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S immár itt vagyok
Attila Moharos
Fifteen-year-old boy works at Transsylvanian farm and dreams of his own piece of land.
S21, The Khmer Rouge Killing Machine
Rithy Panh
Accounts by former detainees of a prison camp and their captors under the Cambodian Khmer Rouge.
Sa Nule
Marjoleine Boonstra
This gripping short film by Marjoleine Boonstra was shot in Kuplensko, a refugee camp on the Bosnian-Croatian border. By means of penetrating close-ups and over...
Sa tugom i bolom u scru
Nikola Lorencin
By means of showing and reading obituaries, Condolences sketches the intense grief felt by families after having lost their loved ones, in this case soldiers who got...
Jaan Tätte
One year in the life of the inhabitants of a remote Estonian island.
Gregorio Graziosi, Thereza Menezes
A beautifully filmed but gloomy portrait of the day in the life of two Brazilian hundred-year-olds: their home, their bodies, and how they are...
Sabbath in Paradise
Claudia Heuermann
The German documentary filmmaker Claudia Heuermann has investigated the Jewish music culture in New York City. In order to answer the question what Jewish music really...
Le sabotier du val de loire
Jacques Demy
Jacques Demy's first film describes clog-making as it was still carried out in 1956 by an old craftsman. A voice-over tells us of his thoughts on old age, his wife and the...
Thomas Lennon
Shot by more than 40 filmmaking teams around the world, this is a global exploration of the role of prayer and ritual as they relate to the life cycle.
Sacred Places
Jean-Marie Teno
An original and compelling portrait of a neighborhood of Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso), in which creativity and humor overshadow the preconceived ideas of poverty associated...
Sacred Repository N.1: Violently Speaking
Rory Pilgrim
Like an archaeologist of the soul, Rory Pilgrim moves between continents, communities and generations in his search for the common human denominator.
Sacred Sex
Cynthia Connop
A glance at another world of sexuality and its religious aspects.
Sacred Water
Olivier Jourdain
A playful ode to the female orgasm in Rwanda from the perspective of a radio deejay with a mission.
Sad Song of Yellow Skin
Michael Rubbo
A tale of another Saigon: Sad Song of Yellow Skin is not about war, bombs and blood, but about the people who have re-built their lives in the wake of its memory. Three...
Saddam Speaks
Jon Alpert
Jon Alpert sets out for Iraq with his shoulder-camera with the purpose of meeting Saddam Hussein. He comes into contact with Iraqis who tell him how they are trying to rebuild...
Tony Ayres
Personal search for identity, based on a stage play of the same name by the Australian-Chinese photographer William Yang.
Sagan om livet
Bo G. Erikson, Carl O. Löfman
Finnish photographer Lennart Nilsson acquired a reputation through his series for Time Life en National Geographic. In 1978 he made the film JOURNEY THROUGH...
Jan Troell
When the fifty-year-old Swedish filmmaker Jan Troell was making preparations for the shooting of SAGOLANDET, he became a father for the first time. This event gave the film - a...
Saikai - Taiwan kaikyo no hanseiki
Wang Wei
When after the Chinese Civil War in 1947 the soldiers of the Kuomintang (Chinese nationalists) fled to Taiwan with their leader Chiang Kaishek, they lost all contact with their...
Sandra Madi
Walid has been caring for paralyzed Ibrahim in a Palestinian hospital for many years. An intimate film about politics and war, but also about dependence and friendship.
Sal Santen rebel
Rudolf van den Berg
Sal Santen Rebel is an in-depth portrait of the writer and revolutionary Sal Santen (aged 67). The portrait emphasizes Santen's relationship with Michel Raptis, the...
Salaam Cinema
Mohsen Makhmalbaf
Mohsen Makhmalbaf’s comical look at a hidden part of Iranian culture, in the form of a series of real casting calls with wannabe actors.
Salaam Dunk
David Fine
Basketball offers a group of female Iraqi students the opportunity for a new life after the horrors of war.
Ruslan Fedotow, Alexandra Kulak
Scenes of family life in stylized black-and-white, accompanied by the voice of a man looking back on his youth in a deeply religious Mexican community.
Salata Baladi
Nadia Kamel
Filmmaker Nadia Kamel's family is a happy mix of religions and cultures which rises above political conflicts and prejudices.
Mike Plunkett
The discovery of lithium at the Salar de Uyuni salt flats in Bolivia confronts traditional salt collector Moises with some difficult decisions.
Albert Maysles, David Maysles
With this film, without doubt their most-discussed project, the Maysles brothers (along with Charlotte Zwerin) broke new ground. For the first time, they...
Salim Baba
Tim Sternberg
Portrait of Salim Muhammad, an Indian father of four sons who is about to hand on his mobile cinema to the next generation.
Shane Salerno
An unprecedented look inside the private world of J. D. Salinger, the reclusive author of The Catcher in the Rye.
Michael Angus, Murray Fredericks
Salt is a short documentary on photographer Murray Fredericks' extreme journeys to capture the heart of the world's most featureless landscape on Lake...
The Salt of the Earth
Juliano Ribeiro Salgado, Wim Wenders
A portrait of the Brazilian photographer Sebastião Salgado, whose intensely powerful pictures have moved and shocked the world – and shaken it...
Saluzzi - Ensayo para bandoneon y tres hermanos
Daniel Rosenfeld
The Argentinean bandoneon player Saluzzi makes a new composition, during a European tour.
Salvaged Lives
Barbara Leibovitz
SALVAGED LIVES follows a training project set up by the Chino State Prison in California. Forty-five inmates start a tough deep-sea diving course. In the end, thirteen...
The Samantha Smith Project
Irene Lusztig
Fascinating film essay about the relationship between Americans and Russians in the Cold War era, told by means of a combination of recent documentary footage, found footage...
Samuel, veroordeeld tot de beugel!
Noud Holtman
When his orthodontist wants to palm off a fourth brace on Samuel, he is fed up to the back teeth with being obedient.
San Clemente
Raymond Depardon, Sophie Ristelhueber
Pioneering documentary in which the filmmakers use prolonged shots to explore the unknown world of insanity in the San Clemente mental clinic, which...
San Donato
Anatoly Baluyev
A film essay about two villages called San Donato: one in verdant Italy and the other in the Russian Ural Mountains, with its steel works and prison.
San jie cao
Bibo Liang
Elder woman returns to her native city Chengdu after 53 years.
Sand Fishers
Samouté Andrey Diarra
The Bozos are a traditional fishing community in Mali. Life is becoming tougher now that fish stocks are in decline, and they are forced to turn to "sand fishing."
Sanpeet (veleno)
various directors
Sanpeet Petnonnoi is a small, beautiful, unblemished, bronzed boy of seven years of age. As is not uncommon in the poor region of northeast Thailand - the ‘Golden...
Sans soleil
Chris Marker
On the face of it, SANS SOLEIL seems to be a travel report by (fictional) cameraman Sandor Krasna. By means of letters, read by Florence Delay, he presents his viewpoints on...
João Moreira Salles
A documentary by João Moreira Salles about and containing footage from the only film he never finished, about the flamboyant and erudite family butler Santiago.
Andrew Becker, Daniel Mehrer
A true crime film investigating the mysterious disappearance of Dutchman Martin Verfondern in the Galician hamlet of Santoalla.
