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Na de lente van '68 - Een kleine liefdesgeschiedenis
Aliona van der Horst
The Cold War has far-reaching consequences for the marriage between a Russian woman and a Dutch man.
Na torach
Bohdan Kosinski
One of the most important social studies of the seventies. A portrait of the hard labour of men and women repairing railway tracks.
Naam Djai - Der Fluß des Herzens
Marco Wilms
Search for a Thai girl in Bangkok.
Håkan Berthas, Johan Bjerkner
Nabila is an immigrant rapper in Sweden who convinces big crowds of her opinions, but does not dare to contradict her father at home.
Nach dem Fall
Eric Black, Frauke Sandig
Ten years after the collapse of the Berlin Wall, various witnesses of the Wende tell their stories.
Nadia Ticks
Laetitia Schoofs
On the surface, Nadia is a bright and openhearted seventh grader, but she fights a daily battle with her obsessive-compulsive neuroses and anxieties.
Tadeusz Palka
A film about the feelings of hope cherished by inhabitants of Warsaw on the threshold of the year 1988. However, the daily troubles that these people are faced with and the...
De nåede færgen
Carl Th. Dreyer
A motorcyclist with his girlfriend riding pillion makes a daredevil attempt to get to the Nyborg ferry in time. On narrow country roads he recklessly passes cowherds and...
Naft Sefid
Mahmoud Rahmani
The inhabitant of a deserted Iranian town in a barren stony desert tells how oil brought both wealth and decline to his ruined place of residence.
Nagasaki Stories
Jos de Putter
Most films about the destruction of Nagasaki and Hiroshima look at the devastation from an abstract historical and political perspective. Filmmaker Jos de Putter chose...
At the age of 46 the Finnish director Kiti Luostarinen philosophises about the question what it means to live in a female body and what it is like to develop from a girl to a woman, to bloom, to age...
Naissance d'un hôpital
Jean-Louis Comolli
In 1980 the city of Paris organises an architectural competition for the construction of a big child hospital. They give preference to a young architect, who has never...
Tove Kjellmark
A surgeon operates very professionally on a mechanical panda. What is the difference between man and machine?
Naked - Hair
Mischa Kamp
This series incorporates computer-animated images and interviews to address sensitive issues for teenagers, like sex, menstruation, sweating and obesity.
Naked - Heavy
Mischa Kamp
This series incorporates computer-animated images and interviews to address sensitive issues for teenagers, like sex, menstruation, sweating and obesity.
Naked - Menstruation
Mischa Kamp
This series incorporates computer-animated images and interviews to address sensitive issues for teenagers, like sex, menstruation, sweating and obesity.
Naked - Sex
Mischa Kamp
An episode from a contemporary series in which children aged 10-13 tell us their funny and personal stories about the changes their bodies are going through.
The Name of the Film is Dogme95
Saul Metzstein
Interviews with the successful filmmakers who worked according to the strict Danish Dogma manifest.
The Nameless War
Agnieszka Lukasiak
Swedish director tries to save her relationship with a lover who is rooted in Algerian society.
Naná's Diary
Paschoal Samora
Brazilian singer and percussionist Naná Vasconcelos goes to Bahía to search for the spiritual and ethnic soul of his music.
Nanook of the North
Robert Flaherty
A classic documentary about Inuit life.
Naomi's Secret
Saskia Gubbels
Naomi is an optimistic teenager who faithfully visits her mother at the mental health unit where she lives. For the first time, she decides to bring her best friend Sam...
Napoli Napoli Napoli
Abel Ferrara
A raw portrait of Naples, where social workers and politicians cannot get to grips with the underbelly of urban society - which makes the Camorra's job all the more easy.
Ernesto Pagano
In Naples, Italy, catholics are converting to Islam. What are the reasons behind European interest in the message of Allah?
Når livet går sin vej
Karsten Kiilerich
Touching animation film about the ideas children have about death.
Nära havet
Peter Östlund, Häkan Wennberg
In the morning, the Swedish fishing boat Wailett leaves its homeport. This is shown by means of spectacular helicopter shots. CLOSE TO THE SEA follows the...
