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I Am a Girl!
Susan Koenen
Thirteen-year-old Joppe is nervous about asking a nice boy out, and even more so about telling him she was born a boy.
I am a Promise: The Children of Stanton Elementary School
Susan Ramond
Stanton Elementary School is situated in one of the problem districts of Philadelphia. It is a so-called 'Chapter-One-School', which recieves money from the federal...
I Am a Woman Now
Michiel van Erp
A portrait of several first-generation transsexuals, all old women now. Did their sex change operation change their lives as they had hoped?
I Am Because We Are
Nathan Rissman
Documentary by pop singer Madonna and director Nathan Rissman about Malawi. The AIDS epidemic has orphaned many children, one of whom Madonna adopted.
I Am Breathing
Emma Davie, Morag McKinnon
Neil Platt is 33, has just become a father and is terminally ill. He broadcasts candid, humorous observations on life by means of a blog.
I Am Cuba
Mikheil Kalatozov
This lyrical Russian-Cuban masterpiece about the Cuban Revolution languished in a vault for decades thanks to Soviet censorship, but was rediscovered in 1992.
I am Cuba, the Siberian Mammoth
Vicente Ferraz
Cast and crew members get together to discuss the production and reception of Soy Cuba (Michael Kalatozov, 1964), a film masterpiece rediscovered in 1995.
I Am Dublin
various directors
A topical frame story about Ahmed, a young Somali refugee who has been in a paralyzing deadlock for the past six years.
I Am Here
Lixin Fan
IDFA Award winner Lixin Fan follows the rite of passage of contestants in Superboy, a Chinese talent competition for boys.
I Am in Space
Dana Ranga
In orbit around the earth - 16 dawns and dusks a day - astronauts struggle against depression, isolation and irritation.
I Am Not Home Video
Bert Hana
A virtual experience of forgotten answering machine messages and a very special videotape that director and found footage fanatic Bert Hana picked up in a second-hand store....
I Am Sun Mu
Adam Sjoberg
A portrait of North Korean artist Sun Mu as he prepares for an exhibition of his controversial work in Beijing. Animations underscore his life story.
I Am the Blues
Daniel Cross
Despite their venerable ages, these last remaining blues devils are still working every day on the blues.
I Am the Violin
Paul Cohen
Portrait of Polish master violinist Ida Haendel (1924), who still performs worldwide and tells about her life and career.
I Am White Mercenary
Taha Karimi
A former Iraqi army commander under Saddam Hoessein, responsible for the mass murder of Kurds, is looking for witnesses who want to testify that he actually saved lives.
I Burnt Legs
Srdjan Vuletic
In the film I burnt legs we are introduced to a student who works in a Sarajevo hospital. It is one of his tasks to clear away the amputated limbs which will go into an...
I Can't Cry
Kyo Sup Song
While the Korean director and cameraman, whose father recently passed away, confronts a Korean friend who lost both of her parents, a second camera films their clear...
I Come, You Leave, He Leaves
Sabina Luminita Mardare
Documentary about people who chose to change their lives by emigrating. As Rumania is faced with a massive emigration phenomena and, on the other hand, a great...
I Dismember Mama
Errol Morris
Visionary aspiring to prolong life preserves his deceased mother’s deep-frozen head, to revive it and put it on a new body.
I Don't Know
Krzysztof Kieslowski
A Polish whistleblower revealed corruption at a leather factory. This is the testimony of a man who turned against the system he was once part of.
I Don't Wanna Live This Life
Renzo Aneröd, Bo Harringer
A group of young people in Sweden learn the hard way that party drug GHB can lead to psychiatric problems and even worse.
I Dreamed About Pol Pot
Michael Krotkiewski, Julia Stanislawska
Former Khmer Rouge sympathizer Gunnar Bergström returns to Cambodia and attempts to explain why he turned a blind eye to the horrific reality.
I Feel...
Elsbeth van Noppen
Ten-year-old Robert and seven-year-old Jasmijn see and feel more than others. In a natural environment, they talk openly about their experiences.
I Have a Problem Madam
Thomas Doebele, Maarten Schmidt
FIDA Uganda is an organisation of female legal advisers that looks after the interests of Ugandan women. The situation in this country is characterised by...
I Just Wanted to Be Somebody
Jay Rosenblatt
A portrait as funny as it is serious of the homophobic beauty queen Anita Bryant, who unleashed a public controversy over civil rights for homosexuals in 1977.
I Know Where Your Cat Lives
Owen Mundy
Uploading photos isn’t as harmless as you might think, as demonstrated by this amusing but unsettling online data project.
I Like it a Lot
Jay Rosenblatt
In four minutes, the filmmaker and his daughter show how they communicate.
I Love the Army
Jaap van Heusden
Jade (13) doesn't like girly stuff. She wants to be tough and join the Israeli army. Now she gets a chance to visit a real army base in the desert.
I Love You All
Audrey Maurion, Eyal Sivan
I Love You All uses the memories of a former Stasi officer and rare historical footage to recreate the paranoia of East Germany before the Wall came down.
I Love Your Work
Jonathan Harris
In this web documentary, nine women working in the lesbian porn industry reveal all – their bodies and their innermost thoughts. Or do they?
I Loved You
Victor Kossakovsky
A trilogy of stories about love and relationships: the last days of an older couple, two young lovers getting married, and volatile, playful infatuations among...
I Made You, I Kill You
Alexandru Petru Badelita
In a colorful mix of video, animation and music, filmmaker Alexandru Petru Badelita criticizes his unhappy youth in Romania. Television and film offered him a way...
I Remember
Robert Frank
A game with memory, that duality of time, in this re-enactment of Robert Frank’s visit to fellow photographer Alfred Stieglitz.
I Shot the Mayor (or: Plan B)
Astrid Bussink
A filmmaker looks for a decent documentary topic in a village in the Spanish Pyrenees.