Rupinder Jagdev
A short film about young Santos, who has to manage all alone in the slums of Kenya.
Santra and the Talking Trees
Miia Tervo
Set in the Finnish region where she grew up, a young, modern world traveler offers us this portrait of an old storyteller who keeps a treasure trove of traditional stories.
Sao Paulo, sp
Olivier Koning
After Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo is Brazil's second metropolis. It has more than sixteen million inhabitants. There is a great number of homeless people, like in every South...
Alexandra Strelyanaya
On the evening before a Russian couple's wedding day, old women bring back vivid, but also sad memories.
Sarah Palin - You Betcha!
Nick Broomfield, Joan Churchill
Nick Broomfield, uncrowned king of tough subject matter, bites his teeth into the image of Sarah Palin, the popular hockey mom from Alaska who almost...
Sarah's Night
Anne Kleisen
Eleven-year-old Sarah suffers from insomnia. Will her problems be solved if she accepts the fact that she'll never be able to live with her sick mother?
Sarajevki pas
Haris Prolic
A couple in Sarajevo is forced to have their dog put down, the last living memory of their son who died in the siege of Sarajevo in 1993.
A Sarajevo Diary
Dom Rotheroe
Sarajevo, New Year 1993: refugee Bill Tribe returns to his birth town to liberate his wife and son-in-law. He is a former translator of president Izetbegovic and...
Sarajevo Film Festival Film
Johan van der Keuken
During the Sarajevo Filmfestival 'Beyond the End of the World', two people are followed with a camera: festival director Haris Pasovic and student of architecture...
Erik Gandini
"I can't make anything of all this misery. I haven't hurt anyone, I haven't brokenany window. I'm innocent... and I don't want to live here anymore." Says Faris, a manin his...
Sari's Mother
James Longley
A mother leaves the peaceful Iraqi countryside to find medical care for her 10-year-old son in the labyrinth of the country's health care system.
Sata Sukupolvea
Markku Tuurna
Finnish breeders have no conscientious objections to breeding foxes for the fur trade.
Satellite Queens - Behind the Scenes of a Prime Time Arab Talk Show
Bregtje van der Haak
Satellite Queens - Behind the Scenes of a Prime Time Arab Talk Show addresses the impact of satellite television on public opinion in the Middle East by focusing on...
The Satellite Sky
Robert Stone
Compilation film about the first years of the space race between the Soviet Union and the United States.
Bagdat Mustafin, Oraz Rymzhanov
During the long years of Soviet power, the inhabitants of the village of Sati which is situated in the Alma-Ata District got used to the economic...
Satsuma moso-biwa
Suwa Atsushi
South Japan. Each year in July, the order of the Blind Monks congregates in the Nakajima Jorakuin-Temple. This, the order's main temple, was founded in Satsuma in 1196. By...
Satul sosetelor
Klaudia Begic, Ileana Stanculescu
A poor village in the Romanian countryside generates some extra income by selling knitted socks to Western Europe under a German immigrant's...
Satya: A prayer for the Enemy
Ellen Bruno
Since the Chinese occupation of Tibet in 1950, more than a million people have been tortured, executed or starved into submission because they were demonstrating against the...
Saudade do futuro
Cesar Paes
Emigrants from the northwest of Brazil find their own place in the metropolis São Paulo.
Saving Dolma
Kuwait is an inhospitable place for Nepalese women searching for work. Dolma has been sentenced to death. Can she still be saved?
Saving Face
Jalal Toufic
The dominance of election posters in Lebanon is undermined by scrapers.
Saving Jazz
Leslie Woodhead
An old jazz photographer returns to New Orleans, the birthplace of jazz, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.
Saving Mes Aynak
Brent Huffman
Valuable archeological excavations in Afghanistan are threatened by a Chinese company planning to mine copper on the historic site.
Saviors of the Forest
Bill Day
The protection of the tropical rain forest is one of the contemporary pillars of politically correct behaviour. In SAVIORS OF THE FOREST, filmmakers Bill Day and Terry Schwartz...
Say Something
Åsa Ekman
An intimate account of the fragile relationship between a mother and her daughter, both of whom have been emotionally damaged by domestic violence.
A 3-D reconstruction of the notorious Saydnaya prison in Syria, on the basis of testimony from former prisoners who were held there in fear and darkness.
Sayed Kashua - Forever Scared
Dorit Zimbalist
An intimate yet political portrait of Sayed Kashua, a successful Arab-Israeli author and scriptwriter, always viewed as an Other, by Jews and Arabs alike, and perpetually...
Sayonara CP
Kazuo Hara
Candid and confrontational portrait of a group of mentally handicapped people.
Scena del crimine
Walter Stokman
The underworld has a stranglehold on the Italian city of Naples. Seven "scenes" reveal the impact of violence on the city.
Kim Hopkins
Scenic is a neglected town on the edge of an Indian reservation in North America. Director Kim Hopkins made a humoristic documentary about this last border town, where only...
Elsbeth Dijkstra
Radio documentary about the journey to find the owner of a wedding ring discovered in some couliflower.
Schaut auf diese Stadt
Karl Gass
The turbulent developments that eventually led up to the construction of the Berlin Wall in 1961 make up the subject of this documentary. But director Karl Gass makes a stand...
Chai Locher
Quest for fossilised shark’s teeth as a metaphor of the human pursuit of happiness.
Rainer Langhans, Christa Ritter
In the late sixties, Jutta and Gisela Schmidt, twins from Kassel, Germany, began to conquer the world their way. "Art is dead", was the slogan of those...
Marc van Fucht
Is the city of Amsterdam imaginable without its population of 7,000 grey herons, or should we be counting these birds as inhabitants of the Dutch capital?
School Full of Fish
Margot Schaap
Thirteen-year-old Hugo’s fascination for deep-sea fish and talent for diving help him find his footing in his new surroundings: high school.
Schooling Jewel
Nick Doob, Molly O'Brien
A 17-year-old girl faces adult problems in her final school year.
Schwarze Tage
Benno Maggi
Disasters and catastrophes are generally made much of on the front pages of all newspapers. But sharply contrasting with those people who, under the guise of being horrified,...
Scientists under Attack - Science in the Magnetic Field of Money
Betram Verhaag
This is a documentary thriller about how Agro-Chemical multinational corporations victimise international scientists to prevent them from publishing their scary findings.
Screaming Masterpiece
Ari Alexander Ergis Magnússon
This sampling of the thriving Icelandic pop scene showcases many determined bands, including Sigur Rós, Múm, Slowblow and of course Björk.
Screaming Men
Mika Ronkainen
Portrait of a Finnish men’s chorus that performs scream compositions.
A Screening at the Tatry Cinema
Igor Chojna
A loving portrait of the only employee of a languishing little movie theater in Lódz, Poland, who invariably responds to the sporadic customer with annoyance.
Se min verden
Jens Bangskjær
One day in the life of seven-year-old Asta, who lives in Copenhagen.
Sea Point Days
François Verster
A document of daily life on Cape Town's Sea Point Promenade, in which the director paints a portrait of contemporary South Africa.
The Sea that Thinks
Gert de Graaff
A film creates a world of illusions, ultimately revealing that it is about the viewer himself.
