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F for Fake
Orson Welles
In Orson Welles’s provocative film essay on authorship and authenticity, we meet a motley crew of creative liars and frauds.
The Fabric of Home
Othmar Schmiderer
A documentary about how traditional Alpine clothing has both an old and a new significance for villagers and city dwellers in southern Germany, Austria and...
La Fábrica (trbajar en Cuba)
Hillie Molenaar, Joop van Wijk
Even the fiercest critic of socialism cannot suppress a slight feeling of admiration for what has been achieved in economically isolated and underdeveloped...
Krzysztof Kieslowski
A reportage about a bureaucratic 'working session' at the Ursus Tractor Factory, counterpointed by images of the workers' activities. For Kieslowski, the factory...
The Face of the Enemy
Erik Pauser
Over four million Vietnamese died in what one side calls the Vietnam War and the other side calls the American War this is the story from the other side
Face Value
Johan van der Keuken
Alongside PASSION I put my FACE VALUE. You can see the film as a compilation of very different positions and places that people occupy, in a field of relations. And...
In March 2007 French photographer and street artist JR and his friend Marco embarked on the biggest illegal photo exhibition ever. Enormous portraits were pasted on both sides of the...
The Faces of Facebook
Natalia Rojas
This website compresses 1.2 billion Facebook profile photos into a full-screen mosaic, and a remarkable world atlas.
Faces of the Enemy
Jeffrey Friedman, Bill Jersey
Who are our enemies? How and why do we transform them, and they us, into monsters? In what way does the picture of the enemy create an atmosphere in which...
Facing Death... Facing Life
Ingrid Gavshon
‘The Sharpeville Six’, unjustly condemned to death during the Apartheid regime, talk about their time in prison and about life afterwards.
Facing Fear
Jason Cohen
Twenty-five years after being savagely beaten for being gay, Matthew Boger and one of his assailants, Tim Zaal, are brought together by fate.
Facing the Judgement of History
Fridrikh Ermler
A dialogue between a Soviet historian and Vasily Shulgin, a key figure of the White movement, reveals the complexity behind Shulgin's ideals and the evolution of his...
Facing the Music
Robin Anderson, Bob Connolly
FACING THE MUSIC begins with the start of the academic year at Sydney University in Australia and follows the protagonists throughout this year. The scene of...
Fairytale of Kathmandu
Neasa Ni Chianain
Director Ni Chianain joins a gay Irish poet who she hugely admires on one of his trips to Nepal, where he sponsors Nepalese youth, and discovers the true motive for his...
Faits divers
Raymond Depardon
Depardon follows officers of a police station in the 5th district of Paris during their daily and nocturnal confrontations with petty crime and big tragedies.
The Falashas
Meyer Levin
Falkens öga
Mikael Kristersson
The way in which birds in a Swedish village church observe passers-by provides a refreshing look on mankind.
Fall of Icarus
Yury Shiller
Dreamer in the Russian countryside tries to reach the skies with self-built aircraft.
The Fall of the Romanov Dynasty
Esther Shub
Incorporating unique archival footage, Esfir Shub reconstructs how the Russian czar's power was broken down and the revolution brought Lenin to power.
Fallen Champ: The Untold Story of Mike Tyson
Barbara Kopple
A provocative biography of Mike Tyson, one of the most controversial figures in boxing when the film was made.
Fallen City
Qi Zhao
Three damaged families live in great sadness following an earthquake that hit the Chinese city of Beichuan, while a few miles from the rubble, a new city is being built.
Fallen Flowers Thick Leaves
Laetitia Schoofs
Chinese women of various ages talk frankly about sex and love, shame, taboos and the prevailing traditional mores surrounding sexuality.
Thijs Bayens
Different interested parties express their views on the felling of the forests near Lillooet Lake in British Columbia, Canada.
La familia Latina
German Gutierrez
During the 1970's the pressure of poverty and political repression in Latin America stimulated mass emigration to North America. In Montreal alone this grouping totals...
La familia
Idelfonso Ramos
In 1975, a family law was passed in Cuba that stipulated for the equal responsibility of husband and wife in housekeeping and in raising their children. LA FAMILIA...
Familie in het kwadraat
Ingeborg Jansen
In FAMILIE IN HET KWADRAAT filmmaker Ingeborg Jansen examines the differences and similarities between her identical twin sister Yolanda and herself. Despite all...
Twenty-three years afterwards, filmmaker Jaap van Hoewijk finds out that his father did not die in a motorcycle accident, but committed suicide. With his camera at the ready, he starts looking for...
Phie Ambo, Sami Saif
Sami Saif is 28. He studied film direction. His father left him when he and his brother were very young. The brother later committed suicide. Sami wants to find his...
A Family Affair
Tom Fassaert
Hoping to gain insight into his family history, Tom Fassaert heads to South Africa to visit his grandmother Marianne. Meanwhile, Marianne has something else in mind.
The Family Album
Alan Berliner
Based on 16mm home movies, The Family Album is a collage of American family life in the beginning of the 20th century.
Family Instinct
Andris Gauja
A documentary about Zanda, a Latvian woman who is waiting for her brother, also the father of her children, to get out of prison.
Family Portrait in Black and White
Julia Ivanova
A foster mother of 16 black kids in racist Ukraine fights for the future and well-being of her family.
Family Portraits
Henning Carlsen
The family as social institute is the focus in a series of interviews with members of different Danish families. Mothers and daughters, with conservative and progressive...
Famous Deaths
Marcel Brakel, Frederik Duerinck
Installation art in which you experience the final minutes of a celebrity made as a scent documentary. On-site reservation required.
Far at helvete
Jesper Andersen
Personal inquiry into the fear people have to project their childhood frustrations on their own children.
A Far Cry
Stephen Peet
In 1958, the 'Save the Children Fund' asked Stephen Peet to make a film about the Fund's work in South Korea, some years after the Korean War had ended. The purpose of the...
