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Ma Céline à moi
Stéphan Moszkowicz
Portrait of a high-spirited seventeen-year-old girl who follows a technical course in Paris.
Ma famille africaine
Thomas Thümena
Personal story about multicultural pitfalls in a tiresome relationship between a Swiss man and a woman from the Ivory Coast.
Veikko Aaltonen
Finland is the world’s most northern country that produces its own food. Almost all Finns have their roots in the countryside and in farming. If not their own parents,...
Maailman paras paikka
Jarmo Jääskeläinen
Macau aparte
Leonor Noivo
In 1999, the Portuguese colonial rulers handed over Macao to China. This occasion marked the end of the oldest European enclave in Asia. But the Portuguese influences and its...
The Machine to Be Another
An interactive performance installation allowing the user to enter the body and mind of another person.
The Machine Which Makes Everything Disappear
Tinatin Gurchiani
A film director's search for the ideal protagonist paints a picture of a modern Georgia still living with the echoes of the Soviet era.
Rahul Jain
A mesmerizing, rhythmic portrait of everyday life for workers at a textile factory in India. There is enchanting beauty here, but the film also reveals deplorable conditions.
Die macht der Bilder: Leni Riefenstahl
Ray Müller
A thorough reflection on the life and artistic works of Leni Riefenstahl, notorious for her documentaries commissioned by Adolf Hitler.
The Mad Masters
Jean Rouch
A short documentary made in 1955 by Jean Rouch, pioneer of the ethnographic film, about African youngsters who give themselves up to mystical rituals.
Madame l'eau
Jean Rouch
A number of farmers - Jean Rouch's actors who more or less play themselves - is looking for a simple and cheap way to irrigate their farmland. They dream of a green Niger....
Madame Omboro - History of Postwar Japan, as Told by a Bar Hostess
Imamura Shohei
Director Imamura Shohei asks the former bar owner Akaza Etsuko, living in America, to tell the story of her life in Japan. She accepts the offer and leaves for the land of...
Made in Germany
With MADE IN GERMANY the German filmmaker Thomas Hausner, who is also working as a journalist and producer for German television (as an ARD correspondent in Bosnia and Croatia, for example) and as...
Made in Jamaica
Jerome Laperrousaz
The history of reggae music, told by old and new representatives of the movement, including Gregory Isaacs, Third World, Capleton and Bunny Wailer.
Mademoiselle Nigot and the Doctor
Janine Hosking
Australian doctor has been fighting for the legalisation of euthanasia for years and has developed a controversial do-it-yourself device.
Guadalupe Subiela
Between 1976 and 1982 around 30,000 people disappeared under the dictatorial regime of Argentina. Although it is well-known that the Argentinean militias brutally killed...
Madreseh ghooshe haiat
Farzad Tohidi
A retired schoolteacher uses a corner of her house to teach the children of illegal Afghan refugees.
Madrid 11m: todos íbamos en ese tren
In five-minute films, twenty-five Spanish filmmakers present their views on the consequences of the Madrid subway terrorist attacks in March 2004.
The Maelstrom - a Family Chronicle
Péter Forgács
Found footage from the film collection of the Dutch Jewish Peereboom family during the period 1938-1942. - Filmic Map of a Country
various directors
A new generation of Chilean filmmakers joins forces on this online platform with snapshots of everyday goings-on in Chile.
Maggie Growls
Barbara Attie, Janet Goldwater
A portrait of the amazing, canny, lusty, charming and unstoppable Maggie Kuhn (1905-1995), who founded the Gray Panthers in 1970.
Magic Words (to Break a Spell)
Mercedes Moncada Rodríguez
Magic Words crisscrosses history to connect the accumulation of violence, corruption and poverty in Nicaragua with personal and geopolitical events.
Der Magische Gürtel
Hans Brennert
The German submarine U-35 sinks 10 ships during a five-week tour of the Mediterranean in the spring of 1917.
Magnitogorsk, de jeugd van de hoogovens
People recount their experiences during the construction of the industrial town of Magnitogorsk, which was thrown up in the southern Ural Mountains in the thirties. The film centres around the...
Maharajah Burger. Mad Cows, Holy Cows
Thomas Balmès
Investigation into the relationship between the reverence for the holy cow in India and the European mad cow crisis.
Mahiru no hoshi
Sato Makoto
Seven mentally handicapped Japanese artists exhibit their work.
Sergei Loznitsa
An impressive report on the occupation of Kiev’s Independence Square, the prologue to the current conflict in Ukraine.
Maids & Bosses
Abner Benaim
The front doors of Panama's expensive houses and apartments, where families and their domestic staff sometimes live together for many years, hide a at a world of ignorance...
Maiko - Dancing Child
Åse Svenheim Drivenes
Maiko is at the pinnacle of her career as a prima ballerina, but her maternal urge is getting stronger. She wants a baby.
Main Reef Road
Nicolaas Hofmeyr
The changing life of a group of people living along a former South-African gold mine route.
Main Street USA
Jon Alpert
A New York-based TV station traverses America with footage of 9/11 and asks average townspeople for their opinion about the war in Iraq and the economic situation in their...
The Main Suspect
Yaky Yosha
Investigation into the roots of evil after a bloodbath in Galilee, Israel.
Mais qu'est-ce que'elles veulent?
Coline Serreau
Director Coline Serreau was responsible for two big film successes in contemporary French cinema: Trois hommes et un couffin and Romuald et Juliette. Her interest in social...
Maîtres et esclaves
Bernard Debord
A camel trail through the Sahel in Niger leads to two young women who are living proof of the fact that slavery still exists in 2002.
Majdanek czementarzysko Europy
Alexander Ford
A compilation of shots from the Nazi death camp at Majdanek near Lublin, taken at the day of its liberation.
Rahul Roy
There is always a huge crowd in the Meena Bazaar in Delhi. Whoever starts delivering a sales pitch on this market gathers a large circle of listeners around him. One of these...
The Making of a Ballet
Jan Vrijman
This documentary closely follows choreographer Rudi van Dantzig who is working on his ballet Geverfd fruit. Vrijman thoroughly prepared the film by having elaborate...
The Making of a New Empire
Jos de Putter
Disconcerting portrait of Chechen leader Khozh-Ahmed Noukhaev: Mafia boss or political idealist?
The Making of a Prostitute
Imamura Shohei
Kikuyo, a Japanese teenage girl in the first decade of this century, accepts the invitation to come to Malaysia. She arrives in Singapore and discovers the deception of the...
Making of Heimat
Jörg Adolph, Anja Pohl
This making-of film about the last part of the monumental Heimat series shows how perfectionist Edgar Reitz remains true to the ideals of New German Cinema.
Making Venus
Gary Doust
Amusing documentary about the painfully humorous birth of a miscarried feature film.
Male Domination
Patric Jean
Both abused women and anti-feminist men shed light on the sexist world that we apparently still inhabit.
Malek Means Angel
Lea Hjort Mathiesen
A compelling portrait of the 11-year old fencer girl Malek and the close relationship with her best friend and fencing opponent Yassmine.
Malle Appie
Karin Junger
Portrait of the now 85-year-old Dutch dancer, entertainer, actor and writer Albert Mol.
The Mallet
Aleksandar Ilic
Ma'loul Celebrates Its Destruction
Michel Khleifi
Former inhabitants of a Palestinian village erased from the map during the 1948 Israeli War of Independence reminisce.
Anatoly Baluyev
Film in four cycles about the unusual inhabitants of the Komi-Permyak district, a poor region in the Russian Ural Mountains.
Sophie Hilbrand
Seven adopted youths prepare themselves for an emotionally charged meeting with their Surinamese mother, who has to explain why she left them.
Mama Africa
Mika Kaurismäki
A dynamic compilation that sketches the turbulent life of South African singer Miriam Makeba, who used her voice for politics as much as for her unforgettable music.
Mama Calle
Arjanne Laan
Waking up and saying "Shit", spitting fire to make some money, and cherishing a jar of glue as if it were gold. This is not a film about a circus or a collection of...
Mama Illegal
Ed Moschitz
Three Moldavian women who have been separated from their families for many years are filmed as they go about their illegal work as cleaners in Austria and Italy. *** Tekst uit...
Mamaev Kurgan
Steffen Ramlow
Documentary shot on the Mamaev Hill in Volgograd, Russia.
Mamazônia - A última floresta
Celso Luccas
Amazonia is the name of the vast nature reserve comprising the banks of the Amazon river and its numerous tributaries. In mamazonia, described by the makers as a road movie...
Man and Dog
Randolph Benson
Unadorned portrait in cinéma-vérité style of an animal control officer.
Man Falling
Anne Regitze Wivel
The world-famous artist Per Kirkeby has lost his ability to paint following a brain injury. A sober, loving and honest portrait of his new life.
The Man from Mo’Wax
Matthew Jones
A dazzling documentary about the rise, fall and resurrection of James Lavelle, the argumentative Mo’ Wax label boss, talent scout, deejay and all-around troublemaker.