Narco Cultura
Shaul Schwarz
The Mexican drug war is spiraling out of control, and meanwhile a musical subculture that glorifies that same war is blossoming in the United States.
Narodziny statku
Jan Lomnicki
The launching of a big ship in the Szczecin dockyards offers the filmmakers a good occasion to show the efforts of shipbuilders in a strongly committed way. Excellent visual...
Nas: Time Is Illmatic
One 9
A biopic of the socially committed New York hip-hop legend Nas, which also gives a fascinating but dismal impression of the black neighborhoods in Queens.
Daya Cahen
Daya Cahen's intense documentary about Camp Seliger, where selected youngsters are trained as Russia's future elite, while Putin looks on from a distance.
Nasz wiek xx
Jadwiga Zajicek
At this moment Warsaw has between 7,000 and 25,000 homeless people. Under the socialist regime this problem was largely denied. This touching film deals with the way these...
Nathan - Free as a Bird
Roel Nollet
The remarkable story of a 44-year-old man who chose euthanasia after a life full of misery and a series of failed sex-change operations.
Homer Etminani
In long, distant shots full of symbolism, we watch as a young bullfighter prepares for a fight in the arena of the Catalan town of Amposta.
National Bird
Sonia Kennebeck
Three American veterans tell all about the drone attacks in which they participated. They are traumatized, angry and racked with guilt.
National Gallery
Frederick Wiseman
Continuing his tradition of meticulously observed documentaries about renowned institutions, Wiseman goes behind the scenes at London’s National Gallery.
National Park
Dragan Nikolic
In a Serbian nature reserve the filmmaker traces both the dark history of a recent war and the cheerful childhood memories of a passionate woman.
The National Shooting Championship 1991
Dusan Povh
As if it were a true championship the spectator is introduced to the officials and the participating teams and the contest commences. Of course, this does not involve the...
Nationalität: Deutsch
Karl Gass
The main character of this film, who worked as a teacher in a village on the Elbe, lived from 1889 to 1954. Between 1919 and 1953 he kept a chronicle of his life. All that time...
Natpwe, the Feast of the Spirits
Tiane Doan na Champassak, Jean Dubrel
This recording of a religious festival in Myanmar juxtaposes the experiences of unknowing visitors – chaos and madness – with the serene...
Anthony Dod Mantle, Poul Rude
First the long wars took their toll among the inhabitants of Tanzania, now Aids is one of the major causes of death. Despite the growing number of people...
Carl Hendrik Svenstedt
A few years ago a prize was awarded in Rotterdam to the garbage collectors of Paris for the consistent use of the colour green in their uniforms and materials. In...
Natural Disorder
Christian Sønderby Jepsen
A journalism student named Jacob Nossell is too disabled to be normal, but too normal to accept his fate.
Natural History
Alan Berliner
A highly orchestrated cacophony of sound and image presents a story in which the story is absent and new meanings arise of their own accord.
The Natural History of the Chicken
Mark Lewis
Hilarious reconstructions of special events shed a refreshing light on the individual chicken.
Nazareth 2000
Hany Abu-Assad
Filmmaker captures everyday life amidst religious strife in his native city, Nazareth.
Naziha's Spring
Gülsah Dogan
An openhearted portrait of Naziha, a Dutch-Moroccan single mother of 10.
Nazywa sie Blazej Rejdak
Krystyna Gryczelowska
Blazej Rejdak is a farmer owning a small farm. He divides his time between his work on the farmland and his job as a railway labourer. The film is an interesting...
Ne Me Quitte Pas
Niels van Koevorden, Sabine Lubbe Bakker
A Direct Cinema portrait of the Flemish Bob and the Walloon Marcel, two Belgian friends who share loneliness, humor, alcoholism and suicide plans...
Ne znam ni gde, ni kad, ni kako...
Zelimir Gvardiol
Loneliness, disease, lack of medicine and insufficient funds to buy food. Those are some of the problems aged people in former Yugoslavia are faced with. Since 1986 the...
