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U.N. Me
Matthew Groff, Ami Horowitz
U.N. Me is a shocking and often hilarious exposé of the United Nations' failure to achieve its founding ideals, documented through unprecedented access to the...
Ubuhle bembali
Emanuelle Bidou
Portrait of Zulu migrants in South Africa who tell their life stories with song and dance.
Kira Moeratova
Behind the press conference table in Rotterdam I saw an angry woman. She said something which appeared rather absurd to me: the whole creation is permeated with Evil,...
Ugniat alhoriya
Samir Nimr
Using the 1974 alternative Games in Cuba, a hymn for freedom exposes the US policy of imperialism. Participating countries were, among others, Uruguay, Brazil, Honduras,...
Uit elkaar
Menna Laura Meijer
Documentary series about children from 8 to 12 years old and their divorced parents.
Ukraine Is Not a Brothel
Kitty Green
"What's the difference between a prostitute and a feminist?" The paradox of the Ukrainian protest movement Femen.
Ukrainian Sheriffs
Roman Bondarchuk
A tragicomic portrait of a two-man team of sheriffs in a remote Ukrainian village disturbed by everyday incidents and political developments.
Uku ukai
Audrius Stonys
A meditative reflection on the vitality of movement and the relentlessness of time.
Ulay - In Photography
Visual artist Ulay (pseudonym of Uwe Laysiepen) was born in Germany in 1943. He mainly derives his reputation from the performances he did until the eighties with his then life partner Marina...
Ulica Brzozowa
Wojcieck Has, Stanislaw Rózewicz
Has and Rózewicz give an image of the reconstruction of Warsaw.
Ulrich Seidl - A Director at Work
Constantin Wulff
On the set with Austria’s most controversial filmmaker Ulrich Seidl as he films his compatriots in their dark and mysterious basements.
Ultraman - the Minimal Story of Erwin Valdebenito
Cristian Leighton
Erwin Valdebenito runs a marathon a day, to train for the ultimate challenge, the Ultra-marathon.
Agnès Varda
Du Haibin
In five chapters, we see socially-defined Chinese groups of people during their labour-intensive attempts to join in with the growing prosperity in China.
Gillian Schütte, Sipho Singwisa
South African filmmaker Sipho Singiswa captures an overdue celebration of his circumcision according to Xhosa tradition, but this Umgidi causes a stir...
L'Umin - der Anarchist
Reinhard Keller
The documentary l'umin - der anarchist is a portrait of the 95 year old Emilio Marziani, from San Benedetto in Italy. In the film, the villagers give their opinions about...
Umoja: No Men Allowed
Elizabeth Tadic
The village of Umoja is populated entirely by women, who were allegedly raped by British soldiers and then cast off by their husbands.
Un crime à Abidjan
Mosco Boucault
Revealing account of the violent police inquiry into the assassination of a police officer in the African city of Abidjan.
Un poquito de água
Fransisco 'zapata'Betancourt, Camilo Tavares
UN POQUITO DE ÁGUA is the result of the Unesco project young observers, that seeks to stimulate discussion about the different meanings that...
Un vivant qui passe
Claude Lanzmann
Claude Lanzmann interviews Red Cross official Maurice Rossel who during WW II reported favourably about Auschwitz and Theresienstadt.
Una foto recorre el mundo
Pedro Chaskel
Alberto Korda’s photograph of Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara became a worldwide symbol of revolution.
Una nave per tornare
Itandehui Jansen Pérez
A Sicilian puppeteer has revived the rich tradition of the puppet show.
The Unanswered Question
Johan van der Keuken
As a counterpart to DESCRIPTION D'UN COMBAT I could have selected THE PALESTINIANS, which has a special place in my life. It has some beautiful sequences. But since...
Uncle Saddam
Joel Soler
The personality cult and machinations surrounding megalomaniac Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.
Uncle Yanko
Agnès Varda
The Uncompromising Revolution
Saul Landau
THE UNCOMPROMISING REVOLUTION is a film about the Cuban Revolution and Fidel Castro at a middle age - at a stage where he is attempting to steer the revolution back onto its...
Under Construction
Zhenchen Liu
Under Construction combines digitally remastered photographs with documentary video footage. In a flowing movement, we float through windows and across walls and we watch the...
Under Discussion
Jennifer Allora, Guillermo Calzadilla
Under discussion is the present state of the land in Vieques, Puerto Rico, an island used by the U.S. military and NATO forces for total warfare...
