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H.I.J.O.S. el alma en dos
Marcelo Céspedes, Carmen Guarini
Children of Argentineans who were murdered during the dictatorship try to call to account military officers who have never been convicted.
Weiming Chen
Impoverished Filipinos jump at the chance to legally sell their organs in order to earn a lot of money in one fell swoop.
Ralph Steiner
At the market-place of a small town in Poland, there are 3 springs. People at each spring behave in a different way, even though the water brought there is the same.
Ha ha Shanghai
Christine Choy
HA HA SHANGHAI shows the personal odyssey of a filmmaker who recorded her visits from the USA and Hong Kong to China in the period 1992-2001. In an attempt to discover what...
Juul Bovenberg
In this personal film filmmaker Juul Bovenberg tries to conceive her parents‘ motives to move from the city to the countryside and to set up an alternative commune...
Habana Muda
Eric Brach
Chino is a deaf Cuban, and he's having trouble supporting his family. When a Mexican tourist falls for him, Chino sees an opportunity.
Victor Semeniuk
This fascinating 1986 collage illustrates how the hardships of a Russian landscape don’t stop humans from making their home there.
Hablando del punto cubano
Octavio Cortázar
This documentary analyzes the typical features of the 'punto', a Cuban musical tradition from the days of Spanish colonialism. The 'punto' is the art of verbal...
Hacking Democracy
Simon Ardizzone, Russell Michaels
A curious California grandmother wants to know more about electronic voting and discovers that voting computers are disconcertingly easy to manipulate.
Examination of motives, initiatives, goals, successes and failures of computer hackers.
Had ik maar een bril
Brigit van Dam
Jessica would love to lead a normal life and go to the swimming pool with friends, but the hole in her eardrum stands in her way.
Hadaka no shima
Shindo Kaneto
The struggle against nature on a tiny Japanese island.
Annelies Kruk, Anneke de Lind van Wijngaarden
Nicu takes us to the sewer that was his home from the age of 7 on. Raluca, who runs a shelter, saved him – but the street still has a strong...
Hair India
Raffaele Brunetti, Marco Leopardi
A story about beauty ideals and globalisation centred around the hair of an Indian girl, which after a long journey ends up as expensive extensions.
Hair: Let the Sun Shine in
Pola Rapaport
This musical film portrays the political musical Hair and consists of interviews with people involved in those eventful late 1960s, interlarded with swinging archive...
Haïti dans tous nos rêves
Jean-Daniel Lafond
In 1959 the Haitian poet René Depestre fled his native country in fear of repression by the regime of dictator 'Papa Doc' Duvalier. The revolutionary poet joined the...
Haïti. uden titel
Jørgen Leth
Haiti untitled is Danish filmmaker, poet and journalist Jorgen Leth's personal vision on the history of and everyday life on Haiti. Leth has been living on the island for a...
Haiti: coup de grace?
Rudi Stern
On 30 September 1991 a coup﷓d'état took place on Haiti which forced elected president Jean﷓Bertrand Aristide to go into exile for three years. Haiti: coup the grace? follows...
Marcin Switalski
Impressionist black & white report of people scavenging on the garbage piles for useable leftovers. Acquires a religious dimension through the soundtrack.
Half Life: A Parable for the Nuclear Age
Dennis O'Rourke
Shortly after the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the American military wanted to find a 'suitable' site for further nuclear testing. They designated the...
The Halfmoon Files
Philip Scheffner
These recordings are part of an ambitious sound archive representing all nations of the world. The screen remains black while we listen to the exotic voices from Half...
Kees Brouwer
Filmmaker Kees Brouwer follows the Hallelujah Men's Choir from the Dutch town of Urk for the year leading up to a concert in Paris in celebration of its 100th birthday.
Dan Geva, Noit Geva
Only a few Jews live in the Israeli village of Pekiin. But although the different religious groups in Pekiin get along peacefully together, according to a guide, the...
Hamartía - More or Less Louis van Gasteren
Rudolf van den Berg
A portrait of 92-year-old cineaste Louis van Gasteren. What typifies him more: the more than 80 films he has made, or an event that took place in 1943?
Hamas Behind the Mask
Shelley Saywell
An insightful look at Hamas and the people behind the stereotypical terrorist mask, who have become a major force in shaping the future of a Palestinian state.
Hamsaran-e haj-abbas
Mohsen Abdolvahab
In a quite humorous way the director brings a nevertheless serious and somewhat heavy story of two old Iranian women, widows of the same man. They live in the same...
The Hamster Factor And Other...
Keith Fulton, Louis Pepe
In 1995 filmmaker Terry Gilliam made the feature film twelve monkeys, what he considers to be an attempt at realising "a European art film within the Hollywood...
Handsworth Songs
John Akomfrah
This hard-hitting, critical and poetic film essay places the UK race riots of the 1980s in a broader perspective, exploring the optimism and dashed hopes of black...
Ha-neol-sack go-hyang
Mevrouw Kim So-young
The Korean artist Shin Sun-nam lives in Uzbekistan. For 33 years, he worked behind closed doors, invisible to the KGB, on his magnum opus: Requiem, an enormous...
Hang the DJ
Marco La Villa, Mauro La Villa
Music documentary about the star status of DJ's with underground roots.
The Hanging
Geoffrey Feinberg
Nineteen-year-old Kirill hangs out on the rooftops of apartment blocks, where his brazen stunts have earned him the nickname “Russian Spiderman.”
The Hangman
Netalie Braun
A pious Jewish man in Israel, who was involved in the execution of the Nazi Adolf Eichmann, is now the epitome of meekness.
