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G Spotting: A Story of Pleasure and Promise
Gilles Boyon, Segolene Hanotaux
Even decades after the sexual revolution, the mythologization of female sexuality is still ubiquitous. A personal and scientific quest for the G-spot.
Gabriel Orozco
Juan Carlos Martín
Portrait of Mexican fine artist Gabriel Orozco, whose humorous work is especially appreciated abroad.
Gabriel Reports the World Cup
Els van Driel
Fledgling Brazilian journalist Gabriel filmed the demolition of his neighborhood, which had to make way for a train line because of the World Cup.
various directors
A Thai Muslim still thinks his choice to name his son Gaddafi was a good one, but the boy's mother isn't so sure anymore.
Gaea Girls
Kim Longinotto, Jano Williams
Portrait of a rigorous training camp for Japanese professional female wrestlers.
Alexij Kharitidi
The wish to make your dreams come true can lead to sad results. Short animation about a little caterpillar and its dreams of flying.
Gaias børn
Bente Milton
Portraits of disfigured people, put in a historical perspective.
The Gallery of Lost Art
various directors
This Tate Modern web exhibition presents the vestiges of lost artworks, to bring attention to their impact on the art world.
Sabine Gisiger
After many years, the former employee of a large chemical conglomerate tells the story of his involvement in the dioxin disaster in the Italian village of Seveso in 1976.
Gambling, Gods and LSD
Peter Mettler
A filmmaker's inquiry into transcendence becomes a three-hour trip across countries and cultures, interconnecting people, places and times.
The Game Must Go On
Angeli Andrikopoulou, Argyris Tsepelikas
Greek city kids provoke their neighbors with noisy soccer matches. Things get complicated when they demand that the mayor provide them with a...
Game Over - Kasparov and the Machine
Vikram Jayanti
A re-capturing of the sensational chess match between ruling world champion Gary Kasparov and the ‘intelligent’ computer, IBM’s Deep Blue.
The Gamekeeper
Kenneth Loach
The Gamester
Viktar Dashuk
A personal, sarcasm-drenched take on the power games played by President Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus, who has divided and ruled the country for 16 years.
Gang War: Bangin' in Little Rock
Marc Levin
A stone's throw from the Arkansas governor's mansion in Little Rock, where Bill Clinton once lived, gangs are on the rampage. Like many other heartland cities, Little Rock has...
Ganges: River to Heaven
Gayle Ferraro
Subdued portrait of hospice in Indian city also tells the story of the perturbing pollution of the Ganges.
Garage 2.0
Catherine van Campen
A funny, abrasive and moving portrait of the Kooijman car dealership as the company struggles to survive in harsh times.
Garbage Dreams
Mai Iskander
Garbage Dreams follows three teenage boys born into the trash trade and growing up in the world's largest garbage village, on the outskirts of Cairo.
Garbo: The Spy
Edmon Roch
Two Wars. Two Sides. Two Families. Two Deaths. One extraordinary man.
Adi Barash, Ruthie Shatz
Unpolished portrait of two young male prostitutes in Tel Aviv, balancing on the seamy side of life, with only their friendship to hold on to.
The Garden of Eden
Ran Tal
The history of Israel as told through the beautiful images and stories of the different kinds of visitors to an extraordinary warm water pool.
Gasherbrum - der Leuchtende Berg
Werner Herzog
Portrait of obsessive mountaineer, who still calls his sport a pointless activity.
Yung Chang
Former police detective Yukio Shige patrols along the rocky coast of Tojinbo, to stop potential jumpers from carrying out a desperate act.
René Roelofs
Filmmaker René Roelofs follows several "gatekeepers" at a Dutch asylum seekers center as they go about their work, listening to and assessing refugees' stories.
The Gatekeepers
Dror Moreh
Six former leaders of the Shin Bet, Israel's internal security service, open our eyes on what is happening with their country's war on terror.
Gates of Heaven
Errol Morris
Director Errol Morris got the inspiration for making this film from an article which appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle in 1977: '450 Dead Pets Going to Napa Valley'....
Gates of Italy
This documentary is part of the series World at War. Against the background of Giottos, Raphaels and Michelangelos The Gates of Italy deals with the history of Fascism uptill the landing on Sicily.
The Gates
Antonio Ferrera, Albert Maysles
Based on footage by the Maysles brothers that spans a quarter of a century, this documentary is about the realisation of The Gates, a work of art by...
Gaza Surf Club
Philip Gnadt, Mickey Yamine
Young surfers cut off from the outside world in war-torn Gaza try to make their dreams come true.
Gaza/Sderot: Life in Spite of Everything
Khalil M. Al Muzayyen
An interactive documentary by the acclaimed French web documentary producer Alexandre Brachet.