Near Death
Frederick Wiseman
A six-hour giant of a film devoid of music, commentary, or interviews in which Frederick Wiseman observes the way people look at death.
various directors
Investigative journalist Monika Sieradzka dug deeply into the funeral business in the Polish city of Lodz, where the expression "over my dead body" takes on special...
Need for Meat
Marijn Frank
Marijn is a young mother trying to kick her meat habit with the help of a slaughterer and a psychologist.
The Need to Dance
Peter Lataster, Petra Lataster-Czisch
Dancer and choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui shares the story of his life while we follow rehearsals and performances throughout Europe.
Neighbourhood Committee
Tongdao Zhang
In China, neighbourhood committees play an important role in everyday life. The committees arrange things for the local residents, they are intermediaries for government...
Neighbours, Episode 19: Amsterdam Bijlmermeer
Frans Bromet
Neighbourhood feuds in the Amsterdam-Bijlmer district; this one is between a dog breeder and his neighbours.
Neighbours, Episode 2: Nieuwe-Niedorp
Frans Bromet
A man from Nieuwe-Niedorp provokes his neighbours by throwing trash into their garden, scratching their car and threatening the children. In explanation, he says that he...
Neighbours, Episode 51: Aartswoud
Frans Bromet
A resident takes care of his severely handicapped wife. Their alcoholic neighbours don't make life any easier.
Nema problema
Susana Foxley, Christian Leighton
No problem, that is the motto with which twenty-six refugees from Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia start their new life in Chile. They are welcomed by cheering...
Nero's Guests
Deepa Bhatia
Nearly 200000 farmers have committed suicide in India over the last 10 years. Nero's Guests looks at India's agrarian crisis and the growing inequality through the eyes of...
Olfa Ben Ali
A warm and subtle portrait of the individual lives behind the austere, uniform façades of a French banlieue.
Nico Crama
Japanese button-like fixtures for a man’s sash, from which small personal belongings like wallets and tobacco pouches were hung are brought to life.
Nettaza urbana
Michelangelo Antonioni
A short documentary by Antonioni before becoming world-famous. In this poetic impression he sketches the activities of road sweepers in an Italian town, and thus...
Network Effect
Jonathan Harris, Greg Hochmuth
An interactive collage of an endless stream of video clips, messages and other visual noise, reflecting the frenetic restlessness that characterizes the...
Network Society
Zoro is in his final year of secondary school, but he is not doing very well. This is largely caused by the fact that he spends more time behind his computer than doing homework. Just like his...
Never Like the First Time!
Jonas Odell
In animated interviews, four people talk about their first sexual encounter. Awkward, heart warming and recognizable, all their stories have one thing in common: it will never...
A Never to be Forgotten Father
Charlotte Hoogakker
When 13-year-old Nick closes his eyes, he can usually call his father to mind, but it gets harder. Nine years ago, Nick's dad committed suicide.
Never, Again, Forever
Danae Elon
The Jewish Defence League (JDL) was a militant Jewish organisation that prowled around the streets of Brooklyn, New York, in the turbulent sixties. The members, calling...
The New Americans Part 1 & 2
various directors
Long-term project follows new immigrants from their different native countries to the United States, where the American Dream often turns out to be disappointing.
The New Americans Part 3 & 4
various directors
Long-term project follows new immigrants from their different native countries to the United States, where the American Dream often turns out to be disappointing.
The New Americans Part 5, 6 & 7
various directors
Long-term project follows new immigrants from their different native countries to the United States, where the American Dream often turns out to be disappointing.
The New Americans
various directors
This long-term project follows new immigrants from their various native countries to the United States, where the American Dream often turns out to be disappointing.
New Babylon de Constant
Victor Nieuwenhuijs, Maartje Seyferth
Short portraits of asylum seekers who have exhausted appeals to remain in the Netherlands and will have to leave the country within three years.
The New Dress
Jan Dietvorst, Roy Villevoye
An elderly missionary looks back on her time with the Asmat people in New Guinea, seeming only now to realize the impact of these experiences.
New Eldorado
Tibor Kocsis
Picturesque village in Romania has to make room for Canadian gold-diggers.