I skuggan av solen
Susanna Edwards
Cristina Sanchez was the first female bullfighter who entered the famous Las Ventas bullring in Madrid. Although she did have a few illustrious predecessors - in the...
I Think We're Alone Now
Sean Donnelly
A documentary about the two alleged stalkers of 1980s star Tiffany, who scored a hit single with "I Think We're Alone Now."
I Used to be a Filmmaker
Jay Rosenblatt
Affectionate and humorous portrait of baby Ella, who gives filmmaking concepts new connotations.
I Wanna Be Boss
Marije Meerman
A thorough and unusually candid impression of the lives of five clever Chinese students, who participate in the cutthroat competition for a place at one of the country's...
I Want a New Home
Wang Dafei
Tingting is 10 years old. She resides on a small fishing boat, but would rather live in a real house.
I Want My Money Back
Leo de Boer
A tragicomic, deeply personal film about the temptations of big money, and how a carefully managed fortune went up in smoke because of the financial crisis.
I Want to Be a King
Mehdi Ganji
Together with his family, Abbas Barzegar developed some thriving accommodations for tourists to experience “the authentic Iran.” But his ambitions go even further.
I Want to Go Home
Annelies Kruk
This is the story of 12-year-old Jaymie and her younger brother, who are waiting for Child Welfare to take them out of temporary foster care and send them back home.
I Want to See
Joana Hadjithomas, Khalil Joreige
A dramatized film essay exploring the power of cinema as a historical witness. The camera follows Catherine Deneuve on visits to war-torn areas of...
I Was A Slave Labourer
Luke Holland
Reconstruction of the life of people who were forced labourers in WW II and their battle for compensation.
I Was Born in Delhi...
Bishnu Dev Halder
An intimate, cinema verité-style profile of two Indian sisters who are filmed over a period of five years as they try to build a life for themselves in New Delhi.
I Was the King of Porn. The Adventurous Life of Lasse Braun
Portrait of Lasse Braun, one of the most influential and successful makers of blue movies in Europe.
I Was Worth 50 Sheep
Nima Sarvestani
An Afghan girl is sold to a man for 50 sheep. After her father tries to cancel the deal, the negotiators go after him.
I Will Forget this Day
Alina Rudnitskaya
Oppressive scenes of young women in the bleak waiting room of a Russian clinic. Rudnitskaya penetrates deeply into the minds of these inwardly focused women.
I Will Marry the Whole Village
Zeljko Mirkovic
Forty-eight-year-old Peca sees it as his personal mission to get himself and the more than 200 other bachelors in his village hitched.
I Will Not Be Silenced
Judy Rymer
After becoming a victim of a gang rape, an Australian aid worker fights tirelessly for justice – for herself and for other survivors of rape in Kenya.
I Wish I Knew
Jia Zhang Ke
A poetic portrait of Shanghai that captures the present in images and the past in the personal stories of its inhabitants.
I, Afrikaner
Annalet Steenkamp
An intimate portrait of documentary filmmaker Annalet Steenkamp's white farming family, which has to redefine itself in violent, post-apartheid South Africa.
I, Psychopath
Ian Walker
Sam Vaknin is a self-declared narcissistic psychopath. Together with his wife Lidija and documentary filmmaker Ian Walker, he goes in search of a diagnosis.
I, Soldier
Köken Ergun
On the national holiday for youth and sports, a high-ranking Turkish officer shouts out to a stadium full of people that "A soldier may not die."
Patrick Creadon
According to one American newspaper, the documentary I.O.U.S.A. is An Inconvenient Truth about the national debt.
Ia chaika
Georgi Paradzhanov
The tragic life story of a forgotten Russian actress.
Ian Palach
Raymond Depardon
Impressions of the funeral-turned protest march of Jan Palach, the Czechoslovak student who set himself on fire after the Russian invasion of 1968.
Ibiza Occident
Günter Schwaiger
The party island of Ibiza combines inhospitable nature with a well-oiled, highly commercialized entertainment machine. What makes this Spanish island such a magical...
Juliana Gabriela Gomez Castañeda
An intimate and lyrical portrait of Teresa, a frail fisherwoman in her sixties living on a small island with her granddaughter Maria.
Daniel Anker
In the winter of 1925, Nome, Alaska was gripped by an outbreak of diphtheria. In a heroic race against the clock, dog mushers rush to get lifesaving antitoxin to the...
Ici et ailleurs
various directors
Images of the Palestinian revolution are intercut with another reality: a family in France sitting in front of their TV set.
Wojciech Kasperski
Never before has a camera filmed inside the walls of this remote psychiatric hospital in Siberia, where the medical staff is doing its best despite the difficult...
Juul Bovenberg
Balanced portrait of Ida, a woman who spent 20 years in a psychiatric institution as the result of a misdiagnosis.
A idade da terra
Glauber Rocha
A controversial film by journalist, critic, and filmmaker Glauber Rocha who is the founder of the Brazilian Cinema Novo. Because his movies were banned in his native country...
Ida's Diary
August B. Hanssen
An unflinchingly honest video diary by a young Norwegian whose life consists of great highs and deep lows.
Ide do slonca
Andrzej Wajda
A portrait of the famous Polish sculptor Xawery Dunikowski (1875-1964). He is the greatest representative of modern monumental sculpture in Poland. In one of his early...
De ideale omri
Karina Meeuwse
For his bar mitzvah, the almost 13-year-old Omri wants to lose 10 kg.
Jan Vrijman
Dramatised documentary about the world of advertising. The film follows a cynical director of an advertising agency. In seemingly authentic scenes we see him at work, at home...
The Idiot Cycle
Emmanuelle Schick Garcia
What you aren't being told about cancer.
"Iedereen communiceert. Maar begrijpen we elkaar ook?"
