Accreditation and Passes

1. I attended IDFA last year and I am already in your system. What is the procedure for me this year?
Even if you have attended the festival previously, every guest must complete an accreditation form. If you attended IDFA as a guest in 2012 or 2013, a new accreditation will automatically be created for you in MyIDFA. You can log in with the same user name and password as last year. Please note that everybody has to fill in a company profile or biography which will be published at the IDFA website. » Read more

2. Which IDFA Pass is best for me?
We have several kinds of passes, and the best pass for you depends on what your main focus is. Every pass offers different benefits at the festival. For more information on passes, detailed information and pricing, please check our Guidelines About Passes.

3. How long does it take to receive a confirmation regarding my accreditation application?
The Industry Office does its utmost to process the applications as soon as possible. Your application will be processed in one to three weeks, depending on time of accreditation and the pass you want to obtain. As soon as the various industry departments have processed your application, you will receive an e-mail from the Guest Services department.

4. What are the requirements for accreditation?
If you are a documentary professional, you are eligible to buy a pass. You can read detailed information on our website, and you will find the accreditation form on your MyIDFA page. After you have submitted your accreditation form, the Industry Office will process your application and will contact you about whether the pass you applied for will be granted. » Read more

5. I took part in IDFAcademy before. Can I apply again?
No, you can only take part in IDFAcademy once.

6. Can I get a pass for only specific dates and not for the entire festival?
No. A pass is valid for the entire festival. Industry Screenings are the only free screenings for IDFA Guest Pass Light holders.

7. Can I transfer my pass to someone else?

Unfortunately you cannot transfer your pass to someone else. If you need to cancel, please contact the IDFA Guest Services department as soon as possible. It is only possible to cancel in writing:

8. I missed the deadline for accreditation. Can I still apply?
You can still apply after the deadline, but registration after the deadline means that processing your forms may take longer. There may also be a delay in getting your name on the online Guest List.


9. How long does it take to receive the invoice from IDFA?
You will receive the invoice as soon as your application is approved. Your application will be processed in one to three weeks, depending on time of accreditation and the pass you want to obtain.

10. Which payment methods are available?
You can pay your invoice by credit card, iDeal (only in the Netherlands) or PayPal. Contact IDFA Guest Services ( if these payment methods don’t work for you.

11. What is the cancellation procedure?
If you need to cancel, please contact the IDFA Guest Services department as soon as possible. It is only possible to cancel in writing:

12. How does VAT refunding work?
IDFA Guest Passes and IDFAcademy Passes are subject to 6% Dutch VAT. IDFA Forum Passes and Docs for Sale Passes are subject to 21% Dutch VAT. Entrepreneurs can submit a claim for refund of the VAT they have payed if:
• they are not required to file a VAT return in the Netherlands
• the Dutch VAT has been charged to them
• the amount of VAT for which they claim refund is at least €50 per calendar year

See Claiming Refund of VAT or the general website of the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration for more information.

Practical Information and Other

13. I am an invited guest of IDFA's. Is it possible to bring someone with me?
You can bring a guest, but please be aware that your guest also needs to apply for a pass if he or she wants to attend any industry events. Please note that only film professionals can apply for a guest pass. Of course, they are welcome to attend any audience events at the festival (see also question 14).

14. I am not involved in the film business but I want to see the films. Can I buy regular tickets to the films? Are they sold in advance or can I purchase them on the day of the festival?

Yes, of course you can attend the festival. You can purchase tickets through our website from Monday, November 10 or at the box office during the festival.

15. What are the festival locations?
Most screenings as well as the various Industry Events are held within walking distance of Rembrandtplein. See an overview of all locations and a map.

16. Do you offer transportation from Schiphol Airport to my hotel?
No, we don’t offer transportation, but trains go frequently from Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam Central Station, from which the various IDFA locations around Rembrandtplein can be reached in approximately 10 minutes by tram. See Travel Information for more.

17. Can you recommend hotels close to the festival area?
All of our preferred hotels are located close to Rembrandtplein, which is the IDFA festival area in Amsterdam. If you reserve your room through via the IDFA website, a portion of the proceeds will benefit the IDFA Bertha Fund. Here is the list of preferred hotels.

18. Is it possible to see an overview of all the guests who will attend IDFA this year?
See our Guest List (which will be online in late September) for an overview of guests and their details.

19. Can I rent a private room for screenings during the festival?
Yes, you can rent a room for private screenings. Please contact the Guest Services department for more information.
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