Far From the Villages
Olivier Zuchuat
A war film without images of the war, about the traumatic war experiences and daily life of homeless people in a refugee camp in Chad.
Far Western
James Payne
A group of elderly musicians form the heart of the remarkable Japanese country and bluegrass scene, which dates back to the U.S. occupation of Japan.
Die Farbe Braun
Friederike Anders
In Germany, the colour brown represents the darkest episode in its history. Videomaker Friederike Anders took this colour as a starting point for making an associative...
Ditteke Mensink
The story of the first journey around the world of the 'Graf Zeppelin' in 1929 and its only female passenger, Lady Grace Drummond-Hay.
Farewell Comrades! Interactive
Lena Thiele
A transmedial documentary production about the final days of the Soviet system, told using old postcards.
Farewell My School
Ucu Agustin
Lintang will go to a regular school, leaving his friends at a school for children with a visual handicap. With his buddies, he practices for a spectacular farewell...
Farewell to Hollywood
Henry Corra, Regina Nicholson
A heartwarming yet heartbreaking and controversial ode to 17-year-old Reggie, who is struggling with cancer, her family and the realization of her cinematic...
The Farewell
Alejandro Alonso Estrella
A photogenic look at the life of a Cuban former miner who decides to go his own way, in spite of his years.
The Farm: 10 Down
Nancy Novack, Jonathan Stack
Ten years after the critically acclaimed documentary The Farm: Life Inside Angola Prison was released, Jonathan Stack returns to Angola Prison.
The Farm: Angola, USA
The Louisiana State Penitentiary is built on a former plantation on the banks of the Mississippi in the south of the United States. It is the oldest and largest prison in America, a total number of...
The Farmer Who Wanted to Emigrate
Geertjan Lassche
A headstrong farmer of 62 wants to emigrate to France. The film follows him as he firms up his seemingly unfeasible plan.
Carlos Sandoval, Catherine Tambini
A small town near New York becomes the centre of a heated local and national debate about illegal immigration.
Farrebique - The Four Seasons
Georges Rouquier
Over the course of four seasons, this partly fictional documentary from 1946 shows life on farmstead Farrebique, which has been owned by the same family for...
Fascisme: la pureté
YELLOW WASPS: ANATOMY OF A WAR CRIME is the third part of a series on fascism. FASCISM: THE RETURN, the first part, demonstrated that fifty years after World War II fascism is rearing its head again...
Fashion Victim - the Killing of Gianni Versace
James Kent
Friends, relatives and culture critics talk about the decadent life of murdered top fashion designer Gianni Versace.
Annekatrin Hendel
A portrait of the controversial German filmmaker Rainer Werner Fassbinder (1945-1982), who had a unique talent for engaging with the German soul.
Fast, Cheap and Out of Control
Errol Morris
Carefully constructed film essay in which Morris contemplates the relationship between man and nature with a great sense of the absurd.
Fata Morgana
Werner Herzog
African desert landscapes play the leading role in this poetical “science fiction elegy.”
Fatal Reaction - Moskou
Marijke Jongbloed
Why do highly qualified Russian career women have problems finding a well-matched husband?
Fatal Reaction: Bombay
In her project in four episodes FATAL REACTION Marijke Jongbloed examines the question why women with higher educations have trouble finding a life partner. After first having searched in New York...
Fatal Reaction: New York
Marijke Jongbloed
A number of years ago Harvard and Yale scientists published research results stating that highly educated women over thirty-five have a greater chance of being killed by...
Fatal Reaction: Singapore
Marijke Jongbloed
For the second episode of her four-part series about the question why so many highly educated women have difficulties finding a suitable life partner, filmmaker Marijke...
Father and Enemy
Susanne Jaeger
A photographer retraces his past in which he fled the German Democratic Republic after discovering his own father was spying on him for the secret police.
Father Figures
April Butler, Gillian Hrankowski
Canadian filmmaker April Butler presents her personal struggle with her 73-year-old father's relationship with a Filipino woman 50 years his junior.
Father to Son
Visa Koiso-Kanttila
Personal film about fatherhood and childhood illustrated by a portrait of four generations of one family.
Father Wanted: With a Piggy Nose
Annelies Kruk
Thirteen-year-old Jaël wants to know who her donor father is. Does he look like John Travolta? And did she get her upturned nose from him?
Father, Son & Holy War (part2 - Hero pharmacy)
Anand Patwardhan
the second part of Anand Patwardhan's FATHER SON & HOLY WAR which is perhaps the best work to come from the ranks of the independent documentary movement in recent...
Father, Son and Holy War
Anand Patwardhan
A daring two-part documentary that explores the notion of "manhood" as it relates to violence, religious traditions, the Hindu-Muslim conflict and the Bombay Riots.
The Father, the Son and the Holy Jihad
Stéphane Malterre
The controversial, tragic tale of the Ayachis, a French-Syrian family. First the son and then the father are drawn into the jihad in Syria.
Yoshiya Shigeno
Student of the Japanese film academy comes to grips with his unhappy youth in conversations with his mother, stepfather and father.
Mirjam Marks
Alive with colour and music, this documentary depicts children from all over the world using music and dance to express their feelings.
FC Rwanda
Joris Postema
Twenty years after the genocide, the government contends that ethnicity no longer plays a role Rwanda, and the army soccer team sets out to prove it.
Ricardo Dias
Impressionistic depiction of the significance of religion and faith in present-day Brazil.
Fe Grande
Claudia Iglesias Venegas
Only a few people are living in the overwhelming and barren mountain masses of the Atacama desert in Northern Chile. They are firmly rooted in this dried-out...
Fear and Learning at Hoover Elementary
Laura Angélica Simón
Bill 187 of the American state of California states that children of illegal aliens have no right to education and health benefits. Filmmaker Laura Angelica Simon...
The Fear Within
Andrew Pallett
Filmmaker’s personal account of his former racist views.
FEATHERED COCAINE: On The Trail of Osama Bin Laden
Örn Marino Arnarson, Thorkell Hardarson
This portrait of a bird of paradise turns into a political thriller: a bird protector stumbles upon Osama Bin Laden, and no one seems to care.
