Industry Program

Save the dates!

An overview of some important dates of IDFA 2012:

IDFA: 14-25 Nov 2012
IDFA Forum: 19-21 Nov 2012
Docs for Sale: 16-23 Nov 2012
IDFAcademy: 15-18 Nov 2012

Industry Events
Industry panels and presentations: 17-22 Nov 2012
Interactive Documentary Conference: 18 Nov 2012
IDFA Congress: Dutch Docs Conquer the World! 22 Nov 2012
Hi-Tea with Ally and Peter: Thursday 15 until Wednesday 21 November
Master Class Victor Kossakovsky: Friday 16 November
Extended Q&A’s: 15-23 Nov 2012

Social events
IDFA Opening Ceremony and film: 14 Nov 2012
The Forum opening reception: 18 Nov 2012 (on invitation only)
Docs for Sale Happy Hour: 16-22 Nov, 17-18 pm, Arti et Amicitiae
Guests meet Guests: 6 pm - 7.30 pm, 15-16 Nov: Marie-Stella-Maris IDFA Café, 17-22 Nov: Brasserie Schiller
Awards Ceremony and Awards Party: 23 Nov 2012

IDFA Awards given out in Durban and Sarajevo August 24, 2014 | Two IDFA Awards were handed out at the Durban International Film Festival's Durban FilmMart and the Sarajevo Film Festivals' Docu Rough Cut Boutique. Both winners will be invated to IDFA as part of the prize.
IDFA Bertha Fund selects 19 new projects July 8, 2014 | The IDFA Bertha Fund has concluded the May selection round of 2014. Nineteen documentary projects from countries like Nicaragua, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Afghanistan and South-Sudan will be supported by the fund.
Summer School's Out July 6, 2014 | The seventh edition of the IDFAcademy Summer School has closed its doors. For six days, young and upcoming talents from 15 different countries worked tirelessly on their projects, supported by eight renowned tutors, among whom was editor Ollie Huddleston: “If you think too much about what other people think, you can get really lost.”
Digital and interactive storytelling at IDFA 2014 July 4, 2014 | Since 2008, IDFA explores the future of non-fiction storytelling with its DocLab program and the Forum for crossmedia projects. This year, in collaboration with De Brakke Grond, we will present the biggest interactive storytelling program yet. We look forward to consider your interactive, transmedia and virtual reality projects.


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Don't forget: only a few days left to submit your project for the IDFA Forum!
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