Corridor #8

    • Boris Despodov
    • Bulgaria
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    The road linking Bulgaria, Macedonia and Albania corresponds to the site of a huge EU infrastructure project called Corridor #8. The distance between Sofia and Tirana is exactly 324 km. Currently the entire trip lasts... 3 days. On the Balkans it turns out that short distances are sometimes the longest.
    Corridor #8 is a mosaic film combining fragments from the everyday lives of the characters who live along a non-existent Balkan road.
    The road passes through the Balkan countries of Bulgaria, Macedonia and Albania. In 2007, Bulgaria joined the EU as its poorest member; Macedonia in the past was divided by ethnic conflict and was the scene of military action during the Yugoslav War; Albania, under its communist dictatorship, was completely isolated from the rest of the world.


    Boris Despodov
    Martichka Bozhilova for Agitprop


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    Esther van Messel for First Hand Films
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    Martichka Bozhilova for Agitprop

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