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Wacht op mij, galg! Het verhaal van Sivas
John Albert Jansen
To the invincible sounds of the Saz, surviving relatives talk about the context and consequences of a religious-political massacre in central Turkey.
Waco: The Rules of Engagement
William Gazecki
Shocking classic investigative documentary about the facts behind the alleged collective suicide of a group of sect members in Waco, Texas, in April 1993.
Amos Gitai
Wadi is about the lives of Arabs and Jews at the periphery of modern urban Israel. It focuses on three families: an Arab family, a Jewish family and an Arab-Jewish couple, on...
Supriyo Sen
In the village of Wagah, on the disputed border between India and Pakistan, flags are lowered each evening on both sides as part of a festive ceremony.
Wagner's Dream
Susan Froemke
With some truly unique design, director Robert Lepage tries to come as close as possible to the original vision of Richard Wagner's opera cycle Der Ring des Nibelungen.
Wähle das Leben!
Erwin Leiser
Compilation of archival footage warns against inevitably destructive consequences of military applications of nuclear energy.
Die Wahlkämpfer - Neue Version 2000
Helmut Grasser
Party bigwigs and supporters of Jörg Haider’s FPÖ are followed during the 1992/93 election campaign.
The Wait
Emil Langballe
The strict Danish asylum policy has very personal consequences when Rokhsar, a fully integrated high school student, is threatened with deportation back to Afghanistan.
Waiting for August
Teodora Ana Mihai
An intimate, observational portrait of 15-year-old Georgiana, who takes care of her younger siblings now that their mother is working abroad.
Waiting for Fidel
Michael Rubbo
In 1974 Geoff Stirling approaches the National Film Board of Canada with an intriguing proposition. His friend Joseph Smallwood, former prime minister of Newfoundland, is...
Waiting for Giraffes
Marco de Stefanis
Replacing the giraffes that died during the last intifada is one of the challenges met by veterinarian Dr. Sami, who works in the world's only zoo in occupied...
Waiting for Harvey
Stephen Walker
Four budding filmmakers are followed during the 1998 Cannes Filmfestival.
Waiting for Superman
Davis Guggenheim
An engaging political documentary that points out the failings of the American public education system and makes an appeal for everyone to help improve it.
Waiting for Women
Estephan Wagner
Almost all the women of the remote Spanish village of Riofrio de Aliste left years ago. In an effort to find new better halves, the men invite a busload of women from...
Wakers en dromers
Annette Apon
Eskimos have many words for snow, the Dutch have 128 words for dikes: waker, sleeper, dreamer, spekdam, nol, zeewering... 'Wakers and Dreamers' looks at the dikes, levees and...
Mannus Franken, Jo de Haas
Human hands must keep working to ensure that land triumphs over water.
Walden, a Game
Tracy Fullerton
This first-person documentary game follows in the footsteps of Henry David Thoreau, attempting to live a self-reliant life at Walden Pond.
A Walk Into the Sea: Danny Williams and the Warhol Factory
Esther B. Robinson
The discovery of some twenty films in the MoMA in New York can be traced back to a forgotten story linked to the much talked-of history of the Warhol Factory.
Walking in the Opposite Direction
Marc Waltman
Adrian Borland, front man of post-punk band The Sound, suffered from depression for years. Here his life story is told.
The Wall
Simone Bitton
Account of the human tragedy taking place on both sides of the controversial wall between Israel and the Palestinian territories.
Pablo Iraburu, Migueltxo Molina
A portrait of locals, refugees and guards in border regions around the world. What’s going on with all these walls dividing us?
Wally Tax - Outsider
Martijn de Groot
Portrait of the former singer of The Outsiders reveals his melancholy character.
A Walnut Tree
Ammar Aziz
Feeling homesick for a country that no longer exists due to war, a refugee looks back on his life in the green Tirah Valley.
Wanderkino der Träume
Andrzej Fidyk
Portrait of projectionist Mr. Battu, who travels across India with his cinema.
Wang shi ge yao
Zheng Ming
Film about the life and artistic career of old Wang Luobin, whose whole life was dedicated to collecting and performing folk songs from Northwest China. SONGS OF THE PAST takes...
Angie Abdilla
A portrait of The Block neighbourhood in Sydney, where Aboriginals live in a traditional ghetto. Sheepdog Wanja used to live there too.
Milla Moilanen
Animation of photographs of faces from the archives of an institute for racial biology.
Wapienna Street
Grzegorz Pacek
Poverty-stricken inhabitants of Lublin in Poland do not expect much good to come of the imminent membership of the European Union.
War Feels Like War
Esteban Manzanares Uyarra
Account of the taxing work of a few independent journalists during the second Gulf War.
The War Game
Peter Watkins
In The War game, Peter Watkins envisages an imaginary nuclear attack on South england, in order to jolt awake and warn mankind for the dangers of nuclear arms. The film...
War Games and the Man Who Stopped Them
Dariusz Jablonski
The story about a man whom historians consider as the most important spy of the Cold War.
War Is Not a Game
Lode Desmet
The friction between theory and practice: how are the Geneva Conventions complied with on the battlefield when so many countries refuse to recognize international authority?
War Made Easy
Loretta Alper, Jeremy Earp
Media expert Norman Solomon uses fifty years of archive footage to reveal how the Pentagon legitimises military intervention.
War of Lies
Matthias Bittner
How could one man mislead the Western intelligence services to such an extent that his lies formed the major justification for the invasion of Iraq?
War Photographer
Christian Frei
The motto is by war photographer Robert Capa: ‘If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.’ War photographer James Nachtwey has been close enough for...
The War Room
Chris Hegedus, D.A. Pennebaker
Glance behind the scenes of Bill Clinton's first presidential campaign.
The War Show
Andreas Dalsgaard, Obaidah Zytoon
The war in Syria seen through the eyes of a courageous radio host and her friends, whom we get to know as playful, free spirits.
The War Tapes
Deborah Scranton
An account of an American mission in Iraq, in which soldiers candidly and poignantly capture their day-to-day experiences.
