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Abduction the Megumi Yokota Story
Patty Kim, Chris Sheridan
A Japanese couple tries to find out the truth about their daughter, who was kidnapped as a 13-year-old by the North Korean secret service in 1977.
Advanced Style
Lina Plioplyte
A colorful and intimate portrait of seven New York ladies who make growing old fabulous with their snazzy style, glamour and zest.
An Affair of the Heart
Sylvia Caminer
For fans of Rick Springfield, who was a big star in the 1980s, love for their idol is an all-embracing experience.
Alice in the Land
Esteban Larrain
A Bolivian teenager hikes all the way from her impoverished town to a city in Chile in search of a job.
Alive Inside
Michael Rossato-Bennett
A compelling film that shows how music can revive the emotions and memories of elderly people suffering from dementia, transforming their lives.
All Governments Lie: Truth, Deception, and the Spirit of I.F. Stone
Alfred Peabody
Independent, investigative, adversarial journalists, including Glenn Greenwald, allow the camera to follow them, as they use government documents to expose deception.
All Together Now
Adrian Wills
All Together Now is a year in the life of the stressful preparations for a Cirque du Soleil show based on Beatles music, under the watchful eye of none other than Paul...
Almost Holy
Steve Hoover
The modern superhero Gennadiy Mokhnenko takes the law into his own hands to save homeless child addicts in Mariupol, Ukraine.
Mohamed Jabaly
A raw and personal report from war-torn Gaza in 2014, most of it filmed on nail-biting ambulance rides, racing around to save lives.
American Casino
Leslie Cockburn
As Washington pours trillions into bailing out Wall Street and everybody's broke, American Casino explains what happened and why.
American Radical: The Trials of Norman Finkelstein
David Ridgen, Nicolas Rossier
American Radical is the probing, definitive documentary about American academic Norman Finkelstein.
Among the Believers
Mohammed Ali Naqvi, Hemal Trivedi
A unique, disturbing glance inside the Red Mosque movement, a network of schools in Pakistan that promotes radical Islam.
Angels in the Dust
Louise Hogarth
The Cloete family runs an orphanage in South Africa. They take care of the AIDS-stricken community and offer them education.
Janus Metz
Embedded in Camp Armadillo in Afghanistan with young Danish soldiers, for whom war is an adrenalin kick.
Art and Craft
Sam Cullman, Jennifer Grausman
A fascinating portrait of a schizophrenic who got away with donating forged artworks to museums for 30 years.
As If We Were Catching a Cobra
Hala Alabdalla
A documentary about freedom of expression for political cartoonists in Syria and Egypt suddenly becomes highly topical when the Arab Spring takes place during filming.
As Time Goes By in Shanghai
Uli Gaulke
A passion for music has protected the oldest jazz band in the world from the ravages of time, but it has also left its mark on them.
Autumn Gold
Jan Tenhaven
Five elderly European athletes prepare for a competition in Finland. Although they are all rather long in the tooth, they all want to win a gold medal.
Call for Entry: IDFA Bertha Fund December 22, 2016 | The IDFA Bertha Fund is looking for new creative documentary projects from developing countries for both its classic program and the IBF Europe distribution scheme.
Ally Derks receives Pioneer Award December 12, 2016 | Last Saturday, Ally Derks received a prestigious Pioneer Award from the International Documentary Association.
Open Call: Short Web Documentaries November 26, 2016 | IDFA and Jos de Putter from Deep Focus Web Documentaries invite entries for project proposals from talented (young) filmmakers.


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