Q&A with Ulrich Seidl after the screening of In The Basement - Im Keller in EYE Cinema. From left to right: co-scenarist Veronika Franz, director Ulrich Seidl, the interpreter and film critic Nicolas Rapold. Photo by Felix Kalkman

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» Russia government blacklists filmmaker Mansky
Russia’s Ministry of Culture has blacklisted filmmaker Vitaly Mansky over his views opposing Russia’s annexation of Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula.

» New screens for docs
DocHouse Director Elizabeth Wood reveals further details of the plans for the new ‘Bertha DocHouse Screen’ in London, now due to re-open on February 5th, 2015.
» Kids, cinema get new slots at the IDFA Forum
Filmmakers from the Netherlands, Chili, Iran, Denmark en the UK will be among the directors pitching their upcoming projects at the IDFA Forum which kicks off Monday. 

» Those Who Said No
The director’s brother was arrested in a raid by revolutionary guards in 1981 in Shiraz and hanged a year later.

» The Forecaster
The economy is heading for the rocks, big time. After 1 October 2015, a sovereign debt crisis will occur.

» Ida's Diary 
This film captures the high and lows of clinical depression through the eight-year video diary of a troubled Norwegian woman. 

» Artistic Outreach
Directors do not have to compromise artistic vision when making an issue-led documentary.

» World Citizen
Q&A with American filmmaker Laura Poitras, who has touched down at IDFA with CitizenFour

» Orchestrating tenderness
Heddy Honigmann gave a masterclass entitled ‘Try A Little Tenderness'

» Double interview 2: "The truth remains a mystery"
A Panamanian filmmaker and a  Dutch colleague both went searching for dying memories of times gone by. 

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Sjoerd Oostrik wins Mediafonds Documentary Award 2014 November 19, 2014 | Two awards were presented during IDFA's opening ceremony. The Mediafonds Documentary Award 2014 was awarded to Sjoerd Oostrik for his film plan Hier is het nooit stil. Documentary maker Jessica Gorter received the Cultuurfonds Documentary Grant for her oeuvre.
The Female Gaze: IDFA statistics As part of the theme program The Female Gaze, IDFA investigated its own gendered history: are female filmmakers equally represented in the program?
Meet the Juries November 17, 2014 | A grand total of 31 jury members, ranging from renowned industry experts and leading documentary filmmakers to the five teenage members of the DOC U jury, will preside over IDFA's seven competitions this year.
The Female Gaze: The Filmmakers November 13, 2014 | With IDFA less than a week away, meet the 15 leading female documentary directors who compiled this year's theme program The Female Gaze.


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Guests Meet Guests cocktail hour starting NOW @cafedejarenAdam! Hosted by Polish Docs and HBO Europe
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Leonard Helmrich at final #IDFAcademy meet: "People only talk about the story of the film. What you do with it, that's what makes it art."
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