Seaborne Opera
Sander Snoep
In 1989, the legendary 'Holland-Amerika Lijn' was sold to Carnival Cruise Lines. With this deal, this American company obtained the knowledge of luxury sea-cruises...
The Seal
Miia Tervo
A contemplative essay about a Finnish girl, a traumatic experience and the drastic choice she made.
Sealed Fate
JD Leete
An exhaustive reconstruction of the miscarriage of justice involving two Navy SEAL trainees who were sentenced to life for the murder of a beautiful student.
Sealers - One Last Hunt
Gry Elisabeth Mortensen, Trude Berge Ottersen
A seasoned Norwegian skipper defies the decline in Norwegian seal hunting and sets off as usual on a treacherous journey through the ice...
Search and Destroy: Iggy Pop & The Stooges’ Raw Power
Morgan Neville
A look back at the classic rock album Raw Power: the third LP by proto-punk band Iggy Pop & The Stooges.
Searching for Jimi
Chris Hegedus, D.A. Pennebaker
Musicians like Los Lobos, Laurie Anderson and Taylor Dane play Jimi Hendrix songs.
Searching for Sugar Man
Malik Bendjelloul
A musical detective story about the mysterious American singer-songwriter Rodriguez, who never made it big – except in South Africa, where his music was the soundtrack...
Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus
Andrew Douglas
Quest for the soul of the southern United States, where the Lord Jesus and music are never far away.
Seasons of the Year
Artavazd Pelechian
Following a year in the life of an isolated community in the remote Armenian mountains, this film is a bittersweet symphony of our existence.
Seat 26D
Karolina Brobäck
A reconstruction in image and voice-over of the day in 1991 that a 13-year-old named Sandro survived a plane crash.
Seawards the Great Ships
Hilary Harris
A Scottish film about the art of shipbuilding. It was made for the Clyde Shipbuilders' Association, based on an idea by John Grierson. SEAWARD THE GREAT SHIPS has been...
Seconds of Lead
Seyed Reza Razavi
The Iranian author Narges Abyar goes searching for the projectionist who was witness to the mass murder committed by the Shah's army in Tehran on September 8, 1978.
The Secret in the Satchel
Tay-jou Lin
Three personal accounts of young Taiwanese students, filmed by their professor, the director Lin, tell of violence, confusion and sexual awakening in contemporary Taiwan.
The Secret Life of Uri Geller - Psychic Spy?
Vikram Jayanti
This unbelievable journey into the life of Uri Geller asks if the spoon-bending entertainer is really a psychic spy.
The Secret of HEMA
Yan Ting Yuen
How the quintessentially Dutch chain store HEMA expands internationally to compete on the fiercely competitive retail market.
Secret Tapes
Piotr Morawski
Filmmakers from the Polish secret service comment on the footage they shot between 1966 and 1985.
Secret Women's Business
Melissa Kyu-Jung Lee
Meditative rituals in a Korean bathhouse in Sydney are elucidated by the voices of young Australian women, who describe how this oasis of tranquillity creates room...
Secrets of the Tribe
José Padilha
A revealing reconstruction of the discovery of the Yanomami tribe, deep in the Amazon region; an academic fairytale deteriorates into vulgar mudslinging.
Section 60: Arlington National Cemetery
Jon Alpert, Matthew O'Neill
Short encounters with mourners at Arlington National Cemetery, where soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan are buried, reveal the oppressive emptiness in the...
See You at the Eiffel Tower
Valentin Valchev
A Bulgarian director meets Marion Michelle, Joris Ivens's screenwriter, camerawoman and girlfriend, who brings back memories of De eerste jaren (The First Years), the...
See You in Vegas
Antoinette Beumer, Maaik Krijgsman
A film about the winding road that led illusionist Hans Klok from the Dutch polder to the glamorous world of Las Vegas.
Seed: The Untold Story
Jon Betz, Taggart Siegel
A celebration of the vitality, diversity and beauty of seeds, and a warning against the powerful forces that threaten this rich heritage.
Seeing is Believing: Handicams, Human Rights and the News
Katerina Cizek, Peter Wintonick
About the video camera as a weapon in the struggle against injustice and ignorance.
Seeing Red - Stories of American Communists
Jim Klein, Julia Reichert
Seeing red is about ordinary people who dedicated themselves to the communist ideal as members of the party in the thirties. The film contains interviews with...
La Seine a rencontre Paris
Joris Ivens
Joris Ivens records what the River Seine means to Parisians. Based on an idea by film critic Georges Sadoul and a photo reportage by Henri Cartier-Bresson.
Florencia Aliberti
This collage of home videos shows how YouTube has taken on the role of our public diary, and how intimacy works on the Internet.
Esra Piké
The downward spiral of Andreas Piké, who had a company in Istanbul for 20 years but is now bankrupt, is lovingly captured by his daughter.
Selfies aan zee
Paulien Oltheten
This anthropological miniature provides ironic commentary on the phenomenon of the selfie: what’s meant to affirm existence ends in disappearance.
The Self-Made Man
Susan Stern
Filmmaker Susan Stern documents her father Bob, who decides to end his life at the age of 77 on the basis of a cost-benefit analysis.
Self-Portrait in Handcuffs
Viktar Dashuk
An inspiring portrait of Belorussian artist Ales Pushkin, who uses his performance art to wage a mini-resistance against the regime of President Alexander Lukashenko.
The Selling of Innocents
Along Falkland Road in Bombay the largest red-light district of India is located. Every night thousands of men jostle each other in the narrow streets of Kamatipura, a quarter of only six blocks of...
Selling the Silence
Markku Tuurna
In eight chapters, director Markku Tuurna shows how not only nature, but also the economic climate can be grim in Finnish Lapland.
Semper Fi: Always Faithful
Tony Hardmon, Rachel Libert
After Sergeant Jerry Esminger's daughter dies of leukemia, he stumbles upon one of the biggest water pollution incidents and cover-ups in American history.
Raphaël Dubach
An intimate report on the intensive rehabilitation process of a man who sustained brain damage.
Senior Year
Zhou Hao
A detailed account of the pressures that high school seniors and their teachers must cope with in the ruthless and conservative Chinese school system.
A Sense of Life
Annette Otto
Poetic documentary about human desires. In a world of estrangement people have lost the contact to their basic roots. Therefore the individual is searching for sensation in...
A Sense of Smell
Edwina Throsby
After many years, the Paris-born director returns to her native city to demonstrate what a powerful influence the sense of smell can have on our memory.
Sentenced to Marriage
Anat Zuria
In 21st-century Israel, married women are trapped in religious courts, as they cannot get a divorce without their husband's consent.
Sascha Ettinger-Epstein
An unpretentious but poignant glimpse into the world of inmates serving long sentences. Under a dedicated artist's supervision, they discover their individual...
Separation and Reunion
Zhou Yu
The marriage registration office of the Dalian Xigang District in China. As a hidden witness, the camera records the intimate stories of different couples in the midst of divorces...
Sepideh - Reaching for the Stars
Berit Madsen
A portrait of a courageous young Iranian woman who refuses to conform to expectations and dreams of a future as an astronaut.
Carles Bosch
A film about love, hope and desire behind the bars of a Spanish prison.