Hanoi, martes 13
Santiago Alvarez
The film is an account of one day in Vietnam. A parallel is drawn between the life of the American president of the day Lyndon B. Johnson and that of the Vietnamese...
Hans van Manen - Master of Movement
Ad s-Gravesande
The modern ballets of the 65-year-old choreographer Hans van Manen originate in music. Directors Ad ‘s-Gravesande and Siewert Verster went to cities like Amsterdam,...
Alice M. Villlela Pinto, Hidalgo Romero
Recording or poetry -- the existential uncertainties of a filmmaker-anthropologist as she captures indigenous rituals.
Happily Ever After
Ayman El Amir, Nada Riyadh
An unrelenting personal report of a faltering relationship in the aftermath of Egypt’s Arab Spring.
Thomas Balmès
In Bhutan, the advent of TV in 1999 brought a revolution to the mountain villages, where Buddhist monasteries were now competing with the modern window on the world.
Happiness ... Promised Land
Laurent Hasse
A walking-pace road movie from southern to northern France. The filmmaker stops passersby at random and asks them for their definition of happiness.
Happy Mother's Day
Richard Leacock
In 1963 Mrs. Fischer gave birth to a healthy quintuplet. The news spread fast from Aberdeen across the world. Despite the solemn speeches that mentioned the protection of...
Happy Mother's Day
Joyce Chopra, Richard Leacock
In 1963, a young American family with newborn quintuplets is exposed to commercial exploitation.
The Happy Sad Route (and a Comedian)
Linda Hakeboom
Dutch comedian Jan Jaap van der Wal travels to the former Yugoslavia, where a fledgling comedy scene attempts to get past the traumas of its recent history.
Audrius Stonys
A poetic impression of life in a harbour town, from daybreak to nightfall. The scenes in a sanatorium were people seem to reach a certain tranquility in water, mud and...
Harfhayat ra penhan kon
Behnam Behzadi Boroujeni
Beautifully photographed tale of two girls of the Bakhtiari tribe in Iran, who hope not to be married off for a while, because they want to continue with their...
Harlan County, USA
Barbara Kopple
Academy Award-winning account of the violent struggle between miners and their bosses.
Harlem Diary
Jonathan Stack
The New York quarter of Harlem is not the easiest place for a child to grow up in. Every day the predominantly black inhabitants are confronted with drugs, unemployment and...
Harry Dean Stanton: Partly Fiction
Sophie Huber
An impressionist portrait of actor Harry Dean Stanton, who it turns out is as taciturn and mysterious as his memorable character from the classic film Paris, Texas.
Hartseer Land
Saskia Vredeveld
The Harvest
U. Roberto Romano
Children from three migrant families in the United States talk about the heavy work they must do to support their family financially.
Harvesting Baby Girls
Kanala N.T. Sastry
Unwanted baby girls in Indian rural society are sold for next to nothing on the black market.
Hasta la memoria, siempre
Rodrigo Vázquez
Lucia Garcia, a young woman whose parents both disappeared without a trace during the Argentinean dictatorship, is a member of the H.I.J.O.S. movement and devotes herself...
Hated: GG Allin & The Murder Junkies
Todd Phillips
"My mind is a machine gun, my body stands for the bullets, the audience is my target," G.G. Allin, leader of the Murder Junkies, says. Allin's stage-performance is...
Hats of Jerusalem
Nati Adler
A personal and colourful portrait of the city of Jerusalem: its inhabitants, its religions, but especially its hats.
Havanna Mi Amor
Cubans compare their love lives with their favourite soap series.
Have You Seen Drum Recently?
Jurgen Schadeberg
Film and photograph are being contrasted at times. Film is fire, photograph ice. Film is motion and dynamics, photograph is one moment, solidified time. But how then...
Haven - omzwervingen in de nacht
Marjoleine Boonstra
Remarkable encounters in the nocturnal Amsterdam harbour area.
Hayaller birer kirik ayna
Özgür Dogan, Orhan Eskikoy
The detention of the eldest son of a family in a small village in eastern Anatolia has drastic consequences.
He Makes Me Feel Like Dancin'
Emile Ardolino
On the invitation of Jacques d'Amboise Emile Ardolino, who died recently, directed He makes me feel like dancin'. D'Amboise is a solo dancer with the New York City Ballet....
He Would Rode a Harley
Mary Beth Bresolin, Laura Schroeter
As students at the Center for Visual Anthropology in Los Angeles Laura Schroeter and Mary Beth Bresolin found their subject near home. In HE WOULD RODE...
Head Games
Steve James
Scientific research suggests that serious brain damage is widespread among American athletes, but complaining about concussions is for crybabies.
Hear and Now
Irene Taylor Brodsky
Irene Taylor Brodsky's 65-year-old parents have been deaf all their lives and recently decided to receive a cochlear implant. This personal account follows the elder...
Hear This!
Soulaima El Khaldi
Tristan would like his father to be the coach for his soccer team. But his dad is deaf, and Tristan's club isn't keen on that.
Heart of Factory
Ernesto Ardito, Virna Molina
How an Argentine tile factory that was taken over by its employees in 2001 manages to stay afloat in a hostile climate.
Heart of Sky - Heart of Earth
Eric Black, Frauke Sandig
Cornered by globalization and greed, six Mayans show how destructive these two Western values are for their ancient ways - and for their health.
Heart of Spain
Geza Karpaki, Herbert Klein
During the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) thousands of civilians and soldiers were injured. One third of Madrid lay in ruins. Hitler needed Spanish steel for...
Øyvind Sandberg
A touching, commentary-free portrait of Kåre, a man with Down Syndrome. His engagement to Maybritt is not without its problems.