Romuald Karmakar
WARHEADS links the life-stories of the former soldier from the Foreign Legion Günther Aschenbrenner (53) and the British mercenary Karl (40). In a pub Mr. Aschenbrenner...
Warrior Peacemaker: Yitzhak Rabin
Willy Lindwer
Portrait of former Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Rabin, who was assassinated in 1995.
Warriors from the North
Nasib Farah, Søren Steen Jespersen
A chilling and courageous account from a Danish-Somalian boy in Copenhagen who fell victim to recruiters from the militant group al-Shabaab.
Warszawa 56
Jerzy Bossak, Jaroslaw Brzozowski
At the end of the fifties and the beginning of the sixties the Polish documentary film marked the birth of the so-called 'Black Series'. For the first...
Het was weer zondig
Fatima Jebli Ouazzani
A child suffers great emotional consequences when it turns out that one of her parents has been unfaithful for years.
Washed Ashore
Nikolaus Geyrhalter
Shot in atmospheric, restrained black-and-white, Washed Ashore is a portrait of Austrians living on the shores of the Danube River. Among them, the elderly graveyard...
Wasser für millionen
Bodo Menck
The film starts with a quotation from Goethe: "Alles ist aus dem Wasser entsprungen, alles wird durch das Wasser erhalten. So auch der Mensch." Water for the millions in the...
Valentin Thurn
The food thrown away in Europe and North America alone would be enough to feed all the hungry people in the world three times over. This film looks at the huge waste...
Waste Land
Lucy Walker
When artist photographer Vik Muniz shoots a series with the garbage pickers on the largest landfill in the world, artistic inspiration and social engagement come together.
Wastecooking - Make Food, Not Waste
Georg Misch
Five weeks of eating disposed food in the fight against waste, this is a journey among polluters and problem solvers.
Wasurerareta kodomotachi
Hiroshi Shinomiya
North of Manila lies a large rubbish dump which has been in use since 1954. As now and then the heating garbage starts to smoulder spontaneously, the enormous mountain...
Wasurerareta kougon
Nagisa Oshima
This documentary is one of the most impressive Oshima has made. He reopens an old wound of the Japanese people by showing the suppressed feelings of guilt towards the Korean...
Wat is er met de stad?
Jan Vrijman
"What's happening in the city? The working people are fleeing the old neighbourhoods. Of the original inhabitants only the poorest remain. The vacated houses, dilapidated and...
Watan alaslak alshaieka
Kaiss Al Zu-Baidi
Land of barbed wire deals with the Israeli settlement policy. Both Arab farmers who were driven from their land and Israeli colonists talk at great length. The Israelis...
Watashitachi wa konnani hataraiteiru
Shoya Mizuki
The film was produced as a wartime propaganda film under supervision of Imperial Home Office. It illustrates a day of school girls recruited at a clothing factory...
The Water and the Wall
Alice Fargier
An extraordinary exchange between an 11-year-old foster child and the great filmmaker Luc Dardenne about the latter’s Kid with a Bike.
Water Children
Aliona van der Horst
A dreamlike, poetic, personal journey into the mystery of fertility and the solace of art.
Water en vuur, de roerige geschiedenis rond Marinus van der Lubbe 1909 - 1934
Joost Seelen
Reconstruction of the life of Marinus van der Lubbe, the man who allegedly set fire to the German Reichstag in 1933.
The Water Tank
Ian Ingelmo
An observation of Guatemalan women as they do the laundry at a public washhouse and discuss their day-to-day concerns.
Kevin McMahon, Pablo Vio
The importance of water and the problems associated with it in the Great Lakes. Examined in 23 distinctly themed sections, using text, image and sound.
various directors
The production workshop 1992 enabled five filmmakers to make a short documentary on the theme 'water'. In MAN'S WATER, Thomas Aronds examines urinating habits of men in...
The Wave
Sarah Vanagt, Katrien Vermeire
Excavations in the red earth expose a shoe, then a lower leg in this quiet documentary about the discovery of a horrific event.
Waves of Grace
Gabo Arora, Chris Milk
Step into the virtual shoes of Decontee Davis, who recovered from Ebola and now helps other victims of the disease in a township in Monrovia, Liberia. On-site...
Way Back Home
Supriyo Sen
In this poetic road-movie, the Indian filmmaker follows his parents on their way ‘back home’ to Bangladesh.
The Way Back Home
Ghada Terawi
Palestinians in the Diaspora who try to remember what their homeland was like are faced with difficult existential questions.
Way of Nature
Nina Hedenius
Swedish documentary filmmaker Nina Hedenius unobtrusively records the daily routine and changing of seasons on a farm.
A Way to Get Back Home - UMOJA live
Chiem van Houweninge jr, Peter Slager
A revealing film about a musical journey around the world. With a.o. Christina Branco, Counting Crows, Kodo and Eliades Ochoa.
Way to Go
Vincent Morisset
A walk in the woods as an interactive experience for people of all ages. On-site reservation required.
Peter Lataster, Petra Lataster-Czisch
Why are we moved by the look in someone's eyes? When does a gaze lose its innocence? These are the questions raised by this found-footage film.
We Are 18
Tomas Kaan
Insight into the heads of nine young men on the verge of adulthood, left to their own devices in a posh country house.
We Are All Neighbours
Debbie Christie
Every night, the t.v. floods us with images of the war in former Yugoslavia. We see the victims of this cruel war, but often images remain abstract, unreal. This...
We Are Boys
Tomas Kaan
An ode to boyhood. Two close friends reflect on the permanence of friendship, with the departure of one to high school in sight.
We Are Half of Iran's Population
Rakshan Bani-Eternad
An explicitly political film featuring Iranian women’s rights activists confronting presidential candidates with rights abuses prior to the turbulent election of...
We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists
Brian Knappenberger
Uncensored, several active members of the online hackers' collective Anonymous address ethical issues raised by their "hacktivism."
We Are Not Alone
Pere Joan Ventura
A sampler of different protest movements collectively fighting against radical cuts, privatizations and political corruption in Spain.
