IDFA Competition for Kids & Docs

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    IDFA takes young audiences seriously, offering them the best and most entertaining documentary films. This year we selected 12 youth documentaries from all over the world for the IDFA Competition for Kids & Docs. See the jury members here.

    Items in this selection


    • Mo Scarpelli
    • 2019

    Ten-year-old Ethiopian Asalif and his mother were evicted from the plot of land where they grew food, to make way for a new housing development. Now he uses his imagination and ingenuity to find a place for himself in the changing landscape of his country.


    • Jafar Najafi
    • 2019

    Asho is a young shepherd in the sun-drenched hills of Iran. When he grows up, he wants to be a movie star. His sister and the cousin he'll soon be marrying don’t think much of it. Meanwhile, the irresistible Asho is already the star of his own film.

    Bird Boy

    • Simon Lereng Wilmont
    • 2019

    Twelve-year-old Reshat loves birds, just like his father did. His dad died a year ago, and he really misses him. As he learns to train pigeons, he discovers something even more important.

    Dear Darkness

    • Samuel N. Schwarz
    • 2019

    Twelve-year-old Frida is almost blind; she can only make out contours, shadows and colors. At the same time, she can “see” much more than other people—perhaps because she occasionally seeks out total darkness to listen, feel and think.


    • Anne van Campenhout
    • 2019

    In this disarming documentary we see Dutch junior high school kids receiving their most memorable lesson yet: sexual education. Their faces are flushed with embarrassment and curiosity, but what’s going on in their minds?

    Holy Moly

    • Eva Nijsten
    • 2019

    Merle is about to have her First Communion, an important event in the predominantly Catholic south of the Netherlands. She takes in every aspect of this initiation rite with wide-eyed amazement in this playful and charming short film.


    • Mirjam Marks
    • 2019

    When Greta Thunberg started her climate strike in 2018, she inspired young people all over the world. Jovanna was one of them. She goes on strike every week, and lives in a super-sustainable “earthship.”

    Karla and Nordahl

    • Elisabeth Aspelin
    • 2019

    A heartwarming short film about a six-year-old girl and her affectionate brother, who needs a lot of care because he has epilepsy. Sometimes, their relationship is just like any other brother and sister’s, but sometimes it’s very different.

    Our Island

    • Lennah Koster
    • 2019

    Sisters Shanna and Mirte have lots of adventures on their fantasy island, but it’s slowly dawning on Shanna that her older sister, who has Down syndrome, is finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with her.

    Renildo & Vanildo

    • Eva van Barneveld, Heleen D'Haens
    • 2019

    In their village in Guinea-Bissau, Renildo and Vanildo are known as the twins who are always dancing. But will they dare to surprise their father, whom they only see occasionally, with a dance performance?

    To the Moon and Back

    • Sara Kolster
    • 2019

    A tender portrait of Kess, who’s about to start high school but isn’t sure how much to tell her new classmates about her sister Bo, who died when Kess was almost five.

    Winter Lake

    • Petteri Saario
    • 2019

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