something wonderful has happened but it was not in the news!

    • Ian Christopher
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    Get ready for the world’s first all new, all digital Crop Circle documentary, featuring highlights of the record-breaking 1999 English Crop Circle Season. Join us for a magic carpet ride over England’s green countryside's for a bird’s eye view of the final Crop Circle Season of the millennium! Become a virtual passenger on our many researcher surveillance flights by helicopter. Feel the anticipation and excitement as we search for new and undiscovered crop formations with Peter Sorensen! This unique program is dedicated to showcasing the 'Circle Maker’s Art.' The viewer is taken on a virtual magic carpet ride over Crop Circle Country with breathtaking aerial flyovers and lush ground-view walk-throughs of the mysterious Crop Circle formations. SOMETHING WONDERFUL HAS HAPPENED...BUT IT WAS NOT IN THE NEWS! contains the most comprehensive Crop Circle footage ever assembled into one documentary, displaying the wondrous formations in their full glory with all full-motion digital footage.


    Ian Christopher
    Ian Christopher for Mariposa-Pacific Research Institute


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    Ian Christopher for Mariposa-Pacific Research Institute

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