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A/K/A Tommy Chong
Josh Gilbert
How the old counterculture veteran Tommy Chong (who used to make up a comic duo with Cheech) lands in jail for dealing in bongs.
About a Farm
Mervi Junkkonen
A quiet observation of the farewell process of director Junkkonen's parents, who for lack of a successor shut down their farm and face new worries.
Ester Gould
Five boys are taking a course on how to deal with aggression and talk frankly about their experiences.
Afriques: comment ça va avec la douleur?
Raymond Depardon
In a long journey, leading along places like Soweto, Angola, Rwanda and Sudan, Depardon professionally struggles with his viewpoint and deprives the spectator of his...
After Years of Walking
Sarah Vanagt
Almost ten years after the genocide in Rwanda, survivors and advocates of an objective historiography explain why the former official history of their country should no...
All About Darfur
Taghred Elsanhouri
Language is the only weapon in this film by a British-Sudanese woman, who questions compatriots about the Darfur conflict and other thorny issues in her scourged...
The American Ruling Class
John Kirby
A search for an American ruling class, if one indeed exists, and its mores.
L'ami hollandais, Jef Last & André Gide
Pieter Jan Smit
The friendship between writers Jef Last and André Gide in revolutionary days.
Raymond Depardon
Depardon's photographs of deserted streets and interiors in Paris pass by from right to left.
The Anatomy of Evil
Ove Nyholm
A Danish film essay about human evil and the motivations of mass murderers in war situations. A number of executioners divulge their bloody tales.
The Angelmakers
Astrid Bussink
A Hungarian village was the backdrop for a series of arsenic murders in 1929 as 51 women poisoned the men of the village. Nowadays, the village contends with another type...
Angola saudades de quem te ama
Richard Pakleppa
This portrait of a country under reconstruction and in disarray after three decades of civil war shows Angola in all its facets, from petrol-sniffing children to...
Animation: Private Snafu, Spies
Charles M. Jones
Spies, an episode from the Private Snafu cartoons, imagines what can happen when a blabbermouth unknowingly spills military secrets.
Les années déclic
Raymond Depardon, Roger Ikhlef
An autobiographical film in which Depardon uses his work to sketch his agrarian background and his development as a photographer and filmmaker.
Arena: Bob Dylan's Legends - Rubin "Hurricane" Carter
Jane Price
Reconstruction of the life story of Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, who was convicted for a murder he did not commit.
Arena: Dylan in the Madhouse
Anthony Wall
Recollections of the BBC TV drama Madhouse on Castle Street from 1962, in which a very young Bob Dylan sang four of his songs.
Aristide: and the Endless Revolution
Nicolas Rossier
Investigative documentary shows how and why the international community stood by and watched while the democratically elected president of Haiti, the poorest country in...
Armando - Portrait of a Friend
Cherry Duyns
In a personal portrait, we hear the multitalented artist Armando (1929) speak and see him at work.
The Art of Flight
Davin Anders Hutchins
Personally flavoured journey to Sudan leads to investigation of refugees who are oppressed in Egypt. Where does the journalist end and the human being begin?
Article 61
Mahvash Sheikholeslami
Candid stories by women in the Evin Prison in Teheran who killed their husbands in self-defence and are sentenced to death for it.
Ayla, het Tsunami Meisje
Wilma Ligthart
The Dutch girl Ayla and her family were staying in a hotel in Sri Lanka when the tsunami of 2004 hit the coast.
Call for Entry: IDFA Bertha Fund December 22, 2016 | The IDFA Bertha Fund is looking for new creative documentary projects from developing countries for both its classic program and the IBF Europe distribution scheme.
Ally Derks receives Pioneer Award December 12, 2016 | Last Saturday, Ally Derks received a prestigious Pioneer Award from the International Documentary Association.
Open Call: Short Web Documentaries November 26, 2016 | IDFA and Jos de Putter from Deep Focus Web Documentaries invite entries for project proposals from talented (young) filmmakers.
And the winners are... November 23, 2016 | At the Awards Ceremony in the Stadsschouwburg, the 14 winners of IDFA 2016 have just been announced.


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