Hearts and Minds
Peter Davis
For many Americans film seems to be the most appropriate medium to come to grips with their traumas caused by the Vietnam war. Director Peter Davis investigates the effect of...
Hearts of Darkness: a Filmmaker's Apocalypse
various directors
An exciting visual diary of the making of Coppola's Apocalypse Now, a logistical disaster that nearly drives the actors, crew and director insane.
Heaven Adores You
Nickolas Rossi
A portrait of singer-songwriter Elliot Smith featuring heartwarming conversations with those he left behind, interwoven with poetic scenes and his own music.
Heaven on Earth
Rick Minnich
Branson is a rewarding refuge for filmmakers. This town of four thousand souls in Missouri in the United States has one theatre for every hundred inhabitants, is a paradise...
Heavy Metal Jr.
Chris Waitt
When five Scottish youngsters approaching adolescence rehearse with their heavy metal band in the build-up to a performance on Family Fun Day, they mean business.
Heengaan en thuiskomen
Annegriet Wietsma
In HEENGAAN EN THUISKOMEN director Annegriet Wietsma links the joy for the birth of her children to the grief for the death of her mother. It has become a film about the...
Heidi Fleiss - Hollywood Madam
Nick Broomfield
Portrait of Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss, who once ran a chic call-girl organisation and was arrested in 1993.
Joris Ivens
De 'Algemene Nederlandse Bouwarbeidersbond' (Union of construction workers) commissioned Ivens to make a film on construction activities in Holland and on the union's work....
Frank Müller
Director Frank Müller was born in Eindhoven, spent his highschool years in America and worked as a camera-assistant for various TV stations in Germany and France. It seems...
Pepe Danquart
During games of the (East) Berlin ice hockey club Die Eisbären, East German sentiments resurge.
The Heir
Jeremy De Ryckere
The disabled son of an elderly horse jockey will never be able to follow in his father's footsteps. The family keeps praying for a miracle.
Hennes Armeniske Prins
Holmquist and Khardalian previously made BACK TO ARARAT, a documentary about the Armenian genocide in 1915, on which occasion they met the 80-year-old Göta from Finland, who was making out a case for...
Henri and the Islands
Bram Conjaerts
Little Henri introduces us to the inhabitants of Herstappe. In the smallest village in Belgium, people live on their own separate islands.
Henri Langlois the Phantom of the Cinematheque
Jacques Richard
Chronological portrait of the founder of the Cinémathèque Française, “father” of the Nouvelle Vague and saviour of many film classics.
Henri Plaat
Jérôme Schlomoff
This portrait of the Dutch artist Henri Plaat was filmed using a pinhole camera and is a companion piece to Marble, on artist Marc Couturier.
Henri-George Clouzot's Inferno
Serge Bromberg, Ruxandra Medrea
Playing with the editing and lighting of the original footage, Serge Bromberg exposes the bizarre story behind the failure of Henri-Georges Clouzot’s...
Curtis Levy
Portrait of concert pianist and human rights activist Hephzibah Menuhin.
Her er Banerne
Theodor Christensen
A film about the Danish State Railway, shot at the big Fredericia station in Jutland, the junction of many of the country's main train routes.
Her Name is Sabine
Sandrine Bonnaire
The life story of French actress Sandrine Bonnaire's younger sister shows the failure of conventional medicine with respect to a correct diagnosis of autism.
Werner Herzog
In his debut film, Herzog is already looking for the connection between heroism and madness as he comments on a racing accident at Le Mans by showing images of German...
Herbie White
Wouter Snip
Herman de Wit, a jazz-musician with unbridled energy, stimulates a lot of people to discover their musical identity. He thinks that everyone has an aptitude for music. It is...
Here at Home
various directors
A live web documentary about At Home, a major Canadian housing project that gave homes to 1,265 homeless people.
Here I Am
Jessie van Vreden
At 11 years old, Ilij leads a drum band and is not only successful as a drummer, but also as a teacher.
Here One Day
Kathy Leichter
Kathy Leichter's film is a portrait of her highly gifted, manic-depressive mother Nina, made using the notes and cassette recordings Nina left behind.
Here We Are, Waiting For You
Marcelo Masagão
'Documentary memory' of the 20th century and the people who lived in it, with the capricious structure of a dream.
Herman Slobbe/Blind kind 2
Johan van der Keuken
Apt observations by a blind boy with abundant musical talent.
Herr Zwilling und Frau Zuckermann
Volker Koepp
Two elderly Jewish people from the Ukraine tell their life story.
Hidden Faces
Claire Hunt, Kim Longinotto
After a ten years’ absence, journalist Safaa Fathay returns to her native country Egypt to do an interview with the popular writer Nawal El Saadawi. She not...
Hidden in Plain Sight
John Smihula
Indictment against the School of the Americas, according to some the instigator of democracy in South America, according to many a breeding ground for dictators and human...
Hidden Voices
Michael Grigsby
Hidden voices is set in the world of entertainment for the common man. Various musicians, comedians and other entertainers take their acts to clubs all over the north of...
Hidden Wounds
Arnold van Bruggen, Tomas Kaan
Subdued video clip for a song by the Belgian band band dEUS, showing sober portraits of war veterans suffering post-traumatic stress disorder.
Hidden Wounds Interactive
Tomas Kaan,
An interactive version of a subdued video about the lives of war veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder.
Hide and go Seek
Brian Baxter
Director Brian Baxter pays a visit to a friend, who has been living with his new girlfriend and her little daughter for some time now. First, Baxter travels along with the...