Under the Atmosphere
Mike Stoltz
Jules Verne’s prediction of Florida as a launch pad for space travel is mirrored to the present day, and the question arises as to what the future will bring.
Under the Electric Sky
Dan Cutforth, Jane Lipsitz
A film about the three-day Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas – with 345,000 attendees, it’s the largest dance event in North America.
Under the Green Sun
Chantal Lasbats
Groups of Western idealists want to consume less: they get their food from trash bags, grow their own veggies, or move to self-sufficient eco-villages.
Under the Stars I Felt at Home
Anneloor van Heemstra
Fourteen-year-old Ilia fled from Afghanistan to the Netherlands with his family. He shoots his own footage to show how tough life is at the asylum center.
Under the Sun
Vitaly Mansky
A year in the life of an average North Korean family – is this reality or a propagandist ploy?
The Underground Orchestra
Heddy Honigmann
Melancholy portrait of the people that provide for themselves by playing music in the hallways of the Parisian subway.
The Undertaker
Dragan Nikolic
A Serbian named Bata doesn't know how much longer he can stand working in his father-in-law's international undertaker's business.
Une saison au paradis
Richard Dindo
In 1973, the South African poet Breyten Breytenbach made a trip across his native land with his wife. He compiled his impressions in the collection of poems A Season in...
Jolynn Minnaar
A young woman from the beautiful Karoo region of South Africa goes on a personal quest to separate fact from fiction in regard to fracking. The results are shocking.
Unearthing the Pen
Carol Salter
A young Ugandan boy desperately wants to read and write. But fears his forefathers curse on education is the reason why he cannot go to school.
Unfinished Business
Eamonn Matthews
Mostar is a city in Bosnia which is threatened by Croat attacks. Many refugees have fled to the eastern part of townwhere the -mixed- Bosnianarmy keeps defending the city...
The Unforgiving
Clive Gordon
In the two parts of The Unforgiving we witness the search of mother Desa and father Iliya (Serbs) for their missing son Mujo. A Muslim prisoner of war is said to know the...
Die unheimlichen Frauen
Birgit Hein
"The understanding that women have taken up arms makes the foundations of patriarchal notions about role patterns shake (...) the dogma of woman's peaceful nature" (Ingrid...
Unit 25
Alejo Hoijman
A special unit in an Argentine prison, where the Bible and belief in God are leitmotifs for everyday life.
United Red Army
Naeem Mohaiemen
A strikingly designed reconstruction of a 1977 plane hijacking at the hands of communist militants known as the Japanese Red Army.
Unknown Brood
Dennis Alink
Through video footage shot by Brood himself and moving reminiscences from people who knew him well, we look back at the turbulent life of rock musician and artist Herman...
The Unknown Known
Errol Morris
Former U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld candidly discusses his enormous archive of political memo's – about Iraq, Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib.
The Unknown Photographer
Loïc Suty
An ominous, poetic and virtual odyssey through the trenches of the memory of a photographer from World War I. On-site reservation required.
The Unknown Putin. Peace and War
Sergei Miroshnichenko
Portrait of Vladimir Putin, when he has just been appointed acting president of Russia.
Unmik Titanik
Boris Mitic
Several Serbian families in Pristina, the capital of Kosovo, ring in the new year stuck in a squatted Yu programme building.
Unmistaken Child
Nati Baratz
After the death of the Tibetan monk Geshe Lama Konchog, his disciple Tenzin Zopa is searching for the reincarnation of his master.
Uno due hop!
Luca Busso
82-year-old Saveria and 15-year-old Francesca share one great passion: springboard diving.
The Unplaceables
René Hazekamp
Director René Hazekamp follows a group of drug addicts from Rotterdam as they do their garbage collecting rounds and attempt to get a grip on their lives.
Marc H. Simon
Awaiting sentence for millions in fraud, big-time lawyer Marc Dreier talks about what motivated his destructive deeds.
various directors
In this web documentary based on found footage, journalist Steven Poole explains at breakneck speed how the public debate is being corrupted with "unspeak."
Jiska Rickels
Breathtaking film journey through the subterranean corridors of a German coalmine.
Until When You Die
Mark Aitken
Illustrated by images of modern Vietnam, this film is the story of an anonymous Vietnamese refugee who fled to England in 1979 and is still on her alert to this day.
Untitled Video on Lynne Stewart and her Conviction, The Law and Poetry
Paul Chan
A portrait of Lynn Stewart, an uncompromising human rights lawyer who has been convicted of helping terrorist organisations in the United States.