Anne Geelen
Through 14-year-old Serena's commentary, this colourful film examines how people understand each other using MSN, language, instant messages, letters and poems.
If It Weren't for You
Anne-Marieke Graafmans
A warm, pleasant portrait of Riek and Harrie, two quintessential Amsterdam residents who are coping with a great loss but find comfort, understanding, and joy with...
If Mama Ain't Happy, Nobody's Happy
Mea de Jong
A personal film in which a young filmmaker questions her mother about the mysterious, manless family tradition that has now lasted for generations.
If Man Could Fly
Yael Kipper Zaretzky
Matan used to be an unmanageable kid, but not anymore. Since he discovered pigeon breeding, he puts all his energy in his fancy pigeons.
If We Knew
Peter Lataster, Petra Lataster-Czisch
Every day, pediatricians on the maternity ward of a hospital struggle with ethical dilemmas concerning the life and death of newborn babies.
If You Eat Garlic, You Get Full
Tamim Abdullah
A profile of three street boys in Afghanistan, who eat from trashcans but share what they have with others.
Ihmeellinen viesti toiselta tähdeltä
Veli Granö
Associative portrait of the 69-year-old Paavo Rahkonen, one of the designers of the Space Shuttle.
Ik bedek mijn schmerz met mijn nerts
Renée Sanders, Ewald Wels
From 1933, they lent colour to the neighbourhood around the Beethovenstraat in Amsterdam: flamboyant ladies of German-Jewish descent.
Ik ben boos - Caravan 2
Wieneke Koole-Onstwedder
Ik ben boos - Dagdroom
Menna Laura Meijer
Two parts from a documentary series about angry children.
Ik ben sterk
Anneloek Sollart
Greg is so scared of dogs that he decides to take a course to get over his fear of these barking quadrupeds.
Ik lach om niet te huilen - Max Tailleur
Laetitia Schoofs
A reconstruction of the tragic life of the successful comedian Max Tailleur (1909-1990), who used to be the downstairs neighbour of the director and her mother.
Ik wil nooit beroemd worden
Mercedes Stalenhoef
When the once successful cellist Tobias Prenen comes out of a coma, he has lost almost all his bodily functions and mental faculties - a situation that his family must...
Ik word beroemd
Brigit van Dam
Three young talents dream of a successful singing career.
Ikiteite yokatta
Kamei Fumio
Ileksen - Politics in Papua New Guinea
Gary Kildea, Dennis O'Rourke
In 1975 Papua New Guinea became independent, an event O'Rourke captured in YUMI YET (1976) which is also screened in this festival. In ILEKSEN (derived from...
I'll Fly Higher
Isabel Lamberti
Two boys walk through a world full of pleasure and activity, but everywhere fences are keeping them out.
Marleine van der Werf
The power of the imagination is the connecting factor between four very different people: a disabled person, an asylum seeker, a drifter and a nun.
Chris Westendorp
A poignant sketch of the restricted world of an illiterate woman, who tries her best to do something about her situation.
Im anfang war der Blick
Bady Minck
Unconventional film about Austria’s picture postcard past, based on themes like the relationship between word and image, appearance and reality, man and nature.
I'm Carolyn Parker: The Good, the Mad, and the Beautiful
Jonathan Demme
Vijf jaar lang, zonder enige haast, volgde Jonathan Demme de strijdvaardige Carolyn Parker, die haar buurt probeert op te bouwen na orkaan Katrina.
I'm Charlie Chaplin
Jay Rosenblatt
Short film about a girl who is growing up and developing a will of her own. From one year to the next, she does not want to dress up as her idol anymore on Halloween.
Im glanze dieses glückes
Johann Feindt, Helga Reidemeister
It was on 9 November 1989 that the Berlin Wall fell. With the revolution in the German Democratic Republic, a world exploded. A world that looked so...
Im Grenzgebiet
Claas Danielsen
A group of youngsters finds an abandoned police station on a former no man's land in the border region between West and East Germany, which they convert into a clubhouse....
I'm Never Afraid!
Willem Baptist
Eight-year-old Mack was born with a heart defect and doctors thought that he would die. But this tough little guy is now a successful motocross rider.
I'm Not There
Todd Haynes
A daring mix of fiction and fictionalized documentary in which five actors and an actress portray the complex personality of Bob Dylan.
Im westen alles nach plan
Michael F. Huse, Hans Peter Clahsen
Salt without soup looks critically to the (West) German social market economy and its facades. West Germany is a model state for many other countries...
Imagenes de la ausencia
German Kral
Filmmaker portrays his parents and talks with them about their marriage and eventual separation.
Imágenes de la naturaleza (fragment, filmed by the archive)
Departemento de producción (DGAC/UNAM)
The following two items constitute examples of images shot by our filmarchive with the purpose of being cataloged by the filmarchive and than...
Imágenes documentales de la revolucion Mexicana (fragments)
Representative review of shots of the armed struggle. One of filmoteca's de la UNAM most valuable collection is the one containing the films related to the Mexican Revolution, this social movement...
Images d'Ostende
Henri Storck
In the period between the two World Wars, Oostende was not only a fashionable seaside resort but also a first-rate cultural centre, where painters like Ensor, Labisse,...
Images from the Corner
Jasmila Zbanic
In post-war Sarajevo, Jasmila Žbanić looks for traces of the young girl Bilja, who was severely wounded by a shell.
Imagine Waking Up Tomorrow and All Music Has Disappeared
Stefan Schwietert
Former KLF member Bill Drummond shows with his ad hoc 17-person choir that everything is music, and everybody is musical.
Imams Go to School
Kaouther Ben Hania
In Paris, the city's Catholic Institute teaches aspiring imams about the division between church and state.
Ramona S. Diaz
Distressing portrait of a candid Imelda Marcos, who still lives in luxury in the Philippines.
