Amsterdam, stad van het water

Max de Haas, The Netherlands, 1958

There are not many more rewarding subjects to film than Amsterdam and its alliance with the water. Canals obviously play a prominent role, but the IJ-harbours are vital to the position of Amsterdam as a City of Water. Stunning images flatter Amsterdam from its best side, like a ballet of cranes in the port. For this memorable scene, Max de Haas had the cranes at his disposal for 24 hours, so he could cinematographically choreograph what he had in mind: a demonstration of mechanical beauty and grace. Ocean-going steam-liners and sailing boats pass before our eyes. We are treated to images of Amsterdam in the past and her special relationship with the liquid forces of nature.

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Starting in 30 mins: Industry Session on Producers of Marketing and Distribution by @Jon_Reiss | 11:30, Industry Office
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Starting in 30 mins: Industry Session "Today's Talent" ft Yun Ye (Look Love) & Tamar Kay (The Mute's House) | 10:30, Industry Office
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