New Love Meetings
Marcello Mencarini, Barbara Seghezzi
A remake/sequel/update of Pasolini's Comizi d'amore, in which Italians talk openly about their sexual experiences and views, but this time they're...
New Muslim Cool
Jennifer Maytorena Taylor
Puerto Rican American hip-hop star Hamza Pérez quit dealing drugs and became Muslim twelve years ago. Now he's a single dad trying to start a religious community...
The New Rijksmuseum - The Film
Oeke Hoogendijk
An exciting report from behind the closed doors of the major renovation of the famous Dutch museum, which took a total of 10 years.
The New Saint
Allard Detiger
A portrait of the Russian soldier Yevgeni Raionov, who was beheaded by Chechen rebels at 19 years old and has become an icon since his death.
new scenes from america
Jørgen Leth
Portrait of America, shot in minimalist style, shortly before the WTC attacks.
New Times at Crossroad Street
Ivars Seleckis
Slightly ironical portrait of the inhabitants of a suburban street in Riga.
The New World
Terrence Malick
Inspired by the Pocahontas legend, this is the story of the love between a British captain and a beautiful Native American girl. In this fiction film, occasional director...
New Year Baby
Socheata Poeuv
Director Poeuv returns to Cambodia with her parents and brother and unravels the atrocious past of her relatives during Pol Pot's regime.
New York - Images of the Edge
Joost Bosland
In new york, images from the edge the 'homelessness' theme is shown from a rather unusual perspective. The people portrayed in the film may be penniless but they are not...
New York Cuts
Luke Lorentzen
Six hair salons in New York City reflect a multicultural society, each with its own unique character and clientele.
New York in Motion
Graham Elliott
A dazzling portrait of the motion graphics industry in New York, which with its overwhelming visual impressions is a constant source of inspiration.
New York Minute
Mathieu Rochet, Nicolas Venancio
New York Minute paints an original and interactive portrait of the legendary hometown of hip-hop.
New York Times
Sian Roderick
NEW YORK TIMES is an account of a 24-hour visit to New York. Between arrival and departure by ferry, the camera swings energetically through town, and at times pauses for...
New Zealand History in the Making
Lee Hill
NEW ZEALAND HISTORY IN THE MAKING (1938) is a Labour Party propaganda film featuring Prime Minister Michael Savage urging voters to vote Labour in the 1938 General Election.
Ivan Osnovikoff, Bettina Perut
By means of a radical and expressive recording of "journalistic" and "anti-journalistic" facts, the film proposes a cinematic glance to the same reality...
News from Home
Chantal Akerman
Letters from a mother, intermixed with images of New York
News from Number 10
Allison Cahn
The daily work of Tony Blair’s press secretary, Alistair Campbell, at 10 Downing Street.
News Globus
various directors
Travel the globe and let the world news help you discover surprising connections between places that are close together or far apart.
Newsreel: Belga actualités nr 78
No director credited
Pro-German newsreel combines items of Belgian national and local interest with Deutsche Wochenschau war reports from the Eastern Front.
Newsreel: British Paramount News
No director credited
British journal from 1940 shows the situation in England and Greece at the start of the war.
Newsreel: Daitoa News no 1
No director credited
Japanese newsreel about the attack on Pearl Harbor and the progress of the war in Asia.
The Newsroom - Off the Record
Mikala Krogh
All hands on deck as the editorial staff at Danish tabloid Ekstra Bladet tries to keep their heads above water, and ends up facing some major dilemmas along the way.
The Next Day
Jason Gilmore
An austere animated web documentary in which four people who attempted but failed to commit suicide explain what drove them to their desperate act.
The Next Life
Fan Jian
A Chinese couple whose only child died in the 2008 earthquake turn to medicine to get pregnant again.
Next Stop: Utopia
Apostolos Karakasis
Greek factory workers recapture their deserted workplace. The movement becomes the face of solidarity, but for how long?
Nice People
Karin af Klintberg, Anders Helgeson
Sports as a means of promoting integration. In Borlänge, Sweden, 17 Somali immigrants try to find their feet on the ice.
Nick and Chai
Charena Escala, Rowena Sanchez
After losing four children in the 2013 typhoon on the Philippines, Nick and Chai’s love for one another keeps them going.