Imiti ikula
Sampa Kangwa-Wilkie, Simon Wilkie
Some 75,000 street children live in Lusaka, the capital of Zambia and one of the poorest cities in Africa. Most of them are orphans and infected with...
The Immigration Judge
Misja Pekel
The judges who represent the Dutch state on occasionally harrowing immigration cases are not devoid of human feelings.
I-Movie [One]: the Agony of Silence
Els Opsomer
Video letter uses colour photographs from an eight-day visit to Palestine and Israel.
Imperial Courts
Eefje Blankevoort, Dana Lixenberg
A serene photo and video portrait of the predominantly African American residents of a housing project in South Los Angeles.
The Imposter
Bart Layton
Documentary meets film noir in this true story of a lost son and a found imposter.
Impressions of Time
Nina Hedenius
In this film essay blending the poetic and the quotidian, Nina Hedenius uses excerpts from her own work to examine some fundamental issues. What is the meaning of our...
Juan José Lozano, Hollman Morris
In 2005, Colombia started gathering evidence about the horrific violence carried out by the illegal para-militias. It is feared that many of the...
In a soldiers footstep
Mette Zeruneith
Danish portrait of a former Ugandan child soldier takes a thriller-like turn when the Ugandan government starts meddling with the film.
In alle stilte
Karin Junger
47?Year-old Will van Sebille is a writer who is married, has two children and at first sight leads a happy life. But she has been keeping a secret for years: as a 17?year-old...
In Belfast staat een muur
Boudewijn Koole
Five years ago, director Boudewijn Koole interviewed a number of children about living in Belfast, divided by hatred and a high wall. Although the children are used to...
In California
Charles Redon
A tribute to a tormented love story in diary style by a young filmmaker who finds out that his girlfriend – a ballerina – has a secret.
In Complete World
Shelly Silver
Series of short street interviews with New Yorkers, in which Shelly Silver asks them about their political opinions and ideas about their personal lives.
In de ban van de koi
René Roelofs
Radio documentary about Koi carp, extremely expensive fish with striking characteristics.
In de greep van de Tango
Leendert Pot
Carel Kraayenhof is bandoneon player and the central character in the documentary embraced by the tango. "Some people like classical music, others find themselves in flamenco...
In Defense of the Rocket
Martin Ginestie
The rise and fall of the Middle East peace process, documented by a series of news photographs set to the rhythms of Beethoven’s 7th Symphony.
In een vreemd land
Kim Landstra
Experiences and memories of three African youngsters who are seeking asylum in the Netherlands.
.In for Motion
Anirban Datta
A road movie along India's digital highway, where innovations in IT have drastically changed the lives of many.
In Georgien
Jürgen Böttcher
A journey through Georgia (USSR) in which Böttcher lets the different aspects of everyday life in this Russian republic come down on him, with an emphasis on the...
In God We Trust
Derek Anderson, Victor Kubicek
The woman who worked as Bernie Madoff's secretary for 25 years only found out about his illegal dealings and his true nature after he got arrested.
In het zweet uws aanschijns
various directors
Compilation of six personal films on the theme 'addiction to work'. VENUS: portrait of a ship-restorer, by Ton van der Lee. MEN'S WORK: three men practise eastern...
In Jackson Heights
Frederick Wiseman
The Jackson Heights district of New York City is the face of new immigration in the United States, but can the area keep its colorful character?
In Jerusalem
David Perlov
In Jerusalem
David Perlov
Part of 'Archives Present' at IDFA 1996 The core of David Perlov's film contains both a lyrical and poetic approach. David Perlov follows his internal wandering/wondering...
In Limbo
Antoine Viviani
A poetic film essay on the implications of outsourcing our memories to machines.
In Limbo Interactive
Antoine Viviani
Big data is drawing humanity ever deeper into the machine, and virtual immortality is around the corner.
In loco parentis
Neasa Ní Chianáin
A year in the life of two dedicated and passionate teachers at an Irish boarding school for young children, captured in affectionate observational scenes.
In Love at Old Age: Gré and Jaap
Frans Bromet
Gré (94) and Jaap (90) met while drinking coffee in the Bartholomeus Gasthuis senior citizens' centre in Utrecht. They are enjoying themselves, but sometimes their romance...
In Memory of the Day Passed By
Sj. Bargas
Portrait of a city and its inhabitants.
In Motion
Coco Schrijber
When he was 14 years old, David S. Ware, saxophone player from New York, played with Sonny Rollins. When he was twenty-five he performed in Carnegie Hall. At the peak of...
In My Father's Country
Tom Murray
In an isolated region of northern Australia, seven-year-old Ananais's ritual of transition into adulthood amiably clashes with the inevitable advancement of modern times.
In My Father's House
Fatima Jebli Ouazzani
Journalist Fatima Jebli Ouazzani wonders whether she made the right decision in rejecting traditional Moroccan marriage.
In My Mother’s Arms
Atia Al-Daradji, Mohamed Al-Daradji
The idealistic social worker Husham provides refuge in his small home for orphan children in Baghdad, until the landlord gives him his notice.
In Satmar Custody
Nitzan Gilady
The tragic death of the daughter of a Jewish-Yemenite couple is the reason to hold a shady ultra-orthodox community up against the light.
In Search of Alexandra
various directors
When the filmcrew came to her flat, nobody answered. The door was locked on the inside. It turned out that Alexandra Korsakova, the famous Russian painter and widow of...
In Search of Buddha
Paolo Brunatto
Paolo Brunatto has made more than three hundred documentaries. He maintains strong professional ties with Bernardo Bertolucci, whom he followed during the shooting of THE...
In Search of Kundun (with Martin Scorsese)
Michael Henry Wilson
Martin Scorsese at work in Morocco, shooting the Dalai Lama’s biopic.