We Are Not Your Monkeys
Anand Patwardhan
The word dalit comes from Sanskrit. The stem literally means ‘to break open‘ or ‘to split open‘. But the underlying meaning mainly goes back to the revolutionary and...
We Are the Giant
Greg Barker
The poignant stories of six extraordinary citizens who stood up and are fighting for freedom and democracy in their countries.
We Are the Lambeth Boys
Karel Reisz
Since 1949, Karel Reisz (1926) has worked as a freelance author and a film critic. In 1953 his book The Techniques of Film Editing, written for the British Film Academy, was...
We Are Together (Thina simunye)
Paul Taylor
Against the backdrop of the devastating AIDS epidemic, a group of South African orphans draw strength from singing.
We Are Twisted Fucking Sister!
Andrew Horn
This infectious film immerses the viewer in the surreal world of Grand Funk of Glam band Twisted Sister, still excelling in extravagance after 40 years.
We Are X
Stephen Kijak
The turbulent history of the incredibly popular Japanese hard rock band X Japan, which paved the way for a subculture of androgynous musicians with colorful hair.
We Come as Friends
Hubert Sauper
A shocking account of the effects of modern colonialism on South Sudan, where Americans and Chinese are exploiting the land.
We Feed the World
Erwin Wagenhofer
Painful but beautifully shot documentary about the global food industry and the question of why corn is worth less than de-icing salt.
We Live in Public
Ondi Timoner
Is there any distinction left between virtual reality and real life? Former Internet millionaire Josh Harris spent years experimenting with Big Brother-esque web projects.
We Need Hobbies
Matthias Luthardt
Tragicomic film about three older couples who try to give their routine lives meaning by making video programmes for a local channel.
We Saw
Peter Todd
Director Peter Todd spends a year filming his everyday surroundings. Thanks to the rhythm of nature, there's always something to enjoy.
We Want Roses Too
Alina Marazzi
A briskly paced documentary about the feminist movement in Italy in the 1960s and 1970s, using the diaries of three women as its point of departure.
We Were Children
Tim Wolochatiuk
Adult indigenous people look back on the days when they were forced to attend church-run boarding schools, which used heavy-handed methods to integrate them into Canadian...
We Were Rebels
Florian Schewe, Katharina von Schroeder
Basketball player and former child soldier Agel is back in South Sudan to contribute to building the world’s youngest nation.
We’ll Be Alright
Alexander Kuznetsov
Yulia and Katia were moved from an orphanage to a psychiatric hospital in Siberia. Now they are trying to gain their freedom.
Weapon of War
Femke van Velzen, Ilse van Velzen
A heartbreaking search for the background, the motives, and the consequences of rapes perpetrated by soldiers in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Weapons of Mass Deception
Danny Schechter
Personal, critical analysis in a dynamic style of the coverage of the war in Iraq by American media, incorporating newsflashes and interviews.
The Weather Underground
Sam Green
Survey of actions and notions of a radical American group that wanted to fight out the Vietnam War on US territory.
The Weavers: Wasn't That a Time
Jim Brown
The Weavers were a popular American band in the fifties, that had a large number of top ten hit singles, including 'On Top of Old Smoky' and 'Tzena, Tzena, Tzena'. In 1980 the...
The Wedding Contract
David Dawkins
Love between East and West, or how an American man wins his Balinese bride in a very traditional way: by kidnapping her.
Wedding in Sarajevo
Milan Trivic
This film demonstrates once more how bizarre the situation in Sarajevo is. A young woman tells about her friend who was was killed in the war. She still marries him after he...
Wednesday 19.07.1961
Victor Kossakovsky
A portrait of the dozens of St. Petersburg residents that were born on Wednesday, July 19, 1961 - Kossakovsky’s own birthday.
A Wee Night In
Stuart Edwards
A heartwarming portrait of a Scottish couple in their nineties during a pleasant evening together, which passes by according to the slow rhythm of age.
Doug Wolens
Against the background of the festivities around the eighth edition of the Cannabis Cup ﷓ an annual manifestation in Amsterdam that propagates the wholesome effects of...
Weeping Willow
Adrian Wills
A partly danced, partly spoken tribute from an Aboriginal to his mother, who was both his mentor and his best friend. The dancer created a special performance to be able to...
Weer uit eten
Eugène van den Bosch
Why do people go out to dinner? Of course the food is important, but usually the conversation is even more important. With autistic people this is not the case....
De weg naar het zuiden
Johan van der Keuken
I match up ROUTE ONE with THE WAY SOUTH. Obviously also a road movie, except that the road surface has mostly been rolled up by the wheels of a car or a plane and...
De weg
Frank Scheffer
Music documentary, following the composition process of Louis Andriessen’s Tao for one year.
Josh Kriegman, Elyse Steinberg
A fly-on-the-wall portrait of ambitious, charismatic American politician Anthony Weiner, whose racy Twitter posts led to political suicide.
Weisse raben - alptraum tschetschenien
Johann Feindt, Tamara Trampe
This shocking anti-war pamphlet pities the many Russian youngsters who got physically or emotionally scarred while serving as soldiers in the war zone.
Rikun Zhu
A raw and disturbing document that exposes the methods of the Chinese authorities by allowing them to speak uncensored.
Welcome Europa
Bruno Ulmer
An equally disconcerting and candid portrait of young illegal aliens trying to build a new life in Europe without losing their dignity.
Welcome Home
Frans Bromet
A feud that has ruptured his Jewish family leads filmmaker Frans Bromet to a new understanding of the ongoing conflict in Israel.
Welcome to Armageddon
Paul Yule
Sect members and sceptics talk about the doomsday prophecies of Heaven’s Gate, David Koresh and others.
Welcome to Leith
Michael Beach Nichols, Christopher K. Walker
Leith was a peaceful hamlet in North Dakota until a white supremacist named Craig Cobb arrived, with the intention of turning it into a...
Welcome to My World
Manu Riche
Portrait of the non-conformist Flemish cyclist Paul de Baeremaker, nicknamed 'King Lear on wheels'.
Welcome to North Korea!
Linda Jablonská
Documentary about twenty-seven Czechs on a sightseeing tour of North Korea, a country, whose system is starkly reminiscent of the Czechs' own past...