Susanne Ofteringer
Nico was born in 1938 as Christa Päffgen. She was tall, blonde and slim, with a deep voice and big, strange eyes. 'The siren of the sixties' The Times called her at her...
Slawomir Grunberg
Colourful portrait of a small-scale, old-fashioned circus creates a sketch of simple acts, but also shows how the extent to which the life of the circus is removed from...
Niet bij brood alleen
Leen van den Berg
Church in Amsterdam is not only a place of worship, but also a relief centre for the homeless.
Nieuwe architectuur
Joris Ivens
Nieuwe gronden
Joris Ivens
In order to raise questions about its usefulness, Ivens intercut his own previous film Zuiderzee (1930) about the construction of the Afsluitdijk dike and the reclamation of...
De nieuwe ijstijd
Johan van der Keuken
To Honigmanns Peruvian 'taxi driver' I couple THE NEW ICE-AGE, the third part of the Triptych North-South: three films about the relationship between the...
Nieuwe oren voor Rachèl
Noud Holtman
In this documentary we follow Rachèl during the process of straightening her protruding ears.
Een nieuwe tijd breekt baan
Jan Teunissen
In Een Nieuwe Tijd Breekt Baan!, the NSB on the one hand tries to win over the Dutch people to the national-socialist convictions, and on the other presents a historical...
De nieuwerwetse wereld
Carin Goeijers
The traditional farm life of a brother and two sisters is threatened by the construction of a high-speed railway.
Lawrence Johnston
Lyrical reflection in image, word and music of the phenomenon night and modern man's relationship with it.
A Night in 67
Ricardo Calil, Renato Terra
A look back at a massively popular TV show in Brazil that could make or break artists such as Chico Barque and Caetono Veloso.
The Night It Rained
Kamran Shirdel
A camera crew searches for a schoolboy in rural Iran who heroically prevented a railroad accident.
Night Mail
Harry Watt, Basil Wright
Classic documentary about the night train taking the mail from London to Edinburgh. The filmmakers have minutely filmed all activities and operations that must be...
A Night of Ferocious Joy
David Zeiger
Straightforward registration of the first anti-war concert in the new millennium, alternated with interviews with participating artists.
The Night Watchman
Natalia Almada
In this quiet, non-violent film about violence, a night watchman takes care of an opulent Mexican cemetery where drug lords end their days in luxurious mausoleums.
Night Will Fall
Andre Singer
A powerful reconstruction of the creation of a documentary about the German concentration camps. Edited by Hitchcock, the film was never shown.
The Nightmare
Rodney Ascher
This horror documentary presents the experiences of people who suffer from sleep paralysis in a gruesomely realistic way.
Nihon nankyoku tanken
Probably one of the earliest documentary film produced in Japan in a true sense. The Japanese private expedition team of 1912 led by Lieutenant Shirase headed for the South Pole, but was defeated by...
Nikita - The Elements of War
Sergey Skvortsov
Nikita - the elements of war tells us the story of Nikita Chroetsjev: the farmer who became the leader of a superpower during the Cold War and who brought the world on...
Ingrid Gavshon
The 15-year-old girl Nikiwe takes care of her brothers. Both parents have died. What does their future hold?
Annelies Kruk
Portrait of Nima, a teenager from Somalia who lives in a centre for refugees and is waiting for a Dutch residence permit for herself and her mother.
Nina Älskling
Christina Olofson
The Swedish press is deeply impressed by DARLING NINA, one newspaper even compares its emotional intensity with that of SCHINDLER'S LIST. It is difficult to watch the...
Nine, dalmuir west
Kevin Brownlow
Like the train, the tram, with its play of movement and lines and its association with engineering and the big city, has enormously fascinated generations of documentary...
Niki Padidar
Ninnoc doesn’t like cliques, but she doesn’t want to be excluded, either.
The Ninth Floor
Jessica Dimmock, Brian Storm
This photo documentary with audio commentary spends three years in the lives of heroin addicts residing in a Manhattan apartment building.