Kevin Rafferty‘s best-known film is indubitably THE ATOMIC CAFE, in which he amalgamated fragments from military propaganda films, information films, television commercials and feature films on...
Feet Unbound
Khee-Jin Ng
Seventy years later, women who survived the Long March of the Red Army tell their stories. Meanwhile, a Chinese journalist follows the same route on a voyage of discovery all...
Karl Gass
Discerning documentary shows what workers in an East-German petroleum processing plant do in their spare time.
Der Feldzug
Armando, Victor Nieuwenhuijs
"This nine-minute-long film-poem must be part of my body of works", Armando says. It was already an extensive oeuvre as it was: Armando paints, writes,...
Fellini, I'm a Born Liar
Damian Pettigrew
Portrait of the Italian director Federico Fellini in fitting Fellini-esque atmosphere.
Femmes de fleury
Jean Michel Carré
Fleury M‚rogris is one of the largest women's prisons in Europe. Every year around three thousand women are sent here to serve their time. Eighty percent of the women is...
Femmes du Hezbollah
Maher Abi-Samra
The Lebanese director Maher Abi-Samra witnessed the rise of the Hezbollah movement in his country from up close. Old friends and acquaintances joined this strictly Islamic...
The Fencing Champion
Simon Lereng Wilmont
With his trainer at his side, fencing champion Ruben is fighting not only to win, but also to learn how to control this temper.
Une fenêtre ouverte
Khady Sylla
A meeting between a director and a befriended psychiatric patient leads to a profound and evocative analysis of insanity.
Fertile Memories
Michel Khleifi
Fest of Duty
Firouzeh Khosrovani
For Muslims, puberty begins at the age of nine, and from that moment on girls wear the hijab. What’s been happening in the lives of two Iranian girls since this...
Fêtes de Belgique: les gilles de binche
Henri Storck
Documentary about carnival celebrations and Shrove Tuesday in Belgium.
Fetishes: Mistresses and Domination at Pandora's Box
Nick Broomfield
In a sumptuous SM salon in New York, the most bizarre sexual desires are fulfilled.
Damien Ounouri
A personal tale of an Algerian revolutionary, this is a story about fighting for independence - both now and 50 years ago.
Fiddlefest - Roberta Guaspari - Tzavaras and her East Harlem Violin Program
Allan Miller
In 1980 Roberta Guaspari-Tzavaras began giving violin lessons to students from a number of public grade schools in East Harlem, New York. The principle underlying her work is...
Field Diary
Amos Gitai
Fierce Light: When Spirit Meets Action
Velcrow Ripper
Activist and filmmaker Velcrow Ripper's personal quest for the power of spiritual, non-violent activism and compassion for human rights and nature.
The Fifth Bride
Rogier Timmermans
A portrait of Petra Heyboer, both the fifth wife of artist and recluse Anton Heyboer and the filmmaker's aunt.
Fig Trees
John Greyson
This unusual combination of opera and documentary chronicles the struggle of prominent AIDS activists for free availability of lifesaving drugs.
Fight Like Soldiers Die Like Children
Patrick Reed
A former UN commander in Rwanda wants to bring to an end the use of child soldiers, such as the girl who had to serve in the barbaric Lord's Resistance Army of Joseph Kony.
Fighting Back
Cecil Holmes
In FIGHTING BACK (1950) we see the story of the communist-led Carpenters Union's battle with employers and the Labour Government in 1949.
Fighting Soldiers
Kamei Fumio
Mainly set around Wuhan Tatakau heitai shows the battle at the Chinese/Japanese front in realistic images.
Fighting the Silence
Femke van Velzen, Ilse van Velzen
Portrait of activists in Congo who try to break the taboo of talking about rape. Includes interviews with victims, their husbands and an offender.
Petra Epperlein, Michael Tucker
Practitioners of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) attempt to keep their footing on the difficult path to the top in their merciless combat sport.
Les filles du roy
Anne-Claire Poirier
Les Filles du Roy is a film about the history of Quebec, filmed from the perspective of its women. It shows the area of tension in which these women live: the...
Filming Desire - A Journey Through Women's Film
Marie Mandy
A playful investigation of sex and desire in the work of female filmmakers. Is their view of desire different, and if so, in what way?
The Filth and the Fury
Julien Temple
Portrait of the legendary punk band The Sex Pistols.
Fin de siglo
Marilyn Watelet, Szymon Zaleski
Film about a big warehouse in Havana, where almost nothing is for sale.
La fin des secrets
Marie Arnaud
The problems and developments of the latest surveillance technologies, according to advocates and opponents.
Final Destination
Ricardas Marcinkus
A Lithuanian prisoner is released after 28 years, but soon returns to a drug-fuelled life on the streets.
Final Goodbye
Natalie Assouline
Israeli Natalie travels to Ireland to visit a lost love, whom her parents did not allow her to marry.
The Final Stretch
Oscar Pérez
A tragicomic portrait of a community paralyzed by economic crisis that is gradually devouring itself.
Finding Fela
Alex Gibney
Fela Kuti was Afrobeat’s inventor, a political activist and a Nigerian icon. This film is a quest to find the man behind the myth.
Finding Fidel: The Journey of Erik Durschmied
Bay Weyman
After 50 years, war correspondent Erik Durschmied goes back to Fidel Castro's guerrilla camp, where his career got a jumpstart once upon a time.
Finding Mercy
Robyn Paterson
Director Robyn Paterson's confronting quest to find her childhood friend Mercy in a Zimbabwe traumatized by dictatorship.
Fine pena mai
Enrica Colusso
Fine pena mai is set in the Porto Azurro prison on the Italian island of Elba. It is Christmas time, the prisoners cook and eat together, they play chess and muse on the...
Fire from the Mountain
Deborah Shaffer
A portrait of Omar Cabezas, one of the faces of the guerrilla resistance against dictator Anastasio Somoza DeBayle in 1970s Nicaragua.