In the Basement
Ulrich Seidl
Austrians live out their unrestrained obsessions in their basements: the venue for swastikas, shooting ranges, sadomasochism, opera singing, poisonous snakes and model...
In the Dark
Sergei Dvortsevoy
Old, blind man, fills his days in post communist Russia manufacturing string bags and talking to his cat.
In the Dark
Goran Stankovic
A patiently, beautifully filmed portrait of a 22-year-old mineworker named Davor, who dreams of a new life when the time is right.
In the Dark Room
Nadav Schirman
A film portrait of Magdalena Kopp, the German wife of Carlos the Jackal, one of the world's most notorious terrorists, and their daughter Rosa.
In the Darkest Hollywood
Peter Davis, Dan Riesenfeld
In this documentary Africans talk about the influence of Hollywood in the fifties. American B-movies became their means to escape from the reality in which...
In the Gutter and Other Good Places
Christine Richey
Colin, Jean and Ron are living in the streets of Calgary, Canada. All three of them are so-called 'dumpster divers', people who rummage garbage cans for bottles, cans and...
In the Holy Fire of Revolution
Masha Novikova
Former world chess champion Garry Kasparov and his party The Other Russia fight a vigorous battle against Putin's regime.
In the Kingdom of a Unabomber
Errol Morris
Psychologist and aspiring writer gets entangled in battle for pen-friendship with the Unabomber.
In the Line of Fire
Patricia Naylor
Shocking account of how particularly Palestinian journalists are threatened and shot at by Israeli colonisers and soldiers on the West Bank.
In the Meantime
Lisa Jonsson, Malin Nicander
Daily rituals of the elderly and the handicapped in an asylum in El Salvador are presented as a beautiful tragedy.
In the Name of the Family
Shelley Saywell
Worldwide, around 5,000 women are murdered annually in honor killings, and it happens in Canada as well. Mothers, daughters and wives share their shocking experiences.
In the Name of the Law
Barbara den Uyl
We write 1985: in the Amsterdam neighbourhood of the Staatsliedenbuurt the hard core of the squatter movement is still active. The newly appointed mayor, Van Thijn, wants...
In the Shadow of the Stars
Allie Light, Irving Saraf
In opera, most attention goes to the dramatic and musical performance by the soloists. The opera choir has a rather unimportant function as 'the masses', as...
In the Shadow of the Sun
Harry Freeland
In Tanzania, where prejudice and superstition still lead to brutal murders of albinos, two albino men pursue their dream.
In the Shadow of War
Georgia Scott, Sophia Scott
The story of four young Bosnians suffering the consequences of a war that ended almost 20 years ago.
In the Street
various directors
One of the first examples of the observational documentary based on the Helen Levitt’s series of photographs by the same name.
In the Wake of Stalin
Thomas Johnson
A well-researched film that shows how Russians are suffering from a form of collective amnesia that makes them susceptible to Stalin’s ideologies.
In the Wee Wee Hours...
Izak Ben-Meir
A journey into the nightlife of the homeless in Los Angeles. By means of direct confrontation with a world to which we would rather close our eyes, Izak Ben-Meir wants to...
In the Year of the Pig
Emile de Antonio
A historical document about Vietnam, from the French occupation until 1968.
In Transit
various directors
Direct Cinema pioneer Albert Maysles’s moving final film is a love letter to train travel and America.
In Vanda's Room
Pedro Costa
Down and out in Fontainhas. Thanks to Pedro Costa's rigorous formalism, the viewer penetrates a Portuguese slum that has withdrawn from the eyes of the world.
In Your Hands
Lucas Nieto
Yair lives in Cali, Colombia, the 11th most violent city in the world. As he travels around his neighborhood Aguablanca and stops to talk to his neighbours, can you guess...
Nicole Hewitt
Every summer, the city of Zagreb organizes the collection of large household waste. These objects are in transition, in between "not yet trash, but recognizably out of...
Incident at Loch Ness
Zak Penn
Comedy/horror/mockumentary by Zak Penn, author of LAST ACTION HERO and X-MEN 2, with director Werner Herzog in the leading role.
Incident at Oglala
Michael Apted
The dubious legal procedure in the case of an Indian charged with murder is gradually unravelled.
Brendan Kenney, Matthew Meyers
An answering machine is all that's keeping the relationship between Doug and his family and friends alive.
Les inconnus de la terre
Mario Ruspoli
Mario Ruspoli is regarded as one of the prophets of the 'cinéma verité'. In the early 1960s, a young generation of filmmakers proclaimed in theory and practice the view that...
An Inconsolable Memory
Aryan Kaganof
A reconstruction of the history of South Africa’s first opera company, Eoan, and an exercise in getting at the truth of what it was to be "a colored."
L'Inde fantôme
Louis Malle
L'Inde Fantôme consists of six parts, the first three of which will be shown within the framework of Dennis O'Rourke's Top 10. In the first part, The impossible Camera, Malle...
Independent's Day
Marina Zenovich
Based on numerous interviews with independent filmmakers, the significance of the famous Sundance Film Festival is deliberated in a playful way.
India matri bhumi
Roberto Rossellini
Of ROSSELLINI/INDIA I particularly remember the sense of freedom, how the images, sounds, words seem to be scattered about casually - and straight away they are well...
Der Indianer
Rolf Schübel
Der Indianer, is the title given by Leo Lentz to the autobiographical report of his experiences as a cancer patient (cancer of the throat), referring to the red stripes...
Robert Steele
INDICTMENT (1950) is a study of the substandard living conditions and social alienation of Auckland's old people.
Indonesia Calling
Joris Ivens
A pamphlet-style film on the docks strikes that broke out in Australia in solidarity with the Indonesian Republic, following the Dutch decision to send troops and weapons to...