Duco Tellegen
The Indian girl Nisha is a serious child. When her friends are playing, she often sits quietly in a corner. She does like to dance; when she is bigger, she wants to become a...
Matsumoto Toshio
The district in Kyoto where the flea market is situated is somewhat deteriorating. It is the centre of the old weaving industry, specialized in producing Japan's national...
No Burqas Behind Bars
Nima Sarvestani
A portrait of Afghan women who got long prison sentences for the "wrong" life choices. How do they survive in the postage-stamp-sized prison yard?
No Crossover: The Trial of Allen Iverson
Steve James
A personally motivated investigation into what really happened in the controversial Iverson case, which divided the city of Hampton, Virginia along racial lines back in...
No Direction Home
Martin Scorsese
Scorsese's personal epic about folk legend Bob Dylan interweaves unique archival footage, interviews and comments by Dylan himself to interpret the "protest singer" myth...
No Gray Twilight
Kathryn Bucher, Richard Bucher
An impression of the preparations for a rodeo and the men who venture to enter the arena.
No Home Movie
Chantal Akerman
Chantal Akerman’s last film captures the final days in the life of her mother, an Auschwitz survivor, an invisible woman and Akerman’s greatest inspiration.
No Land No Food No Life
Amy Miller
This socio-critical documentary shows how farmers in Mali, Uganda and Cambodia were forced from their land by international agribusinesses.
No Look Pass
Melissa Johnson
A compelling coming-of-age story about "Etay," a Harvard student who has to tell her parents that she wants to play professional basketball - and that she's also a...
No Lullaby
Helen Simon
A reconstruction of a horrific family history spanning three generations, No Lullaby is a psychological thriller culminating in a merciless finale.
No Man's Land
Michael Graversen
For three intense days, we observe the frustrations of life in the no man's land of Center Jægerspris, a reception center for young refugees.
No Man's Zone
Toshi Fujiwara
A trip through the deserted zone around the Fukushima nuclear plant, and through the surrounding area that people didn't leave despite high radiation levels.
No More Boomerang
Tom d'Angremond
This year, Australia celebrates its bicentennial, but the festivities disregard the existence of a culture of over 40.000 years old on that continent, that of the...
No Permanent Address
Mark Boulos
The communist dream lives on in the New People's Army, although the revolutionary guerilla group is considered a terrorist organization by Western countries.
No Place Like Home
Sarah Payton
By means of associative images and texts, filmmaker looks for the meaning of the notion ‘home’.
No Place on Earth
Janet Tobias
A Jewish family tells of their lives in two Ukrainian caves, where they spent 511 days in hiding during the Second World War.
No Show
Melvin Moti
Reconstruction of a World War II-era excursion through the Hermitage and along its empty frames.
No. 17
David Ofek
Filmmaker David Ofek tries to give a face to an unidentified victim of a suicide attack.
Noam Chomsky: Rebel Without A Pause
Will Pascoe
The 73-year-old popular leftwing activist Noam Chomsky visits Canada and composedly makes mincemeat of the policies of the United States.
Nobody Someday
Natalie Hill
Intimate portrait of Robbie Williams on a European tour, which the pop star, having kicked his drug and booze habit, does not feel like undertaking at all.
Nobody's Business
Alan Berliner
In his own thorough and analytical style and against all odds, Alan Berliner paints a portrait of his father Oscar.
Noch zijn ezel
Jos de Putter
Three forms of desire and a trained donkey visualise the tenth commandment.
Noem het slaap
Peter Lataster, Petra Lataster-Czisch
American Henry Roth was 28 when he made a very successful debut as a writer with the novel 'Call It Sleep'. It would take almost fifty years before...
Nömadak Tx
Raúl de la Fuente
Wonderful visuals, great music and experiences in intriguing places around the globe all contribute to an exciting journey.
Artykpay Suyundukov
Nomadic yak herders cross an inhospitable landscape. The journey is tough, but the biggest threat is another group of herders.
Non omnis. . .
Leszek Wosiewicz
Enigmatic and tactile film about a dramatic marriage, showing an old woman who relates how her husband's life came to an end.