Welcome to Pine Point
Paul Shoebridge, Michael Simons
A multimedia portrait of the memories of the disappeared Canadian mining settlement of Pine Point, which existed from 1964 to 1988.
Welcome to Poptun
Marcelo Bukin
Three young Guatemalan brothers don't hesitate a moment in telling about their tragic living conditions and how they hope to change them.
Welcome to the Heavenly Earth
Judith de Leeuw
Scenes from the life of a marvelous group of friends leading a parallel existence full of wonder, away from society.
Welcome to the World
Brian Hill
Survival rates are strongly determined by place of birth, as demonstrated by this cycle of visits to pregnant women in Sierra Leone, Cambodia and the United States.
Frederick Wiseman
A look at the New York welfare system from the point of view of the officials who administer it and the recipients who crowd its offices.
Welkom in het leven, Lieve kleine
Ed van der Elsken
Personal document by photographer/filmmaker Ed van der Elsken about the birth of his son.
Welkom in het leven, lieve kleine BIS
Ed van der Elsken
In 1963 Ed van der Elsken made a film about his wife Gerda and their children Tinelou and Daan Dorus, entitled WELKOM IN HET LEVEN, LIEVE KLEINE. Eighteen years later he...
We'll Get Used to It
Mohsen Ostad Ali Makhmalbaf
This documentary deals with the loneliness and helplessness of these girls who are each a brave heroin.
The Well
Kristian Petri
Strange Swedish road movie about a trip to director Orson Welles' grave, straight across the arid Spanish interior he loved so dearly.
Wenn die Götter lieben
Johannes Holzhausen
Bertl is fifty years old and lives on social security. He was an actor, a paper-hanger, a sergeant-instructor in the army, a doorkeeper, and a wanderer. He was married...
Wenn Nato-Generale träumen
Karl Gass
The idea for this documentary is taken from the book 'World War III' by General Hackett. The following quote reflects a fantasy: "Counterrevolutionaries take over power in...
We're Still Here: Johnny Cash's Bitter Tears Revisited
Antonino D'Ambrosio
Contemporary musicians record cover versions in 2014 of the powerful protest songs on Johnny Cash’s 1964 concept album Bitter Tears, about the unhappy fate of Native...
De werkelijkheid van Jan Vrijman
Fabie Hulsebos
A daughter investigates the legacy of her father, better known as the controversial journalist, filmmaker and columnist Jan Vrijman (1925-1997).
De werkelijkheid van Karel Appel
Jan Vrijman
Portrait of artist Karel Appel focusses on his working method.
De werkelijkheid
Gerda Jansen Hendriks
Meticulous portrait of a Serb position in the hills around Sarajevo.
Werken van barmhartigheid
Mannus Franken
Attending to the sick and hungry in Indonesia after World War II.
West Island
Chu Hsien-jer
During its heyday, two hundred people lived on the tiny Taiwanese West Island. In 1999, only fourteen islanders were left on this microcosm of less than one square...
The West Lusaka Man
Walter Stokman
While the parents of Roel Goosen, a Dutchman who has been sentenced to death in Zambia, try to get their son released, the director reconstructs his life story.
Westeinde. Dilemma's in een ziekenhuis
Ireen van Ditshuyzen
A film account in direct-cinema style about work in a hospital, dealing with the dilemmas doctors are sometimes faced with.
Westerbork Girl
Steffie van den Oord
The story of a woman who in World War II managed to escape from Westerbork Camp with the help of her great love, only to return voluntarily.
Western 4.33
Aryan Kaganof
A personal memory of a lost love is woven together with the history of the Namibian Herero-tribe who were massacred by the German colonial power, early last century.
Whale Song
Mike Valentine
Whales have only one enemy - man. For over sixty million years they have inhabited the oceans and now their species is endangered by human acts. WHALESONG is a tribute to...
What Barry Says
Simon Robson
In propaganda style, this film is a blunt critique of U.S. foreign policy and the so-called "Project for the New American Century."
What Happened to Mbuyisa?
Feizel Mamdoo
Reconstruction of the life and disappearance of the South African boy Mbuyisa, who acquired world fame in 1976.
What Happened, Miss Simone?
Liz Garbus
The turbulent life story of Nina Simone, the spokeswoman for black America in the 1960s.
What I'm Looking for
Shelly Silver
A woman sets out to photograph moments of human intimacy on the streets of New York by contacting prospective models via an Internet dating service.
What Is Community?
Erkka Nissinen
This hilarious social research ends up as a criticism of reality TV. The protagonist-cum-narrator of this stop-motion film ends up on the bonfire.
What Is It Like to Be a Bird?
Thijs van Vuure
In a small birdhouse, birdsong is slowed down to human speed, mimicked and sped back up to a bird's pace, allowing visitors to sing like a bird.
What Remains of Us
Hugo Latulippe, François Prévost
A Canadian-Tibetan woman with some modest video equipment travels to all corners of Tibet to spread the Dalai Lama's word.
What We Have Made
Fanny Tondre
A beautiful portrait of a huge construction site where thousands of men work long days among the scaffolding, concrete mixers and their coworkers, sharing good times and...
What Would the Drop Know About That?
Jan Zabeil
Stylised sketch of foreign cleaners in the Berlin Reichstag. They contemplate on their work and the significance of the building they keep clean.
Whatever Forever: Douwe Bob
Linda Hakeboom, Rolf Hartogensis
A portrait of musician Douwe Bob Posthuma and his father Simon, who is now paying the price for his own rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle. Is that where Douwe Bob...
Whatever the Weather
Remo Scherrer
In this sensitive animated movie, Wally looks back at her childhood with an alcoholic mother.
What's Happening! The Beatles in the USA
Albert Maysles, David Maysles
On 7 February 1964, four English lads – John, Paul, George and Ringo – set foot on American soil for the first time. The Beatles had landed and the airport...
What's in a Name
Eva Küpper
New York body art performer Jon Cory bares all in his sexually ambivalent, explicit performances, which he calls "gender terrorism."
