IDFAcademy 2014 Program

Below the preliminary program overview of IDFAcademy 2014.
The complete program will be announced on 27 October.

The four days will kick off on November 20 with an inspiring conversation between renowned filmmaker Phie Ambo and upcoming talent Teodora Ana Mihai. Ambo's latest film Good Things Await and Mihai's Waiting for August are both screening at IDFA. Prior to this session the participants will have an official Welcome and meet & greet with all the selected participants at 13:30.

On Friday November 21 the day will start with producer Sigrid Dyekjaer (Danish Documentary) who visits IDFA regularly with many premiering documentaries including this year’s Something Better to Come in which Hanna Polak follows teenager Yula and her companions living on Europe’s biggest landfill over the course of 14 years. Dyekjaer and Polak will talk about how you stay strong when you "live" your film during such a long process. How and where do you start choosing your team including creative partners and financiers?

In the afternoon, the program will continue by smaller sessions that dive deeper into the way you define your strength as a filmmaker and the external influences, such as money, that play a role.

On day two, Saturday November 22 the morning will start with a session about Outreach Campaigns. This has been the decade in which the power of documentary film to change the world has become impossible to ignore. Through the hard work of thousands of dedicated individuals, we’ve seen major artistic achievement in film combined with radical experimentation and innovation in distribution and impact strategy, creating serious societal change. Come and meet filmmakers, funders, and campaigners who are trailblazing in this field. Beadie Finzi (BRITDOC) will talk with Julia Bacha (Budrus and My Neighbourhood), Rebecca Lichtenfeld (Bertha Foundation) and Joanna Natsagara (No Fire Zone and Virunga).

In the afternoon The Pitch & Trailer Workshop, one of the IDFAcademy’s biggest hits in previous years, will be introduced by Mikael Opstrup, after which Jesper Osmund will elaborate on the makings of a successful pitch-trailer by showing examples and giving candid advice. After this, four selected participants will get the opportunity to pitch their projects and receive feedback from a panel including Kate Townsend (BBC) and Daniel Cross (EyeSteelFilm) and, eventually, the audience can voice its thoughts, suggestions, and questions.


Parallel to this session, participants are able to sign up for a session about New Media in cooperation with IDFA’s DocLab. Thomas Wallner, owner of DEEP Inc. and presenting Polar Sea 360 at in the IDFA DocLab Competition, will tell us all about Virtual Reality filmmaking. He will be joined by Janine Steele, producer at the NFB's Digital Studio, who will give tips and tricks on how to deal with the challenges of digital and interactive production in general, addressing questions like how to budget unknown formats and prepare production for undefined media.

On Sunday November 23 Jeremy Boxer (Vimeo) and Peter Jager (Autlook Filmsales) will give an overview of upcoming digital platforms, how they relate to cinema and television and the different strategies you can have as a filmmaker or producer to approach this and benefit from it. In the afternoon, both professionals will dive deeper into several aspects of this matter such as selling rights and case studies on VOD platforms.


The three main IDFAcademy days will be concluded with round table meetings and one-on-one meetings with renowned professionals from the industry during Meet the Professionals. On the last Sunday a Meet the Professionals Special will be held with former IDFAcademy Summer School tutor and acclaimed director Leonard Retel Helmrich. In this hands-on workshop participants will explore the vocabulary of the moving camera by intuitively creating smooth and flexible camera movements with Canon camera’s on the special designed Comodo Orbit camera rig. We will discover how to use camera movements as a narrative tool, what can be the dramatic impact of the long, single take, how to express the vision of the filmmaker through emotion, and how to become invisible to your subjects and the film audience. This Meet the Professional Special and the Closings Drinks at 17.00 will be powered by CANON.

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The IDFA Forum 2014 selection has been announced!
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