GDP: Measuring the Human Side of the Canadian Economic Crisis
Hélène Choquette
An interactive map of Canada presenting stories of the economic crisis that reveal the fighting spirit of employers and employees.
Gdzie wiatr poniesie
Andrzej Papuzinski
Robert Webster is Dutch. Gabryela Wasowicz is Polish. They met in Poland in 1967, where Webster went to complete his studies at the Art Academy of Warsaw. The images of...
Geacht Europa
Ingeborg Beugel, Cees Overgaauw
Two African boys were found dead last year in the luggage compartment of an aeroplane.
De gebedsgenezer
Jan Vrijman
In 1997 filmmaker, journalist, discerning observer and commercial director of the first two editions of IDFA Jan Vrijman died. From the early sixties Vrijman was active as a...
Geert Mak's in Europe: Travels Through the Twentieth Century - part 1. 1900
various directors
An overview of what the entire series will be about. The new century began full of hope and enthusiasm - war was a thing of the past, and people believed there would be...
Geert Mak's in Europe: Travels Through the Twentieth Century - part 10. 1929
David Kleijwegt
In the turbulent years after the murder of Walter Rathenau, a new city culture came into being out of the disorder of bankrupt Berlin. Not orderly and martial, as the old...
Geert Mak's in Europe: Travels Through the Twentieth Century - part 16. 1942
Britta Hosman
Throughout all of World War II, a company called Topf and Sohne in the city of Erfurt supplied the ovens to Auschwitz-Birkenau and other death camps. Engineers worked day...
Geert Mak's in Europe: Travels Through the Twentieth Century - part 3. 1914
Britta Hosman
The Great War would end all the optimism that had been so prevalent at the start of the century. It all ended with one small hole in a prince's costume. As the Serbian...
Geert Mak's in Europe: Travels Through the Twentieth Century - part 4. 1915
Roel van Broekhoven
The war that began with so much enthusiasm degenerated into a bloodbath in the mud. Human lives did not count, and all sides just kept sending soldiers to the front...
Geert Mak's in Europe: Travels Through the Twentieth Century - part 5. 1916
Jorien van Nes
World War I was technologically amazing. It saw the advent of tanks, flamethrowers, gas, planes and plastic surgery. Thousands of mutilated soldiers received new noses,...
Het geheim van de kist
Arjanne Laan
Twelve-year-old Florence starts an investigation, after she has heard about her deceased grandfather’s secret.
Geluk is als glas
Peter Lataster, Petra Lataster-Czisch
The pivotal figure in this film is the statue of the 17th-century Dutch philosopher Baruch Spinoza in The Hague. Spinoza, who lived and worked in...
Een gelukkige tijd
Paul Cohen
A privileged group of Dutch Jews survived World War II on a country estate on nature reserve De Veluwe.
De gemaskerde man
Mirjam Herben
Together with puppeteer Bert Plagman, children in Kosovo incorporate their war experiences into a puppet show.
Monika Treut
GENDERNAUTS explores the phenomenon of gender fluidity at the end of the previous millennium in the Bay Area, California.
General Idi Amin Dada
Barbet Schroeder
Filmed as an exercise in propaganda, this 1974 portrait of Ugandan dictator Idi Amin provides a nuanced impression of a dangerous man.
Ruth Carr
An intimate portrait of one Saturday night in the relatively dead-end lives of four very different teenagers in Manchester. The film, in which the foursome mainly combats...
Generation Tian'anmen
Patrick Zachmann
Magnum photographer Patrick Zachmann's trilogy on the student protests on Tian'anmen Square in 1989, and the impact of this event on the attitudes of an old and a new...
Genèse d'un repas
Luc Moullet
GenŠse d'un repas is a visual explanation of the principles of comparative economy. What is the value of a can of Senegalese tuna, a French omelette or a bunch of bananas from...
La genèse d'un repas
Luc Moullet
Luc Moullet's work is mainly analytic and didactic, as he demonstrated when he worked as a critic for Cahiers du Cinéma. His films are characterized by a lucid approach of his...
Genet à chatila
Richard Dindo
Reconstruction of the sojourn of French writer Jean Genet in Beirut and the Palestinian camp of Chatila, in the early eighties.
The Genius and the Boys
Bosse Lindquist
Shown by BBC. Gajdusek was considered to be one of the world´s greatest genius. A scientist and a hero of other scientists, a Nobel Prize winner and a convicted...
Genius Within: The Inner Life of Glenn Gould
Michèle Hozer, Peter Raymont
An enigmatic musical poet, Glenn Gould continues to captivate audiences twenty-six years after his early passing.
A Gentle Birth
Barbara A Chobocky
A passionate plea for immediate physical contact between the mother's breast and the baby.
Adrián Orr
A peek into a small male universe: Spaniard Jose's one-man barbershop, where men come for a haircut and a good chat.