Wheels of Fortune
Wilko Bello
Swift documentary about two inline-skater friends, Stylish Marco and Speedy Erik. Today, they are still friends, but they have gone separate ways.
When Adar Enters
Yael Bartana
Orthodox Jews celebrate Purim, the only day in the year they can exhibit `prohibited` behavior.
When Adnan Comes Home
Andrew Berends
After an Iraqi boy gets seriously injured in a prison fire, the filmmaker follows him and his family as they come to terms with this ill-fated event.
When China Met Africa
Marc Francis, Nick Francis
China is investing on a huge scale in Zambia, and the Zambian government seems happy: the Chinese don't ask any tricky questions and get straight down to...
When East Meets East
At the Toronto film festival the Canadian filmmaker Kalli Paakspuu and the Chinese student activist Kevin Feng Ke filmed a series of interviews with both internationally renowned and lesser known...
When Hari Got Married
Ritu Sarin, Tenzing Sonam
A disarming portrait of an Indian named Hari, who looks forward to his arranged marriage with a mix of childlike enthusiasm and premature rumination.
When Heroes Lie
Arto Halonen
A doping scandal among Finnish skiing champions opens a Pandora's box of lying and cheating in modern-day top-class athletics - and in our success-obsessed society.
When I Hear the Birds Sing
Trine Vallevik Håbjørg
A bittersweet animated film in which five children who have fled the Ivory Coast talk about their lives in a refugee camp and their dreams of the future.
When I Was Dead
Maasja Ooms, Ingrid Wender
Three people speak candidly about the impact of a near-death experience on their lives. Are they living life differently now?
When Mrs. Hegarty Comes to Japan
Noriko Sekiguchi
67-Year old Mrs. Hegarty has finally decided to go to Japan. She regards herself as an ordinary Australian woman, whose interest in Japan was aroused by a ten-year...
When the Boys Return
Tone Andersen
After spending time in an Israeli prison, Palestinian boys from the West Bank try to live their lives in a conflict zone.
When the Drum is Beating
Whitney Dow
Music is essential in one of the poorest countries on Earth. The band Septentrional makes the poverty and tragic history of Haiti more bearable.
When the Earth Seems to Be Light
various directors
Impressions from the lives of young skaters, artists and musicians in the republic of Georgia, creating their own open spaces.
When the Girls Were Flirting with the Gods
Damien Faure
An unusual portrait of young artist Florence Reymond, whose paintings explore the innocence and cruel indifference of childhood, between poetry and barbarism.
When the Levees Broke: a Requiem in Four Acts
Spike Lee
On the basis of eyewitness accounts, director Spike Lee reconstructs the events leading up to and following Hurricane Katrina's destruction of New Orleans.
When the Road Bends . . . Tales of a Gypsy Caravan
Jasmine Dellal
Do you think you know the gypsies and their music? Then you haven't been on the road with the Gypsy Caravan yet.
When the War is Over
François Verster
The blind-ally life of former ANC guerrillas after the triumphant struggle against apartheid.
When We Were Kings
Leon Gast
Portrait of boxing legend Muhammad Ali, carefully reconstructs the legendary 'Rumble in the Jungle', the fight for the world heavyweight boxing title against George Foreman, who...
When Will This Wind Stop
Aniela Astrid Gabryel
Four stories of a Crimean Tartar family overlap in this documentary about the Russian occupation of the Crimea.
When You're Strange
Tom DiCillo
A portrait of the rise and fall of The Doors, the band that in its short existence gave a face to a generation.
Where City and Country Meet
De heer Zhang Zhanqing
Around Beijing, some one million labourers from the Chinese countryside live in appalling conditions. Taking one family as an example, director Zhang Zhanqing shows...
Where Did Forever Go?
fake fake fake fake y he was dejected and stuffed himself. This is how this humoristic quest through the world of stuffed pets, natural history museums and taxidermists starts. The film introduces a...
Where Heaven Meets Hell
Sasha Friedlander
Every day, hundreds of Indonesians set out to work in abominable conditions in the sulfur mines of the mighty Javan volcano Kawah Ijen.
Where I Go
Kavich Neang
A psychological drama about a Cambodian-Cameroonian boy who, searching for his roots, confronts both his family and the UN with their inability to provide a future for him.
Where the Condors Fly
Carlos Klein
A film within a film about making a film. Carlos Klein observes like a serious student as he learns from playful master Viktor Kossakovsky.
Where the Sun Doesn't Rush
Matej Bobrik
This study, full of black humour, was made by a Lódz Film School student and presents a documentary portraitof a Slovak village a dying world revived largely byfunerals.
Where Three Borders Meet
Frans Bromet
Since World War II, during which Frans Bromet's grandfather and great uncle were murdered in a concentration camp, his father has never again set foot on German soil. Frans...
Where You're Meant to Be
Paul Fegan
Arab Strap singer Aidan Moffat travels through beautiful Scotland searching for the roots of Celtic culture and arguing about whether folk songs should be updated.
Which Side Are You On?
Kenneth Loach
Which Way Home
Rebecca Cammisa
Which Way Home shows the personal side of immigration through the eyes of children who face dangers with courage and resourcefulness as they endeavor to make it to the...
The White Diamond
Werner Herzog
Film about the daring adventure of exploring the rainforest canopy with a novel flying device.
White Elephant
Kristof Bilsen
A portrait of the daily lives of staff and customers in the dilapidated colonial main post office in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo.
White Lies - Secret History
Paul Yule
In 1953 the young English priest Trevor Huddlestone, who was working in South Africa at the time, sent a letter to a group of socially committed Christians in London, united in...
White Poverty - In the New South Africa
Saskia Vredeveld
Coronation Park is a story of a rapidly increasing group, the poor whites in South Africa, people who live out of sight, in silence, and in shame.
White Soldier
Danielle Zini
Palestinians, conscripts and colonists are confronted by an artist dressed as a soldier all in white, who turns deadly seriousness, humor and discipline upside down.
White Spots, a Journey to the Edge of the Internet
Bregtje van der Haak, Richard Vijgen
A surprising journey away from the connected world and into the lives of people living in “white spots” without Internet or cell phone reception all...