The Man in Black
Martijn Blekendaal
Referees in amateur soccer walk the thin line between order and chaos on the field, where they have to deal not only with the game but also with ever-growing...
Man of Aran
Robert Flaherty
A dramatized documentary about the tough life of fishermen on the Aran Islands, just off the west coast of Ireland.
Man on Wire
James Marsh
An exciting tale of a famous prank. On 26 August 1974, Philippe Petit walked a high wire between the Twin Towers in New York.
A Man Vanishes
Shohei Imamura
This Japanese New Wave classic is a brilliant, sardonic reflection on the subjectivity of filmmaking and Japanese culture in general.
The Man Who Bottled Clouds
Lirio Ferreira
A musical film about the baião, a movement in Brazilian music in the 1940s and 1950s that was later snowed under by samba and bossa nova.
The Man Who Bought Mustique
Joseph Bullman, Vikram Jayanti
In 1956, the Scottish Lord Glenconner, also known as Colin Tennant, bought the tiny Caribbean island of Mustique for a song. He turned the island into a...
The Man Who Can
Nadine Kuipers
The life of 11-year-old Malik, a special kid with Down syndrome, is turned upside down when he moves to Africa.
The Man Who Drove with Mandela
Greta Schiller
Portrait of the white, homosexual activist Cecil Williams, who was a personal friend of Nelson Mandela in the fifties and sixties.
The Man Who Knows Too Much
Liza Key
Testimonies cast doubt on acquittal of notorious former head of apartheid regime.
Man with a Movie Camera
Dziga Vertov
This groundbreaking 1929 “urban symphony” shows a cameraman at work capturing daily life in a Soviet city in a whirling, associative montage.
Man with a Movie Camera: The Global Remake
Perry Bard
This remake of Man with a Movie Camera preserves Dziga Vertov's original edits but replaces the original shots with material submitted by its Internet audience.
The Man Without a Mask
Roger Ross Williams
A moving portrait of Cassandro, a flamboyant lucha libre wrestler who found salvation from a turbulent past in this extremely tough sport.
Mana - Beyond Belief
Peter Friedman, Roger Manley
A trip around the amazing world of power objects, from the sacred to the absurd.
MANDELA, nominated last year for an Academy Award for Best Documentary, is a film about the eventful life of the current South African president. The originally South African documentary filmmakers...
The Mangoes
Tonny Trimarsanto
An intimate look at the complicated life of a transgender named Renita, who returns to her home village after 20 years in Jakarta.
Charles Sheeler, Paul Strand
This "city symphony" of New York in 1921 uses a rhythmic montage to show the buildings, means of transportation and geometric forms of the modern...
Greg Barker
A group of female CIA agents describe how they mapped out Al Qaeda’s structure, right up to the discovery of Bin Laden.
Manjuben Truck Driver
Sherna Dastur
Beautifully filmed portret of an Indian truckdriver who flagrantly defies the sexual role-patterns.
Människor i stad
Arne Sucksdorff
With Mãnniskor i Stad, an impressionist study of Stockholm, Sucksdorff sides with the large group of film makers that made a so called city symphony in their career. A...
Morgan Spurlock
A witty investigation of the state of contemporary masculinity. Just how hairy, metrosexual or "as vain as a woman" can a guy be these days?
Manual/2 - The Patient Artist
Barbara Visser
Barbara Visser plays an ingenious game with her personality and personal history by recycling four of her own iconic works from the 1990s.
The Manuscripts of Timbuktu
Zola Maseko
Long before the colonization of Africa, the age-old desert city of Timbuktu was a center for science and learning on the continent.
The Many Sad Fates of Mr. Toledano
Joshua Seftel
Obsessed by the idea of his own demise, Phil Toledano photographs himself in the most distressing of future scenarios.
Amit Goren
A collage of images around the themes war and migration, set against the background of the director’s personal living conditions.
León Siminiani
A self-mocking film diary by a young Spanish director who leaves for India, only to find that the real subject of his project is back home in Madrid.
Mapping Stem Cell Research: Terra Incognita
Maria Finitzo
A portrait of neurologist Jack Kessler, who in the wake of his daughter's accident becomes one of the most passionate advocates of stem cell research.
Mapplethorpe: Look at the Pictures
Fenton Bailey, Randy Barbato
The only thing more controversial than the work of world-famous homoerotic photographer Robert Mapplethorpe was his life.
Maradona by Kusturica
Emir Kusturica
A lively portrait of "the best soccer player of all time" by his fan Emir Kusturica, who talks to him about the game, politics and his cocaine use.
Marathon Boy
Gemma Atwal
An Indian boy from the slums with an unbelievable talent for running becomes the cause of a political battle between his coach and child welfare.
Jérôme Schlomoff
This portrait of the French artist Marc Couturier was filmed using a pinhole camera and is a companion piece to Henri Plaat, on the Dutch artist of the same name.
Marcello Mastroianni: mi ricordo si...
Anna Maria Tato
Not long before his death the great actor Marcello Mastroianni decided to make a documentary self-portrait, in reaction to requests from many directors who had offered to...
March 14, 1938 -- One Afternoon
Christoph Weihrich
Very rare footage from a short home movie, with Adolf Hitler seen in the background riding past in a car.
March, March with Your Left!
Evgeniya Montayya Ibanyes
A portrait of one of Russia's most controversial political activists, Leftist Front leader Sergei Udaltsov, and his supporters.
Mardi Gras: Made in China
David Redmon
The hidden dark sides of globalization connecting East and West presented through connecting the dramatic story of Mardi Gras and the biggest bead factory in the world.
Maré Capoeira
Paola Barreto-Leblanc
A 10-year-old Brazilian boy has lost his heart to the extraordinary sport of his ancestors and wants to become a Capoeira master as well.
Pedro Sena Nunes
We die like we dream: alone. A film about a complex case of human isolation in Trás-o-Montes, a province in the northeast of Portugal. Owing to the desolation of the...
Maria Lionza, Breath of Orchids
John Petrizzelli
This is the journey of the devotees of Maria Lionza to the mountain, where they go to worship this legendary princess.
Maria, Maria & Marta
Esther Pardijs
Portrait of a flamenco group in Amsterdam, consisting of three Spanish women.
María's Way
Anne Milne
The daily routine of an old woman who sits in her stall along the famous pilgrim route to Santiago de Compostela.
The Mark of Cain
Alix Lambert
The tattoos of old and new inmates of overcrowded Russian prisons.
The Market
Rama Rau
A Canadian woman in need of a kidney travels to India to meet her penniless potential donor.
Married in America
Michael Apted
Michael Apted follows nine wedded couples in the United States and promises to come back every two years.
Married in America 2
Michael Apted
The second part in Michael Apted's ambitious series about being married in America: these very diverse couples have now been married for five years.
Mars Dreamers
Richard Dindo
In Mars Dreamers, Swiss documentary filmmaker Richard Dindo gives the floor to a plethora of scientists who all fantasize about a future on Mars.
Marta y Luis
Yoav Shamir
‘God, give me a little more time’, sighs Marta Valdez-Rodriguez. Marta is sixty, is a little overweight, but still clearly shows the features of a woman who was once...
Martha & Niki
Tora Mårtens
Two young Swedish women of African origin who compete in street dance competitions at the highest level notice that their friendship is starting to falter.
Martha Vonk Goes Istanbul
Hester Overmars
A carpet trader in Istanbul reveals his sales tricks. Telling a few white lies to Dutch tourists is part of his stock-in-trade.
Martin - The Ghost
Aslak Danbolt
Martin Hasle used to live in the fast lane and have lots of fun, but he does not do that anymore. Now he is working as a ghost.
Martyrs and Killers
Stefano Rizzelli
From the Palestinian territories to New York and Chechnya, this dynamic Italian documentary investigates suicide terrorists and what motivates them.
Más vale tarde que nunca
Enrique Colina
A satirical documentary about situations that can arise if people are late for work. Obvious reasons for being late are that the cock did not crow, the bus was late, the...
Masai on the Move
Robin Schmidt, Morten Vest
What does it mean to be a traditional Masai in 2010? We follow three members of this special East African nomadic people over the course of a year.
Het masker
Johan van der Keuken
THE MASK, made nineteen years later, is just as metallic-cold a film as BEAUTY. This film, too, is set in the zone between real and unreal, the position of the images...
Max de Haas
A collection of masks from different parts of the world shows its true face.
Les masques de feuilles
Guy le Moal
LES MASQUES DE FEUILLES is an ethnologic document, dealing with the believes of traditional societies. Time as well as external influences had no impact on these believes....
various directors
A study of six militiamen who in 1982 participated in the bloody orgy in the Palestinian camps of Sabra and Shatila in Beirut.
Maßnahmen gegen Fanatiker
Werner Herzog
Short humorous film about men who work at a horse track, protecting the tense horses against pushing 'fanatics' from the public gallery.
