács
Historical travelogue about the Jewish exodus from Hungary, compiled from found footage.
Exotica, Erotica, Etc.
Evangelia Kranioti
The sailors’ quest for freedom stands in marked contrast to the needs of the lovelorn women on shore. A film about love, lust and melancholy.
Fabio Wuytack
Jawed from Afghanistan and Dashuri from Kosovo only have each other and their unborn child, in the long battle for a Belgian residence permit.
Experimentum crusis
Taras Popov, Vladimir Tyulkin
For 10 years, Taras Popov worked in a children's 'education camp' in Almaty, Kazachstan. Two years ago he decided to document daily life in this prison: the...
Pramod Pati
. From the second period we have selected two of the best documentaries produced or distributed by the Films Division. Pramod Pati's EXPLORER is a vivid collage of old and new...
Extremo sul
Sylvestre Campe, Monica Schmiedt
Adventure film changes into psychological drama when the film crew has a disagreement during an expedition to Monte Sarmiento in Tierra del Fuego.
Ex-Voto for Three Souls
Diego Rivera Kohn
A portrait of three Mexicans, all of whom have a different reason to pray for a miracle.
The Eye of the Day
Leonard Retel Helmrich
First installment in the trilogy - followed by Stand van de maan and Stand van de sterren - concerning the Indonesian Sjamsuddin family during the Reformasi period...
Eye Spy
Sonia Goldenberg
Ironic lessons learned from videotaped bribery at the time of Peruvian president Fujimori’s regime.
Eye Witness (Vol.1, No.5)
An episode from the documentary series Eye Witness, in which various national and international developments were brought up. In this particular episode we see how in Ottowa the housingproblem is...
Eyeball to Eyeball
Errol Morris
Passionate zoologist hopes to be the first man to meet a living giant squid.
Eyes of Stone
Nilita Vachani
An unsettling testament to the resilience and the tragic circumstances of deprived rural Indian women, this film is structured around the healing process of the “possessed”...
The Eyes of Tammy Faye
Fenton Bailey,
The life story of TV evangelist Tammy Faye, who enjoyed great popularity in the eighties.
Eyes Wide Open - A Journey through Today's South America
Gonzalo Arijon
After 500 years of uninterrupted plunder of its natural resources and the fierce repression of popular revolts, Latin America is at a turning point in its history
Call for Entry: IDFA Bertha Fund December 22, 2016 | The IDFA Bertha Fund is looking for new creative documentary projects from developing countries for both its classic program and the IBF Europe distribution scheme.
Ally Derks receives Pioneer Award December 12, 2016 | Last Saturday, Ally Derks received a prestigious Pioneer Award from the International Documentary Association.
Open Call: Short Web Documentaries November 26, 2016 | IDFA and Jos de Putter from Deep Focus Web Documentaries invite entries for project proposals from talented (young) filmmakers.


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