A White Substance
Maria Arlamovsky
A White Substance is just as beautiful a film as its subject matter is ugly: the raping of women as a weapon to break the enemy.
Who Are the Debolts? (And Where did They Get 19 Kids?)
John Korty
Who are the Debolts and where did they get their 19 kids? The answer is: the DeBolts are a family living in the outskirts of San Francisco. It is made up of the parents, Robert...
Who Cares
Nick Broomfield
The residents of an old neighbourhood in Liverpool are forced to move to a suburban flat.
Who Killed Chea Vichea?
Bradley Cox
A shocking film about the corrupt legal machinery in Cambodia, which charged two innocent men with the murder of opposition leader Chea Vichea.
Who Killed Vincent Chin?
Christine Choy, Renee Tajima
Detroit. The motor-industry comes more and more to a dead end as a consequence of the Japanese having conquered the market. The percentage of jobless people...
Who the Fuck Is Jett Rebel
Linda Hakeboom
A candid portrait of successful Dutch musician Jett Rebel, and Jelte Tuinstra, the insecure young man behind this popular alter ego.
Who We Were
Sine Skibsholt
A Danish couple’s relationship is put to the test by a sudden stroke. Can Kristian and Mette Line make it through the demanding rehabilitation process together?
Who Will Be a Gurkha
Kesang Tseten
Young Nepalese men from the mountains go through a rigorous six-month selection procedure to become members of the British army's Brigade of Gurkhas, famous for its courage...
Whoopi Goldberg Presents Moms Mabley
Whoopi Goldberg
Together with many famous colleagues, debut director Whoopi Goldberg pays a deeply felt homage to trailblazing black comedienne Moms Mabley (1894-1975).
Whores' Glory
Michael Glawogger
This trilogy in warm colors about the uncertain lives of prostitutes in Thailand, Bangladesh, and Mexico reminds us about the impact of commerce and globalization.
Who's Gonna Love Me Now?
Barak Heymann, Tomer Heymann
When Saar finds out he is HIV positive, he decides to reconnect with his family in Israel, who turned their backs on him years ago.
Whose Country?
Mohamed Siam
Against the backdrop of revolution, Mohamed Siam gets to know an officer in Egypt’s feared police force.
Whose is this Song?
Adela Peeva
In an exciting road movie, Bulgarian filmmaker travels throughout the Balkans searching for the origins of a popular song.
Whose Tibet Is It Anyway?
Merel Mirage
In 1950 China invaded Tibet and occupied this Buddhist country. Since that time, at least 2500 Buddhist monasteries have been destroyed and about one million Tibetan people...
Why Vietnam?
A speech by President Johnson about the reasons for his Vietnam policy is the starting point of this controversial documentary. With a reference to history - if you let dictators have their way it...
Why We Fight
Eugene Jarecki
Subtle attempt to find an answer to the question of why the United States is so eager to wage war.
Why We Fight 1: Prelude to War
Frank Capra
Prelude to War presents the Hollywood answer to the European propaganda, and describes the past history of "us," the civilised lot, as opposed to "them" - Hitler, Mussolini...
Why We Fight 7: War Comes to America
Frank Capra, Anatole Litvak
The seventh in the series commissioned by the authorities looks back on how the United States got involved in the Second World war.
Why We Wax
Amy Axelson, Kimberly M. Wetherell
A playfully conceived investigation into the modern-day obsession with the depilation of the human body, specifically the female pubic area.
Wide Awake
Alan Berliner
Filmmaker Alan Berliner is obsessed with his continuous lack of sleep, so he visits specialists, counts sheep and drinks his first cup of coffee in 30 years.
Wie niet weg is, is gebleven
various directors
Series of portraits of ordinary Surinamese people, against the background of 25 years of independence.
Wifi Whisperer
Kyle McDonald
An installation on the Wi-Fi Whisperer, who in a robot-like voice intones information from Wi-Fi networks, giving a scarily complete impression of us.
De wigwam
Joris Ivens
A film made by Ivens at the age of 13, inspired by cowboy & Indian films. Joris Ivens wrote the script and played the lead of the good Indian Brandende Straal [Burning Jet],...
Wij Andriessen, een Hollands kunstenaarsgeslacht
Ireen van Ditshuyzen
For almost a century and a half, the musical heirlooms of Hendrik Andriessen and the artistic zest of the Andriessen family have had their own place in Dutch culture....
Wij leven vrij!
Kees Stip
Film from Dutch Government Information Service to show the positive sides of Dutch democracy.
Wilbur Episode 1
Adrien Roche
Cheerful Wilbur Sargunaraj, who claims to be India's first YouTube star, travels to the poorest slums in India to show us his country's true "beauty".
Wilbur Episode 3
Adrien Roche
Cheerful Wilbur Sargunaraj, who claims to be India's first YouTube star, offers advice on how to bridge the immense gap between rich and poor in India.
Wild Blue Yonder
Celia Maysles
A young documentary filmmaker attempts to make a film about her father, the famous direct cinema director David Maysles.
The Wild Blue Yonder
Werner Herzog
A science-fiction fantasy by Werner Herzog, compiled from documentary footage, featuring Brad Dourif (Billy Bibbit in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest) as a frustrated...
Wild Lilly
Sanne Rovers
Nine-year-old Lily has to adjust to a new environment when her family moves from a squatter community deep in the woods to a row house in the suburbs.
Wild Man Blues
In 1996 Woody Allen did a tour of Europe as a clarinettist for a couple of weeks. He played in a professional Dixieland band, and the concerts brought in capacity crowds. The American documentary...
Los Wild Ones
Elise Salomon
The ups and downs of the lively musical "family" of mainly Mexican rockabillies around the Los Angeles-based Wild Record Label.
The Wild West
Susan Koenen
Deep in the heart of a multicultural neighborhood in Amsterdam lies 't Landje, a playground where local kids can flee to when things aren't what they should be at home.
Wild Wheels
Harrod Blank
WILD WHEELS is a personal exploration into the world of Car Art, in which the filmmaker, Harrod Blank, drives his wildly decorated VW bug across the United States in search...