Master and Tatyana
Giedre Zickyte
A compelling portrait of the Lithuanian photographer Vitus Luckus (1943-1987), who never received the recognition he deserved.
Master of the Universe
Marc Bauder
A laid-off investment banker provides a frank and disheartening glimpse into the world of trading megalomania in the financial sector.
Master, a Copacabana Building
Eduardo Coutinho
Hope, fear, dreams, memories, love and loneliness all appear from behind the doors of an average apartment building in Copacabana.
Mastering Bambi
Persijn Broersen, Margit Lukács
By removing the cutesy anthropomorphic animals from the images in Walt Disney's animation classic Bambi, a new forest emerges: a constructed and lacking...
Maswife: Life in Camp Pinchinat
various directors
Students at the Cine Institute, Haiti's only film academy, lived in a displacement camp for four months following the earthquake, referred to as "the end of the...
Matamata & Pilipili
Kathleen de Béthune
In the fifties a Belgian missionary and film lover made a series of films around the comical characters Matamata and Pilipili. This duo became the African answer to...
Materiale resistente
Guido Chiesa, Davide Ferrario
On 25 April 1995 a rockfestival took place in Correggio, near Bologna in Italy, in commemoration of the fact that fifty years before Italy had been liberated...
Mathilde Willink superpoes
Jasmina Fekovic, Eddie van der Velden
Portrait of the extravagant wife of Dutch magic realist painter Carel Willink.
The Matilda Candidate
Curtis Levy
Filmmaker Curtis Levy's quest to make the bush ballad Waltzing Matilda's national anthem is dryly funny on the surface, with a surprising undertow of deeper issues concerning...
Matir bhanr
Debananda Sengupta
Five Indian girls talk candidly about the daily abuse inflicted on them by their relatives.
Adriaan Gerbrands
Example of ‘ethno-cinematography’ about the life of a woodcutter from New Guinea.
Marcel Lozinski
The mechanism of everyday ideological conformity as demonstrated by social studies exams for Polish high school students in 1978.
Caterina Klusemann
Director Caterina Klusemann was born in Italy as the child of a Venezuelan-Polish-Jewish photographer and a German painter. Her family was not a large one: she grew up...
Matt Shepard Is a Friend of Mine
Michele Josue
Michele Josue made this film portrait of her friend Matthew Shepard, who was brutally murdered in 1998 for being gay.
Mattanja Joy
Ellen van Kempen
After her turbulent teenage years in London, singer-songwriter Mattanja Joy Bradley tries to make her way in a new life.
Matti da slegare
various directors
This documentary from 1975 has a remarkable history. Tommasini, the man who is responsible for public health in the communist province of Parma in Italy, developed a new...
Matti ke lal - Fils de la terre
Elisabeth Leuvrey
The 98-year-old Indian guru Hanuman has devoted his life to training orphans from Delhi to be professional wrestlers.
Mau Mau Sex Sex
Ted Bonnitt
This is the contagious story, larded with many juicy anecdotes and racy film extracts, of two of the oldest independent filmmakers in the United States, Dan Sonney (84) and...
Mauris from Titicaca
Marcelo Bukin
A portrait of six orphans who fish for survival on Peru's Lake Titicaca.
Mauvaise conduite
Néstor Almendros, Orlando Jímenez Leal
BAD BEHAVIOUR deals with sexual repression within Cuban society, particularly with its homo-phobic aspects. According to the filmmakers,...
Jessica Edwards
After singing gospel for more than 60 years, Mavis Staples has no intention of retiring.
Max by Chance
Max Kestner
Ironically tinged ode to the Danish director Max Kestner, who becomes aware of the insignificance of life at the moment he is about to become a father.
Maxed Out
James Scurlock
This dramatic, investigative documentary reveals that the financial sector's best customers are the broke and the bankrupt.
Maya Angelou: And Still I Rise
Bob Hercules, Rita Coburn Whack
Poet, author and civil rights activist Maya Angelou (1928-2014), a champion of equal rights for African Americans, looks back on her turbulent life.
MC5 * A True Testimonial
David Thomas
Thoroughly researched rockumentary about Detroit-based sixties rock band MC5, one of the precursors of punk music.
Mcluhan's Wake
The life of Internet guru Marshall McLuhan, whose theories about media and progress were far ahead of his time.
Me & Isaac Newton
Michael Apted
Portrait of seven scientists, concentrating on their individual motives.
Me & My Matchmaker
Mark Wexler
After having written an article about a matchmaker from Boston in 1992, filmmaker Mark Wexler got the idea to make a documentary about the issue of arranged marriages. Wexler:...
Me and My Brother
Robert Frank
A film as unsettling as it is fascinating about the relationship between the American poet Peter Orlovsky and his schizophrenic brother Julius.
Me Girl, Me Princess
María Aramburú, Valeria Pavan
A loving and openhearted mother tells the remarkable story of her little girl, who was born a boy.
Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God
Alex Gibney
This film suggests that sexual abuse within the Catholic Church is as old as the Church itself, zooming in on an example of abuse at an American school for deaf children in...
The Meadow
Jela Hasler
In the Golan Heights a threat of war is permanently in the air, but the peace of the ruminant is only disturbed by dogs and a single cowboy.
Manuel Ruiz Montealegre, Hector Ulloque Franco
A portrait of daily life along the banks of the Guaviare River in Colombia, where the drug trade and armed conflicts have left their mark.
Meat Puppet Arcade
Joseph Mango, Matt Romein
The 3-D scanner as a portal to the virtual space. Play with true-to-life replicas of the artist’s body.
Meat, Vegetables & Dessert
Pham Dinh Hoang, Sherman Ong
Casually shot glimpse of Vietnamese gastronomic culture takes a long and explicit look at the preparation of fresh dog, from clubbing it to death and braising...
Mechanical Love
Phie Ambo
Mechanical Love is a documentary on the interrelationship between robots and humans. The film portrays people who in different ways enjoy a close relationship with a robot.
Media Jihad
Yoshitaka Nitta, Toru Takagi
The search for the producers of Al-Qaida propaganda proves that the American media war is not going exactly as planned.
Melisa Miranda
A brain hemorrhage caused a personality change in Melisa Miranda's mother. The already withdrawn woman became a stranger, more of an enigma than ever.
Jet Homoet, Janine Prins
Meerzicht was adapted from a scenario by Annemieke Hendriks, which was declared the best script of the IDFA scenario workshop in 1993. The film is set on the...
Meet Marlon Brando
Albert Maysles, David Maysles
Marlon Brando shows his most charming, and more reticent, sides in an interview session with journalists.
Meet the Fokkens
Gabriëlle Provaas, Rob Schröder
The life stories of prostitute twin sisters Martine and Louise Fokkens provide a sometimes hilarious, sometimes distressing peek into the world of paid...
Michael Glawogger
Life on the fringes of society in four metropolises – Moscow, Mumbai, Mexico City and New York – depicted in an expressive style.
Mein Kampf
Erwin Leiser
As a tribute to documentary filmmaker Erwin Leiser, who died this year, IDFA screens one of his most startling films. With his debut MEIN KAMPF (1960) he made a name for...
Mein liebster Feind - Klaus Kinski
Werner Herzog
Werner Herzog about his love-hate relationship with the maniacal actor Klaus Kinski.
Meistersinger - The Sound of Russia
Ekaterina Eremenko
Light-hearted portrait of passionate canary lovers and their wives in Russia.
Mekleju virieti
Ivars Seleckis
A portrait of the male Latvian population of today and a psychological study of the image that the women from Latvia have of these men.
Mel, salt, vand
Katrine Nyholm, Jan Rüsz
In a relief centre for Bosnian refugees in Denmark a 77﷓year﷓old woman bakes the Bosnian 'Pita Zanljanica' bread every day. When director Katrine Nyholm came...
Melt Into the Background
Emiel Bakker
28 men talk about their captivity in Buchenwald concentration camp. Between 1940 and 1945, 500 Dutchmen were murdered by the Nazis there.
Mémoires de la mine: la mémoire
Jacques Renard
The exploitation of coal mines was one of the greatest economic achievements of the nineteenth and early twentieth century. But as other energy sources became increasingly...
Memoirs of a Plague
Robert Nugent
Which is stronger, man or nature? This question gained great urgency during the grasshopper plague of September 2010 - the biggest in Australian history.
Roberto Henkin
Memory as a synonym for conscience in a film about the loss of memory, individual and collective. The history of Brazil seen as fake. Who can see what comes next if what...
La memoria del agua
Héctor Fáver
LA MEMORIA DEL AGUA is the story of Joseph Gruferman whose grave was desecrated two years ago. Two pasts flow together: memories of his early years when his mother was the...
Memoria del saqueo
Fernando Solanas
Anti-globalist pamphlet by Argentine director Fernando Solanas, who explains how 25 years of "mafiocracy" have ruined his country.