Stanton Kaye
"On its surface level, the film appears to be the story of a war-torn German soldier who, after having emigrated to America, finds that he cannot live within any civilization...
George Lucas in Love
Joe Nussbaum
A young George Lucas finds inspiration for writing Star Wars when he falls in love.
George Sluizer: Filming Beyond Boundaries
Hans Heijnen
A television portrait of the passionate Dutch filmmaker George Sluizer, who seeks to escape the confines of the Netherlands in his work.
George Wallace: Settin' the Woods on Fire
Daniel McCabe, Paul Stekler
Portrait of the influential American politician George Wallace, symbol of southern racism.
Georgi and the Butterflies
Andrey Paounov
Portrait of the incorrigible optimist and inventor Georgi Borissov Lulchev, superintendent of a Bulgarian psychiatric institution.
Katelijne Schrama
A contemplative look at the achievements of large-scale farming practices on the Dutch Flevo polder, guided by Virgil’s didactic poem Georgics.
The German Secret
Lars Johansson
Reconstruction of the war romance between her mother and putative German father releases more emotions in a Danish woman than she had expected.
A German Youth
Jean-Gabriel Périot
An intriguing found footage portrait by award-winning short film director Jean-Gabriel Périot about the rise and fall of the German terrorist group Red Army Faction.
Germany Calling/Lambeth Walk/Panzer Ballet
Charles Ridley
Germany Calling is a short and compelling, classic propaganda film from England in which the goosestep by German soldiers (from Riefenstahl's Triumph des Willen) is...
Gerrit van Dijk Was Here
Gerrit van Dijk
An exhausting series of color photos made with a self-timer of a man in a black suit who urinates in hundreds of public restrooms.
Een geschenk uit de hemel - De slag om de brent spar
Kees de Groot van Embden
Reconstruction of the conflict between Shell and Greenpeace over the oil platform Brent Spar.
Gesucht: Monika Ertl
Christian Baudissin
The film reconstructs Monika Ertl's life by showing fragments of movies made by her father, photographs, and talks with people directly involved. Gradually, the...
Get a Life
Michael Klint
This dogumentary (dogma documentary) confronts the Western world with the fact that 400,000 children in Nigeria suffer from the lethal Noma disease, which can be cured by...
Get the Fire ! Young Mormon Missionaries Abroad
Nancy E. du Plessis
Three young Mormons are followed during the 22 months of their mission in Germany.
Gevangen bliksem
Frans van Erkel
In 1983 Geert Dijkhuis, a physics teacher, announced his plan to generate clean energy from artificially created ball lightning. It was Dijkhuis's view that in the future...
Gevangen op Java
Jan van den Berg
Gevangen op Java is a dramatised documentary about the life of journalist Willem Walraven (1887﷓1943). The central theme is his captivity on the island of Java, then...
De gevoelige plaat
Kees Hin
In this case, faces are the theme, blending identity. The same theme marks THE SENSITIVE PLATE by Kees Hin, a silent film. Rightly so, since the language of the faces can be...
Geweld Verhalen Karavaan
Adelheid Roosen
Female Economy, Zinaplatform and Stichting Toevluchtsoord interviewed men, women, bystanders and social aid workers about their experiences with domestic violence. These...
Gewoon doof
Leendert Pot
Jascha Blume is deaf, but attends an ordinary school two days a week.
Ghetto Diaries
GHETTO DIARIES is a series of four documentaries about people living in South African townships. The aim of the series is to give people a voice who can never identify with the...
Ghost Noise
Marcia Connolly
This impressionistic portrait captures artist Shuvinai Ashoona working at the Kinngait Studios in the Canadian village of Cape Dorset.
The Ghost of Piramida
Andreas Koefoed
Three members of the Danish band Efterklang record sounds for a new album in Pyramiden, an attractive abandoned Soviet mining town.
Nick Broomfield
A dramatised reconstruction of the drama that befell Chinese migrants in Great Britain in early 2004.
Ghosts from the Past
Cinta Forger, Walther Grotenhuis
A young ex-con faces up to his past, dragging two sisters back into their painful shared youth.
The Ghosts in Our Machine
Liz Marshall
A plea for animal rights seen through the lens of photographer Jo-Anne McArthur, whom we follow on her mission to raise animal awareness.
Ghosts of Cité Soleil
Asger Leth
Raw and chaotic images form a disconcerting depiction of the lives of two gang leaders in poverty-stricken Haiti, around the time of Aristide's fall from power.
The Giant Is Falling
Rehad Desai
A critical look at more than 20 years of the African National Congress party in South Africa. Why is a party that was once invincible now the big loser?