Indonesia Calling: Joris Ivens in Australia
John Hughes
This feature documentary revisits Joris Ivens' 'Indonesia Calling!' (1946) supporting Indonesian independence, Australia's early relationship to its northern neighbour, and...
Indonesia Merdeka!
Roelof Kiers
Documentary from 1976 about the Indonesian struggle for independence. Or: "How Jan Pieterszoon Coen's legacy was lost forever and the Republic of Indonesia obtained...
Inertia (All Pantographs Go to Heaven)
Armando Capó Ramos
A light, experimental ode to the Cuban Hershey train and its passengers. The various stages of the journey are impressionistically captured in a collage of images.
Infinite Justice
Karl Tebbe
Infinite Justice takes excerpts from war reports shown on German television and reconstructs them frame by frame with action figures sold in the United States. This isn't...
Jamie Meltzer
The fascinating story of Brandon Darby, a former left-wing activist who started working as an informant for the FBI, a move that resulted in both admirers and enemies.
Ingrid Bergman - In Her Own Words
Stig Björkman
In this intimate portrait of the great Ingrid Bergman, we learn how this actress and long-distance mother took film more seriously than she did life.
Inhale, Exhale
Kirill Mikhanovsky
Old Russian emigrant to the United States does gymnastics, despite despondency and nostalgia.
El Inmortal
Mercedes Moncada Rodríguez
A Nicaraguan family torn apart during the civil war tries to forget their bloody past twenty years later.
The Inner Tour
Ra'anan Alexandrowicz
After decades, a group of Palestinian refugees who lost their homes and land after the foundation of the land of Israel goes back home - for three days, on a tourist...
Beeban Kidron
A crash course in Internet awareness through interviews with candid teenagers and concerned experts.
Die Insel
Martin Schaub
With dreamlike certainty, for three month of the year the farmers on the mountain slopes find their way to an archaic, nomadic form of life. They are taken up by a world in...
Daniel Léger
Jean-Paul has a physical disability, Anne has a mental one. Although they are fully occupied caring for his parents, this intimate portrait shows how blissfully happy they...
Inside Job
Charles Ferguson
This enlightening investigatory documentary about the 2008 financial crisis speaks to those in the know and dissects the rise of a culture of greed and criminal excess.
Inside My Head
Erna Slotboom
A 13-year-old tennis player is confronted with big questions when her mother is diagnosed with a hereditary brain disorder.
Inside Story - Dogs of War
Stephen Lambert
The setting of this documentary is Osijek, a heavily besieged city where the only English speaking unit of the Croatian army has its base. These servicemen often refuse to...
Inside the Atom
A documentary film in the series Canada Carries On. In this episode, the characteristics and applications of nuclear energy are being treated on the basis of the activities in the nuclear testing...
Inside the Chinese Closet
Sophia Luvara
A sensitive portrait of two young Chinese homosexuals grappling with their parents’ shame and denial.
An Insignificant Man
Khushboo Ranka, Vinay Shukla
The spectacular rise of the Common Man’s Party. The party logo, a broom, symbolizes their battle against the political establishment in India.
Antoine Viviani
A search for creative, artistic ways to intervene in public space, presented both linearly and non-linearly.
Insulo de la Rozoj - Freedom is Frightening
Stefano Bisulli, Roberto Naccari
In 1968 an engineer proclaims the independence of a nation, "Free territory of Rose Island", risen on a platform built by himself in the Adriatic Sea.
Interesting Times - Shao's Long March
Y. Gong
Shao Zhenning’s first three months in the Chinese People's Liberation Army, transform him from a useless dropout into a spirited soldier.
Interesting Times - The Secret of My Success
Jinchuan Duan
In Fanshen village, China - birth control policy leads to an unusual turn of events in the upcoming village council elections.
Interesting Times - The War of Love
Jinchuan Duan, Yue Jiang
Love in China, depicted by scenes from the life of an amateur matchmaker-cum-divorce lawyer-cum-unhappy wife.
Interesting Times - This Happy Life
Yue Jiang
An atmospheric and absurd film about Zhengzhou, China’s busiest train station, and two of it it’s employees - Mr. Fu and Mr. Liu.
João Moreira Salles
In the months leading up to the 2002 presidential election in Brazil, an especially candid candidate Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva offers the filmmaker unlimited access...
Het internaat, de kinderen van St.Louis
Yvonne Pelgrum
A glimpse of the lives of children living in a Dutch boarding school.
The International Singing Star, Leo Fuld
Netty van Hoorn
Singer-songwriter Leo Fuld, who is called the last performer of the Yiddish popular ballad, has descended on Amsterdam after an extended international career. Fuld,...
Interpretation of Dreams
Andrei Zagdansky
From 1929 until 1989, Freud's writings were banned in the Soviet Union. This Russian documentary for the first time reveals his basic theories about dreams, sexuality,...
Namik Kabil
Interviews with Bosnians in a deserted shed, carried out as if they were under interrogation, emphasise the need to keep talking about the war.
The Interrupters
Steve James
"Intervene before it can escalate" is the creed of the "violence interrupters," who are trying to break the cycle of violence on the streets of Chicago.
Interview Project
Austin Lynch, Jason S.
Director David Lynch sent a young film crew on "a road trip where people have been found and interviewed."
Intervista, quelques mots pour le dire
Anri Sala
Film student discovers old soundless film in which his mother addresses the Albanian Communist Party congress, and tries to recover what she said.
Rashid Masharawi
INTEZAAR is the first part of THE UNOFFICIAL VERSION, a three-part documentary series about the work of the United Nations. In this autobiographical film Palestinian...
Intimate Stranger
Alan Berliner
Berliner reconstructs the life of his grandfather, a Palestinian Jew who worked for a Japanese cotton company in Cairo before the war and remained faithful to Japan his...
