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Animation: Private Snafu, Spies
Charles M. Jones
Spies, an episode from the Private Snafu cartoons, imagines what can happen when a blabbermouth unknowingly spills military secrets.
The Battle of Midway
John Ford
The sea battles in the Pacific appealed most to the imagination and The Battle of Midway shows how a Japanese landing fleet is destroyed by the Americans.
Bitva za nashu sovetskuyu ukrainu
various directors
Poetic war documentary to visualise the triumphant comeback of the Red Army in which the battle for Charkov plays a central part.
Les corrupteurs
Pierre Ramelot
Les Corrupteurs proves that Vichy France steered a clearly anti-Semitic course, but here Pétain is presented as the saviour from evil.
Desert Victory
Roy Boulting
Desert Victory constitutes an impressive account of the tank battle and the Allied victory over the German Africa Corps in North Africa
Eeuwig leevende teekens
Peter Tijssen
Eeuwig Leevende Teekens tries to establish that Dutch culture was in fact Germanic.
Ekhult heter gården
Wilhelm prins av Sverige
In this impression of life on a Swedish farm, made by Prince Wilhelm, the current King of Sweden's great-uncle, everything is as usual.
Der ewige Jude
Fritz Hippler
This harsh propaganda film shows Nazi Germany what it fights: "international Judaism."
Fighting Soldiers
Kamei Fumio
Mainly set around Wuhan Tatakau heitai shows the battle at the Chinese/Japanese front in realistic images.
Germany Calling/Lambeth Walk/Panzer Ballet
Charles Ridley
Germany Calling is a short and compelling, classic propaganda film from England in which the goosestep by German soldiers (from Riefenstahl's Triumph des Willen) is...
Glaube und Schönheit
Hans Ertl
In Glaube und Schönheit, Nazi Germany shows what it believes in; the future is the children's, in this case the girls of the Bund Deutscher Mädel.
Kokoda Front Line
No director credited
Kokoda Front Line shows Australian soldiers in action on New Guinea and was meant to show the home front how rough a time their soldiers were having.
Kornet er i fare
Hagen Hasselbalch
The fight against an insect, the grain weevil, in Occupied Denmark in which an anti-German voice can be heard.
Listen to Britain
Humphrey Jennings, Stewart McAllister
In poetic images without commentary, life in time of war is shown.
London Can Take It
Humphrey Jennings, Harry Watt
London Can Take It (1940) demonstrates how heroic the inhabitants of London behave during the Blitz.
The Memphis Belle
William Wyler
In the air, new technology was applied to involve the public in the war and The Memphis Belle shows, in colour, the flight of a bomber.
Met duitschland voor een nieuw europa
No director credited
In the short agitprop Met Duitsland voor een nieuw Europa Germany is presented as the solution for the battles within Europe.
Met Duitschland voor een vrij Nederland
No director credited
In the short agitprop Met Duitsland voor een vrij Nederland (1941), the battle against England, communism and particularly the Soviet Union is justified.
Mr. Roosevelt Chatting
The classic German propaganda film, in this case aimed against the United States.
Newsreel: Belga actualités nr 78
No director credited
Pro-German newsreel combines items of Belgian national and local interest with Deutsche Wochenschau war reports from the Eastern Front.
Newsreel: British Paramount News
No director credited
British journal from 1940 shows the situation in England and Greece at the start of the war.
Newsreel: Daitoa News no 1
No director credited
Japanese newsreel about the attack on Pearl Harbor and the progress of the war in Asia.
Een nieuwe tijd breekt baan
Jan Teunissen
In Een Nieuwe Tijd Breekt Baan!, the NSB on the one hand tries to win over the Dutch people to the national-socialist convictions, and on the other presents a historical...
Sieg im Westen
Fritz Brunsch, Svend Noldan
Sieg im Westen shows both the events leading up to the invasion of the Netherlands, Belgium and France and the "Blitzkrieg" itself.
Soviet Harvest
No director credited
A Russian tribute to the achievement of Soviet agriculture in the first year of the war.
Das Sowjet-Paradies
Friedrich Albat
Das Sowjet Paradies shows the backwardness of the Soviet Union, as well as the natural leadership of the German Herrenvolk.
tran und helle
No director credited
Three sketches made for Die Wochenschau features a regular German from Cologne who bends the rules here and his best friend, a friendly National Socialist, leading...
Why We Fight 1: Prelude to War
Frank Capra
Prelude to War presents the Hollywood answer to the European propaganda, and describes the past history of "us," the civilised lot, as opposed to "them" - Hitler, Mussolini...
Why We Fight 7: War Comes to America
Frank Capra, Anatole Litvak
The seventh in the series commissioned by the authorities looks back on how the United States got involved in the Second World war.
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