Serbian Epics
Pawel Pawlikowski
‘Women don’t wage wars’, Radovan Karadzic’s mother says when her son comes to visit her and tells her about the military situation in Bosnia. A little later, SERBIAN...
Sergei Eizenstein. Post scriptum
Ansis Epners
SERGEI EISENSTEIN. POST SCRIPTUM. This film is chosen for two reasons: Eisenstein was born in Riga and next year is his 100th birthday. This film from 1979 is not an...
Greg Barker
A portrait of Sergio Vieira de Mello, the charming UN Secretary-General's Special Representative in Iraq who died in an attack on the UN Headquarters in Bagdad in 2003.
Sarah Koenig, Julie Snyder
This audiovisual whodunit keeps its podcast listeners in a perpetual state of tension – who killed the American schoolgirl Hae Min Lee?
Settela, gezicht van het verleden
Cherry Duyns
Investigation to determine the identity of the girl in the famous film extract of a train leaving Westerbork Camp in World War II.
The Settlers
Shimon Dotan
The colonists on the West Bank of the Jordan River see themselves as leaders of Israel, but filmmaker Shimon Dotan wonders: where are they leading it?
Seven Digital Deadly Sins
various directors
A moral update on the Internet era on the basis of the seven deadly sins, presented as an interactive website with videos, posts and polls.
Seven Songs for Malcolm X
John Akomfrah
El Haji Malik Shabazz, a.k.a. Malcolm X, is now generally considered to be the father of the Black Revolution. He was the forerunner of the Black Power movement. Black...
Seven Steps Along the Same Road
Segej Seregin
In this film, mercy, pity, goodness, and human relationships are central themes. It starts quite peacefully with a story about a puppet theatre. The leaders, Valery and...
The Seventh Million - The Israelis and the Holocaust
Benny Brunner
A few years ago journalist Tom Segev published the arresting book 'The Seventh Million'. In his book he accuses the Jewish leaders of Palestine at the time of the holocaust...
Severing the Soul
Barbara Klutinis
Using smoothly edited historical footage, this film exposes the outrageous lobotomy of Rosemary Kennedy, John F. Kennedy's maladjusted sister.
Sevodnja mi postroim dom
Sergei Loznitsa, Marat Magambetov
SEVODNJA MI POSTROIM DOM takes place at a construction site of a house. The film starts with dreary images of the muddy terrain, with the rain steadily...
Sex 1
Cécile Mille
Men on the streets of Paris stoically stare into the camera while three women discuss sex offscreen.
Sex My British Job
Nick Broomfield
An intimate and shocking glimpse into the disenfranchised lives of undocumented Asian immigrants in London's brothels, seen through the eyes of an undercover reporter...
The Sex Police
Roy Dames
A unique glimpse into the daily grind of a Dutch detective named John, who fights a thankless battle against illegal prostitution and human trafficking.
Sex Slaves
Ric Esther Bienstock
In a shocking exposé of the shadowy world of international sex trafficking, a Ukrainian man tries to buy his wife back from her pimp.
Sex With Strangers
Harry Gantz, Joe Gantz
Promiscuous couples looking for sex get entangled in jealousy and rivalry.
Sex, Lies and Jerzy Kosinski
Agnieszka Piotrowska
The life story of Jerzy Kosinski, writer of Being there and the painted bird, to name only a few, can be told as an epic of the twentieth century. Born and raised in...
The Sexperience 1000
This social website wants to end the taboo on talking about sex, using video messages, discussion forums and infographics.
Menna Laura Meijer
Sexy is a series in which young people from all over the Netherlands tell us, openly and poignantly, about their love lives.
Sexy Baby
Jill Bauer, Ronna Gradus
Three American women provide some worrying insight into our sex-saturated society, with its sexy photos on Facebook and provocative music videos.
Boris Gerrets
A cinematic portrait of the nocturnal street life of the disabled in Sierra Leone, in which a group of friends reflects on their complex existences.
Shadow Boxers
Katya Bankowsky
Between bouts, female boxers tell about their dreams and fears.
Shadow Company
Nick Bicanic, Jason Bourque
Through interviews, a video diary from Iraq and film clips, this film paints a picture of mercenary soldiers, those who fight for money and not for an ideal.
Shadow Moves - The Homecoming of Regilio Tuur
Peter Molle
Boxer Regilio Tuur tries to make his comeback after being convicted for assault and battery.
Shadow of Afghanistan
Suzanne Bauman, Jim Burroughs
War, terrorism and betrayal in Afghanistan in the past twenty years, seen through the eyes of American and Afghan journalists and freedom fighters.
Shadow of the Holy Book
Arto Halonen
An investigative documentary about the violation of human rights in Turkmenistan, and the willingness of Western companies to turn a blind eye for financial gain.
Shadow Play - Indonesia's Years of Living Dangerously
Chris Hilton
The history of Indonesia comprises many events of which the full facts have never been made public. One example is the assassination of six generals on 30 September 1965....
Shadow World
Johan Grimonprez
A shocking analysis of the international weapons trade and an emphatic appeal for the courage to go against the prevailing moral grain.
Shadows of Doubt: State vs. 81588 Vincent Simmons
Jonathan Stack
Years after the facts, raped twin sisters meet the alleged perpetrator, who was sentenced to life imprisonment.
Shadows of Liberty
Jean-Philippe Tremblay
A portrait of the American media landscape, which is controlled by conglomerates with extreme political, social and economic power.
Roy Westler
A 17-year-old Arab-Israeli world karate champion struggles with her Israeli team mates, her origins and the conservative ideas of her relatives and fiancé.
Shaitan Kopute
An open cable car that is driven by means of a rope construction connects the banks of a wide river. This airlift is the only connection between a remote village community in Kyrgyzstan and the rest...
In the summer of 1967 some 50,000 music lovers gathered for a long weekend in northern California. Otis Redding characterised this motley crew of ‘flower children’ at the Monterey Pop Festival as...
Shake Hands with the Devil: The Journey of Romeo Dallaire
Peter Raymont
Former UN general Dallaire travels across Rwanda, the country where ten years ago he tried in vain to prevent the genocide.
Shake the Devil Off
Peter Entell
When a New Orleans parish is threatened to be closed down and the father replaced, the parishioners join forces.
Shakespeare and Victor Hugo´s Intimacies
Yulene Olaizola
This ingeniously constructed narrative gradually unravels the short life of the talented but disturbed musician, painter and writer Jorge Riosse.
Shalom Italia
Tamar Tal-Anati
Seventy years later, three Jewish-Italian brothers meet to search in a Tuscan forest for the cave where they and their parents hid during World War II.
Mohammed Ali Naqvi
The story of the Pakistani Mukhtaran Mai, who became famous because she dared to protest publicly against the legal system in her village, which considered gang rape a...
Henryk Urbanek
This documentary film deals with the dangers of alcohol abuse. Some people drink out of sheer boredom, others to forget. Excessive drinking can cause severe problems, and...
Shanne and Her Friends
Ulla Søe, Sussie Weinold
Thirteen-year-old Shanne is struggling to find a new friend after her old one left school, and the new school year brings new opportunities.
Shared Children: Jelle and Abe
Frans Bromet
12-year old Jelle and his little brother Abe live with their mother for part of the time, and for part of the time with their father. They constantly have to adjust to the...