The Wild Years
Ventura Durall
Living without money or adult involvement, three street children struggle to survive in the capital of Ethiopia.
The Wilderness Downtown
Chris Milk
This interactive music video of Arcade Fire's "We Used to Wait" combines the iconography of music video with the computer's multi-screen potential.
The Will
Christian Sønderby Jepsen
Two Danish brothers are counting on an inheritance when their grandfather dies, but nothing is certain in their dysfunctional family.
Willem Breuker 'Time is an Empty Bottle of Wine'
Netty van Hoorn
Film portrait of Willem Breuker, jazz musician and composer, continuously touring Europe and America.
William Wegman
Cherry Duyns
The American artist William Wegman makes drawings and paintings, videos and photos. Man Ray was his first model. The dog Man Ray. A Weimaraner, named after the surrealist...
Win by Fall
Anna Koch
For four teenage female wrestlers preparing for competition at a German training boarding school, the path is long and tough.
Wind on the Moon
Seung-Jun Yi
Nineteen-year-old Yeji was born deaf and blind. She has a deep bond with her mother, who’s helping her get the most out of life.
Laura Israel
A political documentary that portrays the wind turbine industry as a specious solution to the energy problem, a blight upon the environment, and a scourge for the populations...
Window Water Baby Moving
Stan Brakhage
An intimate impression of childbirth, filmed by the father-to-be himself, avant-garde master Stan Brakhage.
Wings of Defeat
Risa Morimoto
Illustrated with archive footage and animation, Wings of Defeat tells the stories of Japanese kamikaze pilots who survived World War II.
De winnaars
Paul Cohen
At the annual Reine Elisabeth music contest in Brussels young musicians are engaged in a keen competition. The winner seems to be heading for a golden future, but does this...
Winnebago Man
Ben Steinbauer
Jack Rebney's outrageously funny outtakes from a motorhome sales video made him a viral internet sensation. Filmmaker Ben Steinbauer sets out to find Rebney a.k.a. "the...
The Winner Loser
Darren Hercher
Daniel MacNee is 52 years old, and his memory was largely destroyed by essential brain surgery. This is his search for the story of his life.
Een winter in Zuiderwoude
Annette Apon
Variations in white, black and grey. As outdoors snow and frost are transforming the landscape, inside of the warm stable the arrival of spring is awaited. Panorama of a...
Winter Nomads
Manuel von Stürler
A special road movie about two shepherds who must brave the elements during their four-month journey through the border region of Switzerland and France with 800 sheep...
Winter, Go Away!
various directors
Russian independent newspaper Novaya Gazeta commissioned 10 young directors to film events taking place around them over two winter months dominated by political...
Wintersong - A Film on Dakota Suite
Pascal Hofmann, Benny Jaberg
Singer/songwriter Chris Hooson from the band Dakota Suite tells about his roots, his sources of inspiration and wading through pools of misery.
The Wishing Well
Sylvie Zijlmans
In a plant-filled space, two kids seek shelter from leaking and dripping black liquid coming from an invisible well. What are they hiding from?
Ingeborg Jansen
Children visit another school than their own for a week, learning something about other cultures, religions and life convictions.
Wistful Wilderness
Digna Sinke
A poignant, poetic reflection on mutability and transience. The island of Tiengemeten, home territory to director Digna Sinke, is to be returned to nature.
With Fidel Whatever Happens
Goran Radovanovic
Cubans from Sierra Maestra deal with the inconveniences of their daily lives on the 52nd anniversary of the Revolution.
With Love From Truman
various directors
Home and abroad, the American writer Truman Capote (1924-1984) elicited many fierce reactions with his book ‘In cold blood’ from 1966. This ‘non-fiction novel’ about the...
With Much Love and Kisses
Anastasia Cherkassova
Diaries, letters and recollections of survivors and their relatives tell harrowing stories about the notorious Russian penal colony on the Solovki Islands.
With My Heart in Yambo
María Fernanda Restrepo
A heartrending contribution to the processing of a devastating family trauma: the kidnapping, beating and murder of the filmmaker's two brothers at the hands of...
Without Country
Theo Rigby
Intimate moments in the lives of the Mejia family, torn apart when the parents are deported from the United States and the children remain behind.
Without my Daughter
Alexis Kouros, Kari Tervo
Iranian doctor has been trying to contact his daughter, who was kidnapped by his ex-wife, for sixteen years.
Witness 360: 7/7
Darren Emerson
One survivor of the London bombings of July 7, 2005 talks about that day and gives us a sense of the trauma that still haunts her. On-site reservation required.
Het witte kasteel
Johan van der Keuken
THE WHITE CASTLE, the second part of the Triptych North-South, made in collaboration with the writer Bert Schierbeek, is a merry-go-round of images. All the images...
Wittstock, Wittstock
Volker Koepp
Director Volker Koepp goes back to the city of Wittstock in 1997, to see what has happened to three women he filmed in 1974.
Wodaabe - Die Hirten der Sonne
Werner Herzog
The men and women of the Wodaabe, a nomadic people in the Sahara, court each other in a spectacular way.
Jozef Cyrus
A beautiful portrait of an old farmer who lives and works according to traditional principles. He cannot understand the decision by a committee that forbids him to till the...
Daan Willekens
The eccentric 21-year-old singer Sharon Kovacs and her producer Oscar Holleman are followed for two years during their hectic rise to fame.
Lucy Walker
A beautiful portrait of Craig Thornton, who overcame a traumatic childhood to become a culinary genius with the prestige of an artist.
Woman and the Glacier
Audrius Stonys
A filmic ode to a woman’s choice to live in solitude. For 30 years, a Lithuanian scientist has been conducting climate research at the Tuyuksu Glacier in Kazakhstan.
The Women and The Passenger
Patricia Correa, Valentina Mac-Pherson
Four women talk about their experiences with love while at work - as cleaners in a sex motel.
Women at the Wheel
Fang Yu
This film is about the lives of four women who drive taxis in Xian, China, day in and day out. Despite the daily grind, they still cherish their dreams.