A Memory in Three Acts
Inadelso Cossa
In a poetic tale, different people who were involved in the bloody struggle for independence in Mozambique tell their side of the story.
The Memory of Justice
Marcel Ophüls
In this non-judgmental and monumental document, Marcel Ophüls uses interviews and archive footage to examine the question of guilt relating to war crimes.
The Memphis Belle
William Wyler
In the air, new technology was applied to involve the public in the war and The Memphis Belle shows, in colour, the flight of a bomber.
Men at Lunch
Seán Ó Cualáin
This hommage to the photograph "Lunch atop a Skyscraper" (1932) investigates the mysterious history of this iconic image.
The Men in the Tree
Lalit Vachani
Filmmaker unravels the structure and development of the Indian Hindu fundamentalist RSS, with the aid of documentary footage from 1992.
Men of Gold
Vincent Moloi
A melancholy portrait of a white South African scrounger surviving on the streets of Johannesburg.
Men with Balls
Kristóf Kovács
The arrival of a tennis court in the impoverished Hungarian village of Besence initially meets with enthusiasm, but tensions soon emerge.
Mene Tekel
Just like becoming an astronaut, a racing driver or a policeman, it has long been the ultimate boy‘s dream to choose the profession of firefighter. Today, the Amsterdam fire brigade gives...
Meneer Emmens, dertig jaar op zoek naar evenwicht
Remy Vlek
Many chronic psychiatric patients lose their original identity after years of being dependent on the totalitarian package of services provided by a mental hospital....
Menin pirim Almanbet
Ernest Abdyschaparov
The 35-year-old Ryspek lives by himself in an unadorned, empty house in a small Kirghiz village. He is not a good housekeeper, as a result of which the house becomes...
Menmaniacs - The Legacy of Leather
Jochen Hick
"I'll take a quarterpound of that Hamburger", the host of the Mr. Leather election says about German Thomas Karasch, Mr. Leather of 1987 who has meanwhile died of aids. 'Tom...
Mensajeros de los dioses
Rigoberta López
The drum is the king of Afro-Cuban instruments. It is regarded as the messenger of the gods in Afro-Cuban religions. This film shows a sacrificial rite in a house in...
Mensen van 2000 (ned versie)
Gilles Frenken
The film shows one day in the lives of a 'random' group of seven youngsters: a pro soccer player, a young mother, a photographer, a student, a pop musician, a...
Menstrual Man
Amit Virmani
In this unlikely success story, poor, uneducated Muruganantham helps supply sanitary napkins to rural Indian women, in a country with inadequate menstrual hygiene.
Mer dar
Artavazd Pelechian
A collage of American and Russian footage of 40 years of space exploration.
Mercedes Sosa, the Voice of Latin America
Rodrigo H. Vila
A portrait of the Argentine folksinger Mercedes Sosa (1935-2009), with a wide range of archive footage and conversations between her son and those who knew her.
Mercy Mercy
Katrine Riis Kjær
Ethiopians Masho and Roba move to Denmark with their new parents, having been given up for adoption by their sick parents. Tragedy ensues.
The Merry Boys
Svetoslav Draganov
A group of musicians plays on the street. This would not be strange if they were not all blind.
Jimmy Chin, Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi
With their extraordinary climbing and filming performance, a trio shows us that at 6,000 meters (20,000 feet) it’s all a matter of trust.
Marcella Hayward
A sober but sensual film about the deeper motives of Merv, a 77-year-old single man who craves nothing but beauty. The explicit photography displays the sensual and...
Meshes of the Afternoon
Maya Deren, Alexander Hammid
This groundbreaking experimental short film follows a woman through a menacing dream world in which she repeatedly enters the same house.
Álex de la Iglesia
In reenactments and discussions between key figures in his life, Messi attempts to answer the question of how the shy Argentine became the greatest soccer player of our...
Le messie
William Klein
Associative documentary in which a wide range of people sing the oratorio The Messiah by Händel.
Met duitschland voor een nieuw europa
No director credited
In the short agitprop Met Duitsland voor een nieuw Europa Germany is presented as the solution for the battles within Europe.
Met Duitschland voor een vrij Nederland
No director credited
In the short agitprop Met Duitsland voor een vrij Nederland (1941), the battle against England, communism and particularly the Soviet Union is justified.
Met een zoen van de leraar
Barbara den Uyl
For one year, filmmaker Barbara den Uyl returned to the Mondriaan grammar school, a secondary school in Amsterdam West where she had worked as a teacher twenty years ago....
Met onze jongens aan den IJzer
Clemens De Landtsheer
Flemish war veterans used this propaganda documentary about the annual Pilgrimage of the Yser River to keep alive the memory of World War I.
Metal and Melancholy
Heddy Honigmann
Through encounters with Peruvian taxi drivers, this road movie sketches the tense economic and social situation in their country.
Metal Bread
Chingiz Narynov
A day in the life of Tatyana, who gathers aluminum fittings to earn enough to buy bread.
Metal Workers
Eduardo Coutinho
In the election year of 2002, Brazilian metal workers discuss the fierce battle that they waged in the 1970s and 1980s.
Metallica: Some Kind of Monster
Joe Berlinger, Bruce Sinofsky
Heavy-metal band Metallica submits to intensive group therapy while working on their album St Anger and embarking on their first world tour in 4 years.
Metalosis Maligna
Floris Kaayk
A fake documentary about a disease contracted by people who have received an implant. Body parts transform into mechanical constructions.
A Method for Blue Logic
Riley Harmon
Facts, fabrications and paranoia get entangled in this attempt to discover the truth behind a conspiracy theorist’s accusations.
Metrî zivota
Momir Matovic
Ulkan Mekulovi is seventy years old, lives alone and has been deaf-and-dumb all his life. Every day - irrespective of the weather condition - he walks a few miles to the...
Mets pas tes doigts dans ton nez, ils sont readioactifs
Marc Pillas
Nuclear energy may guarantee the independence of France's energy supply, but the security issue has been the subject of heated social discussions until today. So when the...
Mi lubvi ne videli
Murat Mamedov
The heroines in this atmospheric film are a group of old countrywomen. They gather wood in the forest and warm themselves together by the fire. Their life stories reflect...
Jerzy Ziarnik
In this film the basic problems of a small and sleepy town are described and subsequently generalised. Town life is observed in a probing way. Up until now, investments have...
Micha Klein, Speeding on the Virtual Highway
Corinne van Egeraat
Starting at the end of the 1980s, Micha Klein became a pioneer in digital art and stormed the acid house scene with his work.
Michel Petrucciani
Michael Radford
A portrait of French jazz pianist Michel Petrucciani, dwarf, child prodigy, virtuoso and heartbreaker, who died in 1999.
Microcosmos - Le peuple de l'herbe
Claude Nuridsany, Marie Pérennou
Most nature films take the naked human eye as their point of view. The makers of microcosmos take another viewpoint, that of the insect. The film follows...
Miejsce Urodzenia
Pawel Lozinski
A Jewish man returns to Poland, to the village where he was born and where he was in hiding during World War II. Fifty years later he retraces his family and tries to...
Giannis Missouridis
Fragment of the life of a sad Japanese woman in Athens.
Mientras el río pasa
Guillermo Centeno
AS THE RIVER FLOWS is a tribute to the dedication and willpower of a young rural teacher and his pupils in the mountains of Baracoa. Through them, a part of Cuban...
Miesjce urodzenia
Pawel Lozinski
A Jewish man returns to Poland, to the village where he was born and where he was in hiding during World War II. Fifty years later he retraces his family and tries to...
Mieszkanie w bloku
Tadeusz Palka
A documentary about the inhabitants of a typically Polish urban housing project - 'Tatary' in Lublin. The ward was constructed in the sixties and is inhabited by families...
Migas rejse
René Bo Hansen
A small boy from Mongolia travels to the big city in search of his sister who has disappeared.
The Mighty Spirit
Eduardo Coutinho
Spirits, reincarnations, visions: it's all part of life in Brazil. In addition to Catholicism, "Spiritism" plays a significant role in this country.
Karolina Villarraga
An animated film in which children who migrated to Spain from other countries talk about language problems, new friends, and their ideal world.
Miguel Në Terren (On the Spot)
Lluís Jené, Enric Miró
Portrait of war reporter Miguel Gil, who was killed in Sierra Leone in 2000.
Mijn God, wat hebben wij gedaan?
Roelof Kiers
Documentary from 1981 about the former crew of the Enola Gay, the aeroplane that dropped the atom bomb on Hiroshima, on August 6, 1945. Apart from unique historical footage,...
Mijn opa Mokum & opa Mekka
Alexandra Jansse
Orit’s grandfathers have different religions, but get along very well.
Mijn ouders en ik
Gerrit van Elst
The loving relationship between film student Gerrit van Elst and his parents is strained by his decision to become a filmmaker and move to Amsterdam.
Mijn tante en ik
Eddy Appels
Sasha's relationship with her favourite aunt Mirta, changesas she becomes a young adult.