Gigi & Monica
Yasmina Abdellaoui, Benoît Dervaux
Director Yasmina Abdellaoui worked at Bucharest train station for four years in the service of Terres des Hommes, an organisation dedicated to children...
Gigi, Monica...& Bianca
Yasmina Abdellaoui
Gigi, his girlfriend Monica and some friends are living near the train station Bucharest-North. Their lives can best be compared to that of a group of curs: they used...
Wieneke Koole-Onstwedder
Gimme Shelter
various directors
The Maysles brothers wanted to make a registration of the World Tour the Rolling Stones made in 1969. But things took a different turn. Footage of only two of the...
Giorgio Armani - A Man For All Seasons
Julian Ozanne
Intimate glimpse of the life of famous fashion designer Giorgio Armani.
Giovanni and the Water Ballet
Astrid Bussink
Giovanni’s dream is to become the first boy to compete in the Dutch synchronized swimming championship. He’s got just one more exam to go.
Gipsy in the Flower
Anqi Ju
This documentary is about a Chinese beekeeper's life. These beekeepers carry several hundred thousand of bees cross the entire China.
The Girl Chewing Gum
John Smith
Passersby in a busy street in London become film characters when the director adds his commentary to random images.
The Girl down Loch Änzi
Alice Schmid
Twelve-year-old Laura feels lonely during the summer on her family’s farm in Switzerland. A poetic portrait of loneliness, growing up, friendship and imagination.
The Girl from the South
José Luis García
An Argentine filmmaker's personal search for the story behind the controversial young South Korean activist Lim-Su Kyung.
A Girl Like Her
Ann Fessler
Candid stories from American women who gave up their babies for adoption decades ago, contrasted with cheerful archive footage of the American Dream.
Girl Model
David Redmon, Ashley Sabin
A subtle indictment of a modeling industry that recruits very young girls from Russia to work overseas.
The Girl with X-Ray Eyes
Phillip Warnell
With her X-ray eyes, Natasha Demkina can see every cell in director Philipp Warnell's body, right through his clothes.
Menna Laura Meijer
Three inseparable adolescents reveal their fantasies about girls during the preparations for a school party.
Valeriya Gaï Germanika
A candid, unpolished window into the lives of marginalized teenagers, trying with and in spite of one another to find a place and a purpose in a society that...
A Girl's Day
Rosa Hannah Ziegler
This candid portrait provides insight into the vulnerability and survival instinct of a courageous young woman.
Girls in Guyville
Anneloor van Heemstra
Yvette and Paola, thirteen-year-old twin sisters and fanatical soccer players, think it is utter nonsense that soccer is considered a male sport. Girls are just as...
The Girls of the Ruins
Xavier Villetard
Berlin, spring 1945. The end of the war and the everyday life struggle in the almost completely destroyed city from a civilian point of view ; written and recounted by...
Girls on the Air
Valentina Monti
A strong character driven tale of Afghanistan and the "new internal democracy" building process.
Manuel Herrera
On 15th April 1961 the anti-revolutionary forces bombed the airports of San Antonio de los Baños, Ciudad Libertad, and Santiago de Cuba in an attempt to eliminate the Cuban...
Gitmo - the New Rules of War
Erik Gandini, Tarik Saleh
What exactly is going on in Guantanamo Bay? The filmmakers' Swedish friendliness yields some surprising answers.
Anna Deutsch
Sprightly 70-year-old Brigitte is looking for a husband who is not too fat, not too short, not too vulgar, and most importantly, not too old.
Give Up Tomorrow
Michael Collins
In 1997, Paco Larrañaga and six others from his town were arrested for the murder of a young woman without any evidence. His family is up against a thoroughly corrupt...
Give Us the Money
Bosse Lindquist
Using smart PR and worldwide campaigns such as "Make Poverty History," Bono and Bob Geldof managed to make the fight against poverty hip. But has it really helped?
Bert Haanstra
Oscar®-winning short, artistic film on the art of glassblowing: a rhythmical ballet between hot glass and the precise timing of the craftsman.
Glass Enclosure: Tokyo Invisible
Mohd Naguib Razak
The lack of transparency of societal traffic in Tokyo gives the outsider the feeling that he is seeing this metropolis from within a tower of frosted glass.
The Glass House
Hamid Rahmanian
An intimate film about a crisis centre in Tehran, which teenage Iranian girls with problems can turn to for therapy, education and mediation.
Glass Trap
Pawel Ferdek
Tough men from the outskirts of Warsaw hold fights between aggressive goldfish, coupled with the prerequisite money, booze and drugs.
Glaube und Schönheit
Hans Ertl
In Glaube und Schönheit, Nazi Germany shows what it believes in; the future is the children's, in this case the girls of the Bund Deutscher Mädel.
Glaube und Währung
Werner Herzog
Portrait of an American TV preacher and his dubious practices.
