Dynamic Salt

    • Jérome-Cécil Auffret
    • France
    • 52 min
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    Could we get all our energy needs from sea water and the salt it contains?
    Are we to witness a time when salt will power our engines and factories,
    and light up our cities? Could this be the final curtain not only for shale
    gas and oil, but also the burning of fossil fuels and the beginning of a
    gentler form of energy that is definitely renewable? This documentary
    explores the latest research on sea water and the way scientists allover
    the world are working on "Blue Energy". This research could bring about
    a major change in our time...


    Jérome-Cécil Auffret
    Gabriel Turkieh for Altomedia


    World Sales
    Gorka Gallier for Doc & Film International
    Festival Handling
    Hannah Horner for Doc and Film International

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