Mijn vader maakt foto's
Claire Pijman
In this personal documentary filmmaker Marie-Claire Pijman tries to make her father talk about his past in the Netherlands East Indies. Her father, Boy Pijman, was born on...
Mijn zusje is een schema
Noud Holtman
Martine has diabetes, which her family members, of whom her elder sister tells the story, find out after a visit to the doctor. When the diagnosis is made, the unruly...
Mikhtavim le felitzia
Igal Bursztyn
An evening in a small café in a working-class suburb of Tel-Aviv. Men and women from the neighbourhood go there, in search of solidarity. The local singer Doron Meran joins...
Mikor szolgának telik ezstendeje
Attila Moharos
The Hungarian brothers Csaba and Levente look back on a childhood without family and education, working hard for other people.
John Douglas, Robert Kramer
A must-see period piece about the members of the 1970s radical group called The Movement, who reflected on a view of the future that turned out to be a...
Antoni Borzewski
Voice-off of a Jewish man, placing images of a wedding party he is taking part in within an as gruesome as it is lovely framework: the wedding guests are the members of a...
Milking the Rhino
David E. Simpson
The African Maasai and Himba tribes carefully attempt to take the protection of their habitat, and the endangered but also dangerous animal species that share it, into...
Milosevic - How to Be a Dictator
Leslie Woodhead
The rise and fall of Milosevic’s popularity, with special attention for his wife and state television.
Milosevic on Trial
Michael Christoffersen
A reconstruction of the trial against Slobodan Milosevic, which ended in March 2006 when the former President of Yugoslavia died of a heart attack.
Min Afrikanske dagbog
Jon Bang Carlsen
Danish documentary about life in South Africa, seen through the eyes of nine-year-old Hjalmar
Min far - Inspektörn
PeÅ Holmquist
Images of the filmmaker’s father worn down by illness are intriguingly contrasted with scenes from his working past as a hygiene inspector.
Min fisk brian
Jesper Troelstrup
A small boy goes fishing and tells about his special bond with the fish, Brian.
Min Irske dagbog
Jon Bang Carlsen
Six-year-old Hjalmer and his family are living in Ireland for one year. I
The Mineral Equation
Raymond Hancock
There are mainly two reasons for the inclusion of the film THE MINERAL EQUATION in the programme. It is a fine example of the kind of propaganda film that was made during...
Raúl de la Fuente
Three women in an inhospitable Bolivian mining area try to survive the ubiquitous sexual violence with courage and dynamite.
The Miners' Hymns
Bill Morrison
An elegy in slow motion about the history of coal mining in northeastern England, made by renowned filmmaker Bill Morrison (Decasia) and famous Icelandic composer Jóhann...
Ming of Harlem - Twenty One Storeys in the Air
Phillip Warnell
A poetic exploration of the bizarre true story of a New Yorker who lived in his fifth floor apartment with an adult Bengal tiger and an alligator.
Minimata: kaja-san to sono sekai
Tsuchimoto Noriaki
'Environmental pollution' is the label for the chronic disease a number of Japanese people have developed as a consequence of industrial waste. '¨nvironmental...
Minispectacles Albuquerque Straight
Maarit Suomi-Väänänen
Six cinematographic haikus about a man with a lynx in his motel room. Less a story than a sequence of hints, it is nonetheless complete.
Minispectacles: Touché, Douche, Souche
Maarit Suomi-Väänänen
Finnish director Maarit Suomi-Väänänen calls her one-minute films haikus. This trilogy threads man, animal and landscape together.
Minoes tsjetyre
Sergei Shariff
MINUS FOUR is a summary of one autumn day in 1988. The place of action is a small town called Sari-Ozek in Kazakhstan. Intermediate-range ballistic missiles were destroyed...
Minustah Steals Goats
Rachel Smith
Haitians have had enough of intervention by foreign organizations that promise a lot but deliver little - including the UN.
The Miracle of Weebosch
Wendelien Voogd
In the small southern Dutch village of Weebosch, three "pony girls" are getting ready for the annual horse procession in honor of Saint Gerard Majella.
The Mirror
David Christensen
The mayor of a tiny Italian village in the Alps thinks up a scheme to bring sunlight to his village in the winter.
Jessica Yu
A surprising look at the well-known forecasts for world population growth and the realities behind these in China, North America and Uganda.
The Miscreants of Taliwood
George Gittoes
George Gittoes Extreme Tour of Terror Central. Like a Salmon Rushdie novel - Miscreants paints a portrait of a place (NW Pakistan) and time that's both bizarre and...
Nadine Cloete
What's your walk to school like when you have to cross a township riddled with guns, drugs and violence?
Misère au borinage
Joris Ivens, Henri Storck
Film about aftermath of miners’ strike in Belgian Borinage region in 1932 is unequivocal anti-capitalistic pamphlet.
The Misfits - 30 Years of Fluxus
Lars Movin
In 1962 the Lithuanian-American artist and designer George Maciunas spoke the words: "Let there be Fluxus!" Since that day, particularly the world of art has no longer been the...
The Misfortunes of Some
Omar Amiralay
An impression of the civil war-torn capital of Lebanon, Beirut, in 1981, made bearable by the engaging characters and the light tone.
Misha and So On
Cherry Duyns
European jazz icon Misha Mengelberg is suffering from dementia. Cherry Duyns follows him during his last foreign performances, in London’s Vortex jazz club.
Miss America
Lisa Ades
Campy compilation of the Miss America election since 1921 and at the same time a critical pamphlet about the American view on women in the previous century.
Miss Interpreted (Marlene Dumas)
Marlene Dumas is one of the most prominent contemporary artists. She was born and raised in South Africa and has worked and lived in the Netherlands since 1976. In her life-size paintings she depicts...
Miss Kiet's Children
Peter Lataster, Petra Lataster-Czisch
A moving portrait of a class of migrant children at a primary school in a Dutch village. Under the wing of their teacher Miss Kiet, they learn Dutch,...
Miss Nikki and the Tiger Girls
Juliet Lamont
After decades of military dictatorship, Burma's first girl band wrestles with the question: what do you sing about when you've always been told what to do?
Miss Saaremaa
Mark Soosaar
Miss Saaremaa charts the life of Lyubov Hermann, who was Miss Saaremaa in 1931. Lyubov recalls her past with great vivacity and humour. The second theme of the film is the...
Miss Sharon Jones!
Barbara Kopple
A portrait of the gutsy soul singer Sharon Jones, following her all the way from her pancreatic cancer diagnosis to her first post-recovery performance.
Frederick Wiseman
In a training center for the American military, Air Force officers are taught to man the launch bases for intercontinental nuclear missiles.
Missing Allen
Christian Bauer
Director Christian Bauer made seven films in collaboration with cameraman Allen Ross. Shortly after the last one, Allen disappeared. Now, four and a half years later,...
Missing in the Land of Gods
Davor Dirlic
An engaging portrait of an Australian couple combing India for their son, who disappeared after a stay in an ashram in 2005.
The Missing Picture
Asher Tlalim
Asher Tlalim's the missing picture follows Yoel Sharon, director of shell shock. With the help of his camera, Sharon tries to illuminate the moment when he was injured during...
The Missing Picture
Rithy Panh
Using clay figures and found footage, Rithy Panh recounts his own history during the Khmer Rouge dictatorship for the very first time.
Mission Congo
David Turner, Lara Zizic
In 1994, wily American TV televangelist Pat Roberston tried to capitalize on the massive flood of refugees from Rwanda
Mission Rape - A Tool of War
Katia Forbert Petersen, Annette Mari Olsen
During the Yugoslav Wars, between 25,000 and 40,000 women were raped. They still deal daily with the trauma and their struggle for...
Mister Rücker
Anna Wahle
Nico Rücker is an unusual 14-year old. While his schoolmates enjoy playing computergames Nico repairs computers or sells sweet. An exceptional portrait about a special boy.
Mixed Feelings
Karin Junger
In 1988 Annette Heunis caused a commotion in the South African mining town of Odendaalrus, located in the ultra-conservative Orange Free State. The twenty-year-old white girl...
The Mix-Up
Miguel Abad
Successive nocturnal shots of a massive charge of the eight-metre tall metal fence that constitutes the Spanish-Moroccan border at Ceuta.
Mlodzi buduja pokój
Czeslaw Petelski
Propagandist documentary on the unfailing energy and ambitions of the Polish youth brigades, who work tirelessly and voluntarily on the reconstruction of Poland.
Mo sámi valdet - Slik tar de Sámeland
various directors
The Sámi people live in the far north of Scandinavia. These reindeer nomads constitute one of the smallest acknowledged minorities in the world. Nevertheless, their...
Moabiter sonette
Olivier Rauch
Round midnight on April 22/23, 1945, volleys of gunshots dashed through the ruins of a building in 'Old-Moabit', a street situated in the northwestern part of Berlin....
Mob Law
Paul Wilmshurst
Portrait of Oscar Goodman, mob lawyer in Las Vegas.