The Gleaners and I
Agnès Varda
Playful, affectionate ode to gleaners of food, for example a chef and some illegal grape pickers.
Glenn Helder: c'est la vie
Ferenc Lorch, Jessica Villerius
C'est La Vie is the story of former soccer pro Glenn Helder, who gambled away his fortune, lost his wife and son, and went to prison for seven months for...
Böovar Bjarki Pétursson
GLIMA is the first part of a trilogy in which Icelandic filmmaker Bödvar Bjarki Pétursson examines the cultural heritage of his country. Glima is an Icelandic type...
Alberto Iannuzzi, Dan Jawitz
A spectacular stream of images of nature, people and cities in modern-day South Africa, edited to the music of Cape Town-based musician Campbell Burns.
A Glimpse Through the Veil
Frans Bromet
In the late 1970s, Frans Bromet follows a divorced woman in search of herself.
Glimpses of South Africa, Number 5 Prehistoric Africa
The film GLIMPSES OF SOUTH AFRICA, NUMBER FIVE. PREHISTORIC AFRICA is a unique record of the pioneering work of four world-famous archaeologists and palaeontologists. This film probably contains the...
Glocken aus der Tiefe
Werner Herzog
Collage of images and texts referring to the meaning of spirituality and religion in post-communist Russia.
Goa Hippy Tribe
Darius Devas
Goa hippies travel to the Indian beach paradise Anjuna Beach - the place where it all began.
Goal Dreams
Maya Sanbar, Jeffrey Saunders
This film follows the Palestinian national soccer team during its laborious preparations for the qualifying rounds of the World Cup.
God is My Co-Pilot
Karin Junger
Pilots on an American aircraft carrier first say a prayer and then proceed to bomb Serb targets.
God Knows Where I Am
Jedd Wider, Todd Wider
A meticulous reconstruction of the last months in the life of a bipolar woman who was abandoned by the healthcare system.
God, de Tsaar en het Vaderland
Thomas Doebele
The storming of the winter palace of Czar Nicholas II was the dawn of the Russian revolution. Now that after eighty years the Soviet Republics are falling apart, the...
Per Fronth
Director Per Fronth filled a mousetrap in his studio with different morsels, from a dry cracker on Monday (mouse rushes by), via Roquefort cheese on Thursday (extensive...
God's Ways
Eva Neymann
A dual portrait of young drifters on the streets of Odessa, where every day seems the same and the future keeps getting further away.
Yannick Bellon
On a small island off the west coast of France a couple leads a degradingly harsh life, together with their servants. During all seasons they have to survive by collecting...
Gogita's New Life
Levan Koguashvili
After a lengthy stint in prison, all Gogita wants to do is get married. His mother lobbies for a pretty, slim girl in this tragicomic quest for love and happiness.
Going Up
Gary Pollard
Going Up is a film about the construction of a skyscraper on Manhattan's Wall Street waterfront. Over a period of 18 months, eight time-lapse cameras recorded the growth of...
Going up the Stairs
Rokhsareh Ghaem Maghami
While her authoritarian husband is out, Akram, an illiterate Iranian woman, paints as if her life depends on it. But how will she tell him that she has an...
Gol! Ukraine
Matthieu Sartre, Stephane Siohan
In 12 short films, hosts Oleg and Katya take us on a tour of Ukraine, which hosted the European Soccer Cup last summer.
Niek Koppen
An insider's view of the intensive preparations for the 2006 Women's Hockey World Cup, which the Dutch team won that year for the first time in 16 years.
Golden Earring - Don't Stop the Show
Rogier van der Ploeg
Musical portrait of Dutch rock band Golden Earring, who have been successful for thirty years.
Golden Gloves
Gilles Groulx
Golden Gloves portrays amateur boxers, between the ages of 15 and 28, who all have the same ambition: to win the Golden Gloves Trophy. This competition is held each year in...
Portrait of the Rumanian farmer Golgota, who decided to become a painter.
Golub: Late Works Are the Catastrophes
Jerry Blumenthal, Gordon Quinn
A portrait of American artist Leon Golub, famous for his realistic and disturbingly prophetic paintings of torture, war and destruction.
Ursula Mayer
This critical reading of Ayn Rand's play "Ideal" (1934) offers a counterpoint to its stubbornly anti-altruistic and individualistic philosophical position.
The Good Fight
Beck Cole
In his church in Sydney, a passionate young clergyman runs a boxing club that gives underprivileged kids the chance for a better future.
Good Fortune
Landon van Soest
Good Fortune explores how massive, international efforts to alleviate poverty in Africa may be undermining the very communities they aim to benefit.
Good Grace
Lieza Röben
The struggle of a small church community against a massive decision…
Good Husband, Dear Son
Heddy Honigmann
The way Bosnian women commemorate their husbands, sons, brothers and fathers murdered during the war, reveals their strong bond with the deceased.