De Noord 20-29
Frans Bromet
Tensions between the original population of a dike in the village of Ilpendam and the "newcomers" who have fled the city.
Gerard d'Olivat
In this film, seven young people are followed who were born in the sixties. Another characteristic they have in common is the village of Grootschermer in North Holland,...
Artchil Khetagouri, Ileana Stanculescu
A captivating portrait of sociology professor Nicolae Dumitru, who preaches a theory about true love but has difficulty putting it into practice in...
Nora Noh
Sung-hee Kim
She is 84 and she still wears false eyelashes. Nora Noh, the Coco Chanel of South Korean fashion, looks back on a remarkable career.
Normaal - Ik kom altied weer terug
‘The band is my life’s work, although it was never planned’, sings Bennie Jolink, the singer of Normaal, a pop group from the Dutch Achterhoek region. The band has been around for more than...
Normaal zijn we anders
Susanne Engels
In the face of their daily routine, five mentally handicapped people express their dreams and desires, which are just as human as they are impossible.
A Normal Life
Mikala Krogh
Cecilie is a 12-year old Dane whose serious illness is very stressful for her and her entire family.
A Normal Life. Chronicle of a Sumo Wrestler
Jill Coulon
18 year old Takuya, driven by his father and sponsors, is leaving his hometown to join a Sumo stable in Tokyo.
Norman Lear: Just Another Version of You
Heidi Ewing, Rachel Grady
A biographical portrait of Norman Lear, whose popular sitcoms such as All in the Family dealt with sensitive issues in 1970s America.
North Korea, a Day in the Life
Pieter Fleury
Daily life in North Korea through the eyes of one family.
North Sea
Harry Watt
In the Scottish seaport town of Aberdeen a number of fishermen is saying goodbye to their wives or girlfriends, and boards an old coal-fired trawler. On the high sea the ship...
The North Wind
Kusuma Widjaja Putu
This portrait of life in North Bali zooms in on a desperate gambler who intentionally lets his fighting cock lose in hopes of escaping poverty.
Northern Lights
Kristoffer Kiørboe
In the style of a feature film, this innovative road documentary follows two brothers on their trip to see the Northern Lights and reveals their inability to make...
Nose, Iranian Style
Mehrdad Oskouei
Why are nose jobs so hyped in Iran and what does it say about Iranian youth and society?
Not a Love Story - a Film About Pornography
Linda Lee Tracy, Bonnie Sherr Klein
An emotional and thought-provoking film about the world of peep-shows, pornographic shops and nightclubs. Director Bonnie Sherr Klein and Linda Lee...
Not All That 'the World' Does Is Good for a Mennonite
Lut Vandekeybos
The Mennonites’ sober, religious way of life sharply contrasts with modern life.
The Not Dead
Brian Hill
The gripping accounts of three British soldiers who served in violent conflicts and returned to an indifferent homeland with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
Not Evil Just Wrong
Phelim McAleer, Ann McElhinney
A documentary questioning prevailing conceptions about climate change and conservation movements. The film explores who wants to keep us afraid and who are...
Not in My Backyard
Matthias Bittner
A confrontational documentary about the rehabilitation of pedophiles in American society, viewed from the unique perspective of two convicted child abusers.
Not Just an Ugly Face
Raj Yagnik
At the annual World Gurning Championships in the English town of Egremont, tensions run high.
Not My Living Self
Jet Homoet, Simon Wilkie
Accompanied by an alarmed voiceover and framed by typically Dutch country and cityscapes, the directors introduce a group of despairing asylum seekers who,...
Not Without My Daughter
Brian Gilbert
American woman escapes together with her daughter from her Iranian husband. Fiction counterpart of WITHOUT MY DAUGHTER.
Not Without You
Peter Lataster, Petra Lataster-Czisch
An intimate portrait of elderly artists Ger Lataster en Hermine van Hall, filmed by their son and daughter-in-law.
Note by Note (The Making of Steinway L1037)
Ben Niles
Note by Note (The Making of Steinway L1037) details the lengthy production of a Steinway concert piano, while the people involved discuss the many aspects of the process.