Into Darkness
Rachida El Garani
This intimate portrait of a Moroccan family with 11 blind members is told from the perspective of the young son Mohamed, who has limited sight.
Into Eternity
Michael Madsen
An existential missive to future generations about Onkalo, a repository deep under the rocky surface of Finland, where the country's nuclear waste is to be permanently...
Into the Abyss
Werner Herzog
Werner Herzog's compassionate search for the human being behind the criminal: in this case, a young man on death row in Texas.
Into the Belly of the Whale
Hazim Bitar
An ingenious reversal of the biblical story of Jonah and the Whale, about a Palestinian man trapped in one of the smuggling tunnels linking Gaza and Egypt.
Into the Light
Peter Glenn
Teacher and sociologist Mama Lyimo undertakes a 40-day tour of Tanzania to chart the rampant progression of the AIDS epidemic in her native country.
Into the Lighthouse
Olga Ramos
Zé Pedro Ribeiro, a young man of 27 years old, is preparing himself, against his will, to move to a lighthouse in order to start working as a lighthouse keeper. He leaves...
Abner Benaim
An intentionally subjective reconstruction of the U.S. invasion of Panama around the turn of 1989-1990 that deposed dictator Noriega.
Mark Lewis
From famous corners of the Louvre to modernist buildings in Brazil and Canada, this film anthology offers homage to the City Symphony films of the 1920s.
The Invention of Dr. Nakamats
Kaspar Astrup Schröder
Entertaining film about Japanese celebrity, Dr. Nakamats
Zofia Pregowska
An intimate portrait of Krystyna, an elderly Polish poet preparing for a performance. She may be blind but is certainly not defeated, as is evidenced by her eloquent...
Invisible - Illegal in Europe
Andreas Voigt
Five stories of illegal immegrants, from different parts of the world, living in five European countries.
The Invisible Friend
Hans Busstra
A fascinating personal quest for the existence of God and investigation into the role of religion in the lives of various Christians.
Invisible Girls
Sidse Stausholm
The transformation of the quit girls in the class
The Invisible Men
Yariv Mozer
The untold story of persecuted gay Palestinians who have run away from their families and are now hiding illegally in Tel Aviv.
The Invisible Policeman
Laith Al-Juneidi
The story of Nidal, a Palestinian police officer from Hebron who is powerless in the face of Israeli forces.
The Invisibles
Sébastien Lifshitz
Based on personal stories, this is an intimate portrait of a generation of homosexual men and women born during the interwar period, who fought for openness about their...
various directors
In a film that blends fiction and documentary, the recent Argentinean history is interwoven with contemporary stories.
Invoking Justice
Deepa Dhanraj
A documentary portrait of the women's Jamaat, the first Islamic advisory panel for family issues to not consist exclusively of men, which was founded in 2004.
Iomax the Songhunter
Rogier Kappers
Roadmovie looking for the roots of Alan Lomax, collector of folk music, incorporating accounts by relatives, friends, colleagues and folk singers.
Iran sous le voile des apparences
Thierry Michel
Portrait of present-day Iran, between Islamic revolution and democratic freedom.
Albert Maysles
A portrait by Albert Maysles of Iris Apfel, businesswoman and living fashion legend. She is a warmhearted eccentric full of one-liners, culture, and creativity.
Lionel Brouet
An interactive backstage journey around Eurockéennes, one of the biggest rock festivals in Europe. The visitor follows 18 artists until the moment they take the stage.
Iron Crows
Bong-Nam Park
The world's largest ship demolition yard is a horrible place of steel, fire, rust, and oil, where laborers good-humoredly risk their lives for two dollars a day.
The Iron Curtain Diaries 1989 - 2009
various directors
An interactive map of the more than 4,000-mile-long Iron Curtain, featuring videos, photographs, sound recordings, and drawings that illustrate the changes since the...
Iron Ladies of Liberia
Daniel Junge
Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, the first democratically elected female government leader in Africa, is followed in her first year as president of Liberia.
Irrawaddy Mon Amour
various directors
In a small community in Myanmar, a wedding between two men is organized in secret.
The Irresistible Rise of Moïse Katumbi
Thierry Michel
Soccer, populism, self-love and entrepreneurship are the cornerstones of Moïse Katumbi’s inexorable political rise in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Het is een schone dag geweest
Jos de Putter
The last crop year on the farm of filmmaker Jos de Putter's parents in Zeeuws Vlaanderen, captured in 75 long subdued shots.
Het is niet mis wat zij doen
Ed van der Elsken
In 1974 Van der Elsken made a ‘synchronous slide/sound reportage’ about Bangladesh. This report was broadcast by the NCRV as the start of a national relief action....
Is the Devil Really a Child?
Margareta Heinrich, Margit Niederhuber
Children of Mozambique who have become the victims of the MNR, the guerilla movement backed by South Africa, are forced to kill their own people....
Isabella Morra
Isabel Pagliai
Cinema verité portrait of a French suburb that demonstrates how the threat of deadly adult violence lurks below the surface of child’s play.
Isen brydes
Poul Bang, Jørgen Roos
In the severe winter of 1946-47 the Danish ice-breakers fought a dramatic battle to get ships carrying coal and other vital supplies through to Copenhagen. The...
Iseta Behind the Roadblock
Juan Reina
A British cameraman filmed the first day of the genocide in Rwanda. He shows the footage to those who were there and gives them a face in the process.
Ishi no uta
Toshio Matsumoto
ISHI NO UTA (A POEM OF STONE) With this film Toshio Matsumoto has reached one of the highest point in the Japanese documentary filmmaking of the '60s by imaginatively...
Isingiro Hospital
Hillie Molenaar, Joop van Wijk
INSINGIRO HOSPITAL offers a penetrating picture of a hospital in Northwest Tanzania, one of the poorest areas in Africa, that can hardly look to the...