Unveiled: the Mother/Daughter Relation..
‘I hear myself say things that she would say. And I feel that I will be doing the same things as she has done. In the future I will probably be exactly the same caring mother as she is‘. Says...
Unwitnessed Memories
Athena Xenidou
Portrait of youngsters currently living in Cyprus - the generation that grew up after the war with Turkey.
Vladimir Golovnev
The mentally disabled Sergei and the paraplegic Valentin live in the Siberian village of Okunevo, which is seen as a holy place.
Up and About Again
Maarit Suomi-Väänänen
A symbolic representation of the struggle for one's own identity, with a Datsun 100A as the protagonist and a hostile, rugged terrain as the backdrop.
Up at Dawn: the Working Children of Egypt
David Rowntree, John Zada
In Egypt, child labour is seen differently from in the rest of the world.
Up the Yangtze!
Yung Chang
A luxurious cruise ship sails down the mythical Yangtze River, amidst a landscape that will soon disappear when a gigantic dam is constructed.
Up to the Neck, or Bodybuilding
Alexandre Goutman
For a great part of his life, Igor Stepanovich Bosanko worked as a model for the most famous monuments in the Soviet era. He sat for statues of Lenin, Stalin, Soviet...
Uprising: Hip Hop & The LA Riots
Mark Ford
A very comprehensive look at the role of hip hop in predicting and encouraging the violent Rodney King riots in Los Angeles.
Raymond Depardon
In the emergency room of a hospital in Paris, Depardon delicately films the distressing conversations between the staff and people who have run amuck in the anonymous big...
Urim and Thummim
Dub Cornett, Jacob Young
Three American men explain how their life changed drastically when they found an object that they think has prophetic qualities.
Krzysztof Kieslowski
Factual but highly dynamic and aptly shot montage on the vicissitudes at the counter of a government pensions office takes a remorseless look at the unending,...
Maria Zmarz-Koczanowicz
A film about a bailiff's office, where people who are indebted to the state come to pay their dues. The filmmaker shows that the people are not always capable of...
Us Boys
Lionel Mill
The peaceful daily life of two elderly brothers in the Northern Irish countryside.
The US vs. John Lennon
David Leaf, John Scheinfeld
A look back at the tense relationship between peace activist and Beatle John Lennon and conservative America, which was waging war in Vietnam.
Zhou Hao
A hard-boiled portrait of a Chinese junkie; in Ah Long's mind, everyone uses everyone else, albeit for different purposes.
Uslyszcie moj krzyk
Maciej Drygas
The film depicts the startling story of Ryszard Siwiec, the man who immolated himself in front of thousands of people in a stadium in Warsaw on a Polish national holiday in...
Thomas Danielsson
Johanna is excluded by her classmates in secondary school, because she refuses to adapt herself to them.
Utopia in Four Movements
Dave Cerf, Sam Green
A unique "live documentary" about the battered state of the utopian impulse in the 20th century. The filmmaker himself is onstage to narrate the footage.
Utopia Ltd.
Sandra Trostel
Young Hamburg-based band 1000 Robota is a massive hype and has to negotiate the gray areas between art and commerce.
Utopia, Part 3: The World's Largest Shopping Mall
Sam Green, Carrie Lozano
In the Chinese city of Guangzhou, the world's biggest shopping mall has no customers but is far too big to go bankrupt.
Marek Piwowski
This report on medical research and the admission procedure for young recruits in 1965 now looks highly suggestive and provides a glaring insight into the bizarre practices...
Uyghurs, Prisoners of the Absurd
Patricio Henriquez
The shocking story of a group of Uyghurs imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay. How could this have happened?
Gaspard Kuentz
A beautifully framed impression of an astonishing religious ritual that takes place each year in Matsuyama, Japan.
Call for Entry: IDFA Bertha Fund December 22, 2016 | The IDFA Bertha Fund is looking for new creative documentary projects from developing countries for both its classic program and the IBF Europe distribution scheme.
Ally Derks receives Pioneer Award December 12, 2016 | Last Saturday, Ally Derks received a prestigious Pioneer Award from the International Documentary Association.
Open Call: Short Web Documentaries November 26, 2016 | IDFA and Jos de Putter from Deep Focus Web Documentaries invite entries for project proposals from talented (young) filmmakers.
And the winners are... November 23, 2016 | At the Awards Ceremony in the Stadsschouwburg, the 14 winners of IDFA 2016 have just been announced.


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