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    IDFA presents a main focus program, Me, about the personal and autobiographical documentary film. Me is a selection of different cinematic expressions by filmmakers whose study of themselves is both a journey into their own private history as well as an artistic exploration. The program consists of around 20 documentaries, both classics and premieres, from different regions, made by both a new generation of filmmakers as well as established auteurs. Many of these filmmakers, among them Naomi Kawase, Mahamat Saleh Haroun and Sara Fattahi, will discuss their films at the festival.

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    • Naomi Kawase
    • 2006

    This intensely intimate and sometimes painful film is part of Naomi Kawase’s series of short films about her adoptive mother.

    Bye Bye Africa

    • Mahamat-Saleh Haroun
    • 1999

    A director returns to Chad after 15 years. A blend of fiction and non-fiction about filmmaking and the need for an African film culture.


    • Sara Fattahi
    • 2018

    What does war do to your mind? Three Syrian women make us their companions in grief and inner disengagement. Winner of a Golden Leopard at Locarno.


    • Naomi Kawase
    • 1992

    In this first film in a short series about her family, Naomi Kawase searches for her father.

    Extremely Private Eros: Love Song 1974

    • Kazuo Hara
    • 1974

    A taboo-breaking report on what the sexual revolution does to the filmmaker and to the woman who leaves him to find herself.

    Father and Son

    • Pawel Lozinski
    • 2013

    A road trip with Pawel Lozinski and his father alternates painful memories with moments of warmth.

    Father and Son on a Journey

    • Marcel Lozinski
    • 2013

    A road trip with Marcel Lozinski and his son alternates painful memories with moments of warmth.

    Fix Me

    • Raed Andoni
    • 2009

    A searingly honest investigation by Palestinian filmmaker Raed Andoni into the cause of his headaches and memory loss.

    Happy Birthday, Mr. Mograbi

    • Avi Mograbi
    • 1999

    With sardonic humor, filmmaker Avi Mograbi takes stock of his personal situation and that of his country, as Israel marks its 50th anniversary.

    Heart of a Dog

    • Laurie Anderson
    • 2015

    Laurie Anderson’s kaleidoscopic film sees the multimedia artist meandering through life, love, death and language, with her dog Lolabelle as the leitmotif.


    • Naomi Kawase
    • 1994

    Naomi Kawase’s affectionate and poignant portrait of the great-aunt who adopted her, and of their intimate bond.

    The Missing Picture

    • Rithy Panh
    • 2013

    Using clay figures, Rithy Panh recreates the history of his own family during the Khmer Rouge military dictatorship.

    News from Home

    • Chantal Akerman
    • 1977

    A fantastic time capsule of 1970s New York. Alongside images of urban desolation, Chantal Akerman reads aloud letters from her mother.


    • Andrés Di Tella
    • 2007

    An investigation by Argentine director Andrés Di Tella into his mother’s Indian origins, and ultimately his own identity.

    Room for a Man

    • Anthony Chidiac
    • 2017

    An intimate essay in which the gay Lebanese filmmaker Anthony Chidiac explores his own identity and the hostile society in which he lives.

    Room Without a View

    • Rada Šešić
    • 1997

    Filmmaker Rada Šešić fled Sarajevo in 1993. In this lyrical collage, she depicts what it means to pick up the tatters of your life in a new place.

    Sherman’s March

    • Ross McElwee
    • 1986

    An exploration of the American South in the footsteps of the much-despised general William Sherman keeps getting derailed by the interventions of southern belles.

    Wednesday 19.7.1961

    • Victor Kossakovsky
    • 1997

    A portrait of the dozens of St. Petersburg residents who were born on Wednesday, July 19, 1961: Victor Kossakovsky’s own birthday.


    • Young Sun Noh
    • 2018

    A poetic musing in which the Korean filmmaker Young Sun Noh dreams about her Japanese grandmother, whom she never knew.