The Good Life
Eva Mulvad
Once rolling in dough, a mother and daughter now spend their days reminiscing about the carefree time in which money was no issue.
A Good Man
Safina Uberoi
Chris Rohrlach is not your typical Australian sheep farmer. Willing to try anything to keep wife Rachel out of long-term care, he decides to open a brothel.
A Good Man
Bob Hercules, Gordon Quinn
We follow the controversial Afro-American choreographer Bill T. Jones while making a production to mark the bicentennial of Abraham Lincoln's birth.
Good News: Newspaper Salesmen, Dead Dogs and Other People from Vienna
Ulrich Seidl
Seidl examines the painful position of Asian street cleaners and Romanian newsvendors who have come to Austria in the hope of a better life
Good People Go to Hell, Saved People Go to Heaven
Holly Hardman
The many hurricanes in the impoverished state of Louisiana lead many evangelists to believe that the end of times is nigh, making them even more fanatical in their...
The Good Postman
Tonislav Hristov
In a Bulgarian border village, the postman runs for mayor with a plan to combat depopulation by offering homes to Syrian refugees.
The Good Son
Shirly Berkovitz
Twenty-two year old Or tricks his parents into financing his sex change operation, and then returns to Tel Aviv to face her family.
Good Things Await
Phie Ambo
A portrait of Niels Stokholm, an almost 80-year-old biodynamic farmer who runs his farm in accordance with spiritual laws.
The Good Wife of Tokyo
Claire Hunt, Kim Longinotto
Performance artist Kazuko Hohki, living in the London district of Tottenham, returns to her family in Tokyo after fifteen years, to celebrate the marriage with...
The Good Woman of Bangkok
Dennis O'Rourke
The Australian filmmaker Dennis O'Rourke compares his film THE GOOD WOMAN OF BANGKOK with Brecht's plays: ironical parables on the impossibility to lead a good life in an...
Heddy Honigmann
This award-winning fiction film dissects an overwhelming but impossible extramarital affair between two young people in Amsterdam.
Google Baby
Zippi Brand Frank
Google Baby is a journey across three continents telling the story of the up and coming baby production industry in the age of globalization.
Gorillas in the Mist
Michael Apted
Sigourney Weaver as an obsessive woman, taking pity on the mountain gorilla.
Gösta and Lennart
Babak Najafi
This is one of the shortest film at this year's festival. It lasts only eight minutes, but nevertheless deals vividly with a universal problem. The subject is loneliness and...
Jiska Rickels
In both content and style, this short experimental film by Jiska Rickels can be considered a prelude to her later film 4 Elements. Alluding to the North-Germanic myth of...
Gozaran - Time Passing
Frank Scheffer
A picturesque impression of a period in the life of Vienna-based Iranian composer Nader Mashayekhi, who was asked to lead the Tehran Symphony Orchestra.
The Graduation
Claire Simon
The rigorous selection procedure for new students at the prestigious Parisian film school La Fémis sparks heated exchanges among the examiners.
Graffiti Archaeology
Cassidy Curtis
On the award-winning Graffiti Archaeology website, visitors can visualize the evolution of graffiti art using a custom interface.
Phuong Thao Dong
This intimate portrait of the slow fading away of a grandfather teaches us that listening is just as valuable as looking.
Grandma's Hairpin
Following the Chinese civil war in 1949, the Communists won control of China and the defeated Nationalist Government, led by Chiang Kai-shek, was forced to retreat to Taiwan with 600,000 soldiers....
Grandma's Tattoos
Suzanne Khardalian
A very personal film about the tragic consequences of the genocide in Armenia during World War I on the life of filmmaker Suzanne Khardalian's grandmother.
Grandmother and the Wolf
Andreas Schnögl
A poetic reflection on the loss of tradition and nature in the pitted mining landscape of Lusatia - the wolf has returned, bringing hope to local people.
The Grandmothers of the Revolution
Petra Seliskar
Slovenian director Petra Seliskar interviews her grandfather and her Macedonian boyfriend's two grandmothers, one in Cuba, about ideology and family.
Grandpa Jing and His Old Customers
Shi Runjiu
An atmospheric homage to an 87-year-old barber named Jing. In an old neighbourhood of Beijing, he reflects on life with the elderly customers he visits.
Ron Mann
Reconstruction of the hysteria surrounding marihuana that took on a grotesque form in the United States.
Igor Sevcuk
The style of this experimental film enhances the oppressive feeling of acrophobia.
The Great Animal Orchestra
Thomas Deyriès
Imagine you are the conductor of an animal orchestra in this interactive and incredibly detailed natural soundscape, compiled by artist and nature recordist Bernie...