ISIS, Deserters Speak Out
Thomas Dandois, Francois-Xavier Tregan
Islamic State soldiers who want to desert can get help from southern Turkey. Several speak anonymously, but candidly, about why they joined up, and...
La Isla - Archives of a Tragedy
Uli Stelzner
After decades of silence and impunity in Guatemala, the discovery of the Secret Police Archive allows to trace the tragedy of the unprecedented genocide in Latin America´s...
La isla de los niños perdidos
Florence Jaugey
With 1,900 prisoners, La Modelo in Tipitapa is the largest prison in Nicaragua. Most cells are occupied by boys of around twenty, who have been convicted for assault and...
Islam behind Bars
Paulo Antonio Carvalho, John Curtin
Islam is the fastest growing religion in prisons around the world.
Island 36
Asli Özarslan
At a protest camp in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district, a refugee named Napuli and her companions are fighting for a dignified life with more freedom and respect.
Island Belarus
Victor Asliuk
It is a fragment of the Soviet Empire, a piece of socialism in Europe - island Belarus.
The Island of the Colorblind
Sanne De Wilde
Catch a glimpse of a world where flames light up in black and white, trees have turned pink and a rainbow holds a thousand shades of grey.
The Island President
Jon Shenk
The Maldive Islands are under the threat of rising water, and the country's inspired and inspiring president is trying to get the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions on the...
The Island
Erik van Lieshout
Society keeps pulling at you, even when you live on a deserted island. That’s the conclusion of this chaotic and highly amusing monologue by the artist Erik van...
various directors
In May 1983, eleven islands off the coast of Florida were surrounded with a collar of bright pink cloth. For two weeks, the islands looked like giant water lilies in the...
Israel Ltd.
Mor Loushy
The "Israel Experience" provides young Jews a guided tour of the Holly-land. The marketing of Israel as a land flowing with milk and honey, creates a comic-tragic road movie.
Istag-e sefid
Seifollah Samadian
In a fierce snowstorm, a solitary woman is waiting for a bus.
Isten veletek, oroszok
Vészi János
The film analyzes the reflections on the presence of the occupying Soviet army or, quoting the old euphemism, the Soviet troops temporarily stationed in Hungary: a taboo that...
It Felt Like a Kiss
Adam Curtis
In a combination of psycho-political documentary and experimental collage poetry, we see how events of the 20th century now have us in a stranglehold.
It Has Already Been Ended Before You Can See the End
Shigeo Arikawa
A film about the end. The end has already started, and ended.
It was a Wonderful Life
Michèle Ohayon
They are clean, well taken care of, cultivated and clear. Not a description most people would associate with homeless people. But they exist. They are present unseen...
L'Italia non è un paese povero 2
Joris Ivens
Part 2 of the three-part television documentary on the extraction of gas and oil in Italy, made for the ENI oil & gas company, intended to convince Italy of the usefulness of...
Elinor Burkett
Music provides eight physically disabled young people in bankrupt Zimbabwe with hope and self-worth. Together, they make up the virtuoso band Liyana.
Ito - Diary of an Urban Priest
Pirjo Honkasalo
With Ito, Diary of an Urban Priest, Pirjo Honkasalo (The 3 Rooms of Melancholia has made an incisive portrait of a promising boxer in Tokyo who decides to become a...
It's a Blue World
Torben Skjödt Jensen
Before Danish director Torben Skjödt Jensen made his debut in 1990 with it's a blue world, he directed various videoclips and other short video productions. Focal...
It's About Time
Elona Ariel, Ayelet Menahemi
A stand-up comedian and three jazz musicians link together different stories by a number of Israelis, all explaining how they experience the passing of time....
It's All True
various directors
In February 1942, a short time after the success of CITIZEN KANE and still during the finishing phase of THE MAGNIFICENT AMBERSONS, Orson Welles travelled to Brazil....
It's Confirmed
Jamshid Mojadadi
At an elementary school in Iran, it's time for the annual student council election, and the young candidates are dead serious about the campaign.
It's Getting Dark
Olga Kravets
The everyday domestic life of four families in Russia offers a poignant perspective on our notions of the “political prisoner.”
It's Like That
Animated film visualises telephonic accounts by young asylum seekers, who have been waiting in an Australian detention camp for many months, pending determination of their legal status.
It's My Life
Brian Tilley
Zackie Achmat is the leader of the TAC, the organisation that fights for affordable AIDS medication for the more than four million, mostly poor, South Africans who have the...
It's Now or Never
Jon Bang Carlsen
For IT'S NOW OR NEVER Danish director Jon Bang Carlsen went to Ireland. On the occasion of the annual Matchmaking Festival in Lisdoonvarna on the Irish west coast, he...
Itsembatsemba - Rwanda One Genocide Later
Alexis Cordesse, Eyal Sivan
For this short film, Israeli documentary filmmaker Eyal Sivan edited together bleak black-and-white photographs of a Rwanda ravaged by genocide.
Annick van Wijk
A portrait of Ivo, a 19-year-old gorilla born in captivity in Munich and transferred all around Europe before finding a home at the Berlin Zoo. Ivo has a multitude of...
Izkor, Slaves of Memory
Eyal Sivan
Each spring, life in Israel is dominated by four occasions that plunge the country into memories of the past.
Call for Entry: IDFA Bertha Fund December 22, 2016 | The IDFA Bertha Fund is looking for new creative documentary projects from developing countries for both its classic program and the IBF Europe distribution scheme.
Ally Derks receives Pioneer Award December 12, 2016 | Last Saturday, Ally Derks received a prestigious Pioneer Award from the International Documentary Association.
Open Call: Short Web Documentaries November 26, 2016 | IDFA and Jos de Putter from Deep Focus Web Documentaries invite entries for project proposals from talented (young) filmmakers.


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