Mobutu roi du Zaïre
Thierry Michel
Portrait of dictator Mobutu Sese Seko of Zaire, who was abetted by the world leaders.
Mocne uderzenie opus 2
Krzysztof Szmagier, Andrzej Trzos-Rastawiecki
In a spacious concert hall in Warsaw a performance is in progress; it is a show by some of the most popular young 'big-beat' groups, such as...
Frederick Wiseman
A portrait of the New York modeling agency Zoli in the early 1980s, in which Wiseman examines the gap between reality and illusion.
Ulrich Seidl
Seidl follows three emaciated, ambitious young models, who are prepared to do literally everything to appear on the cover of a magazine.
mödern cøuple
Andrés Jarach, Lucia Sanchez
A crash course in parenthood, for women who are afraid to look worn out after childbirth and men who can't multitask.
Modern Tribalism
Mimi George, Rick Kent
Modern Americans try to regain their primitive self by piercing, tattooing and burnt offerings.
The Modular Body
Floris Kaayk
Marvel at this science fiction perspective. You can assemble this story about a biologist who clicks organs together by clicking on the different elements online.
Mogadishu Soldier
Torstein Grude
For a year, two soldiers filmed the danger, banality, humanity and inhumanity of their peacekeeping mission in the Somali capital of Mogadishu.
Moglem byc czlowiekiem
Barbara Medajska
A drunk without a home, work or identity papers spends his days on a garbage dump by the train tracks, far removed from his previous role as head of a household.
Mohammad and the Matchmaker
Maziar Bahari
Iranian Mohammad is a former heroin addict and an HIV patient, two big taboos in Iran, who is helped by his doctor to find a bride.
Moi un noir
Jean Rouch
Documentary in which the protagonists, a group of friends in Ivory Coast, act in character.
Moj bar sahel
Ali Mohammad Ghasemi
Dramatised documentary about smugglers along the southern coast of Iran.
Moj syn romek
Marcin Solarz
With the patience of a saint, a Polish man takes care of his infirm mother and school-going child.
Mojata ljubov Charlie Parker
Aljosa Simjanovski
Jazz music and a medieval monastery hardly seem to be made for each other, but the Skopje, Macedonia-based filmmaker Alyosha Simianovski combines them. The film follows...
Chris Teerink
Portrait of a number of inhabitants of the inhospitable Mojave Desert in the south-western United States.
Mokarrameh, khaterat va royaha
Ebrahim Mokhtari
Iranian woman paints scenes from her life on the walls of her house.
Molla Khadijeh va bachehayash
Ebrahim Mokhtari
Portrait of an elder Iranian teacher, who surrounds her pupils with a lot of affection.
Molly and Mobarak
Tom Zubrycki
A young Afghan refugee is confronted with distrust and love in a small Australian community.
Mark Rance
During his classics study at Boston University, Mark Rance made a short film about his mother, simply entitled mom. For a fortnight two friends had taught him the essence of...
Moment of Impact
Julia Loktev
Family document about filmmaker’s mother, who both good-humouredly and reluctantly takes care of her physically disabled husband.
A Moment of Innocence
Mohsen Makhmalbaf
A reconstruction by an Iranian director of a stabbing he committed in 1974 plays with both the boundaries of fact and fiction and the meaning of youth, idealism and...
Moments of Innovation - When Documentary and Technology Converge
Explore some of the recent highlights of digital documentary storytelling, and the many historical moments of innovation that preceeded them. Installation developed with MIT Open Documentary Lab,...
Moments of Silence
Lars Bergström, Mats Bigert
A meditative montage of public commemorations all over the world, this is a moment of silence for the importance of collective memory.
Momotaro, Sea Eagles
Mitsuyo Seo
Momotaro, a favourite character in Japanese stories, attacks Pearl Harbour together with his animal friends. A propaganda film with some well-known American cartoon...
Mon beau sourire
Angèle Diabang
Where do young Senegalese women get their appealing smile, white teeth and pitch-black tattooed gums from?
Mon frère, ma soeur vendus pour quelques lires
Basile Sallustio
Filmmaker’s aunt searches for her brother and sisters who were put forward for adoption in post-war Italy.
Mona's Song
Sonia Khurana
Portrait of a singer in Delhi.
The Monastery - Mr. Vig & the Nun
Pernille Rose Grønkjær
An eccentric ex-priest's half-century-old dream to start a monastery in his Danish castle is about to come true, but then he runs into a stubborn nun.
Le monde de Paul Delvaux
Henri Storck
During the first post-war years, Henry Storck devoted himself especially to the art film. In 1946, he made Le Monde de Paul Delvaux. This documentary is an exploratory...
Money For Nothing: Inside the Federal Reserve
Jim Bruce
A startling reconstruction of the role that the United States Federal Reserve played in the financial crisis.
Monica and David
Ali Codina
Monica and David explores the marriage of two adults with Down syndrome and the family who strives to support their needs
Monica in Black and White
Fenton Bailey, Randy Barbato
Monica Lewinsky confesses her sins in an all-American show, but leaves in the dark whether she and Clinton actually did it.
Monk with a Camera
Tina Mascara, Guido Santi
The grandson of former Vogue editor Diana Vreeland became a Buddhist monk, but returns just once to his glamorous former life for a good cause.
Ruben Khachatryan
The contemplation of an Armenian artist full of rhetorical questions about success, life's purpose and the urge to create.
Monsieur Advertising - Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet
Olivier Mille
An effervescent portrait of the visionary advertising man and born optimist Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet (1906-1996), who brought taste, color, and consumerism to 20th-century...
Monsieur contre madame
Claudine Bories
Divorced parents have declared war on each other. The stake: custody of their child.
Monsiricho - koudo no jikkenteki kansatsu
Sumiko Haneda
The film was directed while she was still a staff director at Iwanami Eiga Seisakujo. She employed various cinematic and scientific technic to explore the world of cabbage...
Monster in a Box
Nick Broomfield
Comic monologue by American cult writer, actor and performer Spalding Gray.
Monster in the Mind
Jean Carper
With a sense of perspective, octogenarian medical journalist Jean Carper investigates the state of research into Alzheimer’s disease and her own chances of developing this...
Mont Age
Zoot Derks
Experimental filmmaker Zoot Derks invites the audience to participate in his performative video installation questioning the editing of video images.
Jorge Gaggero
An old man lives on a quiet island in a river delta, seemingly in harmony with a recluse on the other side of the island.
Monterey Pop
In 1965 Bob Dylan did a tour of England and it was D.A. Pennebaker who captured it all with his hand-held camera. But when don‘t look back was released in 1967, Pennebaker was busy again in...
Emma van der Put
A portrait (or caricature) of Montmartre in Paris by artist Emma van der Put, who finds a new perspective on seemingly mundane events.
Gregorio Graziosi
A monumental Brazilian artwork gets an extra dimension from the sounds of what it represents: men and horses drudge in silence and the jungle speaks.
Neske Beks
Welcome to the world of nine-year-old Mookie, secret agent by trade. He catches the crooks everywhere, even in the hospital.
Sarah Mathilde Domogala - Kaan
Playful and magical short film about the friendship between the girl Moon and a fictitious character from her books.
The Moon and the Son
John Canemaker
An autobiographical story that explores the difficult emotional terrain of father-son relationships as seen through the filmmaker's own turbulent relationship with his...
The Moon Inside You
Diana Fabiánová
Diana is not the only one for whom the monthly period is no fun at all. Headaches, nausea, depression -- why is it so widely accepted that women all over the world should...
Moon over Broadway
In moon over broadway D.A. Pennebaker and Chris Hegedus portray TV star and ‘Queen of Comedy’ Carol Burnett and Broadway veteran Philip Bosco, the leading characters in the new Broadway show Moon...
More Than Honey
Markus Imhoof
Shot using the very latest techniques, this film is a global investigation into the fascinating behavior of honey bees, and the causes of their alarmingly rapid decline.
Mark Olexa, Francesca Scalisi
Moriom alleges that her parents chain her up, but they provide a completely different story that has to do with a major trauma.
Morning Fears, Night Chants
Salma Aldairy, Roula Ladqani
A young Syrian woman sings protest songs as her secret contribution to the struggle for a regime with more freedom.
David Nadelberg
This multimedia project allows visitors to upload embarrassing adolescent treasures such as diary extracts, poems, and photographs.
Jean Epstein
MOR-VRAN starts with a shot of the sea, followed by one of the map of the Breton coastline. Next, we see images of the various islands off the coast: harbours, a mill, sheep,...
Moscow Women - Echoes of Yaroslavna
Diane Weyermann
MOSCOW WOMEN - THE ECHOES OF YAROSLAVNA was filmed in Moscow by a Russian-Estonian crew. The documentary focusses on women: their work, their relationships, their creative...
The Most Dangerous Man in America
Judith Ehrlich, Rick Goldsmith
1971: America is embroiled in the Vietnam war, a dirty war based on lies and deceit. A president is abusing the power of his office.
