O amor é único

  • Marina Meijer
  • Nederland
  • 2018
  • 50 min
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Dona Alva (aka 'The Macho Woman') lives surrounded by palm and banana trees on a hill in the Brazilian hinterland. She fell in love when she was 11, but entered into a loveless marriage just three years later. Now in her eighties, she has lived a life of hard work, her husband is dead and she’s alone again. Grieving but resolute, she moves down to the little village at the foot of the hill, where she must reinvent her life. Unmoved by the concerns of family members, Alva falls for a good­natured handyman 40 years her junior. Has she found true love at last?


Marina Meijer
Marina Meijer
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Marina Meijer
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Marina Meijer

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