Notebooks on Cities and Clothes
Wim Wenders
"Fashion? I don't relate to that!" This was Wim Wenders' first reaction when the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris asked him to make a film about the world of fashion. Wenders...
Notes from the Basement
Rainer Frimmel, Peter Haindl
Equally funny and frightening monologue by an eloquent misanthropic Viennese nurse, who unfolds his xenophobic view of the world, his Weltanschauung.
Notes on Blindness VR
various directors
What’s it like to be blind? Notes on Blindness is an enchanting, award-winning interactive VR experience, based on the audio diary of author and theologian John Hull....
Notes on the Other
Sergio Oksman
Each summer, a crowd of Ernest Hemingway doubles meet in Key West, Florida.
Nothing Is Enough
Frances Stark
Text fragments from an online chat between artist and writer Frances Stark and a young Italian man, ranging from self-reflexive discussions to cybersex.
Nothing Is Going to Happen
Roeland van Doorn
The artist Roeland van Doorn plucks unencrypted signals from security cameras and uses them to create an impression of clandestine surveillance in the Netherlands.
Nothing Lasts Forever
Digna Sinke
In the fifties, people in England found to their alarm that the remains of the beginning of the Industrial Revolution were rapidly disappearing. In Holland, this was realized...
Notícias de uma guerra particular
Kátia Lund, João Moreira Salles
In the drug war raging in the slums of Rio de Janeiro, people no longer think, but just shoot at random.
Nous les enfants des XXème siècle
Vitali Kanevski
In 1990, Russian director Vitali Kanevski caused an international furore with his feature film FREEZE, DIE AND ARISE!, about two young children who have to manage growing...
Hito Steyerl
Fiction becomes reality when lead actress in feminist martial arts film shot on super-8 decides to join the Kurdish PKK
November December
Bruno Jorge
In this portrait of a young couple in a crumbling relationship, the atmosphere is as hallucinatory as it is oppressive.
Novo novo vrijeme
Rajko Grlic, Igor Mirkovic
Two directors, the famous feature film maker Rajko Grliæ and TV journalist Igor Mirkoviæ, filmed the political battle that started at the end of the year 2000,...
Now y siempre
Anaís Domínguez
Biographical film about Cuban documentary filmmaker Santiago Alvarez, who is better known in Cuba as Now. From interviews with Alvarez and with people who know him the...
Nowa ksiazka
Zbigniew Rybczynski
A tentative depiction of a trivial episode, observed in different ways and from different points of view. The protagonist's trip to a bookshop to buy a new book is...
Nowhere Home
Margreth Olin
A look at the reality of one of Europe's major moral dilemmas: how to deal with asylum seekers who are still minors.
Nowhere to Hide
Zaradasht Ahmed
A disturbing war report by an Iraqi father and male nurse who is forced to flee when his home city is occupied by IS.
Nuclear Savage
Adam Jonas Horowitz
A former Greenpeace activist presents half a century of American destruction on the polluted, radioactive Marshall Islands.
Nuit et brouillard
Alain Resnais
Highly commended film about the holocaust, combining images from the liberation of Auschwitz with archive footage.
Null X
Jan Frederik Groot
Short film about the contemporary built-on environment, structured around the number 8.
Number Nine
Guido van der Werve
In this performance, Guido van der Werve refuses to turn as the world turns.
Nutkin's Last Stand
Nick Berger
While British red squirrels are threatened with extinction, American invaders, grey squirrels, flourish on English soil.
Nuyorican Dream
Laurie Collyer
Portrait of three generations of Puerto Ricans in New York, filmed in direct cinema style.
Nyolcadik szabad május
Miklós Jancsó
Call for Entry: IDFA Bertha Fund December 22, 2016 | The IDFA Bertha Fund is looking for new creative documentary projects from developing countries for both its classic program and the IBF Europe distribution scheme.
Ally Derks receives Pioneer Award December 12, 2016 | Last Saturday, Ally Derks received a prestigious Pioneer Award from the International Documentary Association.
Open Call: Short Web Documentaries November 26, 2016 | IDFA and Jos de Putter from Deep Focus Web Documentaries invite entries for project proposals from talented (young) filmmakers.


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