Fire of the Land
Valerie Bichard
During the 2000 Olympic Games an encampment was pitched in Sydney that sought to get international recognition for Aboriginal sovereignty.
Fire Under the Snow
Makoto Sasa
The life story of Tibetan Buddhist monk Palden Gyatso, who was in a Chinese cell for 33 years.
Pirjo Honkasalo
A powerful drama by Pirjo Honkasalo about two sisters and their mother struggling to survive in post-war Europe.
First Cousin Once Removed
Alan Berliner
An intimate and sensitive portrait of poet Edwin Honig, who is suffering from Alzheimer's disease, in the final phase of his life.
The First Film of Palestine
Murray Rosenberg
The First Kid to Learn English from Mexico
Peter Jordan
Nine-year-old Pedro has been angry since his parents emigrated to the United States. He doesn't believe in the American Dream.
First Kill
Coco Schrijber
Vietnam veterans tell about their experiences and traumas, but also about their triumphs. The central figure of this film is Michael Herr who has written a bestseller about...
The First Monday in May
Andrew Rossi
Intensive preparations for a major fashion exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art expose tensions and common ground between East and West, and between art and...
The First on the Moon
Alexey Fedorchenko
By means of archival footage, this creative documentary "reconstructs" how the Russians secretly realised the first manned flight to the moon as early as the 1930s.
First to Fall
Rachel Beth Anderson
Two Libyans studying in Canada return to their birth country with cameras and guns, and join the war against Muammar Gaddafi’s regime.
The First...and the Last
Momir Matovic
Elderly leader of Montenegrin clan lives and works in deserted native region.
Fisiologija Roeskoi zjizni
Igor Alimpiev
There are not many scientists whose name lives on in expressions. Ivan Petrovich Pavlov is one of the few. His name can still be heard almost daily when somebody spots a...
The Five Obstructions
Jørgen Leth, Lars von Trier
Lars von Trier instructs fellow-filmmaker Jørgen Leth to make five variations of one short film, with increasingly sadistic commands and limitations.
Five Star Existence
Sonja Lindén
A personal, cinematic journey to the core of our modern information society, where technology and humans are becoming ever more entwined.
Flag Mountain
John Smith
A slightly absurd look at the nationalist struggle between Greeks and Turks in the divided Cypriot capital of Nicosia.
Flamenco at 5:15
Cynthia Scott
The passion and excitement which is characteristic of Flamenco is reproduced in this documentary. The location is the National Ballet School of Canada where Susana, a...
Robert Frank
Is this house getting built or demolished? Robert Frank’s poetic visual report packed with disorienting close-ups leaves it up to the viewer to decide.
Flâneur III: Benjamins skygge
Director follows German philosopher Walter Benjamin’s shadow through the latter’s beloved Paris.
Herz Frank
Latvian documentary veteran lands in a personal crisis and subjects his past to a penetrating examination.
The Flat Jungle
Johan van der Keuken
In 1978, Johan van der Keuken documented how emerging industries were rapidly transforming the Wadden Islands, the “flat jungle” of the Netherlands.
Edouard Salier
The Empire unveils everything but sees nothing. Its enemies idealize everything but tolerate nothing. What if it all came down to flesh?
Sergio Tréfaut
Filmmaker gets his teeth into an interview with his mother, who apparently has led a complex life that runs parallel to weighty political events.
A Flickering Truth
Pietra Brettkelly
The restoration of the dilapidated film archive in Kabul – home to elderly “Uncle Isaaq” for the last 31 years – yields new surprises every day.
Die fliegenden Ärzte von Ostafrika
Werner Herzog
Report of the activities of the 'Flying Doctors' in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.
Flint Is a Place
Zackary Canepari
A powerful, stylized portrayal of the pride, hope and pent-up anger felt by the people of Flint, Michigan, a symbol of all that can go wrong with the American Dream.
Danielle Kwaaitaal
This poetic, erotic film performed by VJ danielle Kwaaitaal en DJ Aardvarck stimulates the senses.
Flo fox's dicthology
Marshall Fine
Portrait of photographer who is known from her comical photographs of penises.
Floating Bodies
Nelleke Koop
Forensic experts and detectives talk about the balance between emotion and professionalism when examining the bodies of drowning victims.
Floating Dust
Wenhai Huang
The trials and tribulations of young unemployed adults in the Chinese city of Yaoyang.
Floating Lamp of the Shadow Valley
Harry Bal, Rajesh Jala
A hopeful portrait of nine-year-old Arif, who tries to keep his head above water as a ferryman in Kashmir.
Floating Memory
Liu Wei
Former revolutionary loses grip on memories of the Chinese uprising of 1989.
Florilegio ou le cirque l'Italienne
Laurent Chevallier
For over a century the Togni familyhas been travelling around with their circus. A circus in which the show always goes on, backstage and in the ring, on the road and...
Flotel Europa
Vladimir Tomic
The Bosnian filmmaker Vladimir Tomic illustrates his coming-of-age in a floating refugee center using VHS footage shot by fellow refugees.
The Flower Bridge
Thomas Ciulei
A poor family whose mother has left to earn money elsewhere tries to make ends meet in a village in the Moldavian countryside.
The Fly
Anders Gustafsson
THE FLY follows a fourteen-year-old boxing champion for a year during trainings, bouts and championships, but young Julius is secretly dreaming of the girls he will meet...
Flying Anne
Catherine van Campen
Eleven-year-old Anne is a cheerful girl who occasionally struggles with her Tourette syndrome: sometimes she spins in circles, or she has to lick everything in...
Flying on One Engine
Joshua Weinstein
A portrait of plastic surgeon Sharadkumar Dicksheet, who despite his delicate health regularly travels to India to operate on hundreds of children for free.
Flying: Confessions of a Free Woman
Jennifer Fox
Filmmaker Jennifer Fox investigates the position of women throughout the world in a docu-soap, interwoven with the story of her own life and sexuality for over four years.
