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Ken'ichi Oguri
Account of a three months stay in America of two mental handicapped boys from Japan.
About Canto
Ramón Gieling
A journey into the mystery that is Canto Ostinato, a composition that has dramatically affected the lives of many people.
Addicted to Solitude
Jon Bang Carlsen
Very personal travelogue about South Africa in the post-apartheid years.
Advertising Missionaries
Gauthier Flauder, Chris Hilton
Theatre group hired by a marketing firm advertises Western products in the interior of Papua New Guinea.
Afriques: comment ça va avec la douleur?
Raymond Depardon
In a long journey, leading along places like Soweto, Angola, Rwanda and Sudan, Depardon professionally struggles with his viewpoint and deprives the spectator of his...
Ai Weiwei The Fake Case
Andreas Johnsen
After three months of solitary confinement, Chinese artist Ai Weiwei wonders about the toll his activism is taking.
Ajax - Hark The Herald Angels Sing
Roel van Dalen
Portrait of all sections of soccer club AFC Ajax during the 1999-2000 season.
Aldous Huxley: The Gravity of Light
Instead of making a classic writer‘s portrait, filmmaker Oliver Hockenhull chose to visualise Huxley‘s body of thoughts by using stock footage (including television interviews),...
All White in Barking
Marc Isaacs
All White in Barking shows how several native inhabitants of a London neighbourhood deal with their new neighbours.
Ruth Leitman
The relationship between a mother and daughter is constrained by past traumas.
Erwin Wagenhofer
Should you sit in class with your arms folded or paint whatever you like? An indictment of competitive education and an ode to the individual imagination.
Amateurs in Space
Max Kestner
A boys’ adventure tale come true for two Danish friends who dream of building a rocket for the first amateur manned flight into space.
The Ambassador
Mads Brügger
Filmed almost entirely with a hidden camera, this instruction manual for African diplomacy has its filmmaker playing the role of guide in bribery, corruption, the diamond...
L'America a Roma
Gianfranco Pannone
Journey to the golden years of the spaghetti western. Filmmaker visits the film studios and speaks with the stars of yesteryear.
The American Ruling Class
John Kirby
A search for an American ruling class, if one indeed exists, and its mores.
The Anatomy of Evil
Ove Nyholm
A Danish film essay about human evil and the motivations of mass murderers in war situations. A number of executioners divulge their bloody tales.
André Hazes - She Believes in Me
John Appel
A portrait of the Dutch singer André Hazes (1951-2004) at the height of his fame.
Andrew and Jeremy Get Married
Don Boyd
The relationship between two men who are joined in matrimony in London.
Another Road Home
Danae Elon
Israeli filmmaker confronts herself, her parents and her former Palestinian male babysitter with loads of questions concerning their shared motherland.
Arab Attraction
Andreas Horvath
An Austrian feminist experiences a radical about-face when she marries a Yemenite named Khadher and converts to Islam.
Ewa Borzecka
The bankruptcy of a Polish state farm has embittered the former workers.
Arna's Children
Danniel Danniel, Juliano Mer Khamis
Arna set up a children's theatre in Jenin, years later her son Juliano goes back to find the children.
Around the World in 50 Concerts
Heddy Honigmann
Documentarian Heddy Honigmann toured the world with the prestigious Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, speaking to music lovers about the role of music in their lives.
Auf der Kippe
Andrei Schwartz
The Rumanian-German filmmaker Andrei Schwartz found the occasion for this film in his early youth, when he was still living in Bucharest, close to a Roma settlement that...
Az út
Together with a flood of Chinese immigrants, the 60-year-old Chinese Liu Zhixian has emigrated to Hungary in 1990. Like those tens of thousands other Chinese, he hoped for a better life there. In...
Call for Entry: IDFA Bertha Fund December 22, 2016 | The IDFA Bertha Fund is looking for new creative documentary projects from developing countries for both its classic program and the IBF Europe distribution scheme.
Ally Derks receives Pioneer Award December 12, 2016 | Last Saturday, Ally Derks received a prestigious Pioneer Award from the International Documentary Association.
Open Call: Short Web Documentaries November 26, 2016 | IDFA and Jos de Putter from Deep Focus Web Documentaries invite entries for project proposals from talented (young) filmmakers.
And the winners are... November 23, 2016 | At the Awards Ceremony in the Stadsschouwburg, the 14 winners of IDFA 2016 have just been announced.


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