The Hideout
Astrid Bussink
A classic coming-of-age documentary about the wedge that comes between four friends from a small Dutch village, because two of them are going to high school.
Hiding Places
Mariella Harpelunde Jensen
Children reveal their secret hiding places and allow the camera in when they are inside these sanctuaries.
Higata no aru umi; Isahaya-Wan 1988
Katutoshi Iwan Aga
Fishing in the Isahaya Bay is not what it used to be.
Jan van den Berg, Hannie van den Bergh
Higgs follows the quest for the 'Holy Grail of physics': the Higgs particle. To find this infinitesimally small element, thousands of scientists and...
High Fidelity - the Adventures of the Guarneri String Quartet
Allan Miller
High Fidelity is a vivacious and intimate portrait of the most prominent string quartet in the world. The film is the product of the latest cooperation between Allen Miller...
High on Crack Street - Lost Lives in Lowell
various directors
Whoever thinks that most American crack fiends loiter around uninhabitable barracks on the dark streets of New York will have to shed this prejudice after having seen...
High School
Frederick Wiseman
In High School, Direct Cinema icon Frederick Wiseman takes his investigative camera and observes the daily activities of teachers, students, and others.
High School II
Frederick Wiseman
In the film HIGH SCHOOL from 1968, Frederick Wiseman drew a depressing portrait of life at a Philadelphia high school. In 1994 he returned to the classroom once more....
High Stakes in the East
John Fernhout
Nominated for an Oscar® during World War II, this propaganda film (commisioned by the Dutch government in exile) tells the American people why the Dutch East Indies matter...
High Steel
Don Owen
High Steel is a film about a special type of persons: those without a fear of heights. The builders who construct the skyscrapers in New York and who walk with cat like agility...
HIGHRISE/Out My Window
Katerina Cizek
Behind identical windows in concrete gray apartment buildings, an array of different lives is lurking. Thirteen 360-degree shots reveal apartments and their residents in 13...
HIGHRISE: One Millionth Tower
Katerina Cizek
A digital recording of the residents of a Toronto high-rise as they work with an architect to improve their home.
HIGHRISE: Universe Within
Katerina Cizek
This multimedia project explores the lives of city dwellers and shows how online communities can shape the physical world.
The Highwater Trilogy
Bill Morrison
In three parts, newsreel footage from the 1920s sketches the relationship between man and nature. A meditation on the countless shades of silver nitrate.
Sergei Dvortsevoy
The members of a travelling family circus are at each other's throats on the desolate Kazakh steppes.
Highway Courtesans
Mystelle Brabbee
Portrait of a Bachara girl who tries to wrestle free from an age-old community tradition of prostitution.
Highway Home
Esther Johnson
A glance out the window of an age-old English farmhouse, situated on the median strip of the M62 highway.
Hilal's Hair
Zeynep Özkaya
Dilemmas of and reconciliation attempts by a twelve-year-old Muslim girl, with respect to the headscarf she is expected to wear starting at a certain age.
Hillbrow Kids
Jacqueline Görgen, Michael Hammon
Street kids survive in violent Johannesburg by begging and sniffing glue.
Daniel Gordon
A meticulous reconstruction of the disastrous soccer match on April 15, 1989 in Sheffield, England, when 96 fans were crushed to death, and of the lengthy legal battle that...
Hinterland - A Child Soldier’s Road Back to South Sudan
Albert Elings
The life story of a former child soldier from South Sudan who seeks asylum in the Netherlands and enrolls in law school so he can help reconstruct his country.
Hip Hop Hope
Darrell Wilks
After September 11, hip-hop artists in New York proclaim a new, committed and hopeful message.
Hip Hop-eration
Bryn Evans
Thirty senior citizens from New Zealand prepare for the World Hip-Hop Dance Championship in Las Vegas.
Hippies from Hell
Ine Poppe
Portrait of the Dutch hackers’ movement and the artists, boffins, puzzlers, computer fanatics and lock pickers that are part of it.
Hiroshima mon amour
Alain Resnais
For me, the early work of Alain Resnais will always occupy a special place. The small-scale, physical, direct nature of the early cinéma-vérité enabled my transition from...
Hiroshima-Nagasaki, August 1945
Nippon Eiga Sha, Akira Iwasaki
On August 6th and 9th 1945, the American airforce released two atom bombs on the Japanese cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The fireballs caused by both bombs...
His Big White Self
Nick Broomfield
Fourteen years after The Leader, His Driver and the Driver's Wife, documentary filmmaker Nick Broomfield revisits the extreme right-wing AWB leader Eugene Terreblanche in...
His Mother's Voice
Dennis Tupicoff
On 25 April 1995, 16-year-old Matthew Easdale was shot dead. Several weeks later, his mother was interviewed by Matt Brown for ABC Radio. In this interview, she describes...
Hissein Habré, a Chadian Tragedy
Mahamat Saleh Haroun
An emotional encounter with victims of the Chadian dictator Hissein Habré and his reign of terror that lasted from 1982 to 1990 – with American and French support.
Histoire du Soldat Inconnu
Henri Storck
Compilation of news images composes soundless but powerful pamphlet against warfare.
Historia de una batalla
Manuel Octavio Gómez
Within a year, illiteracy on Cuba was eliminated thanks to the literacy brigades: an army of 100,000 youngsters who set out with chalk and blackboards under their...
Historia de una descarga
Melchor Casals
In January 1981 a ship moors in Cienfuegos port. It is carrying a 2,000 ton cargo of wood-pulp: sender unknown. Theoretically speaking, the port does not have the...
History's Judgement
V. Bytkov
The film starts with a repeated alternation between images of Europe that is enjoying the results of 40 years of peace and shots of a NATO-exercise, peace demonstrations, and...