Sharkcallers of Kontu
Dennis O'Rourke
For centuries the men of Kontu, a small island off the coast of New Ireland, have caught sharks in a traditional way. They go to sea in fragile canoes, 'call' the sharks,...
Shattered Dreams - Picking up the Pieces
Jennifer Millstone, Victor Schonfeld
A piercing reflection about the steady collapse of the dream envisaged by the generation that founded Israel in 1948: a balanced and peaceful society...
Kazim Öz
This film follows a nomadic tribe in Turkey for four seasons. In spring, they take their sheep and goats from their village up the mountain to spend the summer there.
She Got Game: Behind the Scenes of the Women's Tennis Tour
Bobbi Jo Krals, Abbey Neidik
Fragmentary film substantiates image of rigorous competition, fanatical parents and obtrusive commerce in professional women’s tennis.
Shear Magic
Nadine Zylstra
About the art of sheep shearing during the 2000 world championships in South Africa.
Shenasai-e-yek zan
Massoud Bakhshi
Portrait of a 55-year-old Iranian woman and her son from her first marriage.
Shepherds' Journey into the Third Millennium
Erich Langjahr
Erich Langjahr follows some of the last shepherds in Switzerland. How does this old way of life continue into the modern age?
Sheriff Software
Dries Depoorter
Want to play traffic cop? Thanks to our monitored society, you can. Visit the scene of a crime by live webcam or inform the police of an offense.
Sherman's March
Ross McElwee
In zijn tocht langs de route van ‘General Sherman’s Civil War March’ probeert filmmaker Ross McElwee zijn vriendin - door wie hij kort daarvoor verlaten is - te vergeten. Met...
She's a Boy I Knew
Gwen Haworth
A young filmmaker who was born as a boy and now goes through life as a woman documents the big influence the sex change had on her and her loved ones.
Shesh patu'ach, esrim ve'echad sagour
Amit Goren
The city of Beer Sheva is situated in the south of Israel. Just outside the citystands the most disreputable prison of the country. The inmates call it 'living hell'. In1991...
A Shift in Perception
Dan Monceaux
Enter the worlds of three visually impaired Australian women as they lead us through their daily dreams, fears and sensory observations.
The Shillong Chamber Choir and the Little Home School
Urmi Juvekar
The moving story of a famous pianist who left Britain behind and sought refuge in his homeland, among the beautiful hills of Shillong. There, he started a children's choir.
Shingal, Where Are You?
Angelos Rallis
Driven from their city by IS, a group of Yezidis desperately try to ransom their kidnapped daughters and hope to return to their home territory.
Shinjuku Boys
Kim Longinotto, Jano Williams
In the New Marilyn nightclub in Tokyo, all the employees are women who have chosen for a life as a man. They dress like men and behave like men, a way of...
Shit and Chicks
Kees van der Geest
A wordless portrait of an old Ghanaian chicken farmer who manages to feed his chickens without spending a penny.
The Shock Doctrine
Mat Whitecross, Michael Winterbottom
The film seeks to explain the rise of disaster capitalism: the exploitation of moments of crisis by governments and big business in order to ransack...
Shooting Days
At the 1995 Cannes festival the 43-year-old Bosnian film director Emir Kusturica won a Gold Palm for his feature film UNDERGROUND. With this three-hour surrealistic film about the betrayal of a...
Shooting Ghosts - The Making of Ghosts
Marc Hoeferlin
In this making of Nick Broomfield's docudrama Ghosts, we see how close reality sometimes brushes with fiction, and vice versa.
Shooting Indians: a Journey with Jeffrey Thomas
Ali Kazimi
Native American photographer examines the way in which North American Indians have been portrayed this century.
The Shore Break
Ryley Grunenwald
Differing visions of the future of the Amadiba area on South Africa’s stunning Wild Coast drive a wedge through a tight-knit rural community.
A Short History of the Highrise
Katerina Cizek
This latest episode in a multi-annual documentary project highlights the history of the vertical living, from the Tower of Babel to the skyscrapers in New York.
Shot! The Psycho-Spiritual Mantra of Rock
Barnaby Clay
Mick Rock is "the man who shot the 1970s." His famous photos and iconic album covers were largely responsible for establishing the images of David Bowie, Iggy Pop and Lou...
Shou bhebbak
Akram Zaatari
Article 534 of the Lebanese code of law dictates that ‘unnatural’ sexual contacts will be punished with a jail sentence of at least one year. Documentary filmmaker Akram...
Ester Gould, Sabine Lubbe Bakker
Two bosom buddies from the Golan Heights get the opportunity to go study in Syria, but Damascus turns out to be a drab metropolis where the youngsters...
The Show Must Go On
Hans Heijnen
Cheerful and occasionally moving sketch of seniors' paradise Sun City West, where the elderly are completely dedicated to singing, dancing and acting.
A Show
Ze Frank
Three times a week, Internet pioneer Ze Frank humorously deals the world while creating wonderful collaborative artworks with his Internet audience.
A Showcase by Zach Wise (
Zach Wise
Zach Wise, award-winning multimedia producer at the New York Times, hosts a live screening of his favorite online documentaries and multimedia projects.
Albert Maysles, David Maysles
Portrait of one of the last great Hollywood movie producers, Joe Levine. Levine grew up in the back streets of Boston, but made a lightning career in the...
Shrove Sunday
Dina Barinova
A family portrait about a day in the life of a blind woman named Shura, and her two brothers who are blind as well.
Shungu: The Resilience of a People
Saki Mafundikwa
A documentary made under very difficult conditions at a time of tight media restrictions – it offers a rare glimpse into the country at a defining moment in its history.
Hannes Lintrop, Renita Lintrop
A film about an elderly Russian woman who was an industrial worker in Estonia. Despite her hard existence and horrible working conditions she trusts in God...
The Shutdown
Adam Stafford
Scottish novelist Alan Bissett describes the industrial environment he grew up in, accompanied by enthralling images of an eerie landscape.
Si j'avais quatre dromadaires
Chris Marker
An amateur photographer and two of his friends are looking at pictures that were made all over the world: the USSR, Greece, Cuba. They discuss what they see: images of...
Si me comprendieras
Rolando Díaz
The life of black women in Cuba through the eyes of a feature film director.
Siberian Love
Olga Delane
Filmmaker Olga Delane, a single woman from Berlin, returns to the Siberian village where she was born to ask her family what they understand by “love.”
Sick of it All
Ester Gould
Luca's parents hate each other's guts. They only communicate through lawyers or… through Luca. But Luca is fed up listening to their constant bickering.
Siddieqa, Firdaus, Abdallah, Soelayman, Moestafa, Hawwa and Dzoel-kifl
Joost Conijn
An ode to the poetry of the absurd in the form of a portrait of seven children.
Siedem kobiet w róznym wieku
Krzysztof Kieslowski
By screening his unique short documentary SIEDEM KOBIET W RÓZNYM WIEKU IDFA commemorates filmmaker Krzysztof Kieslowski who died earlier this year. In sixteen minutes...
Sieg im Westen
Fritz Brunsch, Svend Noldan
Sieg im Westen shows both the events leading up to the invasion of the Netherlands, Belgium and France and the "Blitzkrieg" itself.