Women in Shroud
Farid Haerinejad, Mohammad Reza Kazemi
It is a documentary about the violent injustice in the Iranian legal system. We follow a dedicated group of Iranian lawyers and activists working...
Women in Sink
Iris Zaki
The multicultural clients of a women’s hair salon in the Israeli city of Haifa talk candidly about their past and their daily lives.
Women of Hamas
Suha Arraf
Palestian women discuss their lives as followers of Hamas, which provides them with the opportunity to develop both politically and as soldiers.
The Women of Mount Ararat
Erwann Briand
A group of young Kurdish women forms a guerrilla group and fights in the mountains of Northern Iraq.
The Women of Sanne Sannes
Frodo Terpstra
Frodo Terpstra's personal, cinematic exploration of the life and work of erotic photographer Sanne Sannes, who died in 1967 at the age of 30.
De wonderschilders
Eric van Zuylen
Religious Italians who have survived a serious accident can commission a painting of the scene.
Mike Wadleigh
Oscar-winning report on the legendary Woodstock music festival, which proved to be a crucial monument for the counterculture of the 1960s.
Het woord is vlees geworden
Frank Wiering
McDonalds's hamburger philosophy, the rise of the enterprise in Eastern Europe and the training at the hamburger university in Chicago.
Ross Goodwin
An algorithm uses an image to generate prose and poetry, while a surveillance camera scans for faces and describes what it sees in “spoken” words.
De wording
Cherry Duyns
Cherry Duyns was assigned to make this documentary, which was awarded a prize during the Nederlandse Film-dagen last September, by the Paleiscommissie as a gift to Queen...
Work Horse
Charlotte Dumas
An intimate portrait of a pair of draft horses that avoids attributing human qualities to animals, but rather encourages us to imagine life as an animal.
Work in Progress
José Luis Guerin
A layered, philosophical, often associative discourse on the impact of urban renewal on the residents of the working-class El Chine neighborhood in Barcelona.
The Work of Machines
various directors
Mielec is a typical Polish industrial city where work once was supposed to make people happy. Groups of residents stand in a space, stripped of an ideology.
Sean Byrne
A dramatised documentary about the area of tension between a young woman offering sexual services to other women and a film crew following her. When the crew can no longer wait...
Workingman's Death
Michael Glawogger
A journey around the world in five chapters, this is an enchanting and sometimes shocking portrait of tough lives and physical labor.
The World According to Bush
William Karel
Investigation into the policies of two Presidents Bush based on interviews with many supporters and opponents.
The World According to Ion B.
Alexander Nanau
A touching portrait of the successful Romanian artist Ion Barladeanu, who was an anonymous drifter until two years ago.
The World According to Monsieur Khiar
Sjors Swierstra
A Dutch photographer in Beirut hopes transform the scars of his past into a work of art.
The World Before Her
Nisha Pahuja
The methods for training women competing for the Miss India title contrast sharply with the training of fundamentalist Hindu girls.
The World Next Door
Jörgen Svensson
A two-part interpretation of reality: two brothers in San Francisco kill for an image and a community of clowns takes refuge from entertainment.
World Vote Now
Joel Marsden
Global democracy tested to limitsWe're told democracy creates stability and raises living standards.So why not introduce it on a worldwide scale?But can every person in the...
World Without End
Richard Kroehling
Spiritual bicycle trip leads Vietnam veteran to doomsayers and visionary loners.
Would I Ever Like to Work
Kathleen Shannon
This film is part of a series over working mothers entitled Challenge For Change. Joan lives on welfare and is the mother of seven children. She would like to be a...
Wounded Knee
Roelof Kiers
Documentary from 1973 about the occupation in the same year of the town of Wounded Knee by armed Indians. The occupation is set against the background of the Indian revolt at...
T. Tschubakova
Film about the Russian occupation of Afghanistan, seen from the perspective of Russian soldiers having come home from the front. Tschubakowa shows, through a combination of...
Wrestling Alligators
Andrew Shea
A colorful portrait of James Billie: poet, hunter and charismatic leader of the Seminole Native Americans of Florida.
Writer of O
Pola Rapaport
Documentary with fiction elements about Histoire d’O, the successful sadomasochistic scandalous bestseller from 1954, and its author, whose name remained a secret for forty...
The Writing in the Sand
various directors
It suddenly starts raining. In England, a day spent on the beach always finishes with a bit of rain. The memories that still linger on this beach are full of splashing...
Wrong Elements
Jonathan Littell
Three former child soldiers who fought with Ugandan rebels return home to rebuild their lives and come to terms with their pasts and their memories.
Wrong Time Wrong Place
John Appel
Survivors of the massacre on the Norwegian island of Utøya tell their story and the role that chance played in it.
Wszystko co zywe
Andrzej Piekutowski
A film on the preservation of the natural environment. It shows images of one of the towns that are situated near a big steelworks, which, due to its contribution to...
Wszystko moze sie przytrafic
Marcel Lozinski
A six year old boy encounters some elderly people on his walk through a park.He observes them and listens to their stories. This turns a simple stroll in the park intoa...
Emma van der Put
A dispassionate record of rising tensions in the Noordwijk neighborhood of Brussels as refugees set up a tent camp in front of the World Trade Center.
Wukan: The Flame of Democracy
Lynn Lee, James Leong
The Chinese village of Wukan is unique for having democratically elected its own local government in 2012. Now it’s faced with the complex reality of carrying out...
Wyscig Pokoju Warszawa-Berlin-Praga
Joris Ivens
Film report of the bicycle race Warsaw﷓Berlin﷓Prague, organised as a rally for peace. The prologue reflects the devastation of Warsaw and the reconstruction of the city after...
Wznosze pomnik
Jerzy Jaraczewski
A story about a farmer from the village of Znamirowice in the county of Nowy Sacz. In three years, from 1968 to 1971, he constructed a bridge between two hills all by...
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Open Call: Short Web Documentaries November 26, 2016 | IDFA and Jos de Putter from Deep Focus Web Documentaries invite entries for project proposals from talented (young) filmmakers.
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