The Great Communist Bank Robbery
Alexandru Solomon
Thrilling reconstruction of the true story behind a propaganda film about a bank robbery in socialist Romania in 1959.
The Great Dance
Craig Foster, Damon Foster
‘You have to know the ways of an animal before you can eat it.’ This is the philosophy on which the San Bushmen’s way of life is based. In only a few places in...
The Great Depression - Made in Germany
Konstantin Faigle
A tragicomic and unusual quest for the origins of the "gloomy German soul" and a way to help the country to regain its wings.
Great Grand Mother
various directors
Historiography has shed insufficient light on the role of women in the early stages of Canadian development. This documentary wishes to make this role clear and by means...
The Great Liberty
Åsa Blanck, Klas Ehnemark
A caring son tries to piece together the puzzle of his father's life, after he was brutally murdered in his own home by his male lover.
The Great Museum
Johannes Holzhausen
A captivating, behind-the-scenes look at one of the world’s largest museums, Vienna’s Kunsthistorisches Museum, as it undergoes major renovations.
Great Muy Bien
Sheyla Pool Pástor
English lessons at a private language school in Cuba reveal the students’ dreams of America.
The Great Sit-Down
Stephen Peet
Between 1969 and 1980 the BBC broadcast eighty films in the 'Yesterday's Witness' series, devised and produced by Stephen Peet. Peet himself made about half of the films, and...
A Greek Winter
Ingeborg Jansen
In the winter, Tasos and his sister Evdokia supply fuel oil to dozens of apartments in Greece, but the economic crisis means fewer and fewer people are able to pay for...
Green Berets
Ray Kellogg, John Wayne
In unconcealed pro-Vietnam film, fearless American colonel (John Wayne) and his unit fight the cruel Vietcong deep in the jungle. [fiction]
Green Paradise
Roel van Dalen
Portrait of Bert Ydema, an almost retired teacher in a school garden in Amsterdam, who lets pupils experience in practice how extraordinarily beautiful nature is.
The Green Prince
Nadav Schirman
A psychological thriller about a Palestinian Hamas leader’s son, who worked for the Israeli security agency Shin Bet for many years.
The Green Wave
Ali Samadi Ahadi
Animated blogs and tweets from Iran form the backbone of this enlightening and sometimes shocking reconstruction of the 2009 Green Revolution.
Miranda Bailey
A documentary, made in the greenest possible way, about the feature film The River Why, which employed a "green consultant."
Greenpeace: Half Life
David Lea, John Williams
A warning regarding the possible outcome of a nuclear disaster and the effect it would have on the environment. Here, terrifying science fiction becomes...
Greenpeace: les commandos de l'écologie
Jean-Marie Hosatte
For more than twenty﷓five years Greenpeace has been confronting governments and industrial multinationals with their responsibility for the environment. The origins of...
Greetings From Out Here
Ellen Spiro
With a video-camera, a dog and a Volkswagen van, filmmaker Ellen Spiro travelled through the American south for one year, curious for the way homo-sexual people lead their...
Grenzeloze liefde - Made in Africa
Puck de Leeuw
Marriage to a Senegalese man has drastic consequences for three Dutch women.
De grenzeloze vooruitgang - het bestaan van een Eskimo-familie
Thomas Doebele, Maarten Schmidt
In August 1988, in the process of recording an item for the VPRO-programme Diogenes about the American airforce base Thule on the fringes of the North...
At age nineteen, Greta Ferusic was deported to Auschwitz. Fifty years later she was one of the people who were determined to defy the war in former Yugoslavia and stay in Serajevo, in spite of hunger...
Gretchen, Road Movie
Eliane Brum, Paschoal Samora
After 30 years as the queen of the hip swingers, the diva Gretchen decides it's time for a change of career and makes a bid for mayor of the Brazilian island...
Grey Gardens
various directors
A voyeuristic portrait of two eccentric women in a dilapidated country house, hoping for fame.
Ina van Beek
The tragicomic impressions of daily life in elderly housing in Amsterdam.
Gringo: The Dangerous Life of John McAfee
Nanette Burstein
Revealing portrait of successful Internet entrepreneur, yogi, murder suspect and prospective presidential candidate John McAfee.
Grito de piedra
Ton van Zantvoort
In striking scenes, Grito de Piedra shows how the traditional mining village of Potosí is changing more and more into a tourist centre.
Grizzly Man
Werner Herzog
Master filmmaker Werner Herzog obtained this video diary of a man who spent 13 summers protecting grizzlies in a nature reserve before dying a tragic death. The man...
Die große Ekstase des Bildschnitzers Steiner
Werner Herzog
With each jump, ski jumper hovers between life and death.
Grosse weite Welt
Filmmaker returns to Leipzig where previously he made four other films.