Marja Pensala
Reconstruction of the catastrophic consequences of the construction of a dam near Rybinsk, in the heart of Russia, in 1939.
Signed: Lino Brocka
Christian Blackwood
A film about the life and career of the Philippine director Lino Brocka whose life-story offers a penetrating picture of the recent history of his country. Brocka...
Signs & Vibrations
Nalia Giovanoli
During a concert, young people demonstrate how intensely they can enjoy pop music despite not being able to hear.
Antti Peippo
The Finnish filmmaker Antii Peippo started his career as an artist, applying himself particularly to painting. In the late sixties he moved to Paris, where he studied film at...
Niek Koppen
A portrait of the short but remarkable life of Senegalese boxer M'Barick "Battling Siki" Fall, who became the world's first black light-heavyweight boxing champion in 1922.
Julia Pontiller
A journey to silence and back. An anonymous traveller goes from the city to a convent and back. In the beginning of the film, an aeroplane lands and then a cyclist plunges...
Sylvie Bringas, Orly Yadin
Five-year-old Tana survives the war and the Holocaust. She is sent to a peaceful country where she is forbidden to talk about the past. This mixed-media...
A Silence Full of Things
Alejandra Canales
This short and stylised documentary visualises the horrors of a woman who was once tortured because of her political convictions.
The Silence of the Flies
Eliezer Arias
Two mothers living in the Venezuelan Andes recount the heartrending events surrounding the deaths of their daughters, who took their lives at 15 years old.
James Spione
Frank stories of American whistleblowers whose lives changed radically when they decided to reveal top-secret abuses of power.
The Silent Majority Speaks
Amateur footage of protests following the recent elections form the heart of this documentary on a hundred years of resistance against authoritarian Iranian rulers.
The Silent Monologue
Charlie Van Damme, Khady Sylla
The lives of Senegalese country girls, who dream of an education but have to work as housekeepers in Dakar.
Silent Retreat
Jan de Bruin
Friday afternoon drinks: a man retires into a comforting intoxication. Director Jan de Bruin captured this inglorious slice of reality in a single shot.
Silent Snow
Jan van den Berg
Two friends in Greenland ponder about the direct consequences that pollution and global warming will have on their lives.
Silent Wilderness
Mathijs Vleugels
A Belgian couple's unstinting search for their adopted son Tim, who disappeared without a trace at the age of 26.
Silent Witness
Simon Everson
About sixty people a year commit suicide by jumping into the Thames in London. Peter Clements's function as a member of the London police force is to identify the bodies and...
Silvered Water, Syria Self-Portrait
Ossama Mohammed, Wiam Simav Bedirxan
Devastating footage, partly filmed on cell phones, of the trials faced by ordinary Syrians. This is how cinema can have meaning in the face of war.
Silverlake Life
Peter Friedman, Tom Joslin
A video diary by a filmmaker and his partner who both have AIDS, from the diagnosis to their death.
Silvio, One of Us
various directors
An assessment of the political mood in Italy among Berlusconi's supporters and detractors in the run-up to the regional elections of March 2010.
Simon & I
Beverley Palesa Ditsie, Nicky Newman
Personal portrait of black South African gay rights activist Simon Nkoli, who died of AIDS in 1998, made by fellow activist Bev Ditsie.
Melchor Casals
An experimental film that sheds light on the 'bad' sides of Cuban society through associative images.
Lázaro, J. Buría
This film deals with the phenomenon of religious syncretism, i.e. the fusion of Roman Catholicism with the African religions on Cuba. The inhabitants of Regla, a suburb...
Sing Your Song
Susanne Rostock
Singer and actor Harry Belafonte looks back on his rich career and a life during which he used his fame to support the African-American civil rights movement.
Singing with Angry Bird
Hyewon Jee
A temperamental Korean opera singer leads a choir for children from the slums in the Indian city of Pune.
Sevgi Ortaç
Impressionistic images of the peaceful life behind an old wall in Istanbul, where laundry flaps and a cat discovers a discarded bedstead.
Sink or Swim
Rishu Veldhuis
Janet often gets teased at primary school, but thanks to swimming and a course she takes to learn to stand up for herself, she goes to secondary school with more...
Sinking of the Lusitania
Winsor McCay
In this animated propaganda piece, designed to stir up anti-German sentiment during World War I, director Winsor McCay recreated the sinking of the ocean liner Lusitania by a...
The Sinking Village
Márton Szirmai
A Hungarian village is slowly sinking but does not receive any aid from national authorities, so one villager takes the issue to the European Union.
A Sinner in Mecca
Parvez Sharma
Filmmaker Parvez Sharma is a both a devout Muslim and gay. Can his religion accept him? Sharma searches for answers during a pilgrimage to Mecca.
Sins of My Father
Nicolas Entel
A portrait of drug lord Pablo Escobar as seen through the eyes of his only son, who wants to make amends for his father's deeds.
Pawel Lozinski
Two sisters on a bench. The elder is grumbling about the younger one, who timidly undergoes the lament.
The Siren of Faso Fani
Michel K. Zongo
The enforced privatization of the Faso Fani textile plant brought an end to prosperity in Koudougou, where the dream of a return to its heydays is still kept alive.
Sister Crazy
Stephane Kaas
Debbie's younger sister Tamara has ADHD and ODD, so she is hyperactive and very quickly overtired and angered. How does her older sister deal with the situation?
Sister Wife
Jill Orschel
DoriAnn, a member of the Mormon Fundamentalist Church in which polygamy is the norm, talks candidly about how she struggles with feelings of jealousy.
Sisters in Law
Florence Ayisi, Kim Longinotto
Victims of domestic violence in Cameroon stand up for themselves during hopeful, empowering confrontations between unsuspecting perpetrators and modern,...
Timna Goldstein, Hadar Kleinman
In the Afro-American community in Israel, polygamy is considered a spiritual truth.
Site of Sites
Natalia Cabral, Oriol Estrada
In a luxury vacation paradise in the Caribbean, minor disruptions create flaws in the illusion of happiness.
Sitting in Limbo
John N. Smith
Sitting in Limbo is the bitter-sweet 'love-story' of Pat and Fabian, two black adolescents from the Caribbean who grew up in Montreal. Both wittily and touchingly, the...
Six Million and One
David Fisher
An intimate, intense, but also humorous portrait of the director, his two brothers and sister in the footsteps of their father, a Holocaust survivor in Austria.
Six Weeks
Marcin Janos Krawczyk
Due to different life situations there are mothers who do not want or those who cannot bring up their children.
Six Weeks in June
Stuart Hilton
11,000 miles across the USA in the back of a van with a rock and roll band, a pencil, and a stack of postcard-size paper, Six Weeks in June is a compilation of the drawings...
Six Yards to Democracy
Nishtha Jain, Smriti Nevatia
Intended as an election stunt, the distribution of free saris in the Indian city of Lucknow leads to deadly scenes.
Sjarov in Holland
Hans Keller
Gulsim Aldengarova
Many years ago, an unknown stranger from Sweden called Andersson settled in a hunter's cabin on the bank of Lake Balkhash near the village of Karoy and stayed there. He...
Skateistan: Four Wheels and a Board in Kabul
Kai Sehr
An inspiring film about the building of a skateboard complex for the children of Kabul. On their boards, they can be kids again for a while.