A pseudo-documentary production about the specific situation of Belgian soldiers in Afghanistan.
Focus Forward: DisplAir
Victor Kossakovsky
Meet Maxim, the young inventor of a truly jaw-dropping new technology with limitless applications that will eliminate the need for screens and monitors - and all manner...
Focus Forward: Emergency
Kief Davidson
In an area better known for apocalyptic sandstorms, punishing heat, and seemingly endless war, Sudan's state-of-the-art Salam Center is accessible to millions in need of...
Focus Forward: Heart Stop Beating
Jeremiah Zagar
In March 2011, two visionary doctors from the Texas Heart Institute successfully replaced a dying man's heart with a "continuous flow" device, proving that life was...
Focus Forward: In Your Head
Petra Epperlein, Michael Tucker
Meet software developers and clinicians working to treat chronic pain with immersive, biofeedback-enhanced virtual-reality software - a therapeutic twist...
Focus Forward: Meet Mr.Toilet
Jessica Yu
For those without access to a simple toilet, poop can be poison. Businessman-turned-sanitation-superhero Jack Sim fights this oft-neglected crisis affecting 2.6 billion...
Focus Forward: Mushroom Man
Leslie Iwerks
Paul Stamets believes we have entered into the 6th major extinction on our planet. He presents mushrooms as a solution to this problem, including cleaning polluted soil,...
Focus Forward: Operation Free Lunch
Lixin Fan
Journalist Deng Fei set up the Free Lunch Campaign in 2011, raising $3.9 million from Chinese social-media users in just one year and pioneered the power of micro-blogging in...
Focus Forward: Speaking with Light
Alex Gibney
Dr. Edie Widder takes us on a journey deep under the sea. She's used pioneering research with bioluminescent sea creatures to help us shine a light on the levels of pollution...
Focus Forward: The Invisible Bicycle Helmet
Fredrik Gertten
Two idealistic young female entrepreneurs created a revolutionary 21st-century design object everyone told them would be impossible to fashion.
Focus Forward: The Music Man
Steve James
Professor and inventor Ge Wang believes everyone who loves music should be able to play it. To that end, he created the "Ocarina" app which turns the iPhone into a musical...
Focus on Infinity
Joerg Burger
A starry-eyed film essay about our attempts to understand the infinite universe despite the limitations of our intellect.
Anders Gustafsson
The ten-year-old Amil has one big dream: to become a professional soccer player. He comes from Sarajevo and has been living in Denmark for six years now. The worn...
The Fog of Srebrenica
Samir Mehanovic
Survivors of the siege of Srebrenica talk about the events leading up to the mass murder of 8,372 Bosnian men.
The Fog of War
Errol Morris
Revealing interview with former U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara, interspersed with archive footage. This impressive portrait of American politics won an Academy...
Folie á Deux - Madness Made of Two
Kim Hopkins
Helen and John get a mortgage to buy their dream house, but the finanical crisis turns it into their worst nightmare.
Lauren McCarthy
Follower is a service providing you for just a few hours with your own real-life follower – an invisible companion who watches over you attentively. On-site reservation...
Le fond de l'air est rouge
Chris Marker
"The third world war has been going on for 10 years," Marker said in 1971 at the presentation of his film. LE FOND DE L'AIR EST ROUGE is an account of those 10 years, by...
Food For Love - A Shtetl That's No Longer There
Heddy Honigmann
While the mother of filmmaker Heddy Honigmann prepares a Yiddish delicacy, Heddy serves up a portion of family history.
Food, Inc.
Robert Kenner
Unsavory conditions in the American food industry: dictatorial meat and soy companies, E. coli bacteria in hamburgers, and a government that subsidizes bad calories.
Food, Secret of the Peace
An episode from the famous The World in Action series, that was released by the National Film Board of Canada in 1941-1945. Food, Secret of the Peace shows how Canada fulfilled its moral duty in the...
Fool$ Paradi$e
Hans Heijnen
In the heart of the Australian desert, adventurers are searching in vain for opal.
The Football Incident
Joris Ivens, Marceline Loridan-Ivens
A report on an ideological debate between a teacher and students at a Chinese high school, prompted by an incident with a ball at the end of...
Football, Iranian Style
Maziar Bahari
This portrait of Iranian soccer fans shows a cross-section of society: from infatuated girls and ex-soldiers to Iranian immigrants in Germany.
For a Miracle
Jaroslaw Sztandera
Account of a pilgrimage for disabled persons from Katowice to Lourdes including sermons en route and blessings by intercom
For a Place under the Heavens
Sabiha Sumar
More and more Pakistani Islamic women give up their liberties and wear veils, to the great anxiety of the filmmaker and her emancipated friends.
For All Mankind
Al Reinert
Meditations on the relativity of life and waggish astronaut anecdotes, based on historical NASA footage and personal stories by the first moon voyagers.
For gæsterne kommer
Jon Bang Carlsen
In a poetic style the film portrays two women who spend their holidays in a coastal hotel on the Danish island Fano. The old hotel breathes the atmosphere of past glory,...
For harde livet
Sigve Endresen
In his films Norwegian documentary filmmaker Sigve Endresen shows how difficult it is for people with an antisocial way of life to hold their own in 'normal' society, as...
For Home Viewing
Mikhail Zheleznikov
The story of an uncertain young man growing in the USSR and post-Soviet Russia, trying to come to terms with a strange reality around him.
For I Know My Weakness
John Dentino
A tough and confronting documentary that has the filmmaker himself getting involved in the family conflicts of his subject Patty, a homeless alcoholic looking for...
For Kibera!
Kati Juurus
A radio personality named Dallas lives in the “celebrity slum” of Kibera, Kenya, where more than 200 NGOs are active. Meanwhile, residents feel little effect from all this...
For You Naked
Sara Broos
The courageous and unusual love story of Swedish painter Lars Lerin and Brazilian dancer Junior, who start an affair in spite of the language barrier.