Hitchcock, Selznick and the End of Hollywood
Michael Epstein
Hollywood producer Selznick, director Hitchcock and the collapse of the studio system.
Hitler Lives
Don Siegel
Appearances are deceptive. Right after World War II, HITLER LIVES warns us about the Germans. They seem to be nice, the message is, but in reality they are extremely aggresive...
Hitler? Connais pas!
Bertrand Blier
In 1963, 22-year-old Bertrand Blier invited 11 of his peers to talk about their lives. Hitler? Connais pas! is a fascinating historical document.
Hitler's Children
Chanoch Ze'evi
Close family members of prominent figures in the Nazi regime talk about the deep scars their family history has left on their souls.
Hitler's Hit Parade
Oliver Axer, Susanne Benze
Compilation film of German footage dating from shortly before and during World War II, accompanied by cheerful German songs.
Hitman Hart, Wrestling with Shadows
Paul Jay
A glance behind the scenes of professional wrestling.
Hitta Hem
Tove Torbiörnsson
An adopted Swedish boy searches his family in chaotic India.
Hitting Thirty
Sean McAllister
Unpolished view of daily life for three construction worker friends approaching thirty and reflecting back on their lives together in Hull, Yorkshire.
Hlebni den
Sergei Dvortsevoy
Bread supply for the elderly inhabitants of a forsaken working class town is a weekly spectacle.
Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas - Battle of Easel Point - Memorial Project Okinawa
Jun Nguyen - Hatsushiba
The complex relationship between war, Hollywood's portrayal of it and a real American army base on the Japanese island of Okinawa.
John Davis
In the thirties, 'hobos' travelled illegally through the United States on boxcars to escape the great Depression. But they are still here. Voluntary wanderers who lead lives of...
Hochseefischerei der Deutschen Marine
Food scarcity during World War I meant that fish sorting took place under the supervision of German military officers.
Frank Pfeiffer, Rouven Rech
The story of how the Hoffenheim team, the brainchild of a software millionaire and slick marketing men, advances to the top of German professional soccer.
Hokkers, Boeren en Koeien
Ingeborg Jansen
A documentary about punk rockers, skaters and gabbers in the Frisian farming village of Ureterp.
Hold Me Tight, Let Me Go
Kim Longinotto
A poignant recording of daily life at the Mulberry Bush School, an institution that helps emotionally dysfunctional children reintegrate into society providing them with...
Hold on Tight - De Dijk
Suzanne Raes
A year in the life of Dutch pop band De Dijk, during which they record a CD with Solomon Burke: a year of friendship, ambitions, a lot of soul, and just a little blues.
Randi Steinberger
Tourists in Jerusalem, Florence and Las Vegas are looking for something higher and in the process destroy every last bit of authenticity.
The Holier It Gets
Jennifer Baichwal
Canadian family takes late father’s ashes back to his native country India.
Holland neutraal, de leger- en vlootfilm
Willy Mullens
The wide-ranging activities of the Dutch armed forces are presented in meticulous detail, as proof of their readiness to defend the country's neutrality.
Hollandse Helden
Paul Cohen, Martijn van Haalen
Young artist makes his parents' divorce the subject of his work.
Hollandse Meesters in de 21ste eeuw
various directors
Short portraits of the preeminent Dutch artists of the moment seen through the eyes of renowned filmmakers, shown in two small movie theaters.
Elaine McMillion
Explore the communities of McDowell County, West Virginia through this interactive documentary featuring the stories of over 30 residents who live there.
Hollywood Hotel
Mei-Juin Chen
The seventy-year-old, bright orange Hastings Hotel is located within a stone's throw from Hollywood's renowned Walk of Fame. The simplicity and shabbiness of the building...
The Holocaust Experience
Oeke Hoogendijk
The memory of the holocaust kept alive in Europe, Auschwitz, and in the United States.
Holy Cow
Imam Hasanov
Tapdyg’s revolutionary idea to buy a European dairy cow sparks unrest in his tiny, remote village.
Holy Wars
Stephen Marshall
Stephen Marshall follows a fanatical Christian and a radical Muslim from the start of the war on terror. Their worldview becomes increasingly extreme.
Un hombre aparte
various directors
Portrait of a degenerating immigrant in Chile who refuses to face up to reality.
Ramón Gieling
A portrait of a rejected refugee named Cyriaque, whose campaign group Wij Zijn Hier (We Are Here) wants a face, a voice and somewhere to stay in the Netherlands.
Home Away from Home
Marika Väisänen
With a combination of film and animation, nine-year-old Oona explains what it's like to have divorced parents.
A Home Far Away
Peter Entell
A melancholy, painstaking portrait of journalist Edgar Snow and his wife, who were forced to leave the communist-hating America of the 1950s.
A Home for Lydia
Eline Helena Schellekens
Lydia was born in the Netherlands but is still waiting on a residence permit. She tells her story, partly in songs she wrote herself.
Home From the Hill
Molly Dineen
In her film debut, Dineen has an ironic and increasingly intimate conversation with Colonel Hillary Hook, who cannot adapt to life in Great Britain after having lived in...
The Home Front
Phie Ambo
The Danes have come up with a solution for neighborhood arguments gone wrong. The Fence Committee is going to establish peace in people's backyards.
Home Made Money
Alejo Hoijman
HOME MADE MONEY follows the three inventors and implementers of a popular alternative tender in Argentina, the country of frozen bank accounts and skyrocketing inflation.
Home of the Brave - Land of the Free
John Sullivan
Poignant eyewitness account of the activities of American special units in Afghanistan.