Edward Cook
A talented, headstrong, sassy girl’s search for her own place in the boy-dominated world of skateboarding.
Sketches of Siberia
Ben van Lieshout
This road trip (on a boat) through the Siberian interior evokes comparisons with the colonization of the American Wild West.
Ski Jumping Pairs
Riichiro Mashima
TV commentary on a new event at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin. Being original, beautiful and dynamic, Ski Jumping Pairs has turned a new page in history of ski...
Ivars Seleckis
The expectations and worries, the joy and the grief of the residents of a small street in Riga, far away from the town centre, make up the subject of Seletskis' film The...
Rhys Graham
Skin is part of the Australian trilogy Anatomy. The connecting element is body art. 62-year old Geoff tattoos his skin into a 'suit of flowers'.
Skinhead Attitude
Daniel Schweizer
Unravelling the skinhead phenomenon: an originally harmless subculture that has now come to be associated with neo-fascism and violence.
Skönheten ska rädda världen
Stefan Jarl
Director Stefan Jarl interviews his mentor Arne Sucksdorff, the ‘father of Swedish documentary’, who worked from 1940 to 1965, and recently passed away. With his modest oeuvre...
Skoro leto
Pavel Kogan
Pavel Kogan's Summer Will Soon Be There approaches tragicomedy, but this does not keep the director from dealing with serious matters.
Skulls, of My People
Vincent Moloi
Descendants of Namibian tribes that were deeply affected by German colonial rule fight for the return of their ancestors’ skulls.
Sky Burial
Ellen Bruno
A documentary of the sky burial, the most common funerary ritual in Tibet.
Sky Over Holland
John Fernhout
This dynamic Dutch documentary, scanned, restored and now screened at 4K resolution, connects the country's celebrated cloudscapes with the work of artists from its Golden...
Slaves - An Animated Documentary
David Aronowitsch, Hanna Heilborn
The horrifying stories of two former child slaves who were kidnapped by Sudanese militias are told in animation.
The Sleep of Reason: This Blood Spilled in My Veins
Jalal Toufic
People sleep at night, while in as slaughterhouse animals bleed to death after their throats have been cut.
Sleepers' Beat
Anastasia Kirillova
In this cinematic ode to the Trans-Siberian Railway, employees seem unable to go without the hypnotic rattle and rocking of their train.
Sleeping with the Enemy
Dov Gil-Har
They live very near each other, but have to travel ten thousand kilometres to get to know one another better: twenty young leaders of Israeli and Palestinian organisations....
Paul Lazarus
A portrait of the iconoclastic and renowned Segway inventor Dean Kamen, who has been working over 15 years to solve the world’s water crisis.
Slingshot Hip Hop
Jackie Reem Salloum
For Palestinian hiphoppers, daily violence and repression provide a source of frustration and inspiration. In their songs, they call for positive action.
Slinke Moker
Erna Slotboom
After the death of their friend, immigrant boys oscillate between good intentions and the temptations of the street.
Sluizer Speaks
Dennis Alink
A distinctive portrait of filmmaker George Sluizer (1932-2014). The quirky artist looks back at his rich life shortly before his death.
Small Faces: Fodbold
Sussie Weinold
To a tough hip-hop beat, children from all over the world play with the ingenious toys they made themselves. In Zambia, Lashlo makes a soccer ball.
Small Faces: Racer
Sussie Weinold
To a tough hip-hop beat, children from all over the world play with the ingenious toys they made themselves. In Sri Lanka, Dilum and Buddhl make a racecar.
Smallpox 2002: Silent Weapon
Daniel Percival
Dramatised reconstruction of what a bio-terrorist attack by someone infected with a highly contagious virus may lead to in New York in April 2002.
Smalltown Boy
Moby Longinotto
A 15-year-old gay boy conquers his fears and decides to parttake in his town's annual carnival procession as a transvestite.
Smash & Grab - The Story of the Pink Panthers
Havana Marking
The story of the world's most wanted diamond robbers, told from the point of view of the culprits themselves, the police, and the press. We've seen this classic...
Smell Dating
Tega Brain, Sam Lavigne
An online dating service matches subscribers on the basis of their scent. Use your molecular intuition to find out who you really find attractive.
The Smell of Burning Ants
Jay Rosenblatt
In a famous statement Simone the Beauvoir says that women are not born aswomen, but are made into women. It is society that labels behaviour as feminine orunfeminine. What...
The Smell of Paradise
Marcin Mamon, Mariusz Pilis
A journey along the edge of Islam, visiting Pakistan, Afghanistan, Chechnya and Qatar to portray the struggle of individuals.
Smile & Wave
Marijke Jongbloed
The personal experiences of a platoon of Dutch soldiers on a peace mission in Afghanistan.
Smiling in a Jar
Errol Morris
Director of collection of medical curiosities tells with black humour about some favourite items.
Smiling in a Warzone
Simone Aaberg Kærn, Magnus Bejmar
In a tiny old airplane, Simone makes a fearless and hilarious expedition from Denmark to Kabul to fulfil a young Afghan girl's dream of flying.
The Smiling Man
Walter Heynowski, Gerhard Scheumann
In this indictment of Western imperialism in Africa, two East German filmmakers pose as West German journalists to interview the Nazi-turned-mercenary...
Smith, James O. - Organist USA: Europe (Part 1)
Klaus Wildenhahn
An account of the first European tour of American jazz organist Jimmy Smith and his trio in 1965, replete with backstage footage and music.
Roy Villevoye
Filmmaker Roy Villevoye follows his blind friend Ndo, a member of the Asmat people from New Guinea, as he undergoes an eye operation in Germany.
Smoke Machine
Hannah Perry
A seething hotchpotch of home movies, found footage and shreds of conversation, set to the rhythms of electronic dance music.
Smokin' Fish
Luke Griswold-Tergis
A young man with Indian roots travels to Alaska, the birthplace of his mother, and is confronted with another world.
Snake Dance
Patrick Marnham, Manu Riche
A poetic journey following in the footsteps of the father of the atomic bomb Robert Oppenheimer and German anthropologist Aby Warburg, who investigated the...
Snakeheads - The Chinese Mafia & the New Slave Trade
various directors
Due to its reputation of being a materialistic paradise America exerts a powerful attraction throughout the world. As the permission to enter the country is strictly...
Jelka Anhalt
Three women, hard drugs and children. Shirley is a drug addict and works as a prostitute at the back of the railway station in Amsterdam. Her daughter has been taken from...
The Sniper of Kobani
Reber Dosky
An unhurried glance into the soul of a Kurdish sniper named Haron, who defends Kobani from the advancing Islamic State.
Snow Monkey
George Gittoes
A collage of joy and brutality in Afghanistan. Local gang members take acting roles in a Pashtun film directed by an open-minded Australian.
Snow White and the Ambassador - Who Is Afraid of the Arts?
Thomas Nordanstad, Erik Pauser
About the Israeli ambassador in Sweden who damaged a controversial art work and met with scorn, but also support for this action.
The Snowman
Juliet Lamont
A lost father. A 30 year-old conspiracy. A daughter's journey to uncover the truth.
So You Still Sort of Have the Same Number
various directors
In this intimate and comforting audio walk, strangers become friends and the people we once knew become strangers. On-site reservation required.