Forasteros - People from Another World
Stefanie de Brouwer
In a poor Spanish mountain region, more and more rich Europeans are settling down in a quest for authenticity. The old villagers watch it all with mixed feelings.
Forbidden Voices
Barbara Miller
Despite constant resistance, influential cyber feminists from Cuba, China and Iran keep blogging about the abuses in their countries.
Forced Confessions
Maziar Bahari
A voyage through the history of forced confessions in Iran, based on the stories of filmmaker Maziar Bahari and others. He was forced to make a false public confession in...
Ford Transit
Hany Abu-Assad
The day-to-day 'reality' of a Palestinian taxi driver between roadblocks and politics.
Rashid Ghazi
Ramadan is well underway, and at Fordson High School, where 95% of the students are of Arab origin, the football team is preparing to face off against archrival Dearborn...
The Forecaster
Marcus Vetter
The extraordinary story of Martin Armstrong, who surprised friend and foe with very accurate predictions about the world economy based on a self-designed model.
Simon Wood
A stylish portrait of the first generation of black South Africans who have made it to the middle class. The protagonists grew up in poverty, but now they have prosperous...
Forest of Bliss
Robert Gardner
Ancient Indian funeral rituals in the form of a classical tragedy.
Forest of the Dancing Spirits
Linda Västrik
Ancient myths and personal drama feature in this portrait of the Aka, a tribe of pygmies in Central Africa.
Heddy Honigmann
In the imaginations of visitors to the Père Lachaise cemetery in Paris, the deceased artists' works come alive.
Forever Activists
Judith Montell
In 1936 some three thousand American men and women joined the Spanish Republic in its struggle for democracy against Franco's fascist uprising. For many of them the Spanish...
Forever Pure
Maya Zinshtein
Two Muslim players join Beitar Jerusalem, an otherwise exclusively Jewish Israeli soccer team. The consequences are colossal for the players and fans alike.
Forever Young
Ranjan Palit
In Shillong, India's capital of rock and roll, a 62-year-old hippie named Lou Majaw puts on a concert each year in honour of Bob Dylan's birthday.
Forever Yours
Monica Csango
Incorporating interviews and archival footage, director Monica Csango unravels the well-kept family secret surrounding her Hungarian grandfather.
Forget Baghdad
Mr. Samir
Reflection of the stereotypes of 'Jews' and 'Arabs' through one hundred years of film, linked with five biographies of Iraqi-Jewish communists.
Forgetting Dad
Rick Minnich, Matthew Sweetwood
A filmmaker investigates the emotional consequences of his father's sudden and inexplicable memory loss on his immediate surroundings.
The Forgiveness
Ventura Durall, Ventura Durall
En el año 1994, Andrés Rabadán se entrega a la policía después de descarrilar tres trenes y matar a su padre con una ballesta.
Forgotten Fools
Frans van Erkel
Psychiatric patients who fled the war in Bosnia and went to Hungary want to return home, but their relatives claim they are unable to take care of them.
Forgotten Silver
Costa Botes, Peter Jackson
Some years ago, in a family friend's shed, New Zealand filmmaker Peter Jackson discovered a wealth of film footage - that was believed to be lost - by the...
The Forgotten Space
Noël Burch, Allan Sekula
To rule the sea is to ruin the world.
The Forgotten Woman
Dilip Mehta
The Indian practice of abandoning widows is challenged in this poetic but shocking documentary that follows several strong widows sheltered in the ashram.
Fort McMoney
David Dufresne
A groundbreaking fusion of documentary and video game in which visitors play the detective, unraveling the interests that lurk behind the Canadian oil industry.
A Fortified City
Menno de Nooijer, Paul de Nooijer
Eight visual artists, filmmakers and photographers (Harry Boom, Atom Egoyan, George Griffin, Piers Handling, Pierre Hébert, Bruce McDonald, Jerry Musser,...
Fortini Cani
Danielle Huillet, Jean-Marie Straub
Van de Staak is an improvising barbarian, compared to Straub/Huillet. With them, the trade of filmmaking has been thought out in the smallest details,...
Fortunate Son
Tony Asimakopoulos
A powerfully designed investigative documentary in which the director points the camera at his parents, himself, and his lover in an effort to put the ghosts of the...
Foster Child - a Film About Discovery
Gil Cardinal
In this film Gil Cardinal, age 35, tries to find out who his real parents were. What were the circumstances that led to him being adopted? An emotional and often frustrating...
Dariusz Jablonski
Remarkable story, partly on the basis of recently recovered colour photographs, about life in the ghetto of the Polish city of Lodz during World War II.
Een fotograaf filmt Amsterdam
Ed van der Elsken
For a period of one summer, the filming photographer Ed van der Elsken makes an excursion through Amsterdam to portray the city and its inhabitants. On foot, from a...
Fountain of Youth
Daniel Vernon
Stylised and ironical short film about a desolate corner of the country where a retired American holds on to her conservative ideal of beauty.
Four Horsemen
Ross Ashcroft
Neo-capitalism is showing signs of wear and tear. Twenty-three thinkers shed light on the matter and provide solutions for the failures of this economic model.
The Four Hundred Million
Joris Ivens
A documentary on the resistance by the Chinese against the Japanese invasion and occupation of Manchuria, showing all aspects of modern warfare. Ivens worked once again on...
The Four Year Plan
Mat Hodgson
The story of four seasons of the Queens Park Rangers, the London soccer team that was on the verge of bankruptcy when it got bought up by billionaires.
Andrew Culver, Frank Scheffer
For years now, director Frank Scheffer has been fascinated by modern composers, including John Cage, who died in 1992. The controlling principle behind many...
The Fourth Brother
Tong Xu
An intimate black-and-white portrait of an ex-con getting back to his old tricks after spending half his life in jail.
The Fourth Green Field
Margaret Bruen
Now that both parties in Northern Ireland have laid down their arms, the withdrawal of the arbitrator, the British army, can gradually commence. The catholic minority has...
The Fourth World War
Richard Rowley, Jacqueline Soohen
Contagious, swiftly-edited, positive film about the growing global resistance against oppression, corporate globalisation, terror and poverty.