Home on the Range
Adam Jonas Horowitz
This documentary offers a balanced view on the events round the Marshall Islands, and particularly the Kwajolein Atoll. For the last thirty years, Kwajolein has been...
Home Recordings
Mari Soppela
Director Mari Soppela filmed the crisis in the relationship with her partner. Scenes with conversations on the couch alternate with footage from happier times.
Home Road Movies
Robert Bradbrook
The real-life story of a shy and clumsy father who purchages a family car in the hope it would make him a better parent. A funny and moving tribute to growing up in the...
Home Sweet Home
Katrine Philp
Ten-year-old Salimah emigrates from Malaysia to be with family in Denmark, where she must deal with a new and completely unfamiliar life.
Home to Tibet
Alan Dater, Lisa Merton
Since the Chinese invasion in 1949 more than 100,000 Tibetans have fled their native country. They live scattered all over the world trying to keep their culture...
Home: Aamir
Rufus Norris
Experience the inhumane conditions of the Calais Jungle and travel with Aamir from South Sudan via Libya and across the Mediterranean to his new “home.” On-site reservation...
The Homecoming
Archie Baron
The author Alexander lchenitchin used to be one of the severest critics of the Soviet Union. For this reason he was forced to live in exile for more than twenty years, first...
Juris Podniek
In HOMELAND director Juris Podnieks, a Prix d'Italia winner, has put together a graphic testimony to the fight for political self-determination by the people of Latvia,...
George Sluizer
More than 25 years after his last documentary about the Palestinian refugee camps of Beirut, Dutch filmmaker George Sluizer returns to Lebanon and is reunited with the...
Tom Zubrycki
When the civil war in El Salvador came to an end in 1992, Carlos and Maria Robles were faced with a dilemma. Seven years before they had fled to Australia with their four...
Homeless in London
Yolanda Mazkiaran
What is the life of a homeless person like in the streets of London, with only 50 pence in his pockets?
Jannik Splidsboel
Homies provides an unbiased glimpse at the life of two Danish urban kids and the multicultural community in their country.
L'Homme qui a vu l'homme qui a vu l'ours
André S. Labarthe
This dramatised documentary tells the story of the Hungarian Laslo Kovacs. His arrival in Hollywood makes an overwhelming impression on him. Fuddled by a combination of...
Un homme sans l'occident
Raymond Depardon
An epic and expressive narrative about the resistance against the white colonists and the development of a young African hunter in the Sahara.
Homo Sapiens
Nikolaus Geyrhalter
There’s not a soul to be seen in this intriguing sequence of abandoned locations – symbols of our ephemerality.
The Hong Kong Showcase (Eine Fallstudie)
Michael Brynntrup
A nocturnal impression of the cleaning of the Armani shop window in Hong Kong.
Rudi Hornecker
Images of the winter of starvation in the Netherlands 1944-1945
Honky Tonk Heaven: Legend of the Broken Spoke
Brenda Greene Mitchell, Sam Wainwright Douglas
The colorful history of Broken Spoke, the legendary honky-tonk in Austin, Texas, where folks come to hear country music and dance the...
Honor Killings
Frans Bromet
Yeter and Seren, two Dutch girls of Turkish/Kurdish background, make a film about honor killing. Frans Bromet follows them.
Roel van Broekhoven
Congo. The car-rally Paris-Le Cap passes through the Congolese village of Sibiti. High expectations. Disillusion when the rally has raced through and disappeared again...
Hoop Dreams
Steve James
Steve James's award-winning film follows two young American basketball players as they pursue their dream of becoming NBA pros.
Hoover Street Revival
Sophie Fiennes
A bellowing preacher keeps the inhabitants of the black ghetto South Central in LA going with a dose of gospel and ecstasy.
Hopefully for the Best
Raed Al Helou
A documentary about daily life in Ramallah, where a restaurateur, a street sweeper and bakers, hoping for better times, try to keep their heads above water.
Horowitz Plays Mozart
various directors
In May 1987, the world-renowned pianist Vladimir Horowitz decided to make a recording with a symphony orchestra. It was a special occasion, because he had not been in a...
The Horse Boy
Michel Orion Scott
The Horse Boy chronicles the extraordinary journey of a family as they travel across Mongolia by horseback in search of a healer who they believe may be able to help...
Jérôme Clément-Wilz
Karen is training with an American cowboy for her transformation into a horse. A poetic reflection on humanity, gender, life, love and nature.
Nancy Muqing Wu
Daily life in the historic Chinese town of Songpan, where tourists make breath-taking horse treks while the inhabitants are toiling away.
The Horses of Fukushima
Yoju Matsubayashi
After the disaster at Fukushima, a centuries-old tradition is the only bit of luck for 23 horses that survived the tsunami.
Frederick Wiseman
In this classic, award-winning documentary about a New York hospital, Frederick Wiseman juxtaposes daily routine with personal emotions in order paint a portrait of...
Bogomir Doringer
A transforming sculpture investigates how soldiers who return from overseas missions "host" their all-encompassing but ill-defined horrors.
Hot Sugar's Cold World
Adam Bhala Lough
A fascinating portrait of the musician Hot Sugar and his obsessive search for ambient sounds to use in his trippy tracks.
Hot Type: 150 Years of The Nation
Barbara Kopple
A lively behind-the-scenes look at America’s longest-running weekly magazine and its reporting of big news, now and in the past.
Hotel Calendarium
Andrzej Brzozowski
The history of Poland, as told parallel to the construction and destruction of the Bristol Hotel in Warsaw. The hotel was built in 1901. In 1905 it was the site of a...