Mostar United
Claudia Tosi
A youth soccer coach in Mostar tries to bring unity to his post-war city, which remains divided in a Croatian and a Bosian side.
Christoph Steger
An animated documentary about a woman who has devoted her life to the dead.
Mother Dao, the Turtlelike
Vincent Monnikendam
A compilation of clips from silent documentaries and propaganda films that contrasts the lives of colonial rulers in Indonesia with the hopeless situation of the...
Mother India
Raffaele Brunetti
The life of a very traditional Indian couple will never be the same after a visit to a fertility clinic in the distant, ultramodern city of Hyderabad.
Mother of the Unborn
Nadine Salib
Hanan has spent 12 years trying to become a mother. From serious operations to terrifying rituals, she will try anything to make her dream come true.
Mother Tongue
Derek May
In Mother Tongue the director observes his own family in Montreal, Quebec. His wife Patricia is Canadian and is a native of Quebec. Derek emigrated from Great Britain at the age...
Kriv Stenders
MOTHERLAND is a documentary of memories and images, chronicling the lives of two Latvian grandmothers in suburban Australia. Filmed in both Brisbane, Australia, and the...
Motherland - A Genetic Journey
Archie Baron
By means of DNA research, three black Britons identify their distant relatives, with surprising and drastic results.
Motherland or Death
Vitaly Mansky
A kaleidoscopic and photogenic view of Cuba, from the perspective of several average people who are trying to make ends meet.
Huijing Xu
Woman's Care, the birth control center in a small Chinese village, starts cracking down on women required to undergo sterilization.
Mothers are People
Kathleen Shannon
This documentary is part of the series Challenge For Change, which concerns working mothers. Joy, a biologist, works in the research department of a large company. She is...
Mothership Goes to Brazil
Josefin Arnell
In this candid portrait of a loving but abrasive relationship, filmmaker Josefin Arnell takes her alcoholic mother to a healer in Brazil, but he turns out to be...
Peter Gerard
This impressionistic portrait of a Scottish showpeople family reflects the tempo of their lives: always on the road, yet somehow unchanging.
Motley's Law
Nicole Nielsen Horanyi
Kimberley Motley is the only foreigner and the only woman allowed to work as a lawyer in Afghanistan.
Joerg Wagner
An ode to a vanishing fairground attraction for real men.
Celina Escher
In her tiny Cuban shop, Maria repairs household appliances and chats to her customers and neighbors about her life and work.
Mourir à Madrid
Frederic Rossif
Mourir à Madrid is a film history of the Spanish Civil War put together from newsfragments and other authentic film material. The film provides a chronological description...
The Move - 15 Years On
Jan Louter
A moving reunion with three psychiatric patients, who were featured in a documentary 15 years ago about living independently - a new concept back then.
A Movie
Bruce Conner
A seductive and jarring film montage from 1958 that still manages to enthral many a film student and Internet discussion group.
Moving Stills - Kadir van Lohuizen
Tinus Kramer
A portrait of Kadir van Lohuizen, a passionate photojournalist who travels from the oil fields of Alaska to a submerged atoll near Papua, New Guinea.
Moving the Mountain
Michael Apted
Analysis of the events on Tian'an Men Square in 1989.
Moving the Mountain
William Ging Wee Dere, Michel Guy
In the late 1850's, Chinese immigrants began arriving in large numbers in Canada, attracted by gold discoveries in the Fraser River Valley. Many of the...
Moving to Mars: A Million Miles from Burma
Mat Whitecross
Moving to Mars follows two refugee families from Burma. After years in a Thai refugee camp, they're about to embark on new lives - in the British city of Sheffield.
Mozart 1991
Kras Gancev
1991 was the international Mozart-year. While his death was commemorated all over the world, a bloody war was raging in Croatia. These two facts have been brought together in...
Mozart and Munchies
Marie Lundberg
Manic-depressive pianist Ann Marie Fröier may be 87 years old, but the chain-smoking eccentric is determined to get back on stage to once again perform Mozart.
Mr Governor
Måns Månsson
Director Måns Månsson follows the Swedish politician Anders Björck, now in his sixties, filming him in cinema verité style as he goes about his work.
Mr Lowry
Leslie Woodhead
A cinema verité portrait of L.S. Lowry, an insecure and underestimated British industrial landscape painter who only became famous later in life.
Mr. Behrmann - Leben Traum Tod
Through the corridors of an old people's home in London an old man is walking. As he walks on he tells a story, and soon we are no longer in the corridors of the home where he spends his final days,...
Mr. Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred A. Leuchter, Jr.
Errol Morris
A mind-boggling portrait of Fred Leuchter, self-appointed authority on execution equipment and expert witness for Holocaust denier Ernst Zündel.
Mr. Debt
Errol Morris
Lawyer gets rich by suing moneylenders on behalf of tens of thousands of desperate debtors.
Mr. Dynamite: The Rise of James Brown
Alex Gibney
A funk-packed documentary about the rise of iconic music star James Brown, featuring interviews with those close to him and archive footage from lots of legendary concerts.
Mr. Gaga
Tomer Heymann
A well-documented biography of the Israeli choreographer Ohad Naharin, who had a major influence on modern dance with his own movement language called Gaga.
Mr. Hu and the Temple
Yan Ting Yuen
By building a Buddhist temple in the Netherlands, Mr. Hu attempts to bridge the gap between old and new, East and West.
Mr. Müller Lives Everywhere
Ernst Niederreither
In mr müller lives everywhere, Ernst Niederreither observes a number of European countries, and looks for similarities. Europeans don' t seem to differ all that much....
Mr. President
Nina Yuen
Excerpts of children's letters to past presidents are reread within the framework of the 2012 U.S. presidential election.
Mr. Rakowski
Jan Diederen
A touching and unexpectedly optimistic portrait of a Holocaust survivor and his successful son Richie; after a traumatic childhood, Richie tries to straighten out the awkward...
Mr. Roosevelt Chatting
The classic German propaganda film, in this case aimed against the United States.
Mrs Carey's Concert
Bob Connolly, Sophie Raymond
Music teacher Karen Carey is preparing her students for a classical concert performance, but not all of them appreciate her high-handed teaching style.
Mrs. John Bull Prepared
A sketch of the potential conflicts caused during World War I when women started working in almost every line of work to free up men for the front.
Ms. Conceptions
Ric Esther Bienstock
In the last ten years the number of well-educated unmarried mothers of over thirty has tripled. For whatever reason, these women have consciously chosen to raise...
Marek Piwowski
Fictitious afternoon in a café full of old men, brimming with absurd dialogues and intensified meetings.
Wendela Scheltema
MUDBRAIN is an account of the development process of a film, that is gradually transforming into a metaphor of our society. Film-maker Wendela Scheltema sets interviews...
La muerte de Joe J. Jones
Segio Giral
The war in Vietnam is at its height when in 1965 the Leipzig Filmfestival is held. People involved acquit themselves well: in the following year, the festival will devote...
Mugabe & The White African
Lucy Bailey, Andrew Thompson
A white farmer from Zimbabwe threatened with eviction indicts President Mugabe for racism at an international court, endangering his life in the process.
A muhu manor
Guido Sikkink
Ambitious Estonian on sleepy island wants to convert former nursing home into luxury hotel.
Muktir gaan
Catherine Masud, Tareque Masud
In 1971 the people of Eastern Pakistan waged a bitter war of liberation against Western Pakistan, which ended in 1972 with the foundation of the state of...
Graham Johnston
In northern Alaska, the local population is still largely dependent on whaling. The whale hunters tell their story in plain words.
The Mulberry House
Sara Ishaq
Sara is half Scottish, half Yemeni. In 2011, she moved back to Yemen, where protests against President Saleh’s authoritarian rule strengthened family bonds.
Mülheim (ruhr)
Peter Nestler, Reinald Schnell
In Germany's Ruhr Basin, industrialization (mining and the steel industry) has hardly resulted in the formation of large cities with everything attached to...
Adelheid Roosen
Now that my mother has developed Alzheimer's disease,I don't see her dissolve, I see her appear.
Mumbai Disconnected
Frederik Jacobi, Camilla Nielsson
Soon more than 550 cities world wide will have a population of more than one million. In 2030 80% of the world's population will live in cities.
Steven Spielberg
In the wake of the bloodbath during the 1972 Olympics in Munich, Israel organizes a retaliatory action, leaving considerable scars on a young Mossad agent.
Mur Murs
Agnès Varda
Le mur
Iskra Iossiffova
"John Lennon, you're still in our hearts. This graffiti, written on the school wall and signed by the students of an entire class, unleashed the wrath of the authorities....
Mural efímero
Raúl Kamffer
During the students unrest of 1968, in the premises of our National University there was a statue of a former president of the county which was covered with tin plates as the...
Krzysztof Kieslowski
Shortly before taking part in the traditional 1 May parade a construction worker tells about his situation, his life, and his work, and he utters his opinions of the...
