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    Abo Zabaal Prison 1989

    • Bassam Mortada
    • Egypt

      Bassam, a filmmaker and activist, reaches out to his estranged father. He revisits and reconstructs traumatic memories of his father's political arrest and torture in 1989 which had decisive ramifications on Bassam and his mother. Can an immersive experience into the painful memories of the past help them heal and move on?  

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      After the Bridge

      • Davide Rizzo, Marzia Toscano
      • Italy

        Valeria Collina's life is shocked by the death of her son Youssef, member of a jihadist commando, killed during a terrorist attack. After the event, Valeria reflects on her past, trying to find peace with the memory of her son.

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        • Nicolas van Hemelryck, Clare Weiskopf
        • Colombia

          How to project your destiny when you’re born without opportunities? Teenage girls who lived on the unforgiving streets of Bogota close their eyes and dream up a fictional classmate. Their soulful narrative reveals an amazing perseverance to break the cycle of violence and embrace the future.

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          Bala Perdida

          • Juan Vicente Manrique
          • Mexico, Venezuela

            Zapata 666 is a Venezuelan rapper and actor who, after rebelling in arms against the Venezuelan government from Colombia, makes an imaginary trip back to his country to record a new video for his song Bala Perdida.

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            Bitter Sugar

            • Ana Barjadze
            • Georgia

              Nika, Gika, and Levan - three brothers from a small, dying Georgian town - navigate life, only relying on each other, while their absent mother provides for the family from abroad.

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              Bride in Search of Happiness

              • Tea Vidovic Dalipi
              • Croatia

                Bride in Search of Happiness is an observational documentary about the Croatian-Roma couple Tea and Mirsad, the newly born baby girl Frida and an attempt of a life together, strung between the expectations of the family and environment in culturally disparate societies that do not accept differences.

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                Brigidy Bram: The Kendal Hanna Story

                • Laura Gamse, Kareem Mortimer
                • United States

                  In this humanistic portrait straddling fact and fiction, the true story of prolific painter Kendal Hanna reveals a case study of how we codify genius—and institutionalize difference.

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                  • Hanka Nobis
                  • Switzerland

                    Torn between worlds of hatred and love, Antek grows up in a Poland of white supremacy. While he gives the Brotherhood knighthood everything, his heart is learning different values.

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                    La Casa

                    • Bettina Perut, Iván Osnovikoff
                    • Chile
                    • 80 min

                      In Chile a social revolt is unleashed and a global pandemic forces people into confinement. We shift our attention toward the inside of a house, revealing an unexpected multidimensional universe.

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                      Chomsky vs Chomsky

                      • Sandra Rodriguez
                      • Canada, Germany

                        Chomsky vs Chomsky is a multi-user, playful and collaborative Mixed Reality experience that invites visitors on a timely quest: to debunk AI’s biggest promises, limitations and pitfalls.

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