Hotel Deutschland
Stefan Paul
Cultural life in Leipzig and Berlin, during and after the 'Wende': Kurt Masur meets 'Messer Banzani', musicians from Connewitz; Heiner Müller and Laurie Anderson shake their...
Hotel Diaries: Frozen War
John Smith
Hotel Diaries is a series of films consisting of a collection of late night recordings made in foreign hotel rooms which relate personal experiences to contemporary world...
Hotel Diaries: Museum Piece
John Smith
Hotel Diaries is a series of films consisting of a collection of late night recordings made in foreign hotel rooms which relate personal experiences to contemporary world...
Hotel Diaries: Throwing Stones
John Smith
Hotel Diaries is a series of films consisting of a collection of late night recordings made in foreign hotel rooms which relate personal experiences to contemporary world...
Hotel E
Priit Pärn
An animated film about the contrasts between Eastern and Western Europe. As colourful as life in the West may seem, it can also be sterile and illusory.
Hotel of Dreams
Helle Toft Jensen
After 25 years in Europe a Senegalese man returns to his home country to fulfil a dream: building a hotel in a small village.
Hotel of the Stars
Jon Bang Carlsen
With its population of dreamers and wannabe’s, the Montecito Hotel in Hollywood symbolizes the wide gap between dream and reality, poverty and succes in American...
Hotel Sunja
Ivan Salaj
Sunja is a small place in Croatia. It provides accommodation for an army unit that is hiding in the local hotel. When this film was made there was a truce, which made the...
Hotel Sunrise
Maria Rumanova
A portrait of a small Slovakian border town where local people are facing the harsh consequences of life in a post-Soviet society.
Hôtel Terminus: The Life and Times of Klaus Barbie
Marcel Ophüls
Hotel Terminus was Nazi-officer Klaus Barbie' s headquarters. In 1987, this man, who received the surname 'Butcher of Lyon' during the Second World War, was put on trial in...
Hotet - Uhkkádus
When the nuclear power plant of Chernobyl exploded on 26 April 1986 filmmaker Stefan Jarl was making preparations for a feature film in North Sweden. When he realised the gravity of the situation -...
Hotu painu
Peter Turei
When the French Prime Minister, Laurent Fabius, in the film Hotu Painu, is asked what his feelings are he replies that he feels nervous, but on the other hand puts every...
Houen zo!
Herman van der Horst
Rotterdam, immediately after World War II.
La houille
But also in the new genre of the company film it seems that Holland has not completely cast off the nineteenth century. The priners in the coal-mines of LA HOUILLE and the paint factories and...
Amos Gitai
House Call
David Ofek, Neta Shoshani
A team consisting of a nurse, a doctor and a social worker do everything they can to support a terminally ill young mother at home with her loved ones in her...
House for Sale
Emanuel Giraldo
A moving triptych in which Cubans show off their homes and contents as valuable treasures – something they were not able to do during the 50-year ban on property...
The House I Live In
Eugene Jarecki
Why is it that since the war on drugs started in 1971, drugs in the United States have become cheaper, purer and more widely available than ever?
The House Is Black
Forough Farrokhzad
A black-and-white Iranian classic from 1962 about a leper colony. The calm, powerful imagery invites the viewer to explore the beauty in the disfigurements.
House of the Tiger King
David Flamholc
Hilarious documentary about an expedition to the Lost City of the Incas in the Peruvian rainforest.
Azharr Rudin
Step into the life of this Malaysian grandmother, who is much better preserved than the house she shares with her numerous offspring, cats and termites
Gabriel Mascaro
Seven Brazilian youngsters film their live-in maids, providing insight into their relationships with these quasi-family members.
Houses for All
Gereon Wetzel
Bleak but beautiful images of a real estate megaproject, whose unoccupied apartment complexes reveal the desperate state of the Spanish real estate market.
The Houses of Hristina
Suzanne Raes
The engaging Bulgarian Hristina shows the audience how she perceives, and captures, the canal-side houses in Amsterdam that she cleans.
Houston We Have a Problem
Nicole Torre
Houston We Have A Problem is about America's ferocious appetite for oil from the insider's perspective of the Energy Capital of the world. Oilmen on oil addiction.
Houston, We Have a Problem!
Ziga Virc
According to this virtuoso docu-fiction, the United States secretly bought a wildly expensive Yugoslavian space program during the Cold War.
How Hormones Changed My Life
Wilma Ligthart
Due to her raging hormones, 14-year-old Tanvi is swinging back and forth between her emotions and logical thinking, between desire and strict Hindu traditions.
How Many Roads
Jos de Putter
A sometimes funny, sometimes dramatic road movie across the American landscape and into the hearts of various followers and fans of Bob Dylan.
How Much Wood Would a Woodchuck Chuck
Werner Herzog
Account of a championship for livestock auctioneers who speak super-fast.
How Much?
Marieke Verheyen
"Sitting and waiting, watching. Waiting for somebody to come. Impossible to avoid the looks. Eye to eye, at both sides of the glass. A secret remains a secret....
How Nikita Got Herself a Horse
Anneke de Lind van Wijngaarden
13-year-old Nikita from Amsterdam-East got a horse at a crucial moment in her life, and it changed everything for her.
How to Become a Hero
Mladen Maticevic
A Serbian filmmaker in a midlife crisis documents his attempt to start a new life by training for a marathon.
How to Care for the Senile
Haneda Sumiko
Japan is moving into an era in which the care for a large group of elderly people will cause great problems. Special attention must be paid to the treatment of 1.5 million...