Foxhounds: The Pursuit of Bernie Madoff
Jeff Prosserman
A juicy chronicle of the hunt for stock market swindler Bernie Madoff, recounted by the guy who found him out: Harry Markopolos, now hero of the American people.
Fra hjertet til hånden
Tómas Gislason
The Dane Jorgen Leth is not only active as a filmmaker, but also as a poet, a journalist and an expert commentator of bicycle races. In fra hjertet til hånden he is not...
Fragmentary Landscapes
Kwang-Ju Son
In this film, observations of deserted landscapes, a busy city, a zoo, a suburb and a cemetery together evoke an image of America that is both elusive and exciting.
Fragments of Palestine
Marie Caspari
A Brit, a Palestinian, and an Israeli fight a peaceful battle for a better future in the Palestinian territories.
Frame 394
Rich Williamson
A young Canadian man entangles himself in one of the most high-profile police shootings in the United States, when he posts his own 3-D analysis of the event on the...
Från opium till krysantemum
PeÅ Holmquist, Suzanne Khardalian
A visit to the Hmong people in a mountain village in Thailand, where opium has been replaced by chrysanthemums.
Raymond Depardon
Contemporary provincial France viewed from the inside of a caravan. Raymond Depardon crosses the country, carefully documenting his frank conversations with the locals.
France Is Our Mother Country
Rithy Panh
Rithy Panh (director of the Oscar-nominated Missing Picture) re-edited silent propaganda films on Indochina into a disturbing alternative history.
Franco's Promise
Marc Weymuller
The ruins of Belchite are a symbol of the collective amnesia that gripped Spain after the Civil War (1936-1939). Can you simply turn your back on the past?
Frank en Eva; Elk van ons is een eiland
Ali Haselhoef, Inge Willems
The daughter of a prostitute and a drug dealer reflects on her cheerful and untroubled childhood years.
Frankreich, wir kommen!
Michael Glawogger
Analysis of the Austrian soccer craze at the time of the world championships in France.
Frans Bromet, Portrait of a Filmmaker
David de Jongh
A film about documentary director Frans Bromet, with an analysis of his working method and a search for the person behind the filmmaker.
Frantz Fanon: Black Skin, White Mask
Isaac Julien
Filmmaker Isaac Julien praises Frantz Fanon as "one of the major black intellectuals of the 20th century". His books, the most important being Black Skin, White Mask and The...
Jennifer Bornstein
Dancers re-enact body positions found in photographic documentation of the performances of dancer, choreographer and filmmaker Yvonne Rainer.
Sebastián Mayayo, Ramiro Ozer Ami
Job opportunities or environmental disaster? A Uruguayan border town welcomes the arrival of a Finnish wood pulp factory, but Argentines fearing...
Freak Street to Goa: Immigrants on the Rajpath
John Lalnunsang Pudaite, John T. Caldwell
Freak Street to Goa: Immigrants on the Rajpath is an impressionistic documentary about 'survivors' from the western subculture who travelled to...
Freakonomics - The Movie
various directors
A cinematic interpretation of Freakonomics, the bestseller about the explanations that economic research can offer.
Fredens port
Thomas Stenderup
Cultures that do not know the phenomenon of cremation are faced with a practical problem: where should all the dead be buried? One answer to this question is 'cleaning...
Free Improvisation
Doron Djerassi
An intimate portrait of Jerusalem-based musician Jean Claude Jones (60), who suffers from multiple sclerosis and vacillates between creativity and letting go.
Free Space
Damir Cucic
During the last war in Croatia, many people were forced to leave their homes. This organised and politically premeditated action, called ‘human displacement’, took place...
Free the Mind
Phie Ambo
In an attempt to get control of their minds, a young boy and two war veterans with mental disorders undergo therapies based on Eastern meditation techniques.
Freedom Highway
Philip King, Nuala O'Connor
Every political struggle has its musical ammunition. And it is even given to some protest songs to become the national hymn of a liberated country, like Nkosi...
Freedom On My Mind
Connie Field, Marylin Mulford
Until the early sixties, a form of racial segregation held sway in the south of the United States which was very similar to the South African system of...
Freetime Machos
Mika Ronkainen
A comedy about the most northern and thirst lousiest rugby team in the world.
Fremde Ufer
Volker Koepp
In 1941 Stalin ordered the Volga Germans to emigrate to Kazakhstan. For decades they lived on the assumption that they would never be able to leave this republic again, until...
The French Democracy
Alex Chan
Inspired by the riots in the Parisian suburbs in 2005, this documentary tells various stories about the victimization of French minority groups through harassment and job...
A French Laundry
Elisabeth Vogler
A portrait of an 89-year old Frenchman who steadfastly continues to run his laundromat on the French Riviera until forced out by demolition crews.
Les frères Abdelhafidi à la decouverte de la ville
Eglantine Charbonnier
Portrait of three French-Algerian brothers who managed to break free from their poor background.
Alexander Gutman
Poetic portrait of a number of inhabitants of a disaster-struck, but unbroken town in Armenia.
Freundschaft siegt
Joris Ivens, Iwan Pyrjew
Film about the third 'Weltfestspiele der Jugend und Studenten für den Frieden' in East Berlin, 1951. West Germany is represented as a degenerate country which has...
Friedensverhandlungen in Brest-Litowsk
A short documentary about the 1917 peace negotiations between Germany and the Soviets in Brest-Litovsk, now Brest, in Belarus.
Friends of Kim
Hans van Dijk, Raphaël Wilking
Hilarious and sobering account of the first time an international group of Kim Jong II sympathisers visits North Korea.
Friesland 1945
H.M. Josephson
Film maker Josephson made Friesland 1945 under the authority of the Military Command and the Committee for Frisian trade and industry. These two commissioners wanted a film...
From Africa to Assen
Lieza Röben
Fifteen-year-old Inge starts her new life in good spirits when she returns to the Netherlands after six years in Mozambique.