Henry Alex Rubin, Dana Adam Shapiro
Without cheap sentiment, Murderball follows the rugged and exciting life of the American wheelchair rugby team from the 2002 World Championships to the...
Muscle Shoals
Greg Camalier
Mick Jagger, Aretha Franklin, Percy Sledge and many others talk about the magnetic attraction of the remote city of Muscle Shoals, birthplace of the FAME Studios.
Mushrooms of Concrete
Martijn Payens
The communist dictator Enver Hoxha built 750,000 bunkers in poverty-stricken Albania, to defend against attacks that never came.
Music According to Tom Jobim
Dora Jobim, Nelson Pereira dos Santos
A sensuous collage of concert footage featuring timeless songs by composer-musician Antonio Carlos Jobim, after whom Rio de Janeiro's largest airport...
Music for the Movies: Toru Takemitsu
Charlotte Zwerin
Toru Takemitsu is a highly commended Japanese composer of film music. In the fifties and sixties he experimented with electronic techniques and 'sound designs'....
Music Partisans
Miroslaw Dembinski
Poignant indictment of the strict regime in Belarus, in which young musicians fight for their freedom through music.
Musiques de films: Georges Delerue
Jean-Louis Comolli
Jean-Louis Comolli directed this portrait of French film composer Georges Delerue as part of a series of TV-documentaries for ARTE: musiques de films. Delerue did the...
Mussels in Love
Willemiek Kluijfhout
An atmospheric and intimate portrait of the life cycle of that Dutch delicacy: the mussel.
Must Read After My Death
Morgan Dews
Home movies and audio recordings provide the basis for this gripping portrait of a family that went through intensive relational and family therapy in the 1960s.
Musta kissa lumihangella
Anu Kuivalainen
A woman is released from prison after 4 years and gives account to herself and her 7-year-old daughter.
The Mute's House
Tamar Kay
The story of an 8-year-old Palestinian boy and his deaf mother, the last residents of a deserted building in the Israeli part of the city of Hebron.
Sylvie Banuls - Heller, Peter Heller
An unsentimental chronicle spanning three decades about a close-knit family in Cologne, with nine adult children still living under their mother's...
Kazimierz Karabasz
Muzykanci is a film about 'common' people for whom music has grown into a passion. The heroes of this film are streetcar conductors, mechanics and blue-collar workers....
Kazimierz Karabasz
A story about 'common' people who have developed a passion for music, expressed in a poetic documentary film about an amateur brassband in Warsaw, made up of tram...
My Afghanistan - Life in the Forbidden Zone
Nagieb Khaja
Thanks to some secretly distributed cell phones equipped with cameras, average Afghans provide us with a rare glimpse into their war-torn lives.
My Aleppo
Melissa Langer
After fleeing the Syrian civil war, a family communicates with the home front via Skype, watching Aleppo disintegrate and their loved ones change.
My American Family
Jerzy Sladkowski
Heart-warming portrait of an Italian family that travels to America for a family reunion.
My Avatar and Me
Bente Milton, Mikkel Stolt
How "Second Life" took over the actual existence of a Danish documentary filmmaker, who makes the appeal of the virtual world palpable through a generous dose...
My Barefoot Friend
Seong-Gyou Lee
A portrait of Shalim, one of the 10,000 rickshaw drivers in Calcutta, who works his feet to the bone in order to realize his greatest dream: a home of his own.
My Beautiful Broken Brain
Sophie Robinson, Lotje Sodderland
Lotje Sodderland is a resilient and intelligent young woman. After a serious stroke, she tries to come to grips with her once-so-wonderful life.
My Body
Margreth Olin
Filmmaker candidly reveals the love-hate relationship she has with her body.
My Cancer
Meral Uslu
This frank, personal account of breast cancer treatment revolves around the relationship between doctor and patient.
My City, Pizza
Ala Mohseni
Pizza is hugely popular in Teheran, especially among young people who prefer to hang out in a pizzeria, rather than a kebab joint.
My Dads and Moms
Chris Westendorp
What's it like to live with two mothers and have a father who lives far away? 10-year-old Luca candidly tells her story.
My Daughter Nora
Jasna Krajinovic
The testimony of a mother, filmed to persuade young people not to go to Syria – as Samira’s eldest daughter did.
My Dear Olive Tree
Osama Qashoo
Militant ode to the Palestinian struggle shows the explosive atmosphere that arises when the Israeli army flattens an age-old olive orchard that for generations was the sole...
My Dearest F#cking Phone
Eef Hilgers
Claudia has a love-hate relationship with her smartphone. She pours her heart out and shares with us her “real” and her virtual teen world.
My Dinner with Abbie
Nancy Cohen
Abbie Hoffman's fiftieth birthday was the right occasion for Nancy Cohen to have a conversation with this controversial figure of the 1960s. Humorously, she wrote that she had...
My Enemy, My Brother
Ann Shin
During the Iran-Iraq war, the Iranian Zahed saved the life of his wounded Iraqi enemy Najah. Twenty-five years later they meet again by chance.
My Eyes
Erlend E. Mo
Brief, tender fragments capture the sensory experiences of two blind girls, one eight years old, the other 16.
My Father and My Mother
Bo Jiao
The life of a simple Chinese couple, documented in thousands of photographs and many hours of video footage taken over a 30-year period by their son, a well-known photographer.
My Father Evgeni
Andrei Zagdansky
Found footage, historical archive material and home movies form a framework within which the filmmaker projects his father's life story onto more recent Russian...
My Father the Turk
Ariane Riecker, Marcus Vetter
A German film director travels to Anatolia to meet his Turkish father and gets to know his wife and two half sisters in the process.
My Father, the Blackbird
Kristina Levin, Finn Vinter
An emotional investigation into the thoughts and feelings of the filmmaker, his mother and his sister, in the wake of his father's suicide.
My Father, the Genius
Lucia Small
Documentary filmmaker Lucia Small examines whether her father Glen Howard Small, a designer of futuristic, ‘biomorphous’ constructions, justifiably considers himself a...
My First Contact
Mari Corrêa, Kumaré Ikpeng
The story about a tribe of Indians in Brazil who were brought to live on a reservation by white men over 40 years ago, narrated from their own perspective.
My First War
Yariv Mozer
This personal account of experiences on the front in the 2006 war between Israel and Lebanon speaks on behalf of all the forgotten soldiers.
My Flesh and Blood
Jonathan Karsh
A single foster mother bravely keeps her family of physically handicapped and emotionally abused children together.
My Friend Paul
Jonathan Berman
Portrait of Paul by his boyhood friend Jonathan. The manic-depressive Paul is released from prison after ten years and again runs into difficulties.
My Friend the Enemy
Wanda Koscia
Seventy years after the massacre by Ukrainian nationalists, Polish survivors return to the lands they once fled and meet some of their former neighbors.
My Friend the Mayor
Hans Fels
Hans Fels pays a visit to his old friend Rassoul Labuchin – the mayor of Port-au-Prince since 1994 – in uncertain times.
My Friend, Yaniv
Maayan Schwartz
A funny but acerbic portrait of 28-year-old Yaniv, whose fragile, wheelchair-bound frame harbors a lively, rebellious spirit.
My Generation
Thomas Haneke, Barbara Kopple
Portrait of three generations of Woodstock visitors, in 1969, 1994 and 1999.
My Godfather, His Thai Bride and Me
Wille Hyvönen
Filmmaker Wille Hyvönen investigates the sincerity of the feelings between his godfather Seppo and his Thai lover Pin.
My Grandmother's House
Adán Aliaga
A poetic and playful exploration of the emotions of a grandmother and her grandchild, who spend a lot of time together in a small Spanish town.
My Granny Lien
Annelies de Wit
Fourteen-year-old Christel visits her beloved grandmother twice a week, but now that the elderly woman is becoming senile, how long will Christel be able to keep this...
My Grassland
Ning Cao
One year in the life of a family that lives on the Mongolian steppes.
My Heart of Darkness
Staffan Julén
Four veterans of the Angolan War travel together along the river Kwando, in search of forgiveness and reconciliation.
My Joan of Arc
Dany Chiasson
Following on horseback in the footsteps of French heroine Joan of Arc, the filmmaker uncovers the mundane reality behind the myths.
My Kidnapper
Mark Henderson, Kate Horne
Together with three partners in misfortune, the British Mark Henders embarks on a trip to the interior of Colombia, where he was kidnapped six years ago by...
My Land My Life
Rehad Desai
A journey into the heart of the Zimbabwe land crisis made in the form of a personal story by the director himself, who used to live there and now returns to investigate the...
My Life My Lesson
Åsa Ekman
A poignant portrait of a seemingly calm but inwardly disturbed teenager named Felicia, who is confronted by her violent stepfather once again.
My Little Princess
Brenda Wit
Juliette launches all kinds of actions to bring together money for a plane ticket for her special friend Seka.