How to Change the World
Jerry Rothwell
A fascinating documentary about the history of Greenpeace, the first environmental movement that was able to put the topic of the environment on the global agenda.
How to Invent Reality
Jon Bang Carlsen
Danish director Jon Bang Carlsen makes documentaries that hover between fiction and reality. In HOW TO INVENT REALITY he amplifies the method used for his film IT'S NOW...
How to Live
Marcel Lozinski
At times hilarious, this historical document from the early 1980s features young Polish couples at a Communist summer camp learning how to be ideal citizens.
How to Meet a Mermaid
Coco Schrijber
In an essay-like reflection on the beauty and destructive power of the ocean, filmmaker Coco Schrijber investigates the disappearance of her brother.
How to Pick Berries
Elina Talvensaari
Called in by the local population, invaders arrive in Finnish Lapland to pick the berries right out from under their noses.
How to Smell a Rose: A Visit with Ricky Leacock in Normandy
Les Blank, Gina Leibrecht
While preparing culinary classics in his kitchen in Normandy, Richard Leacock (1921-2011) explores the je ne sais quoi that makes his documentaries so...
How to Start Your Own Country
Jody Shapiro
A tour of self-declared sovereign micronations such as North Dumpling Island, owned by the inventor of the Segway, and Sealand, a marine base off the coast of the UK.
How TV Messes with Your Head
Jean Robert Viallet
An analysis of the enormous influence of programs such as Fear Factor, Big Brother and Temptation Island on human interaction and consumer behavior.
How We Celebrate Freedom
Sanjay Kak
As India celebrates its 60th anniversary of Independence, this provocative and quietly disturbing film raises questions about freedom in Kashmir.
Howrah Howrah
Till Passow
Howrah is the name of the central train station in Calcutta, one of the largest in Asia and an important hub for the transportation of travellers and freight. Howrah is also a...
Huie's Predigt
Werner Herzog
The emotional sermons by the rapidly speaking preacher Huie in shabby Brooklyn.
The Hum of Holland
Stella van Voorst van Beest
What does The Netherlands sound like? We travel through this noisy country, in search of its ambivalent relationship to silence.
Yann Arthus-Bertrand
Staring straight into the camera, people from all over talk about issues that have affected their lives – from light-hearted reminiscences to extremely painful...
The Human Experiment
Don Hardy, Dana Nachman
Scientists and activists fight against the invisible chemical additives in cosmetics, food and everyday products, many of which can lead to epidemics.
Human Geography
Claire Simon
A documentary portrait both of a train station and its reflection of a society touched by globalization.
Human Remains
Confrontational short documentary in which ‘evil’ is banalised in five portraits of five illustrious dictators: Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, Stalin and Mao. They were made by using stock footage that...
Human Weapon
Ilan Ziv
History of one of the most effective modern weapons: the suicide attack, from the first incident in Beirut (1983) until now.
The Humiliated
Jesper Jargil
A candid portrait of director Lars von Trier and the making of his controversial film The Idiots.
Diana Deleanu
In short fragments, this film shows how 94-year-old Maria after a life of hard work outsmarts the priest in her Romanian hamlet.
A Hundred Patients of Dr. Jia
Wang Hongjun
Hectic scenes in Dr Jia's office. The comings and goings of patients and the people they bring along evolve into a charming group portrait.
Ulrich Seidl
Six characters in a Viennese suburb during a heat wave, in Seidl’s first feature film.
Karin Steinberger, Marcus Vetter
Globally, hunger is on the rise. In Mauritania, Kenya, India, Brazil, and Haiti, globalization and the associated loss of local, small-scale food...
Hungry Minds
This documentary was made by UNESCO for the Canadian Council for Reconstruction. The film raises the matter of the troublesome circumstances of post-war education in Europe. The intellectual training...
The Hungry Tide
Tom Zubrycki
An Australian woman from Kiribati works promoting awareness of climate change, as her home country is threatened by rising sea levels.
The Hunt
Niek Koppen
This observational documentary examines the symbolic and social significance fox hunting has for life in the English countryside.
The Hunting of the President
Nick Perry, Harry Thomason
A strong indictment against the “dirty tactics” used by the Republican camp against Bill Clinton during his presidency.
Monteith McCollum
For 100-year-old agricultural pioneer Milford Beeghly, grains of corn are just like people.
Doug Pray
According to legend it all started in the first half of the eighties in a dilapidated shack in Seattle, where a number of bored youngsters was thrashing their guitars. The sound...
Cao Guimarães
A hypnotizing mini-drama and almost abstract recording of a Ferris wheel by night, which disintegrates into overlapping red and yellow flashes of light.
Hypnotic Hell
At the invitation of the International Filmfestival Bombay the Israeli filmmaker Mickey Kovler visited the most industrialised city of India: Bollywood. Here, some thousand musicals and action movies...
PV Lehtinen
This contemplative black and white visual poem about a 73-year-old man starts with simple shots of shining water in which we see the body of a diver. The memories of Helge...
Ditte Uljas
The Finnish filmmaker Ditte Uljas recently graduated from the ‘Urku School of Art and Communications’. With her short video film HYTTI she has made a rather unusual family...
Call for Entry: IDFA Bertha Fund December 22, 2016 | The IDFA Bertha Fund is looking for new creative documentary projects from developing countries for both its classic program and the IBF Europe distribution scheme.
Ally Derks receives Pioneer Award December 12, 2016 | Last Saturday, Ally Derks received a prestigious Pioneer Award from the International Documentary Association.
Open Call: Short Web Documentaries November 26, 2016 | IDFA and Jos de Putter from Deep Focus Web Documentaries invite entries for project proposals from talented (young) filmmakers.


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