Grossraum: Ceuta
Lonnie van Brummelen
In a Spanish enclave on the northern tip of the African continent the exportation of goods is encouraged while barbed-wire fences are preventing illegal migration.
The Ground Beneath Their Feet
Nausheen Dadabhoy
Ruqiya and Khalida were disabled in an earthquake. As women in Pakistan, will they ever again find themselves on firmer footing?
Growing Up
Wang Dongdong, Chang Yu
Account of the rigorous training of underprivileged Chinese children to become professional acrobats in a 2000-year-old tradition.
Growing Up in a Day
Phie Ambo
With the help of parables, two Zambian children learn to obey their uncle after their father’s death.
Growing Up in America
Morley Markson
"How will he be now?" Once in a while everyone wonders about the old acquaintances with whom they have lost touch. This emotion caused Morley Markson to look up again the...
Growing up with Macbeth - Youngsters in Rotterdam
Netty van Hoorn
A cinematic investigation of the relationship between the opera Macbeth and the life of kids in Rotterdam who are playing in the version that was adapted for youth...
The Grown-Ups
Maite Alberdi
A moving, confrontational portrait of four Chilean adults with Down syndrome. Although they feel ready for adult life, society doesn’t agree.
Grozny Blues
Nicola Bellucci
A portmanteau of stories about Chechnya’s traumatic past and a future in which life is made difficult by oppression and Islamic rules.
Grumant: Island of Communism
Ivan S. Tverdovskiy
Every year, a group of Russian seasonal workers returns to bleak Barentsburg on the island of Svalbard to perform dangerous work in the mines.
Grüningers Fall
Richard Dindo
Tribute to Swiss policeman Paul Grüninger who during WW II helped Jews cross the border who had fled from Austria.
Guañape Sur
János Richter
Every 11 years, Peruvian men sail to the Guañape Sur, or southern guano island. There, shrouded in clouds of dust, they harvest dried bird excrement.
Guantanamo's Child: Omar Khadr
Patrick Reed, Michelle Shephard
Fifteen-year-old Omar Khadr was imprisoned and tortured for years at Guantanamo Bay. Can we really hold a child accountable for his actions?
Gubben i stugan
Nina Hedenius
Gubben i stugan is a poetic portrait of the world of Ragnar, a retired forester in Kestina, a place in the Swedish province of Dalecarlia. Ragnar lives in a house that is...
Guerilla Girl
Frank Piasecki Poulsen
In a camp deep in the Colombian jungle, a young student is prepared for the guerrilla army of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).
Robert Hessens, Alain Resnais
Before Alain Resnais acquired international renown as a self-willed maker of feature films he made himself known as an important talent in the area of the...
Pippo Delbono
Poetic film essay by stage director Pippo Delbono, made during a tour across Israel and Palestine with his remarkable troupe.
Guerra dos Meninos
Sandra Werneck
There's a silent war going on in Brazil and the authorities are turning a blind eye. It is a minefield with unequal forces contending with each other. This battle knows...
La guerre d'un seul homme
Edgardo Cozarinsky
During WW II the controversial German author Ernst Jünger was stationed in Paris as an officer in the German army. During the occupation the novelist/philosopher, who...
La guerre sans nom
Bertrand Tavernier
'L'Alg‚rie c'est la France' was what every French pupil was taught. However, in 1962 French colonial domination of Algeria was ended. It took a war of eight years to...
Guerrilla Grannies - How to Live in This World
Ike Bertels
In her third film about Mozambican freedom fighters Monica, Amalia and Maria, Ike Bertels asks how the 'guerrilla grannies' keep their revolutionary spirit alive in a...
Elle Sillanpaa
A cleaner talks about her ideals and the personal sacrifices she had to make in her life as a guerrilla fighter in Colombia.
Guilty Men
An analysis of the problems attached to the treatment of war crimes. The Declaration of Moscow was established in 1943 to ensure the viability of law during and after the war. It laid down the basis...
Guilty Pleasures
Julie Moggan
Every four seconds, a Harlequin novel gets sold somewhere in the world. What is the secret of these paperbacks, replete with barely believable love stories?
Gulabi Gang
Nishtha Jain
A subtle portrait of a women's rights organization that denounces injustices taking place in corrupt and poverty-stricken northern India.
Gun Fight
Barbara Kopple
Collin Goddard survived the horrific shooting at Virginia Tech in April 2007, and is now campaigning for stricter gun laws.
Gunnar Goes Comfortable
Gunnar Hall Jensen
Personal-document in which director travels to India with a Super 8 camera to get rid of lifelong feeling of discomfort.
Guy 101
Ian Gouldstone
This graduation film exposes the world of Internet chat rooms. Stark visuals tell the story of Keith, a loner on the other side of the world, and his encounter with a...
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