Sobre un primer combate
Octavio Cortázar
On 14th March 1960, the French freighter La Coubre exploded in the port of Havana. Cause: unknown. It turned out that the ship was carrying weapons for the rebel army....
The "Socalled" Movie
Garry Beitel
A portrait in 18 short documentaries on arch-dilettante Josh Dolgin, the multitalented godfather of klezmer hop.
The Sochi Project
Arnold van Bruggen, Rob Hornstra
This multimedia slow journalism project tells the shadow narrative to the upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi, which is surrounded by conflict zones. It...
Socorro Nobre
Walter Salles
Correspondence between a Brazilian sculptor and a woman convicted to prison for more than 21 years.
Soed istorii
V. Bytkov
Sofia's Last Ambulance
Ilian Metev
There are only 13 ambulances in operation in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia. We follow three highly committed, chain-smoking ambulance workers who just might collapse under...
The Soft Atlas of the Netherlands
Jan Rothuizen
Jan Rothuizen maps the world in his drawings: personal but not fictitious, sometimes journalistic but more often documentary, and always surprising.
Sol LeWitt
Chris Teerink
People who knew the influential conseptual artist Sol LeWitt constitute the mirror that revives the artist in this documentary.
Soldier Brother
Kaitlin Ann Jones, Alicia Smith
When her brother is deployed to Afghanistan, Canadian artist Kaitlin Jones stays behind among the objects that remind her of him.
Soldier Girls
Nick Broomfield, Joan Churchill
Critical documentary about women in the American army follows four soldiers during a crash course.
Soldier on the Roof
Esther Hertog
An glimpse into the daily life of a Jewish enclave in Hebron, where 800 colonists live among their 120,000 Palestinian neighbors.
Soldiers of Music
various directors
In 1990, the successful cellist and conductor Mstislav Rostropovich returned to his native country, the Soviet Union, after having lived in exile for sixteen years. The...
Solidarity Song: the Hanns Eisler Story
Larry Weinstein
In contrast with Kurt Weill, who acquired world-wide fame with the music he composed for Bertolt Brecht‘s plays, composer Hanns Eisler reaped far less renown with...
Kristi Jacobson
A shocking report on life in the permanent isolation cells at one of the strictest prisons in the United States.
Solitary Plains
J. Christian Jensen
James doesn’t go to school and is allowed to play videogames all day, while his father is at work in the oil fields. Sounds great! Or…?
The Solitude of Memory
Juan Pablo González
A poetic, introspective and meditative portrait in three parts about a Mexican father mourning the untimely death of his son.
Soljonnyje sljozy toerana
Viacheslav Belialov, Larisa Mukhamedgaliyeva
The documentary THE BITTER TEARS OF TURAN once again refers to the problems of Lake Aral, which is the place and the symbol of one of the...
David Michod, Jen Peedom
Australian adventurer Andrew McAuley almost succeeded in rowing to New Zealand in a simple kayak, but with the coast in sight, fate caught up with him.
Solo - Out of a Dream
Jos de Putter
Soccer star Leonardo returns to the slums of Rio de Janeiro, where De Putter filmed him at the age of 11 for his documentary Solo, the Law of the Favela.
Solo, de wet van de favela
Jos de Putter
Two young Brazilian soccer players from the slums of Rio want to become professional players.
Soloveckaja vlast'
Marina Goldovskaya
"The first thing he sees on entering is the legendary company commander Koerielko. Koerielko jumps on a cask and says: '…you were not sent here for correction: you can...
Krisda Tipchaimeta
Love is expressed not in grand gestures but in the highly detailed scenes of grandfather Somboon as he tends to his sick wife.
Some Distant Day
Vincent Hunter
Personal, poetic journey through the history and identity of Scotland.
Some Kind of Sadness
Juan Alejandro Ramirez
Alguna Tristeza is a poetic film about the sadness in the eyes of the Peruvians, starting with the unfair treatment they suffered during the 1936 Olympic Games in...
Some Protection
Marjut Rimminen
This documentary is part of a four-part series portraying women and their relationship with the law. Some Protection reveals the kinetic moods, emotions and feelings of...
Miranda July
This free app injects human contact into contemporary telecommunications like a “message in a bottle 2.0,” putting strangers in contact with one another.
Someday my Prince will Come
Marc Isaacs
A melancholy, heartrending and sometimes hilarious documentary about a teenage girl in the provincial town of Siddick who is waiting for the love of her life.
Someone Else
Ant Hampton
This intense mix of confession, radio play and moral reflection challenges two listeners to engage in a conversation with a stranger. On-site reservation required.
Something about Georgia
Nino Kirtadze
The state of Georgia in 2008: armed conflict with Russia and President Michail Saakashvili in the starring role.
Something Better to Come
Hanna Polak
Over the course of 14 years, documentary maker Hanna Polak follows teenager Yula and her companions living on Europe’s biggest landfill.
Something Like a War
Deepa Dhanraj
Shot from the point of view of women, this powerful observational film documents a cruel family planning programme in India.
Somewhere Here
Jasper ten Berge
The miraculous talent of world whistling champion Geert Chatrou, who always and everywhere whistles along with music, sometimes to his environment's annoyance.
A Son of Taiga
Andreas Voigt
A 12-year-old named German shows us how he and his family live in the middle of Siberia.
Sehjo Singh
When part of the arid desert area Bikaner﷓Rajasthan in India was irrigated with water from the Indira Ghandi canal, the barren land changed into fertile soil. The result was...
A Song for Quebec
Dorothy Todd-Hénaut
Journey through the last thirty years of Quebec as lived by singer Pauline Julien and poet-politician Gérald Godin.
Song from the Forest
Michael Obert
An American named Louis Sarno has been living in the jungle for 25 years, among the pygmies of central Africa. Now he's taking his pygmy son to see the States for the first...
Song of Air
Merilee Benett
In this personal film, the director examines the relationship between herself and her father. In 1956 her father bought a Bolex film camera to capture his family's life....
Song of Lahore
Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, Andy Schocken
A group of classical Pakistani musicians breathes new life into a forgotten musical culture – the result is international success.
The Song of Life
Irene Langemann
Composer Bernhard König works with the elderly to set their life stories to music, achieving some truly touching results.
Song of the Humans
Ogawa Shinsuke
The city of Yokohama lies near the sea, but is all but a luxurious bathing resort or a flourishing seaport that ensures a liveable accommodation for its inhabitants. The...
Song of the Nimwar
Mohammad Reza Moghaddasian
The annual dredging of the Nimwar Channel is celebrated with a ritual party.
Eduardo Coutinho
Asked for their favorite song, Brazilians sing and tell maestro Eduardo Coutinho's camera about the role of love, lust and desire in their lives.
Songs for Alexis
Elvira Nana Lind
An endearing coming-of-age story about a transsexual guitarist named Ryan and his girlfriend Alexis, this is a film about love, identity and perseverance.
Songs from the Tundra
Alexander Berman
A portrait of the Even people, who live on the isolated steppes of Kamchatka. The film combines footage of unspoiled nature and folk songs about hunters and shepherds.
Rokhsareh Ghaem Maghami
Illegally living in Tehran, an 18-year old Afghani refugee named Sonita dreams of being a rapper in this exciting document of her search for her own path in...