From Barbie to Babe
Louise Detlefsen, Louise Kjeldsen
Danish teenager is followed in her search for a boyfriend, with a happy end right before the summer holiday.
From Caligari to Hitler
Rüdiger Suchsland
This richly illustrated film essay presents the Weimar Republic (1918-1933) as an exciting period in which the young art of film underwent revolutionary developments.
From Mao to Mozart: Isaac Stern in China
Murray Lerner
In 1979 violinist Isaac Stern accepted an invitation to visit China as an official guest of the Chinese government. The purpose was to get acquainted with the Chinese people...
From Memory
Zoë Gabrielle Roland
During the Vietnam War, New Zealand sent nearly four thousand soldiers into battle, because the country feared that Communism would push its way south. A modest...
From Prison to Parliament
Charlotte Rødher Tvedt
A Kenyan refugee who was sentenced to fraud leaves Norway for his homeland to help spread democracy with his unremitting optimism.
From the Depths
Valentina Pedicini
A subdued, fascinating descent into the last coal mine in Italy and the lives of the miners, including a woman.
From the East
Chantal Akerman
Slow cinema at its best, this is a visual account of travels through Eastern Europe shortly after the collapse of the Soviet Union – a world about to undergo radical...
From Two Men and a War
Robert Drew
The experiences of Robert Drew in WWII and the influence of war correspondent Ernie Pyle on his later work.
From Zero - Italy
various directors
Online platform webcasting daily episodes from the mountainous Italian region of Abruzzo, which focuses on its recovery from the huge earthquake it suffered six months...
From Zero - The Documentary
Frank Scheffer
From zero ﷓ the documentary is a portrait of composer John Cage who died in 1992, and is one in a series of films on contemporary composers. The central theme of the film...
La frontière, les steppes
Peter Brosens, Odo Halflants
After Russia, Mongolia was the second country that turned communist. Its population paid with total isolation, for the country was hermetically closed off for...
Frontline: Maggie O'Kane
Ron Orders
Maggie O'Kane is reporter for Channel Four. The past year she has spent more time in Bosnia than at home. This film is a personal search for the people who are responsible for...
Fronto Linija
Audrius Juzénas
Portrait of criminal youngsters in post-communist Lithuania, inside and outside the prison.
Frosset hjerte
Stig Andersen, Kenny Sanders
Portrait of the Norwegian polar explorer Roald Amundsen.
The Fruit Hunters
Yung Chang
A mouthwatering journey around the world with the Rare Fruit Counsel, which is utterly committed to preserving the diversity of fruit varieties.
The Fruit of My Womb
Patrick Blossier, Camille de Casabianca
The Columbian church and legislation keep strictly to the rules the Vatican has formulated with respect to birth control. Contraceptives,...
Francine Parker
An account of the F.T.A. (Fuck the Army) tour that Jane Fonda, Donald Sutherland and associates made in the early 1970s to American military bases involved in the Vietnam...
Fuck Off Police Car
Bryan Little
A south African post apartheid, socio political Rock n Roll documentary.
Josh Tickell
Forget gasoline, forget the oil crisis, and forget the oil wars. Biofuel and other alternatives are there for the taking. A portrait of the "fuel of the future".
Full Battle Rattle
Tony Gerber, Jesse Moss
In the Mojave Desert in California, the U.S. Army built a pricy replica of 13 Iraqi villages so soldiers could train before being shipped out to Iraq.
Full Moon
Rumiko Hagiwara
Full Moon is a documentary depicting the image of the full moon, an important symbol in Asian astrology.
Full of Dreams
Marinka de Jongh
A charming portrait of the bubbly 10-year-old Anne Fee and two of her housemates, men in their twenties with developmental disabilities.
Full Tilt Boogie
Sarah Kelly
The 26-year-old Sarah Kelly assisted in the independent film productions KILLING ZOE, SLEEP WITH ME and PULP FICTION. All this resulted in her mentor Quentin Tarantino asking...
Fumando espero
Marisol Trujillo
A fresh outlook on smoking habits. Using penetrating metaphors and a fine sound-track, this documentary tries to turn the acceptance of the habit into a battle against...
The Furious Force of Rhymes
Joshua Atesh Litle
How American rap culture became a global medium for expressing social discontent.
Futebol - After the Match
Arthur Fontes, João Moreira Salles
Portrait of Brazilian former professional soccer player and superhero Paulo César Lima ('Caju').
Futebol - Before
Arthur Fontes, João Moreira Salles
A few young soccer players dream of a career as a professional player in Brazil.
Futebol - The Player
Arthur Fontes, João Moreira Salles
Portrait of Iranildo and Lúcio, two young players of the Brazilian soccer team Flamengo.
The Future Is Behind You
Abigail Child
A fictitious story composed of film reels from an anonymous family archive from the 1930s in Europe emphasises the gender development of two sisters.
The Future Is Ours
Marisa Middleton
Love late in life can be wonderful, but it also brings new challenges, as we learn from the story of Hanne and Peter.
Future of Hope
Henry Bateman
The banking crisis hit Iceland hard. An unmitigated disaster? Perhaps not, because the country offers limitless possibilities for a sustainable future.
Futures Past
Jordan Melamed
In this story of legacy lost, a filmmaker returns to document the death of the world built by his father, the Chicago trading pits.
Call for Entry: IDFA Bertha Fund December 22, 2016 | The IDFA Bertha Fund is looking for new creative documentary projects from developing countries for both its classic program and the IBF Europe distribution scheme.
Ally Derks receives Pioneer Award December 12, 2016 | Last Saturday, Ally Derks received a prestigious Pioneer Award from the International Documentary Association.
Open Call: Short Web Documentaries November 26, 2016 | IDFA and Jos de Putter from Deep Focus Web Documentaries invite entries for project proposals from talented (young) filmmakers.
And the winners are... November 23, 2016 | At the Awards Ceremony in the Stadsschouwburg, the 14 